Dynamic Sequential Therapy

Dynamic Sequential Therapy

Is the ultimate system of whole healing. It epitomizes the best of what – Dynamic Medicine offers.


Dynamic sequential therapy is a complete system of whole healing. It is the safe and effective removal of all causative factors of what ails you, as well as symptom removal.

True whole healing requires that you restore health to not only the physical, chemical body, but the energetic bodies; thoughts, emotions and beliefs.

Are you tired of going in circles with your health and health care?

Feel like you’ve tried every possible option out there, but still haven’t gotten the results you desire?

Or, maybe you are tired of all the medications and side-effects of conventional medicine and are ready to find a more natural way to resolve your health issues once and for all?

I’ve been right where you are and I know how defeating and confusing it can be! 

I also know that you still have the will power and desire to find that inner peace you are looking for. The health, vitality and joy you know exists and that you deserve.

“Andrea, Thank you for everything… I really feel like your guidance has helped me get on a path I have been resisting for some time. Your courage, strength and support is really empowering for me. I cant thank you enough.” Beth S

I’ve spent the last 30 years of my life, not only discovering what it takes to achieve true whole body health; but also a real, natural, scientific based healing system that actually works.

One rational, law abiding step at a time, will help you recover your health easily and safely on every level; Physical, mental and emotional.

Doesn’t that sound great?

“I was looking for a compassionate practitioner.  Someone I felt comfortable discussing my fears and concerns with.  I made the right choice. 

You helped me recognize the emotional difficulties I was experiencing in life.  I was a young woman filled with fear.  I had low self-worth and struggled with feelings of rejection.  I had experienced a lot of emotional and verbal abuse in my life.  It affected me more than I realized.  These were the two major issues for me. 

As we continued our treatment you greatly helped me with some major obstacles in my life.  The first being my business concerns and the second being my past relationship.  Working with you helped me understand just how much fear I was holding onto.  Fear of failing, fear of losing other.  I was faced with some major challenges and they all seemed to occur at the same time.  My business was not doing well, family issues were arising and I discovered that my  past boyfriend had many affairs in our relationship, resulting in our breakup.  It was my all time low in life.  As I continued working with you and working with the remedies, changes began to take place.  I let go of the fear.  I began listening to my gut once again.  I began seeing myself as a strong woman, rather than a failure.  This is how you have helped me Andrea.”  Natashia G of Stoney Creek.

What to Expect During this Program;

This Program is Designed to help you recover full health on every level. 

This is a minimum 12 month program.

It is designed to take you from where you are now. With all of your unique inherent/miasmatic and karmic life lessons; physical, mental and emotional struggles, aches and pains. To the best possible place, of whole health for you, as an individual. 

Life is always a journey of self discovery, struggles and healing!

 This program will help you to understand what has led you to this point in your life. For example, what physical, mental and/or emotional trauma’s or events have caused your aches, pains and unhealthy symptoms. What life lessons are behind these events, and how to fully overcome them.

As well as show you a way to fully resolve and move past these unwanted, unhealthy barriers.

To free your whole true self, to live your life as you choose free of unnecessary suffering.

True health is releasing all old unresolved trauma fully, 

Freeing the life force to unfold one’s destiny as they choose!

If you’ve been struggling with your health issues for years. If you’ve tried pretty much every option available and are still not satisfied with your health?

Then this is the right program for you.

If you are ready to commit to yourself, and do the work. If you have the desire and will power to take action and do whatever it takes to achieve long-term whole health. Then this is definitely the right program for you!

I know how hard it is to begin making changes and maintaining those changes.

That’s why I have created this amazing program; where I will walk along side you to help you commit to yourself and your health.

There is truly nothing more important than your health. 

“I have reconnected with Andrea after many years. I have always benefited greatly from my work with her & a recent health challenge has brought me back.

 Andrea’s approach to health is what works for me. She takes “the road less travelled” & this is for me, what makes all the difference.  Andrea treats the whole person not just the symptom. She comes from the understanding that disease is a manifestation of another spiritual or emotional issue. Her ability to pinpoint this issue & then to apply dynamic medicine to that, is what keeps me coming back when needed. Andrea also gives excellent direction pertaining to nutrition & supplements. She has taken the guesswork out of supplements for me & thus saved me many $ & disappointment.

I find that Andrea understands how certain life situations affect my health & she is able to give some wise direction from a healer’s point of view.

 Andrea is my principle health practitioner  at this time & I feel  very fortunate to have her caring, professional guidance.” Lynn Clements

True health is being free of blockages, not only at a physical level, but at an emotional and mental level as well.

True Health is about fully resolving the physical symptoms such as; hormone imbalances, aches, pains, skin conditions, digestive disturbances, even deep degenerative issues like arthritis, heart disease and diabetes. By coming to understand how your thoughts, beliefs and emotions all affect these problems. As well as, eliminating the physical, mental and emotional triggers all at the same time. 

We will do this by first, establishing your unique Sequential Timeline

Establishing your unique timeline of karmic and inherent trauma’s and life force blockages will be explained during your first, main consultation.

At the same time, we must establish a healthy, strong foundation so you are able to fully release these trauma’s.

We will do this, by working with these 4 grand areas of healing;

Physical support  – Individualized nutritional program, regimen & supplementation. 

Emotional & Mental support – with individualized dynamic remedies and lifestyle tools, as they are needed to free yourself from unhealthy thoughts, emotions and beliefs.

Therapeutic education – I help you to see clearly the thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back. As well, you will receive appropriate tools, tips and techniques to help you move beyond the old states that are no longer serving you. As you are ready!

I will also help empower you with an understanding of the many laws and principles that affect you in health and disease. Understanding how your life force works, and how to support it properly in order to  successfully restore your health; Wholistically. And so much more! 

Knowledge is Power and Self Knowledge creates true whole health and the freedom to live your life as you choose!

Are you ready to fully resolve all of your health concerns?

If so;

We begin the first month with an hour and a half long Main Consultation. This is where we begin to lay out the foundation for proper healing.

During the Main Consultation, we will look at all of your current physical, mental and emotional symptoms. We discuss what they represent for you and your journey to Self discovery and true Healing. We will also discuss the main aspects of your own unique sequential timeline and how it may be affecting your health and life today.

This will help us to determine the best place to begin for you as an individual.

Organ Support and Drainage Protocols

We will begin supporting all of your main digestive and eliminatory organs, to be sure they are performing at their optimum. When trying to heal and repair your body, it is vital that all your organs are able to function at their optimum. 

*You will receive the appropriate dynamic combinations to help you achieve this. 

Immediate Symptom Support

With most health concerns there will be physical, mental or emotional symptoms that are outwardly aggravating. These will be addressed during this consultation. Remedies, tools and techniques will be suggested based on your individual needs to help palliate these as we dig deeper to clear out the true cause.

Emotional and Belief Protocols

We will be looking at how your thoughts, beliefs and emotions are affecting your main health concerns. I will be providing you with tools, such as individualized dynamic remedies as well as specific mental and emotional exercises; to help you begin freeing yourself from unwanted emotional and mental blockages. 

*You will receive uniquely compounded dynamic remedies to help begin to facilitate your whole healing journey.

Follow up one; Will be pre booked at the end of your Main Consultation.

This will be scheduled within one month of the Main, to optimize supporting your healing life force. 

* please note, all appointments will be prepaid using Paypal or direct deposit, following the previous appointment.

Dietary and Nutritional Assessment

It is vital that your physical body is vital enough to release unwanted blockages.

We will assess what foods and nutrients may be supporting or harming you at this time. Supplements will be assessed, as well as proper sleep, hydration, exercise and coition. Any medications you may be taking and their affect on your overall health. This will ensure that we are able to support your physical body properly to help you heal and rebuild. Once you get these four cardinal points corrected, your physical body will joyfully give you the energy you deserve to live fully!

*homework included to be taken up in the next follow up.

Organ Support and Drainage Protocols

Immediate Symptom Support

Emotional and Belief Protocols

We will continue to reassess and modify your progress in each of these areas every month. 

Healing and curing is an individual process!

 Freedom from all blockages takes time and due diligence, but the effort is very well rewarded with a release of old symptoms.

It is also the best way to truly learn about your true authentic self. The more you come to know, love and honour yourself as an amazing, unique being, the freer you are on all levels. In other words the less life will affect or impinge upon you. You will then begin to direct your life in the best possible way for YOU.

We will take up the metabolic homework so you can begin making healthier nutritional choices to speed up your healing. As well as assess the changes you have made with any of the remedies, extra tools and exercises from your main consultation. Healing is a progression of steps, following your life force and the laws of nature. 

Follow up two; Will be pre booked as another month follow up. (Your life force functions on a 28 day cycle of healing and repairing!)

 We will begin by reviewing the changes that you have noticed, what areas you are still stuck in and new ways to help you shift on all levels. Nutrition and supplementation will be reassessed, new and old emotional and mental responses, how these are affecting you and effective tools for you to begin releasing them. 

We will also begin looking deeper into the underlying causations; by continuing to work through your traumatic timeline, given in follow up one and begin implementing strategies to fully release each of them as you are ready.

This program is designed to;

  • Help you fully commit to your Self and your health, because you are the most important person in your life! 
  • Help you eliminate all aggravating physical ailments. By understanding what is triggering them, and then systematically removing these causes, safely, effectively and by natural law. 
  • Empower you with Self knowledge so you feel confident and able to make the necessary changes in your physical, emotional and mental well being.
  • Help you to transform your whole life, from one of painful struggles, uncertainty and low self worth, to one of incredible self confidence, energy and freedom from all resonance with pain and trauma. 

You deserve to have complete health on every level, so that your life is free of illness and chronic disease. Which, will allow you to live your life according to your own design.

It’s time to break through those barriers that are keeping you stuck and unhealthy.

Take Full Control of your Life and Your Health Today!

In order to achieve true health you must be willing to do the work and commit yourself to the process; Are you ready?

True health does not happen over night. The length of time for you to achieve the level of health you desire is determined by the depth and layers of dis-ease. In other words, how out of balance are you at a physical level? How much do you need to change in this area to create a solid foundation for healing and restoring?

How deep and old are your emotional and mental imbalances? How long have you been hanging on to them, and how aware are you of them in your life?

 It takes time to come to the willingness and courage to look objectively at your life and where you are blocked. In order to discover how to free yourself from these blockages.

This is where my expertise and unconditional guidance comes in handy. 

I am able to see the whole picture clearly from an objective point and help you to gracefully move forward from these unwanted obstacles in your life and health.

Dynamic Medicine is the only system I have discovered that is able to remove every blockage, on all levels at once. Easily and efficiently, by following the well known law of similar resonance, that Homeopathy follows. Like does cure like, and by uncovering the very states you are blocked by we use the appropriate dynamic medicine to release that state.

Are you ready to free the whole YOU once and for all? 

If so then let’s get started with your Main Health Assessment.

Are you ready to commit to your own wellbeing, do you believe you are worth it? 

I believe that you are! 

All of your unique remedies are reassessed each visit, and changed according to what has been released and what hasn’t. 

Follow up three and beyond is a continual process of reassessing, re-evaluating and removal of unwanted blockages/trauma on every level – mental, emotional and physical. In proper time and sequence for you and your unique healing journey.

You will also receive unlimited access to me via email, as well as an extra 15 minute touch in phone call each month if needed for extra support.

Understanding how you have fallen ill and how you heal is vitally important when it comes to the restoration of your health. 

During this program I will help you to understand your healing patterns and how they manifests for you as an individual. Being able to see this pattern of healing within yourself will give you an incredible feeling of Self ownership and power. Giving you the strength and courage to follow through and commit to your healing journey.

This program is an investment in your health and life. How important is your life to you?

Cost of the program is $3,640.00 which is broken down into an initial payment of $350, then monthly payments of $250. All remedies included, tax and mailing is extra. 

The overall value of your health freedom and quality of life – Priceless!

If you are uncertain whether this program is right for you, be sure to – Click Here to Schedule your FREE initial assessment. Space is Limited!

In true resonant health, I wish you lots of Health and Joy!
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