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Health Tips for Your Skin

Do you love the skin you’re in?

Your skin is a flexible barrier, designed to protects you from the rest of the world.

It is also your means of connecting and communicating with the world.

Many skin conditions are caused when you feel like this barrier is being pushed to it’s limits.

Your skin is used to reflect out to the world, in a very visible way, all that is going on within you. When you are feeling over vulnerable or unprotected, your skin “reacts” in an attempt to fix the issue.

In order to maintain and protect this barrier, here are my wholistic health tips for your skin.

Just as your muscles are your Soul in motion = e-motion, your skin is the outer communicator of your inner Soul life.

We can blush with emotion, itch or tingle with anticipation, or get over-heated and flair in anger!

Most people view skin conditions, like acne, eczema and rashes, as some external annoyance that must be quickly eliminated in any way.

However, when you topically suppress a skin issue, with medication like cortisone, you are not actually solving the real underlying problem. The cream actually pushes the problem deeper into your life force. In fact, you create a more serious health issue by affecting your internal organs! Your skin is like a second liver. It is used to help discharge any unwanted toxins and emotions from your system. When you block this attempt it sinks deeper in. The real problem is not the skin!

Everyone who has ever used some suppressive cream knows, that at some point the condition comes back and does not respond to the cream any more. Why? because its energy has grown, its toxicity is bigger and it NEEDS to come out! So let it!

All skin issues begin within, and they must be cured from within!

I don’t think there is a person alive today who has not had some kind of skin condition. Whether, it was eczema, psoriasis, an allergic reaction, some unknown rash or a yeast overgrowth.

When you develop a skin condition, instead of rushing to suppress it, I would like you to do some investigating into what is actually causing it.

There are many things that can “trigger” skin conditions. Such as, too much dairy, sugar and processed starches in the diet, hormonal imbalances, food allergies, sensitivities and toxins. As well as, overwhelming emotional and mental traumas such as shock, fear, anger, lack of self worth and so on.

Understanding the trigger and resolving the trigger will help you to fully resolve your skin condition for good.

However, the real underlying cause is a genetic predisposition from past legacies, called miasms.

 A miasm, is a chronic derangement of your life force due to an infectious disease, which, changes your very cellular makeup, if not fully and properly resolved. These changes are then passed on from generation to generation creating bigger and bigger susceptibilities. Thus the reason we now see children born with all kinds of horrible conditions and diseases! It is due to the exponential growth of these genetic predispositions.

Now remember, these predispositions are only potentials, however, it often only takes, one or two stressors to trigger them. Once triggered they become chronic until fully resolved on every level.

When my teenagers begin to develop acne, the first thing I have them do, is to eliminate the sweets and take a probiotic! Even if they are eating organic cookies and pop, they are still taxing to the body. Sugar is extremely depleting to the bodies energy, it actually takes more energy to assimilate it then it gives back. I also have them look at why they feel the need to mistreat their body? What emotional or mental state are they really trying to solve.

In order to Wholistically help your body resolve skin conditions, you must first eliminate the triggers, like negative food, overwhelming emotional states and mental beliefs that hold you in this pattern.

You can learn all about these patterns and emotional states in both the Digestive Support Kit and the new Eczema & Psoriasis Kit!

Also, building up your physical bodies ability to process and cleanse is another great place to begin. Taking a daily probiotic supplement that can delivery at least 40 – 60 Billion live friendly bacteria will strengthen your immune system and help the bowels cleanse and unwanted toxins. Taking the load off of your skin!

Doing a gentle, whole body detox and cleanse, will also free up your life force, creating more energy and immunity.

Topical healing, like calendula with tea tree and lavender essential oil is amazing! I actually make my own lotion with these in it to help PALLIATE the condition, while working on the real triggers and cause.

Changing your diet to reflect what is right for your own unique body type, will go a long way in creating a stronger physical body. Which, in turn creates more energy in your life force, making you feel freer to handle emotional and mental stressors.

The final piece of the puzzle for clearing up skin conditions, is to clear your traumatic timeline through Dynamic MedicineOnce the miasms can be fully resolved and cleared, your body will not need to resonate with this issue any longer and you will be free from developing chronic skin conditions!

Trust me I know because I used to have terrible eczema on my scalp, but not any more!

Now, Let me know what you thought of this article. Also tell me what, if any skin conditions do you struggle with daily or seasonally?


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Do You Have Thyroid or Adrenal Stress?

Hormone imbalances, are a huge factor in so many of our chronic health issues.

Did you know that over 26% of the population has a low thyroid, that has been medically diagnosed and treated?

Yet, there are even more individuals complaining of chronic fatigue, weight gain, body aches, sensitivities to cold and/or heat, mental fog, and menstrual disorders. Many of these individuals will have been to see their doctor, had blood work done, and have been told their thyroid is within normal range!

Why is this? From what I have seen in my own practice, it is not just the thyroid that is stressed, but often the adrenals are stress as well. I often find, that many individuals will have both of these glands misfiring, to some degree or another. Generally as a result of chronic stress. Many of the symptoms I have just described are associated with thyroid function, yet did you know, that they are also symptoms of adrenal stress?

How do you know if you have thyroid or adrenal stress?


Did you know that the thyroid and adrenal glands are controlled from glands higher up in the chain of command? When the main controlling glands such as the hypothalamus and pituitary are stressed and not functioning optimally, then all the other glands and hormones will slow down as well. Chronic stress, affects your whole endocrine system, starting with the hypothalamus and pituitary.

The problem we are faced with today is, improper diagnosis, coupled with incorrect tools to help individuals properly heal and repair their system.

I’m definitely not saying I have all the answers. Endocrine testing is not simple. Hormones are constantly changing and fluctuating, along with your thoughts, emotions and physical milieu.

What I am saying however, is that in order for you to begin making effective changes in the health of your own endocrine system, you will need to do some of your own investigation. Begin to really listen to your own body and the symptoms that you are producing. Not just your physical symptoms, but your mental and emotional ones as well. As these are all indicators, of what is going on within you and what needs resolution.

Let’s take a quick look at the subtle differences between thyroid and adrenal stress:

  • Both have weight gain; adrenal stress is linked to that heavy spare tire weight, whereas thyroid stress will create an overall slow weight gain.

  • Both have problems with body temperature; yet adrenal stress creates highs and lows throughout the day, while thyroid stress creates a constant feeling of being cold.

  • Both have mental fatigue; adrenal stress creates a true mental fog, while thyroid stress causes slow thinking, forgetfulness and confusion.

  • Heart palpitations have often been thought of as thyroid fatigue, yet it is really adrenal stress that triggers this.

  • Over all energy; with adrenal stress this fluctuates, there may be trouble getting up and going, but once up and active the adrenals will kick in and get things done, only to be easily exhausted, creating a mid-afternoon slump. Thyroid fatigue on the other hand is all encompassing and there is no extra boost through the day.

  • Adrenal stress in particular stems from mental and emotional overload, threats to well being, fear, anxiety and stress to the point where they no longer care for themselves. They feel like a defeated victim in life.

  • Thyroid stress, in general, stems from a very strong experience in life in which everything seems to be made and geared for everyone but them. They feel that they have no right to express who they are, to develop, to put out and apply their creativity or to succeed.

Do you resonate with any of these symptoms or states?

If you would like a more comprehensive list along with some help, learning to understand your own hormone imbalances and begin to heal and repair them, using the most effective natural therapies, be sure to check out the Ultimate Wholistic Hormone Balance Kit!

We are all aware that stress affects the body in negative ways. Mental, emotional and physical stress plays a huge factor in how well your glands function and thus send out proper communication.

Your endocrine system is one of the largest communication links between how your thoughts and emotions affect your physical body.

In order to begin to heal and repair your hormone imbalances, you need to make changes on every level.

Did you know that your body needs active T4 and T3 and that 80% of your T4 is converted into T3 in your stomach and liver?

Even if you are already taking a synthetic thyroid medication, you are only getting T4. Your digestive system still needs to be healthy enough to transform it into active T3. So, a healthy, functioning digestive system is one of the key components to hormone health.

If you need some help cleaning up your diet, finding appropriate foods, what foods may be stressing out your thyroid and endocrine system be sure to check out these kits: Hormone Balance Kit, Jumpstart Your Health Kit and the Whole Body Detox Kit.

Every one of these kits has an extensive section of proper diet, nutrition, supplementation, herbs, homeopathy and more. To help you make the necessary changes to improve your health.

Also, these kits will help you understand, what other thoughts, beliefs and emotions are possibly creating stress or blockages in your system, which will lead to hormonal imbalances and thus ill health!

If you are confused and overwhelmed by how to begin looking at and resolving your hormone imbalances, then it may be a good time to book a FREE Initial Health Assessment.

Either way, I wish you whole health today and every day.

Now, over to you for a quick question;

If you are suffering from some of the symptoms I described, have you had a full blood panel done, and if so what results did you receive? 

I look forward to your response.

In Love & gratitude, have a health inspiring week.


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An Honest Confession!

I have an honest confession to make.

I have to admit that I’ve played it safe most of my life, and have recently realized that I’ve also been playing it safe with my healing practice as well.

My whole life has been about trying to make everyone else happy. Thus, the reason I became a healer! 

Now, I realize that there is nothing fundamentally wrong with this, in fact it’s a wonderful thing; when it is done for the right reasons and in the right way.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been the “Rescuer!”

You’d have to ask my mom, since I can’t possibly recall, just how many animals I’ve rescued as a kid, and apparently still do. For those of you who have known me for a while, in one word – Jessica

I’ve spent my whole life trying to save and help everyone else, because I thought this is what was expected of me. I “believed” that if I saved and healed others, that I would then be saved somehow. I thought that in order to be loved and accepted, I had to put everyone else first.

Society loves and proliferates this belief and it’s one I have struggled with for most of my life. I’m sure you have too.

I believed that if I played it safe, did all the right things, put others first, made sure that everyone liked me; that I was helping make the world a better place.

On an outer, intellectual level, this belief worked, yet, on a deeper more intuitive level, I knew it didn’t “feel” right. I just didn’t know how to balance these two different pieces of information.

In other words, I struggled with letting my thoughts and beliefs control me, while ignoring and not really listening openly, to my inner intuition and knowing. That “gut” response of what “feels” right and what “feels” wrong for me.

In all honesty, it was far easier and safer, for me to rely on and trust my thoughts over my feelings.

This is something I have seen over and over in my practice. We all tend to do this, in order to feel safe and secure in a chaotic, unreliable world.  

I’ve spent years, struggling, to finally trust my feelings over my thoughts!

It’s not easy to trust your feelings, as they can seem scary and uncontrollable. There is still a lot of mystery around why we feel and react emotionally, because it’s based on such individual experiences.

Your emotions draw on all of your past experiences.  So, if growing up was kinda tough, and full of emotional turmoil, then to draw on that overwhelming amount of emotional baggage can be uncertain and out of your control. At least, this was definitely the case for me.

Even though, I’ve spent years working through and clearing my “traumatic timeline” through the powerful healing system of Dynamic Medicine. Releasing, all the old emotional trauma’s I’ve ever experienced. So that my life force is able to use my feelings freely, without being encumbered by old unhonoured, repressed emotions. Every day is still a new life lesson. Every day, I open up to one more hidden secret that I hadn’t been ready to work through until now.

The last 6 months have been a whirlwind of even deeper discoveries for me. 

As I’ve connected even more, to my true inner knowing, my heart core self, I’ve realized I was still holding myself back out of fear. A fear that I wouldn’t be loved if I honoured myself first.

I confess that I have played it safe with my clients over the years because of this fear. In order to be liked, I’ve often sugar coated their issues for them. Thinking that this is what they wanted. Knowing that the remedies and the process would heal them anyways, but I played it safe, and I would like to apologize for that.

I had a deep fear of not being liked, if I was fully honest with what I know and spoke my truth as I see it. I was afraid of my own inner knowing and being honest with myself!

In a way I was playing “God”, by thinking I knew what they could handle and what they couldn’t handle in their healing process. I now realize that is not my decision to make, it’s theirs. I realize, I need to stop trying to rescue and start helping my clients to heal in the best way I know how. Full disclosure without the fear and to trust in the process.

Every human being, at the most fundamental level, wants to connect with others and be unconditionally loved. I’m no different than anyone else. What I’ve realized though, is that by playing it safe in order to feel loved, I was doing a disservice to my clients and myself. 

 I don’t want to play it safe anymore!

I want to be able to live and practice every idea, every truth about health and freedom that I’ve ever learned over my lifetime. Without fear. I want to resolve all of those things that I haven’t implemented fully, because of this fear. A fear that ultimately I created.

What I realized I needed to resolve first was my unconditional love for myself. 

I now know, that there is no fear in life when you realize who you are at the most fundamental, intimate level. No one can ever harm you, embarrass you, shame you, upset you, unless you want them to and you allow it.

When you choose to live in your truth, every moment of everyday, life opens up to all of the possibilities. It truly becomes your own playground to do with as you choose.

Are you ready to live your truth on every level?

I know I finally am!

I’ve realized, that by choosing to help people heal themselves fully with this whole, life altering system of healing called Dynamic Medicine. I have chosen to accept, that I may not be liked by everyone. That by bringing people closer to their own true core and truly working through their emotional and mental demons, it can create fear, drama and at some point a desire to lash out or run away.

I realize, that I have to be okay with this, that as a dynamic healer, I can only truly heal myself, then and only then, unconditionally offer what I have learned to others in the best way that I know how. With every bit of truth and integrity that I have.

At the end of the day I can still help others, without denying my own inner truths. I can do what I do with love and a deep desire to help you become a greater healthier you without fear.

I am making a promise to myself and to you, that from this day forward I will be as open and honest as I can. That I will honour my own path first, be who I am and who I desire to be without fear. Knowing that the universe will always unconditionally love me.

I vow to stop playing it safe, just to be liked.

I now understand, that in order for me to truly help you to heal yourself wholly, I must unconditionally share the knowledge that has been gifted to me through my own journey. Without fear, knowing and trusting that, you will know what to do with that information.

Nothing more, and nothing less, has now taken on a whole new meaning for me!

Now it’s your turn to share. I’d love to hear;

What area in your life are you playing it safe, just be be liked?

What fears do you have around speaking your truth?

If you’re struggling to break free of your own fears, and are new to Dynamic Medicine, be sure to schedule a FREE one on one session with me by following this link - Free Initial Health Assessment!

And don’t forget all my amazing do it yourself Healing Kits!

Wishing you a Health Inspiring Week, 

in love & much gratitude,


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 I wanted to share this incredibly beautiful comment I received today after this went out to my newsletter followers. It made me cry!

“My Dear Andrea:

If you only knew what a blessing you have been in my life, stage after stage, year after year, you have always been there for me.

Even when we haven’t been in personal contact, your wisdom clings to me and pushes all the self doubts out of my mind so I can listen deeper and get through the clouds of chaos produced from the continual self talk.

My intuition has been allowed to grow and I can listen to my body and its needs instead of hating it for pulling me down.

When the terrible tragedy hit our family with the murders of 3 innocent children, I immediately turned to you and the Dynamic Remedy kit Loss & Grief, because I knew even in my agony at the moment, that my body was suffering trauma and that I could help it along to release the shock more easily, instead of suffering for months. Without the deep blanket of pain, I was able to go through the natural process of grief with clarity and even reach a point of forgiveness to the perpetrators.

I have always found you completely honest with me, knowing what I can handle you sharing with me at certain times in my life, you knowing full well how much deeper I needed to go but wasn’t ready yet. Would it have been better to tell the whole story of what was ahead in the learning about myself, possibly overwhelming me with things I wasn’t ready to learn yet and surely doing more damage then good, causing me to just give up on the whole process?

It must be frustrating for you sometimes, not knowing all the time, how well your teaching is being received and if it is making the difference in this world you want it to.

Honestly? My feeling is that in our lives, it is not about the end results about what we do for others because that is up to them, but the LOVE AND INTENTION behind your work.

You made me realize also, that what other people think of me is none of my business and totally irrelevant.

So, when I do what little I can for a cause by donating something, I know it goes with love and good intent, and what choices the people at the other end do with it, is their choice, and that is what I tell family and friends when they scoff at me and say why do you do that, you don’t even know if it will get to the needy. Do I stop doing what feels so right and good, because I am afraid of not measuring up to what others think?  What a huge relief and lesson I learned in my “pleasing others life” “and my controlling life of needing to always know the outcome of things” which by the way, I learned from you to let go of.

Now I have more courage to have healing things in my life like rest periods and prayer time each day, totally undisturbed by the needs of others and intruding phone calls etc., that can always be addressed later……or not. Finally, I learned how to say NO, again thanks to your wisdom.

Your news letters are very interesting, and I can always relate to your personal stories, but I can only imagine how much effort these news letters take because you want to truly share something from your soul, so by-weekly or even monthly maybe, would be enough for me, giving you more time for spring gardening, sitting in the grass petting your rabbit, talking to your horse or exploring with your dogs.

I appreciate all the work you did creating these new remedy kits which are amazing and so much easier for your clients, and I appreciate you being there every year for the flue remedies, and for sticking with this life path of yours in Heilkunst because I know personally I have so much more to learn. Keep up the good work for as long as it is working for your growth.

So from one CHILD OF GOD to another,

Love and Light,”


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