Regimen and nutrition continued – typologies

During the early years of my journey in to finding true health for myself, I came across a body typology diet or lifestyle that was based on blood typing. What that means is that according to what blood type you are; A, B, AB or O plays a significant role in what foods work best with your blood type. Again, like the glandular typing I won’t go in to huge detail since there is lots of information about this on the Internet or you can buy Peter D’Adamo book. However, the basic premise is that each blood type is a reflection of different inherent backgrounds and evolutions of humans from the time of the nomads [O blood type who are more protein/meat eaters], hunter gatherers [A blood type who are more vegetarian, low fat eaters], to today’s more diverse combinations of ethnicities and most modern blood types B and AB which are more omnivorous and can handle a wide variety of food types.

For myself I am an O blood type which in it’s basic form means that I am the oldest most common type, this type is designed to be more of a meat eater according to D’Adamo. What I have found though personally and professionally is that the blood type diet is a very small piece of the puzzle. Yes it does have significance in what types of food groups the individual should be eating for optimum health. However, it only applies for specific food groups. Such as for an O type being classified as a protein/meat eater tends to be very broad and not very specific. But if you add in metabolic typing to this you can individualize it much more and discover more specific foods within that group that are best suited to that individual. As an example say you are an O type but you have a very alkaline system and are a slow oxidative, in other words you may be a meat eater but your digestive system is not adequately set up with enough enzymes and acidity to break down the heavy protein in dark meat in to useable energy. Thus if you where to eat a large steak you would feel very slow and lethargic afterwards as your body tries diligently to figure out how to process this heavy protein. You would probably feel better on lighter meats or vegetable protein sources. Whereas the O blood type individuals with a higher metabolic rate, will be able to easily break down the heavier purines in dark meats and actually feel more energized after eating these food sources but less so after having only vegetable proteins.

I have also come across many A blood types that are supposed to be vegetarians, who are very fast high oxidative types, thus they process their foods rather quickly and need higher amounts of protein and minerals and fats in their diet. If these individuals choose to be vegetarians and do not get high protein sources daily or supplement with minerals and high B12, then they usually end up with significant degeneration especially in their bones, nails and hair.

So as you can see just choosing one type diet over another is not the way to true health. What we must do as individuals is look at all the different ways our own unique body works and eat according to how we know foods make us feel and function. In other words pay attention to your body it knows best!

Even our age plays a significant part of our nutritional makeup. As we age our metabolism naturally slows down. Unless you are running marathons at age 40 and up then your protein intake needs to decrease yearly. There simply is no growth going on and or body building, again unless you are an extreme athlete, thus you need to always be monitoring your food intake and energy levels to maintain your own health and equilibrium. No matter what blood type you are.

From here I would like you to go and do some personal research. Find out your blood type, do an online survey and discover your metabolic rate, find out how you react to certain foods, what works best for you and what does not. Remember it is YOUR body so take care of it, love it by taking ownership of it and treating as well as you would like to be treated. That is the only way to truly find out how to feed your body in order to have the optimal energy and weight for your physical structure. One of the best ways of course to do this is after finding out these two types that fit you best, stick to the diet suggestions, eliminate all the food sources that are not recommended for you and see how you feel after one month. If you haven’t noticed any significant improvement it may be due to several factors.
A. Either you where already eating fairly close to your body type and didn’t need to make significant changes. If this is so then you should normally have constant energy and mood most of the time.
B. You did not change your diet enough to get noticeable results. Quite often we have trouble truly letting go of certain food types that we have eaten all our life and we some how convince ourselves that its still ok to eat it. If your typology results have asked you to remove a certain food source give your self the opportunity to truly find out if you will feel better without it for at least a month.

Another way to find out if you are eating appropriately is to test your body Ph levels. Get yourself a Ph testing kit from a local drug store and every morning and evening test saliva and urine Ph. It should sit around 6.7. If it is not then you are not eating properly. continue to monitor this while you are making changes and once you get your diet properly adjusted for a continuous period of time your Ph should begin to normalize and stay consistent. When you body Ph is perfect then you will know that your body is functioning at its optimum. You will also not be susceptible to illnesses since bacteria and virus only resonate in a body which is deficient one way or another.

Remember it is ok to periodically eat things that are not good for you, provided you are consciously aware that is what you are doing and you only do it in small amounts and not all the time. Also be willing to pay the price if your health is not at its optimum when you eat these foods then you are going to feel the effects via sluggish digestion, possibly headaches, improper elimination, energy fluctuations and emotional imbalances.

Life is meant to be enjoyed but It will be much more enjoyable when you feel and look great for yourself as much as possible.

Live, love, laugh and eat according to your unique body mix of typologies!


Who’s Driving the Bus?

Even though a large part of my practice is working with the true laws and principles that surround how we get sick and what remedies or true natural medicines are needed along with Nutrition and regimental support to help heal. I probably spend a greater amount of time helping people understand who is “driving their bus!” In other words helping my clients become more aware of their thought processes and the simple fact that they, and by they I mean a very deep core inner sense of self our true “I”; thus they or their true self is and always will be in control of their thinking. But the key is to become aware of their thinking and thought patterns, to become aware of themselves as a true individual “I”.

Who am I? I am what I think!

 To come to know and understand how we think and then learn to take control of what  we think so that we can truly be the “driver of our bus”is one of the most crucial aspects we must face today if we want true freedom. And by becoming our own driver we can begin to actually fully control our life in a more conscious fluid way. Because we are what we think and what we think is simply a belief structure that is in place to help us to have some form or functioning realm to be in that feels comfortable. Belief structures are not deep truths they are fluctuating patterns of thoughts that are either impinged upon us at birth and in early life when we are not consciously aware of our own ability to think or we develop them over time with our own experiences. Thus we take them on as true facts and make them our own and create our life out of that reflection given to us. But we can change these beliefs at any given moment if we CHOOSE to. The trick is to being aware of what that belief is that we want to change and then taking the time and effort to change it through constant repetitions of new ideas and thoughts that we feel would support us at this time in our life better.

For example, lets say you feel undeserving of success. The way this belief has come about is unimportant. What is important is recognizing that this is what you believe at this point in time and making a conscious choice in your mind to change this. To change this belief for good we need to A. Be aware of every time is presents itself in our thoughts, actions and emotions. B. Each time we recognize it make a conscious effort to replace it with a more positive thought or affirmation such as “I absolutely deserve this…by divine right. Or what ever affirmation you feel is appropriate for you. C. Along with this thought change we need to instill an emotional feeling to this thought. Imagine how you would feel if this NEW belief where so. Imagine how great and happy you would feel with this belief as a part of who you are, here and now. Hold this feeling and thought for as long as you can. Then move on with your day.
Remember each time you feel confronted by the old belief/thoughts and feelings, that you would like to change, you must take the time initially to work consciously on it each and every time. The more you work on it with effort the faster it will become a part of who you really are the faster the old belief will be washed away.

This is a project in creating your full true self; the you that you want to be in this life, not the results of old passed on beliefs and inheritances.

Sometimes we need help recognizing our deep core beliefs that are holding us back. If you are struggling with things in life but can not see clearly enough to recognize what old belief pattern is holding you back then asking the objective opinion of a close friend or seeking professional help might be well worth your time.

The most important thing is to be willing and ready to change. In order to become the best you, that you can be in this lifetime takes courage and determination. We must be able to see ourselves as objectively as possible and be willing to do what ever it takes to make the changes we desire.

Remember you and your life is what you believe it to be, whether you believe life is a struggle and you will never get a head or you believe that you are successful in what ever you do and the universe always provides the best for you at every given moment. These thoughts and emotional patterns are created and proliferated by you and for you. And only you can change them if you choose. 

The power is in you to decide if and when you want to change your self!

Life is too short not to be who you really want to be every single moment so face your fears and live your life fully for yourself. Decide now to be who ever you want to be and go for it.

Seize the moment and enjoy it fully.

in complete joy,

Step #1. The Importance of Regimen and Nutrition and body typing

The first place that I started my health journey was by looking at and changing my regimen and nutrition.
In other words I began to look at what foods I was eating, according to my body typology, the combination of foods I was eating as well as looking at special supplements and organ support or detoxification processes that where specific to my body and the problems that I was struggling with.

One of the most important things to do if you are interested in taking care of your health is to know and understand your body and how it functions for you according to how you treat it. In other words what you put in or on your body affects you in some way.

 Lets start by looking at understanding body typology first.
Body Typologies have been seen for centuries, simply look at Ayurvedic medicine which stems from India over 5000 years ago. Every individual has a unique body type that stems from your inherited make up as well as environmental factors; like blood type, glandular dominance and metabolic rate and so on, which are all determining factors in what foods your body truly requires for proper energy and maintenance. As an example, I tended to struggle more with adrenal and pancreas deficiency issues, both of which originated from my parents own physical issues. Thus as you can see they can be inherent, like blood type or they can be developed over the life via improper nutritional choices that puts a stress on the gland or organ system, along with mental and emotional stressors. As well as the inherited factor, I was also born in to a very stressful home life where my parents where in constant conflict, which caused constant threat of survival on my part. I was constantly feeling their stress, fear and panic which caused me to quickly require too much use of my adrenals and thus an overproduction of cortisol, which over time burned out my adrenals, leading to constant fatigue, headaches etc. As well my mother had been given cortisol shots as a teenager to control her severe allergy symptoms. The toxic load of cortisol over time had also caused a great deal of stress on her Adrenals, thus her body passed on this weakness to her children and me in particular. The pancreas weakness was inherited from my father’s family lineage who all had and whom many died from diabetes.

There are many different typologies when it comes to diet and nutrition. I won’t go through them all and please feel free to investigate as many as you feel compelled to. The point I would like to get across is being able to understand your own physical body and systems and how you may be out of balance according to the symptoms/problems you may be experiencing. Once you can come to know what systems you are having problems with, then you can go about finding ways to restore health to those particular organs or glands and help your body return to a better state of health. As well learning about how your body works on an individual basis and finding the proper food sources that your body enjoys and thrives on will go a long way to helping you live a fuller more qualitative life.

 Lets start with Glandular typing and take a quick look at that system. As I stated earlier we all tend to have a dominant gland that stems from inheritances and how your body is designed to metabolize food types. Dr. Abravanel’s Body Type Diet book goes over this more extensively, but the basic points of the glandular type system is to find out which gland you tend to lean on the most in order to understand how its over use will affect you. There are 4 types in this system, the Pituitary, Thyroid, Adrenal and Gonadal type.

 Characteristics of each – notice the cravings because cravings are due to your bodies dominant gland looking for another “hit” of its drug/food that over stimulates it, but this is not what the body needs in the long run for true health and balance.

Pituitary types – because this gland controls all the other glands it tend to gain weight in small amounts all over, face, arms, torso, hips, butt, legs, they tend to get a pudgy over all look. They do not have any huge distinguishing body shape other than they tend to have a larger than normal head, but the rest is of average height and build. They tend to crave dairy and fats to stimulate their energy centers. These types need to eliminate dairy and bad fats from their diet and add more proteins and vegetables to balance their energy better. Also eating regular meals and eat heavier early in the day since this is when they are most active and reduce calories and amounts of food as the day goes on, so eat a light supper.

Thyroid types – these people tend to be normally tall and slim or slightly built, your classic swimmers body. When they gain weight it tends to settle around their middle, spare tire look, and stay slim in their limbs even buttocks and hips may remain slim. Their energy levels when out of balance tend to be either high or low. That is because they crave sugars, starches and caffeine, thus the quick hit of sugar that comes from these food types causes a rush of energy into their metabolism, but the energy is unsustainable and so drops as quickly as it rises leading them on a viscous cycle of carbohydrate bingeing to keep up their energy. Thyroid types need to eliminate as much processed carbohydrates, sugar and caffeine as possible  and eat smaller meals more often through out the whole day, in order to take the stress off their thyroid and allow their body to get back in to a more balanced flow of energy through out the day instead of the constant ups and downs.

Adrenal types – tend to be strongly built, solid and muscular, built more for power than speed. Thus it can be hard to tell if an adrenal type is gaining weight. The one area where they tend to gain it the most is the abdomen, that big hard belly of the dead-weight lifters! Adrenal types have high energy and quite often can go without eating for long periods of time, they tend to not eat in the morning and wait until 11am before feeling the need to eat. They also tend to eat large amounts at one time as well, they have a “healthy” appetite. They crave rich and salty foods like meat, cheese and butter. They very rarely crave sweets or desserts. These types do extremely well on a more vegetarian diet, lower protein foods, and like all types no processed carbs! Also eat a small breakfast and lunch and eat a heavier meal at supper, with at least 4-5 hour breaks between meals, no snacks.

Gonadal type – generally this type is only seen in women, probably due to all the phytoestrogens floating around our environment, causing an imbalance in our hormonal systems. Gonadal types tend to be more shapely then  most, larger breasts and along with this larger hips and buttocks. They tend to crave hot, spicy and greasy foods, like thai and Indian food along with craving alcohol. Thus the need to eliminate over spiced foods, red meat, fatty foods along with alcohol will go a long way to help these body types to loose weight and feel more energized. Like the Adrenal type it is best to eat lightly for breakfast and lunch and have your larger meal at supper, and give your body time to process between meals as well, minimum 4-6 hours between your meals.

Another thing to remember is that no one should eat past 8 pm since every ones body needs time to slow down and get ready for a good nights sleep in order to allow the systems to bring in the maintenance crew and heal and repair the daily damage.

These are some basic ideas for you to think about this week and decide which one fits you best and make some simple changes to see if it helps with your energy and weight.

Next week I will continue looking at body typology with a look at Blood Typing and how it also affects us as individuals.

until then live fully, be well and enjoy the moment!