3 Ways to Get Unstuck in Life!

Do you ever feel stuck and unsure in your life?
Do you ever Feel like you just don’t know what direction to go, or how to get there?
I sure do! 
It happens. 
I’m sure you’ve had those days, weeks maybe even years too; where you just don’t know what to do with your life. 

Heck, sometimes I have days where I just don’t want to do anything at all.  

Sometimes I just feel completely unmotivated and directionless and would rather just stay in my jammies all day and watch netflix!

Does this ever happen to you?

If it does,

Here are 3 great ways to help you get unstuck in life.

  • The first thing to do is stop everything else and simply take care of YOU first.

We all have a tendency to put everyone and everything else first in life. Unless you are a complete Narcissist!

A little bit of narcissism is a good thing. Only you know how to truly take care of you. What you need to fill your cup back up. What vital nutrients to take, how much rest you need, how much water, fresh air and so on. Whatever it is you have NOT being doing for yourself, go and do it NOW!

If you don’t know, then it’s never too late to learn how to listen fully to yourself. To discover what your symptoms are trying to tell you specifically.

If your a “do it yourself” kind of chick, you can check out my: Jump Start Your Health kit Or, if you are too overwhelmed to even know where to start, no worries, let me help you take those first steps with my: Recovering the Authentic Self Program!

My next favourite step to take when I feel completely unmotivated in life is to –

  • Just do nothing!

I know it sounds counter productive, but hear me out.

Take some time to find the peace and joy in the simple moments of the day, rest and do less. Less is more as they say!

Literally take a whole day, or maybe a week and just do as little as possible, just the absolute necessities to get through the day in a joy filled way.

It took me a long time to get this lesson. But the crazy truth is, it actually works! Probably because, you show the universe that you are willing to take care of yourself. Your willing to live in the moment with a peaceful heart. And, with enough nothingness your mind will clear, allowing you to see what is truly important to you.  Allowing you to re-open the door to inspiration and motivation.

My third favourite tool to get unstuck is to:

  • Do for other’s in a heart centred way.

Once you’ve filled your cup back up with self love and nutritive energy. Once you’ve let yourself stop and take a necessary break from “it all”. You can start to give back to the universe; be grateful and thankful and in doing so help someone else.

Zig Ziglar is fond of saying,

“You can have everything in life you want, if you just help enough other people get what they want.”

I think of this on those days when trying to get my own needs fulfilled isn’t working. I pull out my list of people and organizations I know and instead of focusing on who wants to buy my services; I concentrate on a magical question: “Who can I help today?”

It is always more fun to give then to receive.

It is the one reason I love christmas and especially christmas since I’ve had kids. There is nothing better, than the feeling of giving someone something you know will make them feel joy, supported and loved!

When you help someone else you stop worrying about yourself. You stop focusing on your wants and needs that seem to not be working right now and instead, you raise your energy to a place of joy, love and gratitude.

These are the 3 steps I do every time I feel stuck, to make a shift in my life.

These will help you re-open your path in life. Get you UNSTUCK and re-motivated and inspired to lead your life; according to your own desires and goals.

One final tip; here’s a great affirmation to try –

“I give abundance to others, and it flows back to me multiplied!”

 If you’ve ever been stuck in life, what things did you do to help re-motivate yourself? I’d love for you to share!


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Do You Struggle to Lose Weight?

Do you struggle to lose weight?

Or, feeling as fit and energized as you want to be?
I know I certainly have.
It has been a long road of taking care of my health over the last 35 years and during it I have discovering amazing things about myself.
I always knew I had a horrible digestive system. I’d frequently have debilitating bowel cramps, diarrhea, nausea, constant belching, hypoglycemic reactions, bloating and weight gain. Which would all lead to chronic fatigue and headaches.
When I first got sick as a teenager the one thing I worked the most on was my digestion, nutrition and detoxing. And for a few years this seemed to be enough to fall back on every time my symptoms would creep back.
Life events would lead me down a self destructive path and I’d start to eat those crappy North American comfort foods and I’d be right back where I started.
That is about the time I discovered Dynamic Medicine and as I worked on the underlying emotional, mental, inherited and karmic trauma’s, the physical also cleared a great deal.
The problem was, that by this time my physical body had found a pattern, I was stuck in insulin resistance and no matter how clean I thought I was eating with a Paleo style diet, I couldn’t seem to shake the fatigue and moderate weight gain.
 Then a couple years ago life presented me with a great opportunity – Ketopia!
Now I had known about Nutritonal Ketosis about 20 years ago, but every time I tried to get there on my own through restrictive dieting (aka cutting out ALL sugar in every form) I couldn’t make it.
I’d get such extreme detox symptoms from the dumping of the glycogen out of my cells that I would be literally debilitated in bed with a migraine and bowel pains.
So I’d give up.
When Forever Green, the supplement company I joined a couple years ago, came out with a product, created by a doctor to help put the body into Nutritional ketosis, easier and without most of the side effects; I was in!!
 I wrote about that first experience here – 
I did the program off and on for 3 months and over that time I went from a size 9/10 to a 5/6 with little difficulty and only moderate exercise. (really didn’t change my exercise routine at all). 
Oddly enough however, my weight did not go down nearly as much as I wanted it to. I started around 154 pounds and ended around 140 pounds. I had wanted to get to 125 pounds.
But here is the thing. When in Nutritional ketosis, you don’t lose water weight and you retain all your muscle mass (it’s a biological factor of the survival mechanism that is ketosis). 
So after this initial loss, I was happy and just cruised along for the next 3/4 of a year maintaining that weight loss easily through mainly a Ketogenic lifestyle, with the odd cheat day each week.
NOW –  it’s a new year and I figure heck, I have a great system and new knowledge about how to help my body, not only get rid of unwanted and unhealthy fat that stores toxins and created havoc with all of our systems; but can also help me lean out my body even more, so I can achieve my dream physical physic!!
So my questions to you are;
Have you struggled with similar issues?
Have you always wanted to improve your physical health and overall well being? But found it too difficult to stick to?
Then please join me for my FREE on line Accountability Group. 
Simply click on the image below and sign up in the box at the top of the page and your in.
I look forward to sharing with you over the next few months as we journey together to reach the weight and energy level we each desire!

In true resonant health, have a Self Inspiring week,



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How to Heal a Head Injury

Find out how you can heal a head injury, quickly, effectively and naturally!

Head injuries certainly seem to be on the rise.

Maybe it’s just that we are hearing more about them.

Or maybe, it’s that we are more susceptible to the problems that can be created, by a head trauma?

As kids, we never wore helmets for anything. Maybe because of this, we unconsciously protected our head more during play or activities.

Now that we are wearing helmets, we think we’re were covered, so we can go harder or faster?

One thing is for sure, the more we are protecting ourselves, the more severe the injuries are becoming.

In any case, I’m sure you’ll agree, we are hearing more and more about head injuries and more and more of these injuries are leading to serious health problems.

No more are there simple headache, a bit of rest for a few days, then you’re good to go!

Head injuries are creating long term, serious health concerns. That may or may not ever be resolved. At least that is what I am hearing and seeing.

However, there is good news for the majority of you who are struggling with an acute (new) or chronic (old) head trauma.

You CAN heal a head injury.

A head injury or trauma should not be a life sentence of life long problems.

There are a variety of support tools that are available to everyone. That will help your body to release, rejuvenate and restore full health for the vast majority of head injuries.

So let’s look at these tools!

How to Heal a Head Injury

  1. Get qualitative sleep. Your body has the ability to heal itself, provided it has the right support and there is nothing blocking it’s ability (see further ideas) But initially, one of the best ways to allow your body time to heal is to sleep. Take it easy, relax and don’t over tax your body.
  2. Clear the trauma with my Trauma Release kit! Be sure to request a set of “sequential powders” for a head trauma. The best way to be sure there is no blockage in your life force to heal is to clear the trauma with Dynamic Medicine. Dynamic Medicine is the best and most natural way to release any damage done to the life force, first at an energetic level. Allowing the life force to be free to fully clean up the damage that has occurred on every level.
  3. Supply your body with high quality nutrients through a completely bio-available supplement; like Marine Phytoplankton or the new all in one Prodigy 5. The body requires more nutrients to heal than you can get from just eating; like B 12, minerals, Vitamin D and K along with healthy fats like coconut oil in order to repair the brain.
  4. Begin right away eating a Ketogenic diet. It has been well documented by doctors, that a ketogenic diet can heal brain seizures. Helping the brain reduce inflammation caused by sugar and improving it’s function with healthier fats can go a long way to allowing your brain to heal and repair. Getting into Ketosis can be difficult on your own. Because you are suffering from a trauma to begin with, I highly suggest you use this product; that can scientifically and naturally put your body into ketosis without starving yourself or struggling – Ketopia!
  5. Once you’ve rested, opened up the healing pathways and begun to repair your body and brain; now it’s time to start recharging it with exercise. I suggest both physical and mental activity at a level your comfortable with daily. Never over do it! Start slow and work up gradually. This will get your blood flowing and circulating throughout your whole body as well as stimulate some of those good “feel good” endorphins. Also check out some brain gym exercises. Anything that works on memory is good. My favourite brain game is the card game called Concentration!

I have helped hundreds of individuals clear head trauma’s, following these protocols.

Allowing them to quickly get back into the game of life with no residual after effects!

If you’ve had a head trauma, please give these protocols a try. 

Let me know how they help. I’d love to hear your story of trauma, and triumph.

If there is a protocol you have tried that helped, I’d love to hear it as well!!

As always, let me know your thoughts, your struggles and ways that I can help support you.

If you have a question for me please scroll up to the top of the side bar and send me a message, would love to hear from you!

In true resonant health, have a Self Inspiring week,


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