Why There is No Joy in Mudville!

Is your life, a never ending cycle of overwhelming emotions; making you feel like there is just No Joy in Mudville?

Do you often feel frustrated and annoyed by the actions and words of people around you?

Do you know, that these feelings are actually your own and not BECAUSE of the other person?

In other words, your emotions are yours alone. So if you are feeling overwhelmed and stuck in the chaos of Mudville, are you ready to see that –

No one can make you FEEL anything,

that you don’t want to.

Unless of course, you are carrying around so much suppressed and hidden emotional baggage that the universe is trying to help you become aware of!! 

This is what happens in our lives. 

External events, are simply a mirror reflection of what is really going on inside of us! 

However, if you are confronted by someone else’s anger, frustration, anxiety or chaos and it DOESN’T AFFECT you, then it’s NOT YOUR STUFF!

Recently I was confronted several times by very pure outward Rage! Funny how life likes to throw things at you, when you put your own Self out “there”. I always look at life’s occurrence, as a great way to know that I have accomplished so much in my own healing journey.

I was at a speaking engagement on the weekend and there was a fellow who was hanging on to so much anger and rage, that he could not contain it at all. Every word was spoken with harsh critical remarks and if his belief did not match any one else’s he was sure to comment. The tension around him was quite noticeable. All I kept imagining when he spoke was of an angry bull contained in a very tight enclosure with no way to properly discharge his pent up rage. My heart went out to him.

He definitely was in need of my Anger and Frustration kit!

Helping you safely remove the; physical, mental and emotional burden of anger.
Helping you safely remove the; physical, mental and emotional burden of anger.

I can not imagine living life with so much seething rage that I cannot ever feel or experience Love and Joy!

Every emotion that overwhelms us, such as grief, anger and fear, blocks us from living freely in pure Joy and Love. 

So what do we do about these emotions? We all know that you can not be human without having any emotions.

We all know that every single emotion has a purpose. We experience every emotion in response to life and our participation within life. They are used to bring our Awareness, to something that is not right within or outside us. We then use them to help us resolve, release and free ourselves from the event. 

We are all conscious individuals who are on a journey to self discovery and in search of our own “perfect” Soul and  Spiritual life.

We need to begin to honour and own our emotional and mental states.

Once we begin to recognize that every emotion we feel is our own and is there for a reason; we can begin to work on resolving the ones that are buried deeply.

Those thoughts, beliefs and emotions that are not allowing us to live in Joy, Freedom and Love most of the time. When we hang on to past emotional and psychological trauma’s it creates a memory pattern about that event. Once the pattern has been locked in to place within our very cellular and energetic makeup, then we actually create a life that reflects these trauma’s.

Our beliefs and emotions control our physical body. Our musculature is the outward expresser of our e-motions (energy in motion).

If you take the time to reflect on your own life story you will see the way life continues to play out in a very specific way for you. Look at the emotional  events that keep recurring in your life.

What state keeps “Affecting” you?

The only way you will ever be free of old emotional and psychological patterns is to first recognize them.

Bring them in to the light of day. Then reflect on them and try to come up with the message behind their energy. Once you can understand and honour what that message is for you, then you can begin to let it go.

Letting go of unresolved trauma’s can be very difficult to do on your own. Trust me I know, because I have been working on this for many years and sometimes objective outside help is needed for you to see clearly.

From my own personal and professional repertory, here are some suggestions that worked for me.

Dynamic Medicine and Homotonic remedies that address the specific emotions or beliefs you are stuck in, such as;

Natrum Muriaticum – Past events that create a sense of loss and being let down, where by the individual feels the need to close themselves off in order to protect themselves are cleared well with this remedy.

Staphysagria – Patterns of frustration and situations in life where the individual feels like they are stuck and can not change clear well with this remedy. As well as individuals who feel they are suppressed or dominated, because they have no power of self.

Lachesis – The resentful and jealousy remedy. The need to ‘keep up with the Jones’s’ state of mind in order to prove your self worth.

Baryta Carbonicum – The fear that life does not support you, when in fact it is your own lack of trust in yourself.

Aurum metallicum – The big classic depression remedy, which stems from no sense of self worth.

There of course are tons of other individual remedies used to properly release specific emotions and beliefs.

Another useful tool to release past trauma is; Theta Healing. This is a wonderful technique you can learn or find a qualified practitioner to help you work through old destructive belief patterns and release them.

Daily Affirmations, are another wonderful way to change your negative, unhealthy thoughts to clearer more productive ones. The key to affirmations however, is that you must instill the feeling work along with the words. If you can not truly imagine how the new state would feel and affect your life then the affirmation will not stick!

Orgonomic body work, is a process whereby the practitioner will help the individual discover what area of the body is blocked/armored. Then there are specific exercises used to help the individual release the blocked and stagnant emotional and/or psychological energy at the biological level. When this is done, all realms are freed; emotional, psychological and physical. One of my favorite exercises to release the cervical and thoracic area is doing deep out breathes with a strong and loud HUH. Another one is actually simply screaming to the cosmos and letting what ever words, and emotions need to come up and out to be released with what ever intensity is needed to reach a state of pure relaxation!

If you find that trying to be objective with your own, beliefs and emotions is difficult then you may find that working with someone like myself would help. I would be able to help you free yourself in a more timely and efficient way.

My Ultimate Wholistic Healing kits are full of my wisdom, guidance and healing tools!

Or, if you would like more individualized support; I would be more than happy to help you along your way to finding True Health, Freedom, Pure Joy and Love of Self!

Simply click here to set up a Free initial Assessment.

Be sure, to also check out this video – There is No Joy in Mudville!

In True Resonant Health,

Enjoy every moment because life is too short to live in Mudville!

As always, let me know your thoughts, your struggles and ways that I can help support you.

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Who am I

Every now and then I have a day of self questioning. A day where I wake up and wonder, okay, who am I really!? What is my purpose. What is the point in it all for that matter! Photo 6

At first I used to think that it was only me who had these odd thoughts. Then as the years rolled by and I found others on the same path of self realization, I discovered I was not so alone or odd. Thank goodness! ; )

In fact as we know, this is an age old question, looked at by poets, writers and philosophers for many, many years. Why? Because we are always in the process of becoming. Of growing in self awareness and consciousness. To look at it in a grander way, we can think of the evolution of the human, as a learning curve, no different than learning math or science. We are always discovering new things in our outer world as we evolve. So too, are we learning about ourselves inwardly, as individuals and as a group. The development and understanding of our physical world in conjunction with our emotional and thinking world is an amazing journey. Connecting the material, with the Soul and Spiritual, in a very grounded way is still very much in process!

For me, the discovery of myself as an amazing, unique individual, connected to a higher group consciousness has taught me several things.

1. We are not alone! It is odd how so many people feel utterly alone and misunderstood in this world, when we are all feeling the same things. It is the fear of being vulnerable that keeps us from sharing our “secret” with others. Which only keeps us feeling more separate and misunderstood.

2. Being different is good! For years I thought I was different than the “average Joe”. I tried to conform and fit in, only to find myself further from the truth. As I have learned to embrace my unique gifts and love my uniqueness, I actually feel more connected and resonant with all of life. Funny how that works. When we let go of what others may think or feel, we find ourselves.

3. Life has a purpose! If you’ve read my book Beyond the Looking Glass, you will know that I struggled with this for most of my life. Does life have meaning or is it all some random experiment? The more I have come to know, love and accept myself for who I am in all my uniqueness. The more I realize that there is order to this seemingly chaotic universe. Life indeed does have a higher purpose if we are willing to look for it.

As we know, life can be stressful and confusing. Things like illness get in the way. But that illness is a messenger designed to inspire us to change. To own our process and discover ourselves. My job is to help you understand what your illness is trying to tell you.

It can be very confusing during times of transition and illness to be objective with ourselves. I know this oh so well!

The universe has granted me this gift or job of service. To help people transition, from unknowing to true self knowing!

If you are ready to find your true Self this year and free it from all that unnecessary “baggage”, then go right now and check out my amazing new Whole Healing Programs!

Photo 9Don’t let the fear of the unknown, keep you from being the ultimate YOU!

You will thank yourself in so many ways.

In true Resonant Health,

much Love & Gratitude,


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Peace, Joy & Healthy Self Love for the Holidays!

It’s a week before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature is stirring (no really I’m up at 5:30!) and definitely no mice, since the new reno is complete!!


With the holidays so close and much of my baking and running around done, I feel rather pensive. I have been working diligently this last year on releasing old pain and armoring from my heart and soul and I feel like I am finally getting to a place of true self love. My wish for everyone is to be able to attain the same kind of self love, peace, joy and gratitude through your own, Self reflection!

 I have spent most of the last 10 years, struggling with my Wholistic Health Care practice. Doing what I love to do, working on my own issues, yet not really aware of why I do it and its true significance. Over the last year, many of you will have noticed a lot of huge changes in my practice. Newer website, new on-line newsletters, and most recently all my new on-line courses and healing kits. I have delved in to the on-line social media world in an attempt to take my message of health and true self ownership to a bigger audience. Still not sure where my efforts have gotten me, however I am truly loving this process. If not simply, for my own growth and evolution towards my true Authentic Self!

At the end of the day no matter what has happened, it is vitally important that we take some time to reflect on our Self. Who am I, where am I going, what is important to me?

By reflecting on our thoughts each day we can come to know our self more deeply. Ask yourself; were my thoughts full of self love, acceptance and consciousness today? Or did I think unhappy, self loathing, angry thoughts? Did I direct them towards another human? Being aware of our thoughts and being fully responsible for what our crazy, rambling brain is doing most of the time is a huge step towards Self ownership. Once we are able to actually take control of our thoughts we can make more self loving choices with our own thoughts. When we CHOOSE to think in a more Self aware and loving way we can then CHOOSE to act in a more loving way!

The older I get, the more I realize that life is too darn short to spend it worrying about what anyone else is thinking or doing. I need to concentrate on my own process and do what brings joy and love in to my own heart and soul first. The more I love and honor myself, the stronger I am as an individual. As I love my Self more fully each day, I can then give back that love and joy to my family, those near and dear to me, even those whom I simply pass on the street!

I have finally come to know my true Self and my path in this life. It’s only taken me 40 years to figure it out, but hey, at least I got it! 

It’s funny, how it was always there right in front of my face, but I was too focused outward and at others to notice my self fully and honestly.

So here it is for any of you who may care, my soul’s life purpose is to help others achieve true health and healing!

I know many of you, who have known me for years are probably laughing right now and saying, “Well yeah!” How did she not really know that? Well, like most Homo-normalis, I too, can be blinded by societies perspectives on what we should be, and how we should act. Instead of simply focusing on the truth inside of myself. It’s time to really listen more closely to the little voice inside of our heart, not our head!

So, my wish for everyone right now, is to find what makes your heart swell with love and joy! Try to spend most of your day simply loving yourself for no other reason than because you are you! You are an amazing, unique individual, there is no other You! Right here and right now is all that really matters. The more we love and honor ourselves, the better our health is. When we care about our Self, we raise our own vibration to a healthier, stronger, life healing energy.

Know too, that I love and appreciate you simply because you are you. You have shown me, love and respect by taking time out of your life to read this and I am super grateful for that. I feel blessed that I get to do what I love every single day, helping people find true Whole health and their Authentic Self. In this process I hope I am making the world a bit better place for everyone else!

Find your blessings this Christmas and honor them!

Lots of Healthy Love & Gratitude to all!

Happy Holidays,