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True health and healing begins with you! To free yourself from all mental, emotional and physical pain, takes will power and a desire to change. I am here to help empower you with the knowledge of a true system of healing and curing called Dynamic Medicine.

Free yourself from all limitations and discover how joyful and miraculous your life can be. If you are ready to release all past trauma and live fully alive in the moment; click on the link below and let's talk.

The Real Harm Done by Conventional Medicine!

I was talking with a new client the other day, who is also a mom, and we where discussing the best way to help a child with a fever.

Like any new parent, when your child gets their first fever, it can be scary, confusing and overwhelming.

Which is why I feel, the more knowledge you can obtain about true health and healing, the better prepared you will be, and able to deal with any health concern, safely and effectively.

Why do more harm than good!

The first thing most parents run to, in order to stop a fever, is Tylenol or Advil cold and flu.

Every time I hear this I cringe!

And here’s is why – 

According to Dr. Mercola - “Acetaminophen, sold under the brand name Tylenol, among others, may be among the most dangerous medicines on the market.”

“Drugs that include traditional non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) as well as new generation anti-inflammatory drugs (COX-2 inhibitors) have been linked to cardiovascular risks. As well as serious gastrointestinal risks, like bleeding of the digestive tract, increased blood pressure acute liver disorders and kidney problems. In fact, it’s very difficult to find a drug-based method of pain relief that is not saddled with severe side effects.”

Suppressing any illness with things like Tylenol, Advil or Motrin, is like slapping the face of your healing life force.

Let me explain;

Every time you use a suppressive chemical drug, you are basically telling your life force to stop trying to heal yourself. You are stopping it from trying to do it’s job.

Your life force is mandated by the universe to maintain your health at all costs. In fact the one side of your life force, the side that sustains your life is a very unconscious process. Your blood circulation, cell communication, regeneration, breathing, digestion and so on.

Which, you don’t have to think about, to keep this side functioning properly. 

In fact, whenever you do focus your consciousness on this side, you can actually halt the process or block it momentarily. For example stop for a moment and think about what your breathing is doing…….. I bet you stop breathing for a second while you thought about it! : )

Just another example, of how your thoughts and emotions that stimulate the Sympathetic nerve sense system, as in fight or flight, can often cause more harm. 

You can read all about your dual life force and more in my book about healing, using only natural laws.

Every time that you unconsciously stop, override and suppress your healing life force process; you override your own bodies ability to heal, and over time your healing life force gives up. This is when true disease and degeneration sets in!

Now, I get that no one wants to be in pain or watch a child suffer from a fever, but here’s the thing; a fever, pain and inflammation does have a biological purpose. 

A fever is designed to burn off any bad bacteria.

In fact, a fever of 39.5 C or 103.1 F, is a natural, universal bacteriostatic. In other words kills bacteria. A fever of 40.5 C or 107.6 F is a bacteriolytic, or the best natural anti-biotic in the world. It kills the bad, without killing the good, which is what chemical anti-biotics do. They destroying your immune system by killing all the bacteria in your body, good and bad and leaving your wide open to any other new infection!

Which is why, children will often develop a seemingly “new” illness 2-4 weeks after having a round of anti-biotics.

So too, pain and inflammation a natural process of your body, designed to protect the area and infuse the damaged tissue with reparative forces.

So, how can you naturally support your child during a fever or help your life force overcome pain and inflammation?

You can learn how, by picking up the appropriate healing kit below, simply click on the image and discover all the amazing and wonderful tools that are available.

To help you, safely and effectively resolve these issues – Wholistically!

Baby kit image

Trauma kit image

There is one remedy in particular in the Healthy Baby kit, that I have used often during the early years with my own children.

In fact, I have used them all on many occasions. However, the one for fever’s helped to ease my mind and soul. Knowing that I was helping ease their pain and discomfort, while, allowing them to fully fight off their own illness and maintaining the strength and integrity of their own still developing immune system was priceless!

One final and very important note on the real harm done by conventional medication.

On an even bigger and higher scale, what you end up doing is actually repressing your own individual evolution.

By not allowing your life force to ever acquire it’s own inner strength and ability to overcome any illness, pain, inflammation and traumatic struggle; your whole being becomes repressed – body, mind and soul!

On this higher level, in your soul and spirit, what happens is your true sense of self begins to shut down. 

This is often the start of our self worth issues in childhood and then beyond! Just something to think on. 

In true resonant health, 

Have a Self Inspiring day!

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Seven Ways to Avoid an Epidemic Illness!

We all know that prevention is the best medicine.

Conventional medicines solution to prevention is with vaccines. Yet we all know that vaccines carry a risk. 

Not only do vaccines carry a risk of harm, they are not even 100% effective. At best they provide less than 30% efficiency in any epidemic, like influenza.

Not only does the vaccine never cover the actual strain that is often floating around each year, it also subjects each individual to a number of different toxins and foreign proteins which can cause numerous side effects, depending on the strength of the individual.

Yet, many people are willing to take the risk to gain that small measure of security. 

Flu Vaccines Prevent the Flu in Only 1.5% of Adults.




There is a far safer way to prevent falling victim to an epidemic illness!

  •  Improve your overall health, by learning to listen to your body. Discover your individual nutritional, mental and emotional needs, to regain and maintain proper day to day health.


  • Take natural preventative measures to improve your immune system. Such as, eating qualitative organic or non-GMO vegetables and fruits high in essential anti-oxidants, and minerals every day. Also add a high potency, daily probiotic supplement daily. (not from a dairy source, as most processed dairy suppresses immunity and creates mucus!)


  • Take a specific body-type herbal supplement, when you feel your immune system is struggling. Such as, for A blood types use Echinacea, B blood types use Ginger or Ginseng, AB can use both A and B type herbs, and O blood types should use Goldenseal. These can be taken as a tea a couple times a day or as a tincture. *Note; herbs should only be taken for a limited time, allowing the body to rebalance and find it’s own inner strength!


  • Release any old emotional, mental and physical “baggage” that could be blocking your body from attaining whole, high level health. This can be done by utilizing the Sequential Therapy release system of Dynamic Medicine.


  • Avoid things that add more stress to your immune system; such as, alcohol, caffeine, fried and over processed foods, any kind of toxic, questionable foods, as well as over taxing your physical, mental or emotional body. 


  • Empower yourself with knowledge. Which, will help take the fear and lack of control out of the factor. Research the epidemic illness you fear; what causes it, how is it transmitted, what is it’s actual probability and life span etc. Research different sources of information. Try to avoid statistics by government controlled agencies, since these are most often skewed to represent their initiatives.


  • Discover what state of mind causes one to be susceptible to an epidemic illness. Such as, influenza attacks those individuals who feel weak and vulnerable to outside influences. In other words, the very fact that there is a possibility of succumbing to this illness because it is “rolling” around, causes fear, uncertainty and panic, which lowers their immunity and raises their susceptibility. To prevent this, go back to the previous tip, do your due diligence and empower yourself!


You can also get your very own Winter Survival kit, by clicking on the image below.

Winter kit image

Not only is this kit is full of nutritional, supplemental, emotional and mental supportive ideas; helping to empower you on every level and allowing you to greatly decrease your need for develop any kind of acute infectious illness.

It also comes with specific nosodes, to help you naturally boost immunity against; most bronchial and lung infections such as influenza, pneumonia, whooping cough, as well as many types of gastric infection.

Prevention truly is the best type of medicine.

This year discover how easy it is to take control of your own health care with any one of these amazing Healing Kits!

If you are unsure which kit is best for you or have some question, click the “let chat” below and we can discuss this in private.

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 8.23.38 AM


In true resonant health, 

Have a Self Inspiring day!

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How Do You Know, What Your Body is Trying to Tell You?

Everything you read in health and wellness right now, is all about listening to your body.

More and more, we are coming to understand that our symptoms are just the outer reflection of the disturbances at a more soul and spiritual level.

That, if we can truly solve the deeper reason behind our illnesses, pain and suffering, than we will end this suffering for good; and, to a large extent this is true.

For those of you who are still a bit squirmish with the whole “Soul” and “Spirit” terminology; in plain terms, they simply refer to your emotions and thoughts!

To understand the soul and spirit a bit more, one must be able to understand that you and I are distinctly different. That we are unique individuals in some way, other than our physical being.


Your thoughts and emotions are created and maintained within yourself. 

As we all evolve consciously as human beings, we are becoming more aware, that we each have our own unique way of thinking, perceiving, and feeling.

A unique spark that is only you. 

It is deeply entrenched in your physical, energetic body and acts and reacts according to the level of health you have at this physical level.

You can read more about the 4 body members here - Beyond the Looking Glass, a book about healing your whole body.


Your individual Soul life, is expressed through your emotional connection to the world around you. It is deeply entrenched in your physical, energetic body and acts and reacts according to the level of health you have at this physical level.

It is however, also greatly influenced by your spiritual aspect, which is that true karmic gem or seed of who you are, have always been and will always be. The individual “I” being. What used to be known as the “ego” however, there can be a true sense of self or ego and a false sense of self or false ego, due to false thoughts and beliefs.

Your unique spiritual life is a part of your physical life, but in a much higher way. It does not need the influence of your physical body, or emotional body. It has an independence that supersedes this world.

Your spiritual life, is expressed through your thought processes. It can be affected by other’s thoughts if weak and underdeveloped. As in infancy and childhood. Thus, how we develop “diseased” states of mind in the form of false beliefs, misconceptions and lack of knowledge.

Okay, I hadn’t planned on getting quite so intense with this blog post, however as you can see, there is so much to know about who we are and how we function in this world, when it comes to healing. Both individually, as a unique being and as a collective.

If we are going to truly know; how to understand ourselves and our own journey in this life, with all it’s ups, downs and life lessons, (in other words our health issues); then we must be open and willing to learn all we can.

To be as objective with ourselves as possible. To pull the emotional aspect away from the physical to see it more clearly. To pull away our thoughts from themselves, in order to understand what is creating them and thus us!

What “affects” us on every level, creates who we are and how we are going to react in life.

So how do YOU, know what your body is trying to tell you?

What is actually at the base of all of your annoying symptoms?

For me it was a serious, seemingly physical shutdown in my teenage years that woke me up and send me searching for more unconventional answers to my health issues, and boy what a journey it’s been!

The first thing to do, is be willing to accept, that what you are experiencing in life, has in some way meaning for your own individual soul and spiritual journey.

We really are all here to simply learn and grow in the best possible way. First and foremost for ourselves. Not in a false egotistical or narcissistic way, but at a deep personal level, we must all learn to take care of ourselves first. Then and only then can you actually give back to society in a qualitative way!

Next, begin to search in earnest for the answers to your own aches, pains, injuries, seeming “accidents”, and so on. The best way to do this is to notice how you feel and think around each of these incidents, because these are your unique perspectives. The very reason you needed the physical aspect is to be able to draw your attention to the deeper more soul, spiritual, or emotional and mental aspect of these issues.

As they say the issue is in the tissue!

And, indeed it is. Your physical body is simply the most obvious way to convey and communicate, here in this earthly realm.

So what are your physical symptoms trying to tell you?

What are they trying to get you to notice, change or learn?

There are quite a number of books that have been written that go into this. By far one of the easiest to understand and get you started is “How to Heal Your Life”, by Louise L Hay. This is a free download for you to enjoy and begin your own process of self discovery!

This book was the very first book I ever read, back in my teenage years, and it was the catalyst to everything else I discovered after that.

Remember to look on your life journey as an adventure.

Don’t let the seemingly negatives get you down. Learn to view them as a life lesson, an obstacle on your path to a better, more amazing you!

Never stop learning or searching for answers, as this is the key to longevity; the desire to always want to become more.

If you have already discovered Louise Hay and would like to dive a bit deeper, then here are some more of my favourite resources;

Rudolf Steiner archives. One of the greatest visionaries to understand how our soul and spirit manifest and develop.

The Healing Power of Illness, by Thorwald Dethlefsen. A little known book, yet full of incredible wisdom.

Both of these will keep you learning about yourself for years.

I hope you enjoy the process.

If you find the process overwhelming or discover that your blockages are too deep for you to shift alone, I am here to help you release them faster, completely and safely!

Click the link below to book a FREE half hour Health Assessment.

 Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 8.52.20 AM

If you would rather take some time to dive deeper and resolve your own issues with the support of Dynamic Medicine in the comfort of your own home and time; then be sure to check out one of these Healing Kits! They cover the physical, mental and emotional reason behind each issue and all the natural ways to heal them.


With health filled gratitude,

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