How to Find Your Joy!

It’s no coincident that the biggest heart centred holiday is in February – Valentine’s Day!

If you live in Canada or in particular South Western Ontario, you will know what I mean when I say that February is the most depressing month of the year.

Especially this year. In the last three months we may have had 2 days of sunshine. And we all know that we need sunshine to feel good by supplying us with a much needed vitamin – D. 

There are lots of things Vitamin D does in your body, but the biggest thing is to make you feel happy. 

More people struggle with depression during January and February, than any other time of the year. 

I’m no stranger to depression, I struggled with it numerous times in my life. 

I honestly don’t know of a single person, who hasn’t struggled with some form of it in their life. 

Which is why I’d like to share with you a large section of my Ultimate Wholistic Healing Joy Kit, to help you discover:

Helping you heal your whole self, from all forms of depression.

How To Find Your Joy!

[Please bear with me, it is a long blog post, but I feel it is the best way to truly help spread the joy!]

Chronic unhappiness and a lack of joy stem from one main thing;

The suppression and oppression of your unique Soul and Spiritual life.

Not in a WOO WOO mystical way either. What I mean by that, is when you are not living your life based on what you feel is right and true for you; as a unique, amazing individual, you begin to shut down. To “armour” and protect yourself from the hostilities of the world. Putting it that way, you can pretty much imagine that every single individual probably has low grade depression or has gone through some form of it in their earthly lifetime.

Which is true; However, all seemingly negative states have a purpose, just as much as the positives. They are driving forces, that get us up off the couch. They motivate us to make a change; since being in it is not comfortable!

The trick in life is to always remain optimistic.

To choose to look on the bright side of life.

Time and time again, studies have shown that optimistic individuals go further in life and overcome obstacles easier than those who are pessimistic. Seems pretty obvious!

So how do we learn to be optimistic if you are not? How does one actually CHOOSE, every day to think, feel and act in a positive joy filled way, regardless of what life throws at you?

Well, that is a good question.

Personal Story time!

As a teenager I became chronically ill. No one ever really knew what was causing my illness. The point was that I was unhappy, felt horrible, mentally, emotionally and physically. Basically I had a severe case of chronic fatigue, which of course was not known back in the late 70’s. I did eventually begin to crawl out of my dark hole with the help of my mom; whom by the way, is an eternal optimist! I was not though and I can remember constantly being told what a crappy, pessimistic attitude I had. But then again isn’t that a typical teenager???

Well, now that I have my own teens, I would have to say NO, and YES. What is typical is that yes the majority of the teens go through this unhappy, rebellious “screw You” attitude. (we will get to why in a bit!) However, my children who have been raised in a home with stable, mainly healthy on all levels, parents. Whom, communicate, support each other and generally try to do their best to their ability. Are honest and unconditionally loving of their children. But, also teach them the importance of self ownership, helping others when the need arises and they are able to. And to do their own Due Diligence and learn to become self-sufficient young adults as their consciousness and age deems! Whew, this is no easy task, but it develops truly Healthy individual. As healthy as a human can be anyways, since we are always in some process or another. : )

This story is to set you up to understand where and how your original oppression began.

Chronic low grade unhappiness starts right at birth for most people. Maybe your connection to your parents was slim to nil.

If you where never breast fed, like most of the 60, 70’s and 80’s children, then you missed out on one of the most vital connections. Not just the perfect food and immunity building, but the warm loving connection of a fully connected, caring mother.

Of course there are all kinds of excuses and reasons behind this and I could go on for days; however, I just want to be clear that the cold harsh realities of so called NORMAL SOCIETY is not what true resonant healthy society should be. Maybe you did have an awesome loving mother &/or father, and have some semblance of happiness. If so it will be easier to pull yourself into your Joy than if not.

So of course, we all have some degree of oppression, repression and suppression coming from unhappy, either over controlling parents or parents who didn’t give a poop about you. You are on an individual journey in this lifetime to find out who you really are as an individual.

Discover your strengths, your weaknesses,

 take the mix and define yourself via your own inner knowing.

To trust, honour and love yourself. Nothing more and nothing less. However, along the way we encounter obstacles, some more than others. Your heart then becomes hardened and armoured as a self protective measure; long before you have any conscious idea of what is going on!

Oppression, repression and suppression

always leads to Depression.

The de-compression or internal repression and drawing away from the external world, happens as the final way to save what is left of your sense of self.  Whether we are oppressed outwardly by our parents, guardians, educators, peers etc. Or internally by being incredibly hard on ourselves. Either way the affect is the same. A hardening down of the mental/Soul & emotional/spirit bodies. Thus, an inability to “Get Happy”.

You will probably have very deep seated anger and rage towards this oppression, (which is a good thing) but it is generally buried so deep you can’t even fathom you are angry, but trust me, it’s there!! I know! And it needs to be properly released.

This FREE Information, is to help you realign with who you really are.

It is about helping you to reawaken to the clarity, goodness and power that is really who you are. It is written to assist you in, consciously retiring to the knowledge that you ARE free and that you always HAVE BEEN free, and that you will ALWAYS BE free to make your own choices in life. There is no satisfaction in allowing someone else to attempt to create or to take control of you own life and reality. In fact it is not really possible for anyone else to create your reality but YOU!

Know that you are an amazing individual, whom is loved and loves, because that is what the universe wants. To simply be and feel loved, as you are. With all your uniqueness, seemly good or bad parts, you are you.

How to Choose to be Joy Filled

Lesson 1. Is to simply wake up every day and CHOOSE to feel joy! That’s it. Honestly you could quit here.

How do you CHOOSE to feel joy?

To begin with, until you can simply feel joy every moment unconsciously; you must create the feeling of joy. You do this by finding something in your life that makes you smile. That makes you feel happy. It can be as simple as how good the smell of fresh brewed coffee makes you feel. Or, remembering how good it feels when a loved one whole heartedly hugs you, or the joy you feel watching a pet in it’s silly play.

Whatever you can recall from memory that will bring the feeling of joy to your heart, is how you create it. Then hold that feeling of joy and happiness as you move about your day; as long as possible. Don’t worry if you fall off the happy wagon initially. It happens. Don’t beat yourself up. Once your recognize it, then simply recall the thing that makes you feel happy and start all over again.

Eventually, you won’t have to work so hard to stay happy and joy filled. It will eventually be automatic, every moment of every day. When this happens, life becomes so much more luscious!!

Live the State

Lesson 2. What I mean by this is you must find your inner state of peace, joy and happiness.

If your life was everything you ever wanted it to be. If you had all the money you desired, the freedom to do as you liked, all the love and friendship you ever needed, what state would that be for you?

Find a single word that best describes that state for you and write it down!

Mine is RELIEF. When I think of living my perfect life I feel complete and utter relief which brings me a state of peace, joy and happiness.

Now that you have your word use it to create that FEELING in your life, as much and as often as you can. Your FEELINGS, create your energy and actions in life that will bring to you exactly the same state you desire.

Like Attracts like

What I do is each morning before I get out of bed and each evening just after getting into bed, I think my word of relief. I ruminate on how relieved I am to be living my ideal life. That life brings to me always what I focus on and desire most.

If negative thoughts or worries come up, I simply brush them aside. I can’t do anything about them right then, and what you focus on is what persists in your life, so focus on your state of joy, peace and happiness most of the time; and this is what will bring to you, most of the time!!

If you struggle to FEEL any state of peace, joy or happiness then;

Take one or two old memories that made you feel amazing, loved, joyful, happy, and put them in down on paper. Preferably bright, colourful paper, and carry them with you. Every time you feel down, stressed, sad or unhappy, take them out, read them, then allow yourself a couple of minutes to well up the emotion of joy and happiness that goes along with them.

What you are doing is rewiring your Self to remember that you can feel joy and happiness. That this is by far a better place to be most of the time than the other place! Plus you are teaching yourself to be optimistic, to look on the bright side of life more often. Because in reality, your reality and what you believe about life is your CHOICE!

Feel the Sunshine!

Lesson 3. I would like you to get at least 20 minutes a day of either real or fake/real sunshine! wrap yourself up in it for those 20 minutes and stop thinking of anything but the warmth and how good it feels in your heart and soul! Remind yourself that you are doing this because you love yourself just the way you are.

Not only are you getting the highest and best form of Vitamin D, you are also infusing yourself with strong life energy.

Now that you have some warmth in your life force, soul & spirit, lets get motivated.

Get the Energy Moving

Another great way to begin to feel optimistic is to begin to move your body, feel its strengths and ability to move in rhythm. Movement, when done in harmony with your own individualism, stimulates not only endorphins (the feel good hormone) but the lymphatic system. Allowing your body to flush out toxins at a cellular level.

Lesson 4. Move! In what ever way you feel inspired to, but get up and out and move. Find some great music that inspires you and makes you want to move. Make a play list on what ever music device you own, or borrow your kids! They love that. : )- Now simply begin walking around the block, lane way, local park, what ever tickles your fancy. But get outside and move. Breath in the fresh air, fill your lungs with new life, new oxygen and feel it energize your body. Go at your own pace.

I would like you to work up to lots of different types of movement. Find a sport you like, join a club, dance class etc. These are all potential goals, so write a list of potential movement joy inspiring physical activity you may like to eventually do and post it on your fridge to see every day. This is your motivation to simply begin today by walking.

For more specific Orgonotic body energizing exercises you can go to page 33 of my JOY kit To Extra Remedial Support!

Breathe work; Getting proper oxygen into your lungs will ensure that you are enlivening your whole body with life energy. When we are depressed or stressed we often shallow breathe. Meaning you only take short tight breathes and never fully release or get it deep enough into your body. Taking slow deep breathes through your nose, ensures you are not stressing out your bronchial and airways. Thus, creating a calmer breathing pattern. Give it a try on your nature, love walk!

You will notice that I never mention any negatives, like how your body might be aching when you move etc. That is because I don’t want you to focus on any negatives. The only way to build optimism is if you gently honour that yep, you have some seemingly negative issues, who doesn’t, your human for goodness sake! However, every time you catch yourself thinking and focusing on any unhappy aspects of yourself, I want you to gently let yourself know it is ok to be human.

Then let go of that thought and begin to focus on some aspect of yourself that you do like. And if you can’t think of something you do like about yourself right now, I want you to think of an aspect you would like to be!

Maybe you’d like to simply feel happier, well, what does make you feel happy. Think of a time or event that made you smile and laugh.

I know I have lots of those events, especially with having children and lots of animals! So find a joyful memory and wrap yourself up in its memory, allow yourself to feel it again. Once you can FEEL its joy, hold on to that feeling as long as you can. This is going to be your starting point. The more you can hang on to and redevelop this feeling. The more often you will simply naturally be in this state and not in it’s counter feeling of unhappiness.

Honour Yourself

Now hopefully once you get yourself feeling warm and tingly with life energy, you will have some Self inspired motivation to do some bigger mental and emotional work.

Lesson 5. After you have done your sun, and your walk/exercise, I would like you to sit down and write a list of all of your accomplishments in this lifetime. They can be as simple as surviving life to this point!

Cuz, heck sometimes we feel like that, and it’s okay!

I would like you to come up with as many as you can. Eventually as you begin to rewire joy back in to your life, you will add to the list. Often we overlook events or simple things like, “hey I did eventually learn how to ride a bike!!” (I was probably 12 when I finally had the courage to try and ride a 2 wheel bike!! seriously, I could not figure it out for the life of me : ) ) But I eventually did it so hey – Yaa me!!

What Yaa, you’s can you think of? Make a list and look at it every day and try to add a new one each day.

I’m sure at this point you are thinking, nope, this isn’t going to work! I can’t see how any of this is really going to pull me out of this unhappy place. I want you to trust me here. I have been where you are right now and the only way through it is to make a choice. Make a Self Inspired Choice! You are worth it, even if you don’t think so at this time.

Depression or chronic unhappiness is a personal state of mind that you have maybe unwittingly accepted in to your life. Life has been tough, maybe not fair, maybe you beat yourself up over things that are long done or that you never did!? But like Joy, unhappiness is a choice, you just don’t realize you decided to buy into it.

It is time to change it!

One step at a time you can change yourself, it is possible, you just have to have the courage and the will to do it!

Let’s look at this state of mind

Depression or chronic lack of joy is a pretty broad term. In general in ranges from feeling “down” and a general loss of motivation to so-called endogenous depression with its characteristic total apathy (lack of life force). Along with this shutting down of oneself emotionally and mentally there is a plethora of physical symptoms. Such as; tiredness, sleep disorders, loss of appetite, constipation, headaches, heart palpitations, lumbago, disturbed periods in women and loss of body tone.

You may also be plagued with strong feelings of guilt and self reproach and constantly worry about making amends. As I had said earlier, depression is a comp-pression of the individual life force. What are you compressing or repressing internally that is causing you so much pain? This needs to be looked at if you are to be able to let go and resolve.

Lesson 6. Make a list of all the things you think about, dwell on and bemoan while in this state. What repetitive pattern of thought are you playing over and over, like a broken record in your head?

Make this list down one side of a piece of paper. Once you have a list of thought negative, self destructive patterns, make a list beside them of their complete counter opposite. Like this:

I am stupid                                  I am intelligent

I don’t deserve to live                 I deserve to live

I hate myself                               I Love myself

What you are going to do is begin each day by looking at the positive side of the list and read it. However as you read it I want you to imagine what those concepts would feel like, if you believed them. How would you feel about yourself if you believed you where intelligent and loved? The feeling is the important part. Again we are creating a new pattern within your soul. One where you can be the person you want to be with all the positive beliefs.

Do not be hard on yourself, this is not an easy exercise and it takes time, trust me it takes time!! But love yourself enough to take the time everyday to do this. Even if you don’t “think” you are feeling or believing the words, it is simply important to keep trying.

Perseverance and patience are kind, karmic traits!

Take your time to practice these steps. Let the flow happen, find the energy of universal source that is pure love. Trust that you deserve everything you desire; Joy, Health and Wealth.

If you progress through these steps and simply cannot get to the sweet spot in life; there may be some big mental and emotional guns behind your lack of joy, that you simply are unable to release on your own.

It’s okay, I’m here to help you break free from any unwanted boundaries.

email me at – and let’s chat.

in whole health, let me know your thoughts, your struggles and ways that I can help support you.


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How to Heal a Head Injury

Find out how you can heal a head injury, quickly, effectively and naturally!

Head injuries certainly seem to be on the rise.

Maybe it’s just that we are hearing more about them.

Or maybe, it’s that we are more susceptible to the problems that can be created, by a head trauma?

As kids, we never wore helmets for anything. Maybe because of this, we unconsciously protected our head more during play or activities.

Now that we are wearing helmets, we think we’re were covered, so we can go harder or faster?

One thing is for sure, the more we are protecting ourselves, the more severe the injuries are becoming.

In any case, I’m sure you’ll agree, we are hearing more and more about head injuries and more and more of these injuries are leading to serious health problems.

No more are there simple headache, a bit of rest for a few days, then you’re good to go!

Head injuries are creating long term, serious health concerns. That may or may not ever be resolved. At least that is what I am hearing and seeing.

However, there is good news for the majority of you who are struggling with an acute (new) or chronic (old) head trauma.

You CAN heal a head injury.

A head injury or trauma should not be a life sentence of life long problems.

There are a variety of support tools that are available to everyone. That will help your body to release, rejuvenate and restore full health for the vast majority of head injuries.

So let’s look at these tools!

How to Heal a Head Injury

  1. Get qualitative sleep. Your body has the ability to heal itself, provided it has the right support and there is nothing blocking it’s ability (see further ideas) But initially, one of the best ways to allow your body time to heal is to sleep. Take it easy, relax and don’t over tax your body.
  2. Clear the trauma with my Trauma Release kit! Be sure to request a set of “sequential powders” for a head trauma. The best way to be sure there is no blockage in your life force to heal is to clear the trauma with Dynamic Medicine. Dynamic Medicine is the best and most natural way to release any damage done to the life force, first at an energetic level. Allowing the life force to be free to fully clean up the damage that has occurred on every level.
  3. Supply your body with high quality nutrients through a completely bio-available supplement; like Marine Phytoplankton or the new all in one Prodigy 5. The body requires more nutrients to heal than you can get from just eating; like B 12, minerals, Vitamin D and K along with healthy fats like coconut oil in order to repair the brain.
  4. Begin right away eating a Ketogenic diet. It has been well documented by doctors, that a ketogenic diet can heal brain seizures. Helping the brain reduce inflammation caused by sugar and improving it’s function with healthier fats can go a long way to allowing your brain to heal and repair. Getting into Ketosis can be difficult on your own. Because you are suffering from a trauma to begin with, I highly suggest you use this product; that can scientifically and naturally put your body into ketosis without starving yourself or struggling – Ketopia!
  5. Once you’ve rested, opened up the healing pathways and begun to repair your body and brain; now it’s time to start recharging it with exercise. I suggest both physical and mental activity at a level your comfortable with daily. Never over do it! Start slow and work up gradually. This will get your blood flowing and circulating throughout your whole body as well as stimulate some of those good “feel good” endorphins. Also check out some brain gym exercises. Anything that works on memory is good. My favourite brain game is the card game called Concentration!

I have helped hundreds of individuals clear head trauma’s, following these protocols.

Allowing them to quickly get back into the game of life with no residual after effects!

If you’ve had a head trauma, please give these protocols a try. 

Let me know how they help. I’d love to hear your story of trauma, and triumph.

If there is a protocol you have tried that helped, I’d love to hear it as well!!

As always, let me know your thoughts, your struggles and ways that I can help support you.

If you have a question for me please scroll up to the top of the side bar and send me a message, would love to hear from you!

In true resonant health, have a Self Inspiring week,


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How to Feel Amazing in 2017!

Happy New Year to you!

Would you like to discover how to feel amazing in 2017?


I’m starting 2017 with a whole new perspective on my health and how to help you with your’s. 

I always start the new year with new goals, desires and reason’s for those desires.

And, having been blessed with having Mercury go Retrograde over the last couple weeks; has really helped me take the time to reflect on the past year and beyond. Giving me time to recognize what I’m ready to let go of and what I’m ready to attract into my life.

How about you? What reflections have come up for you over the last few week?

I have dedicated most of my life to health and healing. Be it my own healing or the health of those who have come into my life.

Sometimes with a bit more enthusiasm then the other’s may have wanted!! 

But, always because I care. I care so deeply about taking responsibility for my own health and the desire to share this with others. 

We only get one body in this lifetime and health is vital to having a long full, enjoyable life experience.

It has taken me a long time to find the balance between wanting desperately to heal everyone I knew and loved in the way I thought was best. To not helping unless asked.

Definitely my Karmic journey and life lesson!

Which is why, I am starting this year with a whole new perspective. 

I am still here to guide and support whom ever is in need of my healing and health care knowledge. Because that is the gift I have been blessed with.

However, it will come in a new way. One that supports each of us as individuals, and all of us as a caring community of Health Seekers!

So to start of the New Year, I would like to reflect and share with you, all of the healing tools that I have used over the years to find and heal, my true inner self.

To help you  heal that self on every level – Mental, Emotional and Physical, and feel amazing every single moment of every single day!

How to Feel Amazing in 2017!

Step 1. Commit to taking care of you first, every single day!

I don’t mean in a narcissistic, egotistical, I’m better than you way. But, in a way that tells the world, that you love you, in every single way, every moment of every day.

You are and should be the most important person in your life, PERIOD.

You can still be an amazing, loving, community and family supporting individual, while making each decision based on what would be best for you and your soul and spiritual growth first. 

When your cup is full of love and light, then you can give that same energy back to other’s!

Step 2. Make healthier lifestyle choices, based on your individual needs.

In other words, take the time each day to make cleaner, healthier choices in these important areas of your life;

  • Nutrition/food: I highly suggest looking into eating in a more Ketogenic way. After eating a Paleo diet for many years, I switched to Ketogenic and have felt better than I have in years. There is a lot of new evidence, that supports how a Ketogenic lifestyle can reverse; type 2 diabetes, halt cancer, improve and heal brain damage/concussion, MS, Parkinsons, alzheimers and more. It is also the easiest way to lose excess weight!
  • Exercise: I’m not a huge advocate of becoming a “gym rat”, but if getting a personal trainer to help get you started is necessary, then by all means do so. The benefits of making sure you do at least 20 – 30 minutes of exercise every single day is well documented. I suggest finding something physical you love to do, like; hiking, walking in nature, yoga, cycling, riding a horse and so on. Find at least one thing that you can be active doing, every day and just do it!
  • Quality Supplementation: We all know that our food sources are deficient in vital nutrients. Many of our health problems arise from nutritional deficiencies and malnutrition. And, unless you are being completely neurotic with your daily nutrients, you are more than likely deficient of several vital nutrients. To remedy this I highly suggest you take a bio-available, whole food nutrient, such as, Solarstrips with Frequensea or Prodigy 5.
  • Relaxation: Levels of relaxation vary with each individual. My form of mediation is to wake 15 minutes before I need to get up. Stay relaxed, and do some focused visualizing of my goals for the day. I also find that when I ride my horse, I am in a “zone” of just being one with me and my horse! Sweeping the front walk can be a very quiet relaxing few minutes for me, that allows me to simply stay in the absolute moment. What ever you need to do, to bring your focus to the immediate moment and be quiet and calm within, both on a mental and emotional level, is what you should try to do each day. Even if it is just for 5-15 minutes.
  • Aesthetics for the Body and Home: Whatever you touch, put on, clean with etc, all affects your level of health. 

    It is extremely important to buy natural, environmentally friendly cleaning products. Household product are extremely toxic and poisonous. Which, affect and block up your cleansing organs. I have also noticed in my practice that many so-called allergies are actually simply reactions to toxins like pesticides and cleaners!

    The more toxins you take in, the harder it is for your body to function properly and efficiently. Often so called Seasonal allergies and allergic asthma can actually be caused by too many toxins and chemicals. An overloaded internal system needs to discharge in some way!

    The simplest and most cost effective way to clean a household is with baking soda, apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil and salt.

  • It is even more crucial that your body care be free of parabens, sodium sulfates, propylene glycol and other harmful, toxic chemicals. Brands that are a safe guarantee are Aubrey organics, Avalon organics, Weleda, Neil’s Yard, Green Beaver, Natural Blends, Vidoma, Floral Actives, Pure and Natural Spa cosmetics and body care, Suncoat and Zuzu cosmetics, Lavera, Jurlique and Haushka, Jaydancin, body care and cosmetics. Go on line and find one that is made close to where you live!

    With regards to feminine hygiene products, it is imperative to use unbleached organic cotton tampons. Pads are less of an issue, but it would be of great benefit for your body and the earth to use the organic brands as well. There is also the option of using the Diva cup, which is reusable and crafted out of silicon. More information on this product or similar ones can be found online or at your local health food retailer. Again a lot of toxic feelings around your monthly cycle can be from the toxins in bleached pads and tampons.

  • Sleep: Last, but certainly not least.

    Get your sleep! At least 6-9 hours per night. Try to retire and rise earlier. In a perfect world we want to achieve what is known as “baby sleep” which takes place between 8 pm and 12 am. Any steps towards getting a portion of this time frame is great. Did you know, that lack of sleep on a continual basis does affect your health on every level. It puts a strain on your inner organs that control digestion, assimilation and elimination, by not allowing them to regenerate fully. Which means that you cannot process and discharge fully! (I am planning on introducing a Sleep Kit to my line up this year.)

Step 3. Discover the Healing Power of Dynamic Medicine and Sequential Treatment.

These two single things, have changed my life in the most incredible ways!!

We are all here on a journey of self discovery. 

The events that unfold in your life are seen from your perspective and yours only. Each based on all of your past experiences, beliefs, inherent, genetic predispositions and karmic knowledge. All of which you can free yourself from with the right tools.

If you find that you continually struggle with the same issues, over and over, and want to free yourself from these. Be sure to check out my Sequential Treatment Program. 

Life is not about being stuck in the same rut and doing the same things over and over. It is about personal evolution in the highest and best way for you!

This program is like taking the red pill in the movie the Matrix


Facing the truth may not be easy, but it’s the only way to true freedom and whole health.

Just think of me as your personal guide. Because, I’ve been there, done that and made it out the other side!!

“Andrea, Thank you for everything… I really feel like your guidance has helped me get on a path I have been resisting for some time. Your courage, strength and support is really empowering for me. I can’t thank you enough.” Beth S

If, you’re not quite ready to take the whole red pill, then a simpler option is to begin with my: Jumpstart Your Whole Health Program!

This is a fully customizable, automated, whole healing program. You can do in the comfort of your own home.

This program is about helping empower you, to heal yourself. 

There is no greater feeling then when one Empowers themselves!

You will receive all the self knowledge, tools and remedies necessary to restore, not only your physical health, but your mental and emotional wellbeing too.

Choose the depth and degree of healing you are interested in. Start whenever you like, and go at your own pace.

Or, the easiest way to introduce yourself to Dynamic Medicine is with the:

Ultimate Wholistic Healing Kits. 


They still open you to the whole truth but in a simpler, gentler way.

Your journey in this life truly is your own, but please don’t struggle alone.

If you need support with your health, no matter what support or healing tools you require, in order to live and feel amazing every day this year; Always remember, I am here to help.

My Self Inspiring question of the week is;

What would help you feel amazing in 2017?

In true resonant health, have a Self Inspiring week,

 Andrea_clear copy 3

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