The Significance of Pain and Inflammation!

A recent event in my family, brought home the importance of really understanding the significance of pain and inflammation in our lives.

Pain and inflammation is an important and vital messenger!

I have always believed that life has a grand design for each and every one of us.

We all live, according to our own individual destiny; which needs to unfold in a particular way, for our own journey.


As such, life gives us lessons, so we can learn about our SELF and our own journey.

The key is to actually understanding those lessons and having the willingness to learn, change and grow from them!

What the heck does this have to do with pain and inflammation?

Well, an awful lot! Let me explain.

IMG_5664My son is a competitive gymnast and was training for an upcoming event. When he had an “accident” during a vault and landed abruptly on his head, neck and right shoulder.

There was significant hyper extension to all these areas. Needless to say he was not feeling very well.

Particularly the next day, once the shock wore off and the pain and inflammation began to set in.

The first thing we did was address the physicality of the incident. I had him ice the areas, off and on for 15-20 minute periods. I also began to give him trauma remedies specific to the shoulder, since this was the area he was concerned about.

He then had a soak in the tub with some Epsom salts and went to bed. The next morning he got up for school and said he felt a bit off, but thought he was okay to go to school.

He did mention his stomach felt off, and I missed the clue! It was 6:30 in the morning after all, and I was in my office already doing research and work for the day.

I should have immediately realized he had a head trauma!

Needless to say he called home by 9:30 to come and get him, as he thought his head was going to explode. Poor guy, I then, of course realized we had completely missed the head and neck trauma over worrying about his shoulder.

Inflammation had begun it’s takeover of the soft tissues and probably skull.

Pain and inflammation has a biological purpose to help us heal ourselves on every level.

One a physical level it’s purpose is to provide protection and healing fluids to the damaged area.

Once home we did more icing of this area, as well as I made up specific remedies for head and neck trauma.

It’s important to stay on top of the inflammation and the healing process.

Inflammation is always a healing process.

However, if you let it go unchecked, it can create more damage, with it’s over exuberance to heal and create chronic inflammation. Especially in the head!

Too much inflammation can damage other areas of the soft tissue. Eventually leading to scar tissue, as your life force begins to give up the fight. 

My son, did sleep a lot that first day, with me waking him often to check. I don’t mess around with head trauma!

It’s vital to be on top of them and watch for any worsening. With proper care, ice, remedies, good food and fluids he slowly began to recover over the next couple days.

Even though his headache went away after 2 days, which meant the inflammation was easing. He did say he felt “foggy”, which is a huge side effect from head injuries and one I often see not resolving, when not properly cleared. 

During any accident, head and neck trauma, not only is there an emotional and mental state that is triggered due to the excessive fear and shock of the accident.

But this will have occurred because of an already existing unhealthy state of mind.

Every “accident” creates physical, mental and emotional damage!

Life has taught me that there is usually something underlying these so-called “accidents”. Some state of mind that makes us susceptible to them.

Nothing just randomly “happens”, there is always a reason.

You may not always be able to consciously understand the reason at the time. This is when hindsight comes into play.

In this case, my son admitted that he had been feeling really overwhelmed with his life. Due to his heavy school, training and workload. He had felt like his life had gotten out of control.

On an emotional and mental level, accidents are often due to being out of “control” in your life. 

The pain and inflammation is just the messenger of exactly where you are out of control in your life – neck and head injuries represent being too stuck in your intellect, denying some emotion from full expression.

Learning to cope with life in a self governing way is so vital to be a healthy and successful individual.

So we discussed ways to help resolve this overwhelm, with some planning and proper coping skills. I gave him some remedies, again, specific to the overwhelmed state, just to help him let it go faster.

Dynamic medicine is truly the only thing I have found to significantly shift states of mind quickly and profoundly.

Helping you  quickly recover and restore full health after any trauma!
Helping you quickly recover and restore full health after any trauma!


Dynamic medicine is completely objective and works by natural laws. It causes no side effects – only true healing effects.

Which is why I love it so much! As well, the remedies I gave him for the physical symptoms also address the state of mind behind them. Very cool!

Pain and inflammation does has a biological purpose.

To help heal and protect you.

“Accidents”, have a purpose; to wake you up and let you know you are heading down a self destructive path.

If we can learn to take the time to stop and reflect on what life is trying to tell us, then we will evolve as a much healthier person.

One who consciously controls their life and environment in the right way. Not letting life control them!

As a follow up, less than a week later, Jesse is recovering quickly. His Osteopath, says it is a testament to his health, strength and flexibility! Now, let’s hope that my son has learned this life lesson well, so as not to repeat it.

If you have some life lessons you feel you are not HEALING from, let me know, I’d be happy to help! Simply click here to learn moreWhole Healing Programs!

In true resonant health, 

Have a Self Inspiring day!

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How to Build Whole Body Immunity!

Well, it’s that time of year again; tis the season for coughs, flu’s as well as weird viral and bacterial issues!

It’s also a huge time of year for fungal and yeast overgrowths. The damp cool weather is the perfect breeding ground for pathogens.

So too, is the convergence of individuals into groups again. With school back in session and people back to the office after Summer getaways.

Of course, nobody wants to get sick, however, it is a part of being human.

That is why I have created the Winter Survival kit! To help you build immunity and recover faster and safer.

Winter kit image


To truly build proper, whole body immunity, we must first understand that it is not just about building a strong physical body.

That our mind and emotions are actually the bigger players, not only for immunity but in all of our health issues.

I am a huge advocate for understanding that all illness has a purpose. That purpose is to inform us that we are out of balance with ourselves and need to make some changes.

It can be something as simple as a common cold that is telling us to slow down and take it easy, because we feel out of control in our life.

To something huge, like an auto-immune disorder that stems from a severe feeling of being out of control in life.

Individuals who develop auto-immune disorders, never learned proper coping skills to life’s daily challenges. Thus when life gets to be “too much” they begin to shutdown. These individuals often carry a great deal of deep seated grief about themselves and the life they have been given.

We have all heard the saying ” When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!”

Yet how many of us have actually been taught how to make the lemonade?

There are many layers and degrees of immune deficiency, between these two issues.

My focus is to help you, no matter what level you are at, recover, heal and move forward in your life. With no further oppression or suppression.

Whether it’s a simple cough, telling you to slow down or to give voice to what is frustrating you in life to the extreme shut down of chronic fatigue and auto-immune disorders.

All illness can be overcome with the right tools and knowledge.

Every one of my kits addresses both the true underlying cause or state of the illness, as well as the outer physical manifestation or symptoms.

True health and healing comes from understanding the whole. 

easelly_visual (2)

I also understand the when you are struggling with an illness or physical complaint, you just want the symptoms removed as fast as possible.

I totally get it! I have kids and when they where little, I couldn’t stand watching them struggle and suffer through colds, coughs and fevers.

However, I never wanted to suppress their symptoms or put something into their little bodies that would also cause harm.

Did you know, that the properly prescribed homeopathic and tonic remedy ie. Dynamic Medicine, works faster and more efficiently than conventional medicine at healing illness?

I love watching people’s surprise, at a remedies efficiency, the first time they use a it! 


I was selling my kits at a farmers market in London a couple weeks ago, and there is a fellow vendor who was just not feeling well. In fact, he was pretty certain he was coming down with the flu. He had made the comment that if he struggles for more than 2 days with his symptoms it always sinks deep and he ends up in bed for weeks.

I asked if he would be willing to try one of my combinations. He has never used any kind of natural remedies before, and said he’d be willing to try anything at that point! So I gave him my drainage immune booster, told him how to take it and by the end of the day he said he felt remarkably well. 

When I saw him the next week at the market, he said that he never got sick and had felt perfect ever since taking the remedy. He admitted to being surprised at how something so simple and safe could be so effective. He even admitted that the next time he felt something coming on he would definitely get ahold of me.

I love a happy ending!


If nothing else, I would love to see every family using my fever combo for all fevers. It works for any kind of fever, without stopping the life force from continuing to do it’s job and destroy the “bad guys” and restore balance and health.

We are all going to struggle with illness on some level at some time. 

Whether, it is due to too much overwhelm and stress, or whether, it is due to just not fully loving and honouring yourself in every moment. Which, in all honesty is pretty darn hard for even the most highly conscious individual! 

So when the time comes, and you are struggling with an “infection” of some sort. In other words, your integrity has been breached and you have allowed an invasion upon your whole being; which you are now battling via the inflammation processes.

Take some time to ask yourself these questions;

1. What conflict in my life am I failing to see?

2. What conflict am I avoiding?

3. What conflict am I failing to admit to or do something about?

To help you to see the conflict it also helps to use the symbolism and body messages as your guide.

Here are the main organs affected in common infections and what they may mean for you;

Bronchial area represents taking in of life and releasing it properly. Often hard barking coughs, bronchitis, tonsillitis etc., represent unsaid frustration and anger, or the counter effect of experiencing this and the need to remain silent!

Lungs represent taking in life directly, infections in the lung stem from fear of life and what is going on in your life.

On a deeper level in the lungs Pneumonia represents a deep withdrawal from life. Feeling completely shut down and worn out by it all.

When infection goes even deeper, meaning it has gone on for far too long, it can infect the bowels. This represents deep, hidden personal grief and fear of letting this go. 

Once an infection becomes systemic, meaning it is affecting you on a very deep, whole level of fear, grief, anger and complete shutdown; you are well on your way to auto immune disorders.

If you keep struggling year after year with similar infections like bronchitis, allergies, influenza, pneumonia and so on. Then there is a deeper, underlying issue you are not properly solving and releasing fully.

I would be happy to help you uncover this and finally free yourself from it’s binds forever.

Simply click on the link below and lets chat about your particular health struggle!

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 8.52.20 AM


In true resonant health, 

Have a Self Inspiring week!

Prevention is the first step to true health, If it’s too late to prevent, then heal yourself using only natural laws.

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Five Simple Steps to Improve Your Energy!

Welcome to the Late Summer, energy slowdown! 


This is the time of year when everyone feels an energy slump. 

Especially after those go, go, go days of; high energized, fun filled adventures that come with Summer holidays.

In Canada, especially once the weather improves a tiny bit, everyone and their pet, heads outside to get rid of some of that “pent up” winter energy.

But like all things requiring energy, what goes out, must came back in. Expending way more energy than we are used to; trying to enjoy all those outdoor activities we can’t do for 3/4 of the year, catches up with us.

When you stretch that elastic band as far as you can, it’s going to snap back. Often leaving you even more tired than before.

Thus the need for some simple steps, that require no “extra” energy.

So you can quickly restore your own energy to get back in the game of life. 

I don’t know about you, but Mid to late August is always a time when I feel completely unmotivated! Not only do I have low energy physically, but mentally and emotionally I feel kind of flat.

And for someone who is an entrepreneur, business owner and a mom; it often creates a lot of frustration.

I have seen so many people lately, who are feeling really stuck in life right now. There is a general consensus of feeling uninspired and definitely frustrated due to this.

Holidays are coming to an end. The hot (okay sort of warm, this year) weather is drawing to a close and we feel it! We want to keep the party going, but the universal energy flow says – No Way Jose! Time to shut down and recoup.”

Do you feel like you’re stuck? That your life isn’t going in the direction you want it to right now?

With the wind down of Summer, and families trying to get back into some type of “normal” routine, there is often a lot of chaos, and indecision.

Some people are great at handling change and others not so much. 

I kind of sit in the middle. For me, change is welcome and inspiring when I feel like I am in control of it! However, when change is being “thrust” upon me, and I’m not prepared or willing to accept it; I can become quite angry and frustrated, which causes me to shut down.

Often, when life is not going in the direction you thought it should you can feel chaotic and out of control. Like someone else is holding the reins and you are just a marionette on the end; doing what someone else wants!

If so, then it’s time to reconnect with your true inner self, listen to your own intuition and honour yourself right now.

We are still in Summertime, even if it is quickly waning! 

So, take some time, right now, to just lay low and love yourself.

Do whatever you have been putting off to take care of yourself when you feel this way. You can’t always be going upwards and forwards in life, sometimes you need to take a break and reflect on what you have been working on and progressing through, so you can redirect your life journey. 

Labour day weekend, is a time for me to take stock on how my year has been going so far.

How are my dreams, goals and aspirations from the turn of the new year progressing?

What do I need to do to get myself back on track from the Summer slowdown? 

So that fall, is a highly inspiring, productive time for me.

In other words, how do I re-inspire and re-motivate myself!?

easelly_visual (2)

There are a number of tools I use, to help myself out of a slump and to improve my energy.

Here are my Five Simple Steps to Improve Your Overall Energy;

1. Journal – write out all the ways that you’re feeling stuck, unhappy, frustrated and overwhelmed.

Maybe you haven’t been feeding your body the best nutrients. Or feeding your mind the right thoughts! Then review and assess what each of these means to you, right now in your life.

Is there something that maybe you need to change. Or do you simply need to be okay with just doing nothing creative right now!? Sometimes taking written stock of how you’re feeling can quickly put it into perspective.

Allowing you to be more okay with where you right now. Knowing that it will change. Nothing ever stays the same! Or, maybe there is something now so obvious that you need to stop hanging onto or doing!?

2. Share with a friend – Misery loves company and all that jazz! But really, often taking the time to share how you are feeling with someone you love and trust, will create an opening.

Maybe just hearing that she/he also feels this way sometimes, will help to put it into perspective. Allowing you some much needed breathing space to be okay with where you are right now. Knowing that it can and will change for the better. You have the power of will to change anything!

3. Meditate on a solution – Now that you have some clarity, meditate on it! I’m not one to meditate on a daily basis. I find other ways to be clear and soulful, that serve me in the way I desire. However, when the going get’s tough and I need a solution on a deep, emotional and mental realm, I meditate!

My technique is to get comfy, be still, quiet my breathing and mind, slow everything down to just the absolute moment. The quieter I can make my mind the more open I am to a solution just “popping in!”

The key is to be open and willing for anything to be an answer. Do not preconceive or judge your results.

4. Allow and Let go – Two of the hardest words for most human beings to accept wholeheartedly. I know it is for me! Being okay with sitting and waiting for life to unfold is not my strong suit. I’m more of a “Go and Get her!”, kinda gal. What is interesting though, is that when I really find an inner strength to be patient, ask for an answer, and allow that answer to unfold. Even if, it means waiting longer than I think!

The solution that comes always blows me away with it’s beauty, simplicity and definite resonance, with what feels absolutely RIGHT.

5. Begin with one simple step – Last but certainly not least; take that feel good answer and consciously decide on one simple step forward. What one little thing can you do today to make that answer begin to unfold in your life? Maybe a quick juice cleanse for 3 days is all you need. Or maybe there is someone whom you need to release from your life? and so on…

I would love for you to share with me your results of these steps! Let’s all get unstuck together, in a qualitative, soul purposeful way, today!

Once you’ve worked through these steps; what one thing did you discover you needed to change? I’d love to know.

If you are REALLY struggling with getting un-stuck and feel unable to pull yourself up and out of this slump. I highly suggest you check out my – Joy Kit!  It has specific Dynamic Medicine to help release any level of low grade, acute or chronic depression. There are lots of great exercises in the booklet to help you restore your joy and get back to living your life with a lighter heart. 

If you don’t really feel depressed, but definitely feel stuck energetically, on all levels I suggest the Energy Kitthe Jumpstart Your Health Kit and the Anger and Frustration Kit. 

All of these kits are designed to help you break free of any kind of energy slump, on a mental, emotional and physical level. 

Each kit is full of insider secrets, tips, tricks, specific nutrients, physical support and mental, emotional support tools!

Every kit is designed to take the guess work out of how you can heal yourself in the comfort of your own home.

Remember anger is the great motivator! There is a time and a place for every emotional reaction. The key is to utilizing your emotions to inspire and motivate yourself. Not harm someone else.

If a kit or do it yourself style won’t cut it for the depth of despair that you are in – please honour yourself in one small way; Ask for my help – Simply click this link to book a FREE one on one Health Assessment with me today!

I am always here for you if you need me.

In true resonant health, 

Have a Self Inspiring week!


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