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Five Simple Steps to Improve Your Energy!

Welcome to the Late Summer, energy slowdown! 


This is the time of year when everyone feels an energy slump. 

Especially after those go, go, go days of; high energized, fun filled adventures that come with Summer holidays.

In Canada, especially once the weather improves a tiny bit, everyone and their pet, heads outside to get rid of some of that "pent up" winter energy.

But like all things requiring energy, what goes out, must came back in. Expending way more energy than we are used to; trying to enjoy all those outdoor activities we can't do for 3/4 of the year, catches up with us.

When you stretch that elastic band as far as you can, it's going to snap back. Often leaving you even more tired than before.

Thus the need for some simple steps, that require no "extra" energy.

So you can quickly restore your own energy to get back in the game of life. 

I don't know about you, but Mid to late August is always a time when I feel completely unmotivated! Not only do I have low energy physically, but mentally and emotionally I feel kind of flat.

And for someone who is an entrepreneur, business owner and a mom; it often creates a lot of frustration.

I have seen so many people lately, who are feeling really stuck in life right now. There is a general consensus of feeling uninspired and definitely frustrated due to this.

Holidays are coming to an end. The hot (okay sort of warm, this year) weather is drawing to a close and we feel it! We want to keep the party going, but the universal energy flow says - "No Way Jose! Time to shut down and recoup."

Do you feel like you're stuck? That your life isn't going in the direction you want it to right now?

With the wind down of Summer, and families trying to get back into some type of "normal" routine, there is often a lot of chaos, and indecision.

Some people are great at handling change and others not so much. 

I kind of sit in the middle. For me, change is welcome and inspiring when I feel like I am in control of it! However, when change is being "thrust" upon me, and I'm not prepared or willing to accept it; I can become quite angry and frustrated, which causes me to shut down.

Often, when life is not going in the direction you thought it should you can feel chaotic and out of control. Like someone else is holding the reins and you are just a marionette on the end; doing what someone else wants!

If so, then it's time to reconnect with your true inner self, listen to your own intuition and honour yourself right now.

We are still in Summertime, even if it is quickly waning! 

So, take some time, right now, to just lay low and love yourself.

Do whatever you have been putting off to take care of yourself when you feel this way. You can't always be going upwards and forwards in life, sometimes you need to take a break and reflect on what you have been working on and progressing through, so you can redirect your life journey. 

Labour day weekend, is a time for me to take stock on how my year has been going so far.

How are my dreams, goals and aspirations from the turn of the new year progressing?

What do I need to do to get myself back on track from the Summer slowdown? 

So that fall, is a highly inspiring, productive time for me.

In other words, how do I re-inspire and re-motivate myself!?

easelly_visual (2)

There are a number of tools I use, to help myself out of a slump and to improve my energy.

Here are my Five Simple Steps to Improve Your Overall Energy;

1. Journal - write out all the ways that you're feeling stuck, unhappy, frustrated and overwhelmed.

Maybe you haven't been feeding your body the best nutrients. Or feeding your mind the right thoughts! Then review and assess what each of these means to you, right now in your life.

Is there something that maybe you need to change. Or do you simply need to be okay with just doing nothing creative right now!? Sometimes taking written stock of how you're feeling can quickly put it into perspective.

Allowing you to be more okay with where you right now. Knowing that it will change. Nothing ever stays the same! Or, maybe there is something now so obvious that you need to stop hanging onto or doing!?

2. Share with a friend – Misery loves company and all that jazz! But really, often taking the time to share how you are feeling with someone you love and trust, will create an opening.

Maybe just hearing that she/he also feels this way sometimes, will help to put it into perspective. Allowing you some much needed breathing space to be okay with where you are right now. Knowing that it can and will change for the better. You have the power of will to change anything!

3. Meditate on a solution - Now that you have some clarity, meditate on it! I'm not one to meditate on a daily basis. I find other ways to be clear and soulful, that serve me in the way I desire. However, when the going get's tough and I need a solution on a deep, emotional and mental realm, I meditate!

My technique is to get comfy, be still, quiet my breathing and mind, slow everything down to just the absolute moment. The quieter I can make my mind the more open I am to a solution just "popping in!"

The key is to be open and willing for anything to be an answer. Do not preconceive or judge your results.

4. Allow and Let go – Two of the hardest words for most human beings to accept wholeheartedly. I know it is for me! Being okay with sitting and waiting for life to unfold is not my strong suit. I'm more of a "Go and Get her!", kinda gal. What is interesting though, is that when I really find an inner strength to be patient, ask for an answer, and allow that answer to unfold. Even if, it means waiting longer than I think!

The solution that comes always blows me away with it's beauty, simplicity and definite resonance, with what feels absolutely RIGHT.

5. Begin with one simple step - Last but certainly not least; take that feel good answer and consciously decide on one simple step forward. What one little thing can you do today to make that answer begin to unfold in your life? Maybe a quick juice cleanse for 3 days is all you need. Or maybe there is someone whom you need to release from your life? and so on…

I would love for you to share with me your results of these steps! Let's all get unstuck together, in a qualitative, soul purposeful way, today!

Once you've worked through these steps; what one thing did you discover you needed to change? I'd love to know.

If you are REALLY struggling with getting un-stuck and feel unable to pull yourself up and out of this slump. I highly suggest you check out my - Joy Kit!  It has specific Dynamic Medicine to help release any level of low grade, acute or chronic depression. There are lots of great exercises in the booklet to help you restore your joy and get back to living your life with a lighter heart. 

If you don't really feel depressed, but definitely feel stuck energetically, on all levels I suggest the Energy Kitthe Jumpstart Your Health Kit and the Anger and Frustration Kit. 

All of these kits are designed to help you break free of any kind of energy slump, on a mental, emotional and physical level. 

Each kit is full of insider secrets, tips, tricks, specific nutrients, physical support and mental, emotional support tools!

Every kit is designed to take the guess work out of how you can heal yourself in the comfort of your own home.

Remember anger is the great motivator! There is a time and a place for every emotional reaction. The key is to utilizing your emotions to inspire and motivate yourself. Not harm someone else.

If a kit or do it yourself style won't cut it for the depth of despair that you are in – please honour yourself in one small way; Ask for my help - Simply click this link to book a FREE one on one Health Assessment with me today!

I am always here for you if you need me.

In true resonant health, 

Have a Self Inspiring week!


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What is Your Skin Trying to Tell You?

Your skin does so much for you. Yet, how much effort do you really put into understanding, why it reacts the way it does. 

If you suffer from chronic skin conditions, like eczema, psoriasis or weird rashes; uncovering the true causation, is the only way to fully resolve it.

Your skin is your outer most contact with the world. It protects and defines you, allowing you to connect, feel and experience life.

It expresses outwardly what you are thinking and feeling on the inside.

You blush with embarrassment, go red with anger or excitement, pale with fear and shock….

Yet how often do you really focus on how to best support it? 

Do you really know what your skin condition's are trying to tell you?

easelly_visual (2)

I see so many skin conditions in my practice; eczema and psoriasis, acne, staph infections, herpes, weird undefined rashes and so on.

The first thing everyone does when they develop some sort of skin issue, is try to find something topical to suppress and eliminate the problem. The dilemma with this choice, is that not one of these issue began on the surface. 

Every skin condition, first stems from some internal or external toxicity, infection or imbalance. Your skin is like a huge projection screen, on which not only physical, but psychological processes are constantly made visible.

Whether, the cause of your skin condition is obvious like a Bite & Sting, or some unconscious issue like a food sensitivity or an unhealthy state of mind. Helping your skin to get healthy and stay healthy, takes some investigating and lifestyle changes.

If you would like a conventional viewpoint to assess your rash symptoms first - follow this link to

 To look more Dynamically at a few skin conditions;

 Let's say, you've been holding on to a lot of emotional or psychological stress, and the pressure has built to such a degree that you are literally "bursting" at the seams to get it out. Well, Hello Rash! Which is your bodies attempt to try and relieve the pressure – to get it OUT.

How about acne? Everyone knows that acne develops at puberty and is linked to hormones. But are you aware, that it is your psyche that controls your hormones to do it's bidding. Teens that are more affected by acne, are in a struggle with themselves. Honestly what teen isn't! 

Puberty, is a time of sexual development, connecting with a partner and growing up. Every one of these can be fraught with conflict, uncertainty, false beliefs, leading to more confusion and possibly shame or embarrassment. Acne expresses quite clearly with red, inflamed spots; a desire to hide oneself. Notice that acne only presents on areas that are in plain sight and the areas most often "touched" in intimate ways.

Back acne, however, is a way for one to protect their own back! A – don't mess with me, kind of attitude as self preservation, while you are trying to develop a sense of who you are.

With Acne, the key is to be open to reviewing your emotional and mental imbalances. Take care of your developing sense of self and individualism. In other words; love and honour who you are!

Another huge skin issue seen throughout all age groups, is eczema and psoriasis. Eczema is often raw and red looking, expressing very clearly a Stay Away, attitude. Psoriasis on the other hand is hard, dry and flakey. Creating a type of armor or protection. This line of defence and self protection often stems from a fear of getting hurt and unresolved grief.

Eczema and psoriasis may initially stem from inherited miasms, yet, they are often triggered by food allergies. If you struggle with either of these, then doing an elimination diet is always the best place to start.

Your skin is your second liver. It helps to eliminate unwanted toxins, emotional and psychological states. This attempt is to help your inner organs and systems run more efficiently.

If you are blocking your bodies attempt at resolving a skin issue on any level, you will never fully heal and eliminate it.

My Top 3 Skin support kits are the - Eczema &

Psoriasis kit, Jumpstart Your Health

Kit and the Whole Body Detox Kit.

Everything happens for a reason. The key is understanding what that reason is; what is your body and in this case your skin, trying to tell you!

If you try to clean up a skin condition with a topical, suppressive substance like Cortisone. It only pushes the issue back into your internal organs. Thus possibly creating a bigger problem.

In the event of a skin problem or condition, take some time to ask yourself;

1. How am I delimiting myself?

2. Who and what do I fear making contact with, and why?

3. What is it that is really "getting under my skin"?

Love and honour the skin you are in. Trust that it is always trying protect you. Then support it, by listening to what it is trying to tell you and taking the necessary steps to resolve it on every level. 

If you are struggling with long standing, chronic skin issues that are limiting your life in some way; I'd be happy to help you finally resolve this issue once and for all! 

Click this link to book a FREE half hour Health Assessment with me today.

Remember, true health is the absence of symptoms on all levels; physical, mental and emotional!

Much love and gratitude,


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The Most Important Healing Activity We Often Ignore!

Do you know what the most important healing activity is?

This vital healing activity is often misunderstood or under appreciated.

We often refuse to allow it to fully work for us, claiming a lack of time in our lives to give it free reign.

Yet, once we accept it and honour it, Healing speeds up, on every level, mental, emotional as well as the physical.

What is this Important Healing Activity?

Sleep, Rest and Relaxation!

3 Things that we just don't do. Or, if we do, it is not truly qualitative enough to help us to fully heal and let our body repair.

easelly_visual (1)

Sleep, and I mean good quality, deep REM state sleep, for a minimum of 7 straight hours is what we need in order for our cells to regenerate. Not only that, we actually need sleep to shut down our nerve sense system and allow our spiritual and soul bodies, aka thoughts and emotions time to recharge. The only way to fully rest, release and repair, is to sleep.

I’ve just gotten back from my annual two weeks family vacation at the cottage. Where I got to spend lots of time, hanging with my family, water skiing, taking evening cruises around the lake, eating great food, conscious libations and good old fashioned R&R. Nothing recharges the soul better than simple unplugged, rest and relaxation.

In a recent study done by the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) They have recognized that "sleep insufficiency is linked to motor vehicle crashes, industrial disasters, and medical and other occupational errors." As well as – "Persons experiencing sleep insufficiency are also more likely to suffer from chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, depression, and obesity, as well as from cancer, increased mortality, and reduced quality of life and productivity."

Most of us are well aware that when our sleep is disturbed and for long periods of time, we begin to wear down.

I use my Summer shutdown as a time to consciously unwind, from the intense go go go of being a mom, wife and entrepreneur. Its time for me to let go of all my drive and reset some intentions. Reassess my desires in life, business as well as personal. A time to unplug from all social media! Allowing me some qualitative time to really be “within” myself. To reevaluate the direction I want my life to go and to just plain get lots of SLEEP!

The first week I played hard, had a massage, slept late and relaxed by the water reading only fictional, entertaining stories.

The second week, I got down to the real core, inner repair work and using Danielle LaPorte’s new "Desire Map" I did my own inner digging, listening and empowering.

Summer time is the best time for downtime! 

Downtime is about healing and rejuvenating yourself. It should be about relaxing, resting and recovering. One of the hardest things for most people is to take time for themselves. Sometimes, downtime leads to even deeper exhaustion.

I often hear from clients during a healing phase (usually 2 weeks after a set of Tonic remedies!) in their clearing of deep old traumatic events; that they are exhausted, have no drive or desire to do anything, can't focus on life, sometimes even feel dizzy. These are not new things developing, they are just your bodies way of saying – "Hey, Slow down! I need time to fix these things, to help you to release blocked and stuck energy so that you can heal and have greater energy."

When you ALLOW yourself the time to heal, your body may require far more healing than you realized. If you tend to push yourself on all levels, 24/7, 365 days a year, you eventually are going to burn out.

Most people are chronically tired, because they never let themselves fully rest in order to heal!

Or, they are unable to fully rest and get proper sleep because they are stuck in a trauma crisis. There is some old unresolved issue that they have not been able to see clearly in order to work through it and let it go. 

If this is you, then I would love to help you find the true underlying trauma that is keeping you from living your life fully and restfully : ) 

If You feel stuck with your healing or have trouble

sleeping! - Click this link Today to book a FREE

half hour Health Assessment with me and find out

how you can fully "Let Go".

Bottom line, is that as a complex, multifaceted human being, so many things can cause an imbalance. Chronic imbalance leads to illness and disease. So whether, this imbalance starts on an emotional, mental or physical level, it will eventually affect the others, as they all interlink.

In order to heal yourself fully, you must solve the problems on every level. Thus the power of Dynamic Medicine!

There is no other healing modality I have come across in my 35 years of searching, that can touch all levels at once; safely, effectively and quickly.

If you want to try Dynamic Medicine in a simple easy to use format on your own, be sure to check out my Healing Kits. I have one specific for Energy and Sleep issues, just click this link to check it out!

In True Resonant Health,

Have a Health Inspiring week!


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