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Top Five Physical Health Destroyers!

Which one of these physical health destroyers – wheat, sugar, dairy, man-made toxins or unresolved mental and emotional issues; do you have trouble letting go of?

Keep reading to find out why and how these may be affecting you!

As human beings, we are the most complex living organism on this planet.

Which is why, we also have the most complex illnesses and diseases.

Not only do we have a physical, chemical body, but we have an emotional body, that carries its own unique imbalances and trauma's. Along with individual thoughts, beliefs and a unique spiritual body, with it's own desires, aversions and sensations.

Learn more about your different body members and the science behind whole healing here – in my book "Beyond the Looking Glass"

All of these can affect your physical body.

The functional complexity of the human being is truly amazing. Just when you think you know yourself, another amazing fact is uncovered, that opens up a whole new avenue for your health and potential illnesses.

The more you can objectively "Know" yourself, the easier it is to free yourself from illness and maintain a healthy balance.

Book a Free Health Assessment with me Today,

and let me help you understand what your body

is trying to help you heal!

As a human being your physical body is your outer means of communication. The visual vehicle for your emotions, thoughts and beliefs to manifest. Allowing you to be a part of so called "normal" daily human existence.

As the outer barrier to your inner true self, your physical body is designed to not only project who you are outwardly, but to protect you from physical as as well as emotional and mental assaults.

Your skin not only protects and defines your outer appearance, it can also manifest and discharge unnecessary or unwanted substances and emotions. It is not the sealed unit we tend to think it is.

We "blush" with anticipation, or are "red faced" with exertion or rage. Rashes are often not only an attempt to free the life force of unwanted toxins, but may reflect deeper insecurities of deep loss. Acne hides insecurities of self, and so on.

Everything that you take in, whether it is a thought, belief, emotion or physical substance, affects your health in some way. How you resonate with a particular substance is unique to you and your soul, spiritual growth. Whether you are consciously aware of this or not! 

easelly_visual (1)

Let's take a brief look at some of the common physical things that often destroys our health. Along with ways to combat them in order to improve your physical health;

1. Wheat - This definitely has gotten a bad reputation over the last few years. From what I understand (and yes, this is just my opinion!), there are definitely some percentage of the worlds population that just cannot process wheat properly. It is not genetically possible for them; biochemical individualisation and all that. Often what happens is that they may tolerate it well early in life if they are in good health, but as time goes on it accumulates in their system, over taxes their digestion and eventually leads to health issues; Such as, poor digestion, bowel inflammation or congestion, chronic pain and inflammation, chronic skin conditions like Eczema and Psoriasis, and so on.

I always know when I've eaten too much processed wheat, I get tired, achey and lethargic, similar to the days when I struggled with chronic fatigue. Before I discovered Dynamic Medicine!

The other issue with wheat is not so much the gluten intolerance, as the sensitivity to moulds and old stale wheat that has taken a long time to get to market. As well as the fact that most wheat products are also combined with too much sugar and dairy. Creating even more digestive intolerance in many individuals.

My suggestion is that if you are struggling with any health issue, regardless of your individual body type, avoid as much wheat based products as you can. At least until you are feeling healthier and more balanced.

2. Sugar - Considered a negative calorie, this product has caused more health problems around the world than any other commonly used substance. It actually depletes your body to fully assimilate and process sugar. It offers no nutritional support what-so-ever. Of course I am referring to processed sugar and all it's subsidiaries like glucose and fructose. When eating foods that are high in natural sugar, the body is able to process these in the right way. Your body does indeed require natural sugar in the right form. 

When struggling with health issues of any sort, the more processed sugar you can avoid, the better it will be for your body to recover and rebuild.

3. Pasteurized Dairy - The need to consume this is probably one of the biggest misconceptions today. We are all told that in order to get the right amount of calcium, that we need to eat dairy. This is a double whammy. Not only can we not fully process the form of calcium that is found in dairy, but we also take in too many other unnecessary and hard to digest nutrients. Which cause congestion in your organs and joints. Also, pasteurized dairy has it's own drawbacks, especially for people who are lactose intolerant. The fats in pasteurized dairy are broken down to such a degree that they infiltrate your gut through the intestinal wall. Causing a whole host of other health issues.

My suggestion is to avoid pasteurized dairy as much as possible while you are trying to resolve and heal any major health issue. If you have kids and you notice they tend to get congestive a lot and can't seem to shake a cold or sinus infection. Eliminate all dairy and you will be surprised how quickly they recover!

4. Man-Made Toxins – I know this one is obvious and there are so many places we come in contact with toxins. It is darn near impossible to not take in some toxic substance every day. However, there are simple ways to try to avoid them as much as possible.

Eat only locally grown, organic or naturally raised food.

- Use only non toxic cleaners, body and skin care products.

- Use clean filtered water. 

- Avoid Corn fed beef, unfermented soy, pasteurized dairy, too much processed sugar and sugar by products like glucose, genetically modified products, over processed foods, in particular wheat based and chemical drugs (as these block the flow of life and the ability to fully heal.) 

In general if you can't read the label, don't eat it or put it on your body! 

5. Unresolved Emotions and Negative Beliefs - Last but certainly not least; unresolved emotions and negative beliefs you may have about yourself and your life have the largest impact on your physical health. Plainly speaking your physical body is energy in motion = e-motion. As much as we like to think we keep unhappy thoughts and emotions hidden, WE DON'T! Truly attentive people can easily tell what you are feeling, and behind your feelings are your thoughts and beliefs. 

How many times have you come across someone who may be smiling and acting all cheerful on the outside, but somehow you just "know" or sense they are not happy at all? 

Most of the time we are all so wrapped up in our own troubled existence that we don't really notice what is truly going on with someone else. Unless we take the time to. 

In order to truly begin to resolve your own negative emotions or thoughts, take some time to listen to yourself. Really be honest and listen within and notice how you are acting and reacting to life. Ask yourself what you are being asked to resolve, what is the opposite state to how you are feeling? The first place to begin all healing is the willingness to do whatever it takes to release what's blocking your life energy.

Every one of these things, are well known to cause a variety of health problems. Depending of course, on your individual susceptibility. 

The weaker and more out of balance you are, the greater the chance you have of reacting to one of these.

The more balanced and in health you are the more apt you are to NOT be affected. 

Now I'd Love to hear from you –  If you have REACTIONS to one or more of these substances – WHY? What underlying state is triggering these reactions.

In other words what is your body trying to tell you? What do you need to fix and resolve, release and repair, in order to improve the health of your physical body?

Are you craving sugar because you are running on empty, due to low self worth issues?

With a little bit of conscious effort and the right knowledge, you can improve your health.

If you feel too overwhelmed with how to address these issues or any deeper underlying issues that may be triggering these; you can book a Free Half Hour Health Assessment with me. 

Let me help you take the guess work out of your true, whole healing process!

Don't forget you can always start with one of my Healing Kits. They all address the physical aspect of the particular concern as well as the mental and emotional.

The Jumpstart Your Health kit is the perfect starting point for anyone!

In true resonant health, have a glorious week,

much Love & Gratitude


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Do You Have this Elusive Illness?

Do you struggle with weird aches and pains?

Have energy one day and not the next?

So many people today struggle with health issues that cannot be explained or properly diagnosed and it's becoming an epidemic.

One of the most misunderstood diseases today is Lyme disease. Which, in some form, may be at the seat of many undiagnosed illnesses.

Lyme disease is known as the elusive illness or the great imitator, due to it's extensive and varied symptoms.

Most true diseases manifest the same in every individual, no matter the age, race or location in the world. However, Lyme apparently doesn't like to play by the cosmic rules and chooses to manifest to it's own unique beat!

Initially thought to be a disorder on the skin and progressing to involve the joints. Lyme in now ranked as one of the great mimickers of other diseases.

Since it stems from a true disease wesen or pathogen (Borrelia Burgdorferi), it is a true disease. However, the key to properly understanding it, is being able to distinguish the STATE that is behind its many, varied symptoms.

easelly_visual (1)

You do not necessarily have to be bitten by a tick to contract this disease. It can be a chronic low grade inherited state, that is then triggered by a multitude of imbalances. Such as, long term poor diet, emotional stress, toxicity and so on.

Each victim of Lyme will only manifest certain aspects of it. They may not even progress through all the stages, but instead get stuck in one stage forever, never progressing or recovering. 


If the true underlying state is never consciously addressed, then the disease will continue to manifest in order to encourage the individual to find a solution!

The most common symptoms of true Lyme are; joint pain with major cognitive dysfunction (especially short term memory loss), major sleep disturbances with terrible fatigue and sensory hyper acuity (super sensitive to certain sights, lights, sounds, and sensations).

The pains of Lyme are thought of as maddening, not always due to their intensity, but due to the fact that they are persistent and constant.

The overall state of Lyme is victimization. Not only, due to the parasitic action of the tick, which it's originally transferred from, but also due to the true underlying state of mind that attracts the tick or Borrelia infection in the first place.

Individuals who attract Lyme have a very specific state of mind, a way of seeing the world and their place in it.

These individuals often are completely unaware of how this state is even manifesting in their life in a negative way, until it is seemingly too late!

The victimization of this state they are living under eventually leads to overwhelm, frustration due to the pain and anger due to the oppression they feel they are under.

The first place to begin if you feel you are suffering from Lyme disease is to address the surface state of mind which is the Anger, Frustration and Oppression, with this kit!

Anger kit

Simply click on the image to read more about it.

 Everything that you are experiencing in a personal way, whether it's in the physical world, your thoughts or emotions, is a direct reflection of your state of mind! 

Once you have addressed the surface or secondary reaction to this deeper disease state, then you can move forward and release the true causative state.

In Dynamic Medicine; the deep seated, inherent, chronic form of Lyme is also a seasonal disorder. Meaning it tends to flare up at a certain time of year. That time is now!

If you feel your symptoms get worse this time of year, there is a very good reason for it.

If you believe you are struggling with this deep unresolved state and would like to learn more about how to fully resolve it, Click this link to book a FREE half hour one on one Health Assessment with me. 

Appointments are limited, so if you truly feel ready to move forward don't hesitate to book.

In true resonant health,

much Love & Gratitude,


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How Healthy are Your Boundaries?

I help people like you, understand the Real State, triggering your health problems; and show you how easy it is, to attain true health with the natural science of Dynamic Medicine!

Lately it seems like everyone is being stretched to their limits.

There isn't enough time in the day, the weeks are flying by and there is always something else to be done, gotten or fixed!

Everyone wants something from you and it does not seem possible to be able to do it all! 


If you're struggling with your boundaries right now you're not alone. 

In dynamic medicine this time of year, is what we call the cancer state.

For me, as a mother, this is the time of year when everything comes to a head. The school year is wrapping up with extra finals and projects. Extracurricular sports are having year end recitals or events. I am being bombarded with emails to sign the kids up for the fall sessions as well as their Summertime events.

As a business owner and entrepreneur, this is a very expansive time. So many new events, networks, and new ventures drawing my attention.

All, before I have even had my own Summer holidays! 

It feels like I am going a million different directions, all at once.

Do you feel like you're doing everything right now for everyone else, but not yourself? … If so, be aware that this is, the cancer state of mind! Which always leads to frustration, anger and overwhelm.

Setting up ideal boundaries is a key component to surviving this state Stress Kitof mind and time of year.

Learning to say NO, when you know you absolutely cannot do something, be somewhere or give something, is not only self serving, but soul serving as well.

Being confident that you are making the right decisions for you, first and foremost is reflective of a healthy state of mind.

When boundaries are stretched and we're not doing our own due diligence and taking care of ourselves; life and emotions tend to get out of control. 

Have you ever noticed how this time of year, everyone seems to get "set off" easier? Whether it is by someone else's actions, reactions or words. Especially when it is hot and muggy out!? 

Not only, are we overwhelmed by the intense heat from our physical environment, but we are also easily overwhelmed by the emotional and mental environment we often find ourselves in.

When you are confronted by someone else's; upset, anger, frustration, fear, even rage! Remember…..

If you are having emotional reactions to someone else's energy, this is your issue not theirs!

Your choice to REACT, whether conscious or unconscious is still your choice.

It took me many years of work, with Dynamic Medicine, to come to really objectively see this in my own life and self. Once I did, however, it wasn't as scary as I thought it was going to be.

Knowing that I could choose to act one way, or to not react but instead make a far healthier personal choice, that was more self serving, was super empowering.

It is time for you to take a stand for yourself! To make calm rational choices based on what you truly want. Not what others want of you. 

A true community is one that supports each other in a resonant, balanced way. You must always give in order to receive. However, I am saying, only give when it is what serves your souls' purpose in the highest posible way first.

Then everyone feels supported, happy, healthy and balanced. Which, leads to a desire to give more, in the right way.

Do you struggle to find your voice, to know how to define your own boundaries? Would like my objective support and Dynamic Medicine to help you achieve your goals? - Sign up here for a FREE half hour Health Assessment with me!

Or, if you would like to support yourself in the right way, through your own effort, be sure to check out one or more of these - Ultimate Wholistic Healing Kits!

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much love & gratitude


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