The Power of Beliefs

Our beliefs guide and control every aspect of our individual lives, whether we are aware of it or not. In this Health Rant I discuss the significance of being aware of our own beliefs. How to recognize if we are being affected by a negative old belief pattern and explain the ways to safely and effectively remove unwanted beliefs.

Life is a highly complicated dance of listening inwards, knowing what is true and right for ourselves and acting outward in a conscious way. Life is not perfect! We all make mistakes, we all have times when we over react to situations. The point is to at least be able to self reflect, either during or after these events so we can learn from them. Life is about learning who we are; Who am I?

The more we can function daily on truly knowing ourselves and our own direct path in this life, the freer and more self powered we will become. When we know ourselves fully, no one else can dictate to us, control us, mistreat us and so on. When we are functioning freely, we know no negativity. We act according to deep cosmic truths and treat others in the same dynamic, respectful way we treat ourselves.

If we can learn to remove unwanted beliefs that limit and block us from knowing our true Self, not only will our life be full of love and freedom, so will the lives that surround us.

Due-Diligence is King, and Love is Queen!

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Health Rant | #6 | Wholistic Health Tip | Beliefs

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A little rant about understanding true health

Its time I come out of my safe root cellar and address societies misunderstandings about health. I have spent many long years working quietly on my own health and wishing and hoping others where doing the same thing. Only to wake up one day with the truth and knowledge that is available to everyone and discover that very few people actually understand true healing.
Granted we live in a so-called modern society where everyone has access to knowledge, there is an overabundance of information regarding health, and the many varied ways to achieve this. But are we really any healthier?
Some days I feel hope for mankind,  our evolution to higher self-realization and consciousness and respect for ourselves and the world we currently inhabit… and other days not so much. 
We have gained so much ground in recent years when it comes to the desire of the general public in view of healthier living and a more natural approach to our illnesses; instead of suppression and masking of symptoms. People finally want the truth, the real answers. This is evident by the need for the government and the medical establishment to squash any uprising and acceptance of natural medicine and healing techniques; due mainly to the decline in their own power with the masses. Just look at the recent ridiculous antics of a certain Canadian television “documentary” that had the audacity to try and make homeopathy out as an unscientific system of medicine!? 
Yet I would hate to try and turn the tables and be the one trying to explain the real science behind how Allopathy/conventional medicine works. Because in truth there is no science behind chemical drugs other than empiricism. Natural medicine has always been based in natural laws. It may not have been fully realized or recognized in the past, but if you have ever read or heard the truth about something and felt that inner connection like a light bulb just went off in you then you along with millions of others over the years have realized and utilized the full truth about natural medicine.
Now having said that, here comes my real rant. The sad thing is that we as a society are still just on the cusp of fully understanding the truth behind ‘real health’. We all (who are on the path of truth) know that real health is not suppression or masking symptoms as conventional medicine does. Granted at times this is necessary to dramatically save a life, but once the panic is over the need to address the true underlying issue is the only real way to solve a problem. 
The other major hurtle I see right now is the fact that the mass majority of people in the so called health movement are of the belief and I use that term loosely, that proper regimen, ie diet, nutrition, supplements, detoxifying and so on is going to cure disease! Sorry to have to say this folks but that is not the case.   
Read the rules very carefully. Dr. Hahnemann was a genius for a reason.He was a true scientist through and through and his foundation of the true cosmic laws that surround healing and curing and the difference between the true was based on a higher knowledge and rings true when you are able and willing to see it.