Dental Support Kit

Welcome to the Ultimate Wholistic

Dental Support Kit!

Support yourself fully, through every general dental procedure; safely, effectively & naturally!


Every time you experience, even a normal trauma like dental work, it leaves an imprint on your life force.  This imprint if large enough or repeated enough, will create blockages in the flow of your life energy.

It is your life energy/force that maintains homeostasis or whole body, healthy balance.

Once a blockage is created in your energetic life force, imbalances, illness and even disease at every level is possible.

We all know that excessive radiation exposure is detrimental to our health – Radiation sickness according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine.

So too, are all repeated trauma, whether it is mental, emotional or physical. 

Even a necessary trauma, like dental work can create residual and long term issues. Such as super sensitive teeth, nerve sensitivity/damage, headaches, connective tissue disorders, overloaded drainage organs leading to endocrine imbalances, and so on.

If you are someone who likes to take care of yourself on every level and in the best possible way.

If you stress about getting normal dental work done.

Then this is the kit for you!


The heart of these kits are the Dynamic Remedies, which are included and mailed directly to you.

Along with a Quick User Guide and a comprehensive e-book.

Stress & Anxiety, will help you prior to, during and directly after; Dental Support Kitrelease your anxiety and stress related symptoms around getting dental work done. Ingredients

Dental Trauma Healing, is designed to help release all physical trauma related to dental work; freezings, drilling, needles, amalgams, adhesives etc. Allowing your body to heal and rebalance. Ingredients

Whole Body Drainage, it is important to ensure that all the elimination pathways are open and working at their optimum. Especially if you want to fully remove any kind of pain or traumaIngredients

All for the incredible low price of $57

*Compared with the cost of 25 years of personal and professional experience; Plus, the cost to individually purchase all specific tonic and pathic remedies at an expense of $400 – $800 depending on kit!


The e-book is 82 pages of incredible regimen and nutritional tools as well as emotional and mental support!

In this ebook you will learn;

Dental Support pdfThe real reason behind your chronic dental issues.

Qualitative nutritional advice, that is designed to help you heal and rebuild your oral health.

Natural tools and supplements to help your teeth, oral nerves and gums heal.

Unique tips and tricks to address the emotional and often old belief patterns that are triggering these issues.

Learn every possible natural support available and how to properly use them.

Not only will you resolve many underlying causes of your dental issues. You will also trigger even deeper healing, old health issues linked to dental trauma and so much more, using this kit!

All for $57  


To view a great video on how to use these kits go here – Video!


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