What is Your Skin Trying to Tell You?

Your skin does so much for you. Yet, how much effort do you really put into understanding, why it reacts the way it does. 

If you suffer from chronic skin conditions, like eczema, psoriasis or weird rashes; uncovering the true causation, is the only way to fully resolve it.

Your skin is your outer most contact with the world. It protects and defines you, allowing you to connect, feel and experience life.

It expresses outwardly what you are thinking and feeling on the inside.

You blush with embarrassment, go red with anger or excitement, pale with fear and shock….

Yet how often do you really focus on how to best support it? 

Do you really know what your skin condition's are trying to tell you?

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I see so many skin conditions in my practice; eczema and psoriasis, acne, staph infections, herpes, weird undefined rashes and so on.

The first thing everyone does when they develop some sort of skin issue, is try to find something topical to suppress and eliminate the problem. The dilemma with this choice, is that not one of these issue began on the surface. 

Every skin condition, first stems from some internal or external toxicity, infection or imbalance. Your skin is like a huge projection screen, on which not only physical, but psychological processes are constantly made visible.

Whether, the cause of your skin condition is obvious like a Bite & Sting, or some unconscious issue like a food sensitivity or an unhealthy state of mind. Helping your skin to get healthy and stay healthy, takes some investigating and lifestyle changes.

If you would like a conventional viewpoint to assess your rash symptoms first – follow this link to MedicineNet.com.

 To look more Dynamically at a few skin conditions;

 Let's say, you've been holding on to a lot of emotional or psychological stress, and the pressure has built to such a degree that you are literally "bursting" at the seams to get it out. Well, Hello Rash! Which is your bodies attempt to try and relieve the pressure – to get it OUT.

How about acne? Everyone knows that acne develops at puberty and is linked to hormones. But are you aware, that it is your psyche that controls your hormones to do it's bidding. Teens that are more affected by acne, are in a struggle with themselves. Honestly what teen isn't! 

Puberty, is a time of sexual development, connecting with a partner and growing up. Every one of these can be fraught with conflict, uncertainty, false beliefs, leading to more confusion and possibly shame or embarrassment. Acne expresses quite clearly with red, inflamed spots; a desire to hide oneself. Notice that acne only presents on areas that are in plain sight and the areas most often "touched" in intimate ways.

Back acne, however, is a way for one to protect their own back! A – don't mess with me, kind of attitude as self preservation, while you are trying to develop a sense of who you are.

With Acne, the key is to be open to reviewing your emotional and mental imbalances. Take care of your developing sense of self and individualism. In other words; love and honour who you are!

Another huge skin issue seen throughout all age groups, is eczema and psoriasis. Eczema is often raw and red looking, expressing very clearly a Stay Away, attitude. Psoriasis on the other hand is hard, dry and flakey. Creating a type of armor or protection. This line of defence and self protection often stems from a fear of getting hurt and unresolved grief.

Eczema and psoriasis may initially stem from inherited miasms, yet, they are often triggered by food allergies. If you struggle with either of these, then doing an elimination diet is always the best place to start.

Your skin is your second liver. It helps to eliminate unwanted toxins, emotional and psychological states. This attempt is to help your inner organs and systems run more efficiently.

If you are blocking your bodies attempt at resolving a skin issue on any level, you will never fully heal and eliminate it.

My Top 3 Skin support kits are the Eczema &

Psoriasis kit, Jumpstart Your Health

Kit and the Whole Body Detox Kit.

Everything happens for a reason. The key is understanding what that reason is; what is your body and in this case your skin, trying to tell you!

If you try to clean up a skin condition with a topical, suppressive substance like Cortisone. It only pushes the issue back into your internal organs. Thus possibly creating a bigger problem.

In the event of a skin problem or condition, take some time to ask yourself;

1. How am I delimiting myself?

2. Who and what do I fear making contact with, and why?

3. What is it that is really "getting under my skin"?

Love and honour the skin you are in. Trust that it is always trying protect you. Then support it, by listening to what it is trying to tell you and taking the necessary steps to resolve it on every level. 

If you are struggling with long standing, chronic skin issues that are limiting your life in some way; I'd be happy to help you finally resolve this issue once and for all! 

Click this link to book a FREE half hour Health Assessment with me today.

Remember, true health is the absence of symptoms on all levels; physical, mental and emotional!

Much love and gratitude,


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Do You Sabotage Your Health?

Do you sabotage your health?Self-Sabotage-300x256

Do you often find that you keep eating the "wrong" foods, getting distracted from your exercise routine or just not getting enough quality time for yourself?

It can seem like life is constantly throwing a wrench into our well laid plans.

For instance; I just had a super busy weekend, with, my sons prom going on, my daughter's year end dance recital as well as a friend's get together and dinner at our place. Sometimes it seems like we have so many things to do that we don't get to look after ourselves.

It is important, that no matter how much chaos seems to be going on, we must make an effort to take some time for ourself. 

There are so many ways that we sabotage ourselves, without even knowing it.

Did you know, that injuries like, cuts, burns, scrapes, bruises, bites and stings, are actually all forms of self sabotage?

Summer BWhich is why my Summer Survival Kit is so popular! It not only addresses the physical issue but the state behind it. Releasing it fully, safely and effectively.

You may be thinking, but these are all accidents, out of my control? Or are they?

You know, I used to think so. I used to blame everyone and everything else for all my problems. It's actually the way most of us were raised, to view the world as the enemy. That external forces are beyond our own control. We think we are a victim of life and circumstance. However, this is actually far from the truth.

Do you feel like it's time to change how you think, how you view the world and your own life?

 To empower yourselves with your own self knowledge!

 The better you truly know yourself; what works for you as an individual, such as foods, specific exercises based on your body type, what your inherent weaknesses are and what your natural strengths and abilities are; the more self power you have and the less you are a victim to "fate"! 
The less you will have accidents, injuries or be prone to bug bites, stings, even sunburns. – What!?

Yep, every "accident and injury" has a trigger or state that controls it.

That you can actually control! 

With the expansive energy of Summer time coming, it's easy to lose control of our own lives. To get caught up in the excessiveness of doing too much and taking on too many things. Which always leads to burnout, confusion, lack of self control and then to injuries and accidents.

How many times have you run into someone while out and about, during one of those super hot days, and they where angry, frustrated and taking it out on everyone aroudn them? I see this EVERY year in the early days of Summer.

What triggers this, is giving your power away to those external forces. Instead of taking control with your own thoughts, emotions and actions.

I know that it's hard to be objective with our own life, choices, actions, thoughts and emotions every moment of every day.

But what if you could?

What if you could easily, every day make the right informed choice for you and your ideal lifestyle. Creating not only perfect moments but perfect days, weeks, months and years?

You can! 

By learning to listen more intently to yourself. How you feel around the choices you make, what your body is telling you about those choices. What those external events are actually trying to tell you about yourself.

The more you CHOOSE to take better care of yourself, and the more you make an effort to follow through, the easier it becomes, to live those ideal moments all the time. To be less of a victim and more of an empowered, self conscious individual.

That is what each of my Healing Kits are designed to do. To teach you how to recognize what may be triggering your physical ailments and injuries. Every accident, injury and illness has a state of mind that controls and manifest it. Whether, it is an inherent state or one you have developed, they are all able to be changed with the right knowledge and effort.

Be sure to check out my Ultimate Wholistic Healing Kits today, and discover what your illness is telling you!

Do you want to dive even deeper into why you struggle with your health issues?

Would like me to create your own unique healing nutrition, exercise and lifestyle plan? If so then book a FREE half hour Health Assessment with me today, by using this link!

Setting personal intentions and learning to honour them every day no matter what obstacles you try to throw in your own way, creates a power within your soul that cannot be broken.

Let me help you find your power within.

Tell me how you tend to sabotage your health?

In true resonant health, 

have a self inspiring week,

Love and Gratitude,


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How to Beat Allergy Season!

Got Allergies?

Seasonal allergies can be a real drag to living life fully.  

suffer during allergy season?Do you want to beat allergy season once and for all?

Of course you do! No one enjoys suffering with unnecessary symptoms!

If you have itchy, water eyes, a runny nose with watery discharge or the opposite, a stuffed up nose, and lots of sneezing every change of season, then you probably have seasonal allergies.

OR, maybe you have these symptoms low grade, all year round? If so then you have chronic allergies and chronic allergies often leads to asthma when suppressed long enough with chemical medications.

To eliminate your allergies and asthma for good, you need to understand allergies in a more Wholistic way. You need to be able to look at them from every aspect.

Get started eliminating your allergies today with your very own – Ultimate Wholistic Asthma & Allergy Kit! 

Dynamically, allergies are indicating that you are having trouble processing life fully. You have developed unique fears that are triggering you to act in a fight or flight scenario, over unseen assailants. Often these thoughts and feelings are completely unconscious and come from your upbringing.

At a physical level, allergies stem from the congestion of your liver and kidneys.

In today's world it is not hard to understand that your system becomes overloaded with toxins on a daily basis.

Once the liver is bogged down with toxins, then the kidneys quickly follow suit since their main goal is to eliminate. If the liver is not fully filtering because it is stagnantthen the kidneys and bowels get the over flow. Detoxing these organs several times a year is a great way to eliminate most allergies!

Another important factor to remember is that bowel integrity is essential to your immune system.

Supporting the bowels with a combination pro-biotic in supplement form will help ensure your immune system is strong. Furthermore, if your bowels are functioning at their optimum you will also keep your lungs clean and clear. The lungs are the dumping ground of the bowels, when they are overloaded.

Interesting, how the body keeps trying and trying to find a way to remove toxins and inappropriate substances!

If you are truly ready to resolve your allergies forever! Click here to book your first FREE appointment.

_DSC0040Tweetable; An allergy is an over reaction to something you have regarded as hostile.

As an attempt to preserve your internal soul and spiritual integrityyou go on the "attack" to protect yourself.

However, this attack is often misled, and you find yourself allergic to quite harmless things like; dust, flowers, pollen, animal dander and so on. Generallyit is the protein aspect of the object that you react to in your misguided attack. This makes complete sense, because protein is the building block of all life.

Most people who have allergies have some fear or anger towards life, whether they are conscious if it or not!

The final trigger for allergies, is due to inheritances. This is why some develop them and others do not. Having a predisposition at a genetic level creates a weak link at all levels; mental, emotional and physical. Opening the way for the possibility to develop this problem given the right circumstance.

Here are some of my top tools to help you beat allergy season, once and for all!

1. Detox, detox, detox. Always a good thing no matter what problems you are struggling with. It lightens the load at the physical level, which allows more access to the mental and emotional spheres.

Click here to get your very own full spectrum, Whole Body Detox Kit, delivered right to your door!

2. Support your body with proper nutrition for your unique body type. Eliminate foods that also feed allergies like; chemical sugars, high corn fructose, glucose, all wheat flour products, and dairy if pasteurized and not organic.

3. Ask yourself these questions –

"Why am I refusing to tolerate aggression in my consciousness, and instead forcing it to work itself out in my physical body?"

"What are the areas of my life that I am afraid of and avoiding?"

To learn more about all four body members and how they interact, you can pick up a copy of my book Right Here!

4. Remove the surface symptoms with homeopathic remedies that are the best match to your symptoms, such as;

Allium cepa – acrid nasal discharge which leaves your skin raw, drips like water, violent sneezing, develops headache due to sneezing and better when blowing nose. Worse late afternoon, late summer, being indoors. Better open and cold air.

Arsenicum album – stuffed up nose which drips continually, burning pain in nose, eyes and throat made better by drinking hot drinks, sneezing from a tickle spot in nose, especially on waking in morning and develops sores in nostrils. Worse cold or inhaling cold air. Better in warm room.

Euphrasia – Eyes inflamed, burn and itch causing constant blinking, profuse bland nasal discharge which dries out and creates crusts in nose, intense sneezing at times. Worse in the morning, warm air. Better at night lying down. Can develop a tickling cough from post nasal discharge, better at night and worse in day.

Natrum muriaticum – excessive discharge of nose that is white like egg whites, nose stuffs up when outside in open air, ineffective sneezing, chapped lips and cracks at the corner of the mouth.

Nux-vomica – terrible sneezing and running nose on rising in morning, horrible dry, raw obstruction at night in bed, wants to constantly rub nose. Worse in morning, open air and after eating. Better in warm room and warm drinks and after discharging.

Pulsatilla – bland, watery discharge from nose and eyes, may lead to infection like pink eye. Awful itching of eyes, better with cold compress, asthma, wheezing and cough worse at night.

Sabadilla – tremendous, debilitating sneezing, worse cold and better heat and hot drinks, constant itching and tingling in nose, watery nasal discharge with nasal obstruction.

These are the main homeopathic allergy remedies. Start with the ones that best fit your symptoms and take them at a 30 or 200ch potency often during attacks. If one does not seem to fully work add another one to the mix until you find the right ones that fully eliminate your specific symptoms. Sometimes it may take 2, 3 or more remedies to match all your unique symptoms.

To learn how to properly use remedies for all your health issues, check out my Dynamic Medicine 101 Course.

5. The final thing that will help you to fully resolve your allergies fully, is to address the bigger underlying Tonic states. These are the inherited, mental, emotional issues that feed them. There are several miasmatic (chronic inherited disease) remedies such as Psora, Tuberculinum and Medorrhinum which are at the seat of allergies.

Get out there and enjoy Mother Nature!

Book your first Free appointment today Click Here and ask me how you can resolve your allergies forever!

Remember, Whole Health is about addressing all aspects of an issue. All of your illnesses have a soul/thought/belief and spiritual/emotional connection that goes along with the physical symptoms.

Being able to reflect and understand what your symptoms are trying to get you to fix and change is vitally important, and the only way to full resolution.

In True Resonant Health,

much love & gratitude,


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