Understanding Depression

Depression is still a hard topic to breech, seeing depression is a difficult state to define. It can envelope a person in various degrees.

Chronic depression is insidious, it tends to sneak up on us, and it slowly envelopes us in a shroud of blackness or a dense fog. Low state depressions can manifest as being tired most of the time, or sleeping too much. Perhaps it’s having trouble feeling pleasure and joy in every day to day event, and a need to seclude oneself from life. Or maybe it’s feeling frustrated and overwhelmed constantly in daily life.  It can be a very scary place to be because one can feel completely alone and that others do not understands the depth of this depression.

Most people today are in some form of chronic depression, which is a state of low vitality and lack of joy or enthusiasm for life. Most people are stuck in the mire of today’s overwhelming materialistic society. The Majority look outwards as a way to “acquire” happiness in their lives. This is not the way to live in true peace and happiness.

The only way to unfold from depression is to face the things that have caused the depression.

What creates this blanket of darkness? Depression is the ultimate armoring. By “armoring” I mean that it is a defense mechanism created to protect us from an overwhelming life. When life, with its many different trials and events, becomes too much for us to process effectively, we begin to shut down in order to survive.

Most people see depression as a state of deep grief or sadness about life. In actuality, that sadness is a result of intense oppression from life, meaning that too many events in life cause the feeling of being limited and overwhelmed. In society, we are not taught or allowed to understand our emotions and therefore freely express ourselves. Often this oppression creates a deep inner anger.

People with low grade depression can put on a false happy mask, and pretend that everything is okay. Swallowing anger and depression, then pretending it is not there is common in our modern world. This can cause depressed persons to shut down completely. Depression does not just happen over night, it usually has been building for many years, and in some cases whole lives.

Being freed from years of depression, like many things, starts off by admitting the problem. Recovery from these dark periods can start with understanding all the emotions and traumas that triggered this final oppression, and this process should be unfolded, slowly and gently. Issues should not be faced all at once. Honour and patience must be allowed in order to face one ‘demon’ at a time for healing to occur. This approach will ensure that each issue is worked through fully release the oppressive state. Taking one day at a time, and trying to find a bit more inner joy in each day are the best foundations to wellness. Viewing depression as a life lesson needed to be learned, and knowing depression can be overcome to see the beauty of tomorrow are two good perspectives.

If you know that you are suffering from low-grade depression, and want help finding a healthy, natural way out of this low period, please contact me. There are some effective, potent and safe homeopathic remedies to help you to release and let go of the overwhelming emotions, and mental traumas that have triggered this state in you. I provide counseling, nutritional therapy and a “toolbox” of ways to handle your depression in daily life, in a wholistic, loving manner. If you would like to learn more about these treatment options, please call my office and book an appointment. You do not need to pull yourself out of this alone!

Peace, love and gratitude.

Have a joyful day,


How to Fix the Mid Winter Blues

Those of us experiencing winter right now in the northern hemisphere are finding it a rather unusual and grey season. We are getting snow one day, then rain a day or so later with very little sunshine in between to lighten our mood. When this happens even those of us who are not affected by SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder find it difficult to be happy!

Some tools to help us survive this dreary time of year is to find ways to bring light in to our lives.

You can download this beautiful image as a screensaver for your desktop.
  1. Buy a full light spectrum light or bulb and be sure to use it for a half hour a day. You can buy full spectrum bulbs which look light blue at most home hardware stores. I generally prefer these bulbs and use them in my office and kitchen so I get this light all the time. 
  2. Make sure we are getting enough vitamin D during this time, take a minimum of 1-2000mg daily and more if you are struggling with your health. Don’t be afraid to talk to you local small health food store clerk to see and compare products on the self.
  3. Be sure to get a complete mineral source either via a liquid supplement like Rejuvinate,  Cell Food or Fulvic Acid Minerals.  You could try using Pink Himalayan Salt daily in your diet, which is a source of trace minerals and a healthier salt choice over iodized table salt.
  4. Essential fatty acids are a type of healthy oils and fats that help to make sure that we can generate energy. Good sources are high quality fish oils such as cod liver oil of krill oil, as well as flax oil for a plant source.
  5. Homeopathic remedies such as Aurum Metallicum or Sol will help bring light in to our emotional body at an energetic level keeping depression at bay!
  6. Finally be sure to get outside even in the dreariest day and take a nice brisk walk. Breath in the fresh air, feel the solid earth beneath your feet. Be aware of who you are and your place in the moment, and make the choice to enjoy that moment!
  7. If you feel you may need guidance or deeper healing this winter, please don’t hesitate to contact me for a consultation. www.wholistichealthcare.ca

In love and light,