Top 10 Reasons to Use Natural Medicine

Every day more people are making the decision to use natural methods to heal and cure themselves.

I have used natural medicine for myself and family for over 30 years. Ive seen my GP once in 18 years, simply to get massage notes for insurance reasons. My kids who are 13 and 16 have only been to emergency once. This was last year after my son dislocated his wrist during gymnastics training, which he actually fixed himself prior to heading to the hospital. After a 5 hour wait for x-rays he was perfectly fine. It is not that I am completely anti conventional medicine, everything has a time and place. However, we have become lazy and complacent with our health allowing authority to tell us what to do and thus have lost touch with understanding our own bodies.

Here is my list of top 10 reasons we should use natural medicine first over conventional medicine.

1. No nasty side effects! Natural medicine does not have the ability to create new diseases and imbalances like chemical drugs can and do.

2. Proper removal and resolution of our illness creating healthier, freer individuals, instead of suppressing and masking our symptoms which creates side effects!

3. Natural medicine actually follows real, true natural laws and principles that we are subject to as human organisms, unlike conventional medicine which follows no known laws, only empirical authority.

4. Greater long term health on every level; mental, emotional and physical. Individuals who use natural methods actually take responsibility for their health and are willing to do what ever it takes to be fully healthy. True health takes in to account how the person functions as a whole being.

5. Less stress on our conventional medical system, because people who use natural medicine learn how to take care of themselves betteR in all ways. Natural medicine free’s the life force of disease states thus creating true health and less to no chronic health problems. Therefore, there is no excessive use of conventional medicine.

6. Improves our social life and society as a whole. When individuals learn to take ownership of their health they find greater long term health and are free of suppression, giving them a happier natural outlook on life. Thus, leading to a society full of free thinking self regulating, naturally moral individuals.

7. Decrease in crime, since free thinking, naturally moral individuals have a strong sense of self and are aware that harming another human being in any way is wrong.

8. Increase in qualitative work ethics and a desire to help the world in self fulfilling ways. Thus leading to a decrease in unemployment and poverty.

9. Elimination of chronic diseases. when individuals are functioning freely from a place of self ownership and self worth, they love themselves and life. When this occurs, they take care of themselves properly and disease is not necessary since it has no evolutionary purpose.

10. World peace! If all of the above came in to play, then there would be no need for wars and oppression. The world and all individuals would know how to function in complete balance.

As I sit here and write this list, I’m thinking, wouldn’t this be wonderful if I could experience this in my own life time! Highly unlikely, but I am certainly going to try and wake the world up to the possibility!

In true resonant health, enjoy imagining, because imagination helps create reality.


A Dynamic Look at Road Rage

Everyone experiences anger and rage at some point in their life. Anger, in and of itself, is a natural emotion of the human organism. It is a mobilizing agent, it inspires us to act for ourselves. When something opposes our true sense of self, and does not allow free expression, we feel anger and justifiably so. For example, living in a patriarchal, heavy authoritative society creates oppression. “Do this because I say so.” “Don’t do that just because!” and so on.

Many of us who have a strong desire to please, simply repress our anger and rage. Others give it free rein and dump it all over every one else. Neither one is healthy for the giver or receiver.

hose individuals who easily express their anger, may not be hanging on to it in a physical sense but they are harming others and themselves by their unconscious outer reactions. Even though they are expressing it, they are generally not aware that it is their own emotion. These individuals blame everyone else and society for all their disappointments and thus their anger. Instead of realizing that they themselves have free will and free choice to decide what emotions to express and how to create the life they truly want.

The individuals who suppress their anger, end up harming themselves more than others. Bottled up anger hardens the body, causing a slow degeneration and shut down on every level. It is first seen as a psychological shutting down or depression of the emotional and mental realm before it begins to harden and wear down the physical body. Many people with diseases of “unknown” origin are actually caused by a deeply repressed emotional and psychological life. These diseases, which are actually true conditions, not diseases, are; fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and most sexual disfunction’s.

With the height of the hot weather, comes a natural cosmic shift in our genetic predispositions or chronic miasms, as defined by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. Dynamic medicine recognizes that these possible disease states, though held at a deep genetic level, cause disruptions in our mental and emotional realm. We have also recognized that they tend to ‘flair’ at certain times of the year. Tuberculinum, the forefather of tuberculosis and most lung diseases flairs during the winter months. As experienced in outbreaks of pneumonia and bronchitis each year. Summer is when we see several of the more destructive miasms; Lyme, Leprasy and Syphillinum. It is the Syphilitic taint that triggers many bizarre and aggressive experiences during the hot summer months. People who seem in perfect health, who suddenly drop dead of a heart attack, weird accidents with no rational explanation and road rage, are all examples of the dynamic Syphilitic energy playing out in society.

When my kids where younger and they played rec. soccer, I always knew when syphilinum flared its ugly head. The early games when the weather was cool went off as normal, then when the heat arrived so did more bizarre injuries and accidents. As soon as I noticed more kids getting the ball in the head or running in to each other or the goal posts and bystanders, I was awakened to Syphilinum’s presence. So I’d be sure to give everyone in my family a prophylactic dose of syphilinum to reduce our resonance with it!

So now when I begin to see more aggressive drivers and people doing bizarre and angry actions, I take heed to be aware and guard my own energy. Anyone who is not conscious and aware of their own emotions, thoughts and actions is living a life controlled by others, and thus has no real freedom.

It is time we take ownership of our own lives. Be attentive to our own thoughts and emotions. The unfolding of human evolution is now allowing for greater and greater Self awareness. So take advantage of this and be honest with yourself. Begin to recognize and honor all of your own emotions as they come to the surface. Know that they are there to help you evolve and grow as an individual. Work through them appropriately, do not deny them or suppress them out of fear. When you do, the sense of self ownership and self worth will grow exponentially and no one will ever be able to truly own or control you ever again.

For those of you who use homeopathy, ie. true natural medicine! Here are a few amazing remedies to use when you need some extra help and support, working through your old unresolved anger and rage. When using remedies for emotional and mental states, start with a 200 ch potency, be sure to increase potencies as you feel ready up to at least a 50 M or CM to fully release it.

Staphysagria, for individuals who cry when opposed or angry, the sweet, kind people who deny they have anger!

Belladonna, for the individual who erupts easily with rage, gets hot and red faced and throws things!

Stramonium, for the individual’s who feel their rage, but are afraid of it. An alternation between fits of anger and solitude.

There are many more remedies that work on all the different individual states of anger. Look for a Dynamic Physician to help you find the one or ones that fit you best if you truly want to be free of destructive diseases and repressed rage.

As well, simply being conscious of your anger and finding constructive ways to release it without dumping on to another human being is true health.

One release technique you could try is taking a moment to yourself, find a secluded spot and do some loud forceful Huh’s or even yelling to help discharge the tension in the physical realm. Once your physical body relaxes, it will be easier to focus and control your emotions and thoughts associated with the anger.

In True Resonant Health, enjoy the following video taken at the cottage!

Road Rage and Suppressd Anger video



Dynamic Medicine

My journey in to Self healing has been long and arduous. As well as highly inspiring and full of wonder and amazement.

Every single person on this planet has an amazing story about self discovery and healing on some level.

My journey has taken me from a toxic and deeply unhappy childhood, through an adolescence of uncertainty and low grade depression into my frustrating, tumultuous twenties. Finally in my thirties I discovered a greater path of healing that allowed me to fully release a ton of old baggage. I found a system of Dynamic Medicine that gave me the ability to discover the things that were not serving my higher purpose. As well as a solid system, based on natural laws and principles, that was able to help me heal on every single level; Soul/Emotional, Spiritual/Thoughts/Beliefs and Physical.

I was looking for real health, that was safe, effective and natural. In the early 80’s that seemed impossible to a small town farm girl! It also had to make rational sense to my science geek brain. After searching and trying nearly every single healing modality out there, I finally stumbled upon the system of Heilkunst that gave me the proper knowledge and foundation I was looking for.

The information for Dynamic Medicine, has actually been around forever. It is a system of healing and curing based on cosmic truths that has always been and will always be true. Like all incredible forms of knowledge, it has to unfold in its own proper time and in the right way for people to grasp it. The time is now for us to begin to see healing and curing in a new light. To take out the mystical aspect of natural healing, and place it in its proper system of functional science. A science that can understand how energy and matter co-exist as one functional unit. You can read more about this here – Beyond the Looking Glass.

As individuals, we function as an incredible, soul and spiritual beings, residing within a physical, chemical form. We can no longer look at just one aspect of ourselves at a time if we are going to truly find real Health! We must look at ourselves and see how we function on all levels of our existence. What do WE need to resolve, in order to free ourselves from all illness, trauma and disease?

The video below is my tale of woes and self discovery. I hope this helps inspire others to take the journey to their integral core. When we each take a journey to discover our true self, to learn what makes us tick, and how to live our lives to the fullest, for our own evolution; we will then be able to help heal the world as a whole.

Every step we take towards true self healing is really a journey into discovering the Whole of all that is!

enjoy this video,

Discovering Dynamic Medicine

 In True Resonant Health & Gratitude