What is a Homeopathic remedy?

A homeopathic remedy is a substance that has been produced through a very strict manufacturing procedure called succussion and dilution.

To make a homeopathic remedy, you take any substance and break it down through maceration; the process of softening or wearing away a material by wetting it or steeping it in a liquid. 

Once the substance is dissolved in a liquid, then the process can begin. If the substance is insoluble, then it will be ground down in to a powder of lactose or milk sugar.

To make a “ch” or centesimal potency, you take one drop of the original substance that has been macerated in to a liquid. You then place this drop in to a clean glass container that has 99 drop mixture of pure water and alcohol in a 70/30% dilution. This first dilution is succussed or agitated aggressively (in the old days they where succussed by hand, but today are done by machines) This violent agitation creates a highly diluted substance where the original material is diffused into all parts of the liquid. This agitation also “fires up” the energetic will forces of that substance. This original dilution is termed a Mother Tincture or stock. 
To make a 1 ch potency, one drop is taken from the Mother Tincture and is succussed in 99 drops of water/alcohol for a set number of times. This repetition of diluting and succussing is what creates the potencies.

Most potencies you see in your local health food stores will be 12 ch, 30 ch or 200ch. These potencies are most effective for every day physical health conditions like coughs, sore throats, fever, etc. Natural Health Care Practitioners will use this scale as well as higher dilutions like 1M, which means a dilution of 1:99 drops succussed 1000 times. The higher you go in potency, the more energetic and dynamic the substance becomes. This dynamic medicine, will be more effective at our soul/spiritual or mental/emotional level. Thus, when looking at a remedy to help with an intense emotional trauma, it is best to start with a 1M instead of a 12, 30 or 200 ch. 

There is another scale that is quite often seen in health food stores, and it can lead to a lot of confusion about potency and which one to use; this is the x scale. This is a much less diluted scale, since it is diluted in 1 drop substance to 9 drops of water/alcohol. This scale, even when diluted and succussed to a 1MX/1000x is still highly physical in its action. This is due to the fact that there is still some form of the physical substance available in it. If used for a long period, it can cause aggravations at the physical level. Once the ch scale is above a 12ch, there is no physical substance left! Thus, the ch remedies are much safer used over longer periods and for individuals who have chronic health concerns.
The x scale must be used with proper care and only for short periods of time, similar to any chemical substance like drugs and herbs.

If you are new to homeopathy and would like to use a safe natural medicine to help you and your children over come many acute health problems such as, coughs, colds, flus, fevers, ear aches and so on. The ideal potency for acute illness is usually a 200ch. If for some reason you can only get a 12ch or 30ch, then it is recommended to take it more often in order to alleviate symptoms. 

Feel confident, that if you start with the ch scale that you can never create anything new.

This is not possible, since there is no material substance in them. They are only composed of energy that is directed to deal with the particular symptoms the remedy is specific to. An example is Allium cepa, which is a remedy made from onion. When we chop an onion, it creates watery eyes, a runny nose, and a slight stuffed up feeling. Once this substance becomes a remedy, and taken in homeopathic form, it will cure those exact symptoms. Those of you who suffer from mild seasonal allergies will find that Allium Cepa when taken at a 30 or 200 ch will help the symptoms to be eliminated, safely and effectively.

Have fun trying out different remedies for you common ailments!

If you would like to learn how to properly use both homeopathic and Dynamic remedies safely at home; be sure to check out my on line course – Dynamic medicine 101

In true resonant health, I look forward to your answers.

Wishing you a Self Inspiring week,

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Why does detoxing make me feel so crappy?

When someone begins a detoxification program, whether it is for the first time or the tenth, they are going to feel worse before they feel better.

Why? Seems counter-intuitive, right?

Let’s go back to the basics of a detox and why we do it. Our liver has an incredible capacity to filter and remove many of these toxins through our kidneys and bowels. Over time, these organs get sluggish, overloaded and lose a great deal of their eliminatory energy.  Think of it as a complex plumbing system, which over time gets congested with sludge. The pipes become so congested that only small amounts can pass through, thus slowing everything else down.  Once one organ or gland becomes overburdened, it begins to shut down in order to preserve itself, so now another organ or gland has to step up and take on more of the load. This is when we develop chronic pains and inflammations like arthritis, as well as all kinds of assimilation and digestive problems like heartburn, colitis, and diabetes.

Hence, why our society is turning more and more to detoxing. However, no matter how simplistic the detox is, our body will respond and begin to release toxins. The more intense you go at this process, the more intense your symptoms will be. Why? Because in order to eliminate the deep held toxins, our body has to stir it up from the tissue it has been stored in and move it around to remove it. This stirring up is what you are feeling when you start, which causes you to develop headaches, nausea and various body aches.

The trick is to make sure that your body is first capable of eliminating clearly. Often we use things to stimulate our organs to dump toxins, but haven’t prepared our organs of elimination properly, so toxins get backed up causing us to literally feel crappy! Or we have asked our body to dump too quickly and we cannot handle the onslaught of toxins being released, again making us feel as bad as the toxins we are releasing.

Natalie Dee is funny, but instead of GMO wheat products, I recommend you go for ground flax seed or whole organic cereals like HOLY CRAP.

Start gently by doing all the simple steps I recommended on spring cleansing and detoxing. Ensure your elimination organs are prepared by using high multi-strain probiotics, getting good fiber like ground flax seeds and using a bentonite clay drink which will help your bowels. To prepare your kidneys, drink lots of warm lemon water daily, parsley, cilantro and chlorella.

Homeopathic remedies that help are: (Feel free to ask your local health food store clerk for help on the right remedies for you!)

  • Liver  – Chelidonium, Nux-Vomica, Lycopodium.
  • Kidney/Bladder –  Berberis, Benzoin Acid, Lachesis.
  • Bowels – Aloe, Sulphur, Alumina.

Last but not least, simply know that you will feel yucky initially when starting a detox. Know that this simply indicates that your body is toxic and this is a good idea. Stick with it and give yourself lots of support and rest during the first week or two. Eventually, you will begin to feel a whole lot better. Your digestion will improve, you will loose weight and gain energy physically and mentally!

Happy detoxing.


Hopefully you’ll feel like this litle guy after your detox! Photo from Westwrite.


Finding True Health Naturally

Welcome to my blog site! 

Over the next year I am going to start you on a journey similar to my own, which was and still is a quest to understand what it means to be truly and fully healthy. True health is not just about being physically “ok”, it is about truly knowing yourself fully on all levels; physical, mental and emotional. Being self aware at all times and taking responsibility of yourself and all your actions and reactions. 

True health does not mean that you will never have problems or issues, since we are human and alive that means that we have something to still work on, process and learn from. Life as we know it on earth as a physical being is a slow process of evolution and is always in process of some sort. Being flexible and able to change as change is needed is healthy. My hope with this evolution of information through my blogs will help those of you who are ready to really find true health, take ownership of yourself and your life and realize the incredible strength and freedom that comes with this process will joyfully follow my ramblings along.

Please post comments so that this blog can inspire everyone on this particular path at this point in time to realize we are not alone.

So lets get started.

I don’t know about you, but I honestly can not recall how many times over my life I have asked the question, why? Why are we here?

What really is the point of life. Who are we really. There has to be some deeper reason behind our being here on earth.

Even if you have never admitted it to yourself, I know we all have wondered these things at some point in our lives. For me it was when I was just entering my teen years. For most of us that will be the time when we really question our existence, since we are moving into a time in life when we are more aware of ourselves as individual entities and not so much a part of our parents and family. Rudolf Steiner calls this the opening of our Astral body, which is our individual emotional body. I will discuss who we are more fully in later blogs.

For me these questions also mainly centered around health, since I had become quite sick in my early teen years, which I now realize was more due to the emotional and mental stress I had been under for years catching up with me, than any real physical pathology. Even though I truly did feel horrible physically for a good year or more. My symptoms also worsened once I was prescribed a number of different heavy duty medications all of which had no specific purpose since the doctors and specialists where unable to find any conclusive reason behind my illness even after countless tests at various hospitals.

The first direction my journey took me on was to realize that the so called modern medicine I was relying on really was not safe or curative. In most cases when I needed to take something that was considered medicine by conventional standards, I inevitably felt worse due to my body not being able to handle to toxic onslaught it provided. Some people like myself are so sensitive that we are aware of every little difference in our energy patterns and what is happening at the physical, chemical level. After this major illness and the loss in my faith for what I knew as modern medicine, I was left feeling confused and uncertain as to what to do when I felt ill again. At this point in time I knew nothing about homeopathic remedies and so the only thing I could do was to allow my life force to do what ever it needed to do to keep me healthy. I had also started going to see a natural health care practitioner at this time to see what else I could do to help myself. I learned that I did need to do something to help boost my system and so I changed my diet, worked on detoxifying some of the toxins my body had accumulated and supporting organs with specific nutrition and herbs.

Since that time I have never looked back, I have never used any conventional medicine to this day and know I am much healthier due to this decision. Instead I have turned to what I feel and now know are safer, more natural methods. To me a natural method means that it works in a way that does not defy who we are and how we function but supports every aspect of who we are in a dynamic, functional and wholistic way. I use the term “wholistic” because that is how I see myself; as a whole being. I can not be segregated in to compartments like, just my eyes or just my physical body or just my emotional body etc. Every part of me recognizes instantaneously what is going on within the whole at all times. So even if say I have a problem with my eyes or eye, I can not simply just look at treating the eye, I have to understand why my whole has allowed something to befall my eye (unless I accidently jab something in my eye then obviously I know why there is a problem!) but in order to repair and heal any individual health issue I must look at every reason behind how this problem has developed and fix the whole not just the part. By fixing the whole I affect the part and it will rebalance once all the obstacles or causations have been removed. True health entails digging out the root cause of all problems. If you want to clean your yard up of dandelions you don’t go out and just cut the heads off each day, it only seems like the problem is gone, until the plant grows again. You need to go and dig out the root to fully eliminate the problem!

It was at this point in my life I also came across an amazing woman who was in her early years of helping others, her name was and is Louise L. Hay and she had written a small truly life altering book at the time called – ‘You Can Heal Your Life’. Which explains very simply how your emotional life affects your physical body. She has since gone on to create an amazing empire of self help, you can check her out at http://www.louisehay.com/. This book was my early bible and I checked it often as I was struggling with my own health issues and wanted to understand why? It was my first real understanding that our mental and emotional body affects our physical body. I was still deeply searching for the meaning to life, and why we have to struggle with life, why do we fall ill, what is the point of illness? This initial information to me was a great source of comfort and just the starting point.

What I have learned along the way is that life does have meaning. It has a cosmic order, laws and rules that govern us as living organisms and provided we know, understand and follow these natural laws we will live and grow and evolve as we are meant to with relative health and freedom. Just taking chemical drugs to palliate our symptoms at best or worst to suppress our symptoms and mask them so we aren’t aware they are there is not curative or healing in any way and many people are slowing waking up to this fact. We are also becoming very aware of the damage that these toxic drugs are creating as side effects to the possibly and very questionable aid they may give us. But once we know this then what are our other options in order to find health.

What I would like to do over the next year is create blogs that will unfold for you all that I have learned regarding health, healing as well as true disease removal. The deeper understanding about why we are here on this planet, as well as how natural medicine is more superior to conventional medicine when it comes to true healing and curing and how you can easily learn how to apply the true natural laws and principles that affect us in this realm.
So open your minds and souls and get ready to learn some amazing truths about yourself and how to achieve your ultimate goals in true life long health, naturally.

Next blog Step #1 looking at regimen and nutrition and the laws surrounding this realm.