The Difference Between Healing and Curing!

Is there a difference between Healing and Curing? 

We all know that our body can HEAL itself, but how does it do this and what is required to help ourselves fully heal?

If healing isn’t enough, what does it mean to cure?

Everyone is looking for a “CURE” for disease, but what does this really mean?

For most people healing and curing are one and the same.

However, they are not, and they each require completely different modes of application in order to achieve them.

Let me explain.

As a Dynamic Physician aka Doctor of Medical Heilkunst, my ultimate focus is to support my clients journey toward health freedom. 

Health freedom, is different for everyone.

To the majority of people, the removal of annoying symptoms or improved energy is often all that they feel is required. Yet is this really healing and curing?

Is the simple removal of symptoms really restoring full health?

If you look at 10 people, who all have similar symptoms, such as; low energy, random body aches, poor digestion, mood swings; the underlying CAUSE for each of their symptoms will be as varied as the individuals. 

For instance, one could be suffering from extreme low Vitamin D, another from deep unresolved emotional trauma and another may have a combination of chronic poor nutrition along with numerous physical trauma’s that have overloaded their life force, making it impossible to be free from symptoms.

Yet all will be manifesting similar symptoms! Why? Because each person’s body will trigger the necessary symptoms to express what it needs to solve that particular problem.

So the key to true whole healing, is not just about getting rid of the symptoms. It’s about finding the unique underlying cause that is triggering those particular set of symptoms.

We are all unique and require different healing and curing techniques in order to restore full health!

the difference between healing and curing

To heal, is to rebalance the physical, energetic body so that the outer symptoms resolve.

Healing is about restoring, replacing and rebalancing through the act of removing what is blocking the life force, OR, by adding what may be deficient or missing. For example, if all of your symptoms are due to being deficient in Vitamin D, by replacing this nutrient in the right amount and over time, your symptoms will all resolve.

Seems simple and obvious enough, however; If all of your symptoms DO NOT go away, then there is a deeper underlying cause that has not been addressed.

To cure, is to remove the true underlying STATE that is causing the outer symptoms.

Curing, is the act of uncovering the true cause of one’s symptoms and removing it with natural medicine that can act according to the law of similar resonance. (Because, no two similar disease states can reside within the life force at one time. Aphorism 36-37 Organon of Medicine, Dr. S Hahnemann)

To further help explain the difference; lets say that you are outside working for several hours on a hot Summer’s day; and all of a sudden you feel weak, nauseous and develop a headache. In other words, you have developed heat/sun stroke. So you go inside, get some fresh water, lay down in the dark with a cool cloth on your head, rest and recover. The next day all of your symptoms are gone and you feel back to normal. 

You had an imbalance due to being over heated and dehydrated and you corrected this by applying what you lacked and your life force restored balance. There was nothing blocking your life force from healing you fully!

Now let’s say you go hiking in the desert and you get lost for several days. You are exposed to extreme hot and cold conditions, you are fearful and stressed, and have been without food or water for longer than your body can handle. You are near death and miraculously are found. You go to a hospital, they help replace lost fluids and nutrients, you rest and begin to recover. Your life force is hard at work trying to make everything the same as it was before. 

However, this isn’t possible, because the damage is much deeper than your life force can handle. It doesn’t have the skills or ability to remove the cellular damage done to your organs from serious lack of water, nutrients and extreme temperatures; as well as the deeper emotional and psychological trauma caused by this incident. There has been an impingement too big for your life force to overcome on it’s own. Only a medicine acting by the law of similar states can help with this.

This is where the true removal of the underlying diseased states is needed to trigger the Cure.

Once the underlying cause has been removed, then and only then will the life force be able to fully restore the physical body back to full health.

Once the true underlying cause/state that is triggering the outer symptoms is removed, then full healing can occur.

True health freedom, by way of healing and curing is not always clear. Yet, if one is willing to do some objective reviewing and some deeper digging for the underlying causes and triggers; then whole healing can begin.

In conclusion, if you are struggling with symptoms and you feel like you have tried everything; changed your diet, added super nutrients, had body work done repeatedly, rested, worked on changing your mental and emotional wellbeing, YET, you are still struggling with symptoms – then you haven’t released the true cause!

If you’re tired of struggling and need some objective clarity in order to free yourself from disease and finally begin to heal – Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 8.23.38 AM


In true resonant health, have a Self Inspiring week,


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