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Feb 16 2012
by captech |
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Depression is still a hard topic to breech, seeing depression is a difficult state to define. It can envelope a person in various degrees. Chronic depression is insidious, it tends to sneak up on us, and it slowly envelopes us in a shroud of blackness or a dense fog. Low state depressions can manifest as being tired most of the time, or sleeping too much. Perhaps it’s having trouble feeling pleasure and joy in every day to day event, and a need to seclude oneself from life. Or maybe it’s feeling frustrated and overwhelmed constantly...

Those of us experiencing winter right now in the northern hemisphere are finding it a rather unusual and grey season. We are getting snow one day, then rain a day or so later with very little sunshine in between to lighten our mood. When this happens even those of us who are not affected by SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder find it difficult to be happy! Some tools to help us survive this dreary time of year is to find ways to bring light in to our lives. You can download this beautiful image as a screensaver for your desktop. Buy...

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