What is a Homeopathic remedy?

A homeopathic remedy is a substance that has been produced through a very strict manufacturing procedure called succussion and dilution.

To make a homeopathic remedy, you take any substance and break it down through maceration; the process of softening or wearing away a material by wetting it or steeping it in a liquid. 

Once the substance is dissolved in a liquid, then the process can begin. If the substance is insoluble, then it will be ground down in to a powder of lactose or milk sugar.

To make a “ch” or centesimal potency, you take one drop of the original substance that has been macerated in to a liquid. You then place this drop in to a clean glass container that has 99 drop mixture of pure water and alcohol in a 70/30% dilution. This first dilution is succussed or agitated aggressively (in the old days they where succussed by hand, but today are done by machines) This violent agitation creates a highly diluted substance where the original material is diffused into all parts of the liquid. This agitation also “fires up” the energetic will forces of that substance. This original dilution is termed a Mother Tincture or stock. 
To make a 1 ch potency, one drop is taken from the Mother Tincture and is succussed in 99 drops of water/alcohol for a set number of times. This repetition of diluting and succussing is what creates the potencies.

Most potencies you see in your local health food stores will be 12 ch, 30 ch or 200ch. These potencies are most effective for every day physical health conditions like coughs, sore throats, fever, etc. Natural Health Care Practitioners will use this scale as well as higher dilutions like 1M, which means a dilution of 1:99 drops succussed 1000 times. The higher you go in potency, the more energetic and dynamic the substance becomes. This dynamic medicine, will be more effective at our soul/spiritual or mental/emotional level. Thus, when looking at a remedy to help with an intense emotional trauma, it is best to start with a 1M instead of a 12, 30 or 200 ch. 

There is another scale that is quite often seen in health food stores, and it can lead to a lot of confusion about potency and which one to use; this is the x scale. This is a much less diluted scale, since it is diluted in 1 drop substance to 9 drops of water/alcohol. This scale, even when diluted and succussed to a 1MX/1000x is still highly physical in its action. This is due to the fact that there is still some form of the physical substance available in it. If used for a long period, it can cause aggravations at the physical level. Once the ch scale is above a 12ch, there is no physical substance left! Thus, the ch remedies are much safer used over longer periods and for individuals who have chronic health concerns.
The x scale must be used with proper care and only for short periods of time, similar to any chemical substance like drugs and herbs.

If you are new to homeopathy and would like to use a safe natural medicine to help you and your children over come many acute health problems such as, coughs, colds, flus, fevers, ear aches and so on. The ideal potency for acute illness is usually a 200ch. If for some reason you can only get a 12ch or 30ch, then it is recommended to take it more often in order to alleviate symptoms. 

Feel confident, that if you start with the ch scale that you can never create anything new.

This is not possible, since there is no material substance in them. They are only composed of energy that is directed to deal with the particular symptoms the remedy is specific to. An example is Allium cepa, which is a remedy made from onion. When we chop an onion, it creates watery eyes, a runny nose, and a slight stuffed up feeling. Once this substance becomes a remedy, and taken in homeopathic form, it will cure those exact symptoms. Those of you who suffer from mild seasonal allergies will find that Allium Cepa when taken at a 30 or 200 ch will help the symptoms to be eliminated, safely and effectively.

Have fun trying out different remedies for you common ailments!

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In true resonant health, I look forward to your answers.

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