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End your suffering today from Asthma, chronic or seasonal allergies; safely, effectively and naturally!

” I’ve suffered from asthma for years. Within 24 hours of starting this kit, I was able to do my daily workout without needing my inhaler. I feel amazing, thank you Andrea! Shelaine H, 









Do you suffer from simple allergies every time the seasons change, spring or fall?

Do your allergies trigger asthmatic attacks or leave you breathless and anxious? 

Do you want to eliminate your allergies and/or asthma symptoms for good?

Are your ready to stop using dangerous suppressive, conventional drugs to palliate your symptoms each year?

Then these are the perfect kits for you!

Both kits come with an extensive e-book which is 80 pages of incredible support and knowledge, plus unique healing remedies, that I guarantee you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

The heart of these kits are the Dynamic Remedies, which are included and mailed directly to you.

Along with a Quick User Guide and a comprehensive e-book.

In the Allergy Kit you get – 

Fear of Anger Release (need to buy the kit to understand this one!), to help you let go of these emotional barriers that hold on to, your allergies. Ingredients

Physical Allergy Release, to help your physical body release and properly discharge all of your allergy symptoms. My greatest combination, that even will eliminate asthma symptoms. Ingredients

Drainage & Immune combo, to help boost and balance your immune system and it’s allergic reactions. It is vital to be able to help your body properly discharge the congestion. Also did you know a weak liver and kidney may be the biggest trigger for allergy flair ups? This remedy supports every organ and system responsible for allergies. Ingredients

Allergy kit is $57





Additions for the Asthma & Allergy Kit –  

Allergy kit

Asthma Release, to help during the acute attacks as well as release the underlying chronic connection. Ingredients

Homeoventolin, will help during asthmatic attacks to help quickly restore normal breathing. Ingredients

* If you are interested in a specific remedy for Anaphylaxis support, please contact me privately to discuss this.

The Asthma & Allergy combo Kit is sold for the incredible low price of $77


*Compared with the cost of 25 years of personal and professional experience; Plus, the cost to individually purchase all specific tonic and pathic remedies at an expense of $400 – $800 depending on kit!


In these comprehensive ebooks discover:

  • New UWHK - Asthma & Allergy KitWhy you have asthma and/or allergies.
  • The most natural, effective ways to reduce and eliminate your asthma attacks and allergies for good.
  • How to muscle test yourself for your allergies! Why pay for extensive tests when you can find out all on your own.
  • What foods and environmental issues often are the real trigger for allergies.
  • Specific foods and supplements that will help reduce congestion, inflammation and boost your immune system properly.
  • Specific acupuncture points, essential oils, herbs and so much more to help eliminate your symptoms.
  • Highly effective tools to help eliminate the emotional and mental issues behind your allergies.

“I’ve been using the allergy kit and so far I’m liking it.  I do find that my itchy eyes and stuffy nose are a lot less when I am taking it.” Karen G

You will also be given all the dynamic tools to begin eliminating your asthma and allergies forever!

To help speed up your healing and recovery from both Asthma and Allergies, I highly suggest this bio-available, whole food form supplement – 

Click on the image to get yours today!



 To view a great video on how to use these kits go here – video!



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