Hangover Survival Kit

Welcome to the Ultimate Wholistic

Hangover Survival Kit!

Do you sometimes wish you hadn’t had quite that much fun last night? 

It happens to the best of us. 




Do you wish there was some way you could help your body to quickly and easily release the toxic burden that triggers your hangover?

Something that is safe, natural and highly effective. Allowing you to get on with your day? 

Then this is the kit for you!

The heart of these kits are the Dynamic Remedies, which are included and mailed directly to you.

Along with a Quick User Guide and a comprehensive e-book.

Hangover kit

Classic Hangover, the classic hangover remedy that supports the whole digestive tract to release excess toxins, spasms, cramping and nausea. Ingredients

Elimination Support, my special combination of organ supportive remedies to help your whole digestive tract and lymphatics to work optimally, to eliminate unwanted toxins, quickly. Ingredients

Extra Toxin Release, a special combo of remedies that deals with the weight of too many external toxins. Can help your body to eliminate any excess burden from all types of toxins. Ingredients

When you begin to implement the changes in this kit along with utilizing the Dynamic Remedies to help your body heal, you will be amazed how simple it can be.

All for the incredible low price of $45

*Compared with the cost of 25 years of personal and professional experience; Plus, the cost to individually purchase all specific tonic and pathic remedies at an expense of $400 – $800 depending on kit!



The e-book is 59 pages of incredible regimen and nutritional tools as well as some emotional and mental support!

In this ebook you will learn;

The best tips and tricks to resolve a hangover quickly.Hangover e-book

The best natural remedies to get you up and going again, sooner.

Specific nutrients, drinks and supplements to help detox those unwanted toxins.

Whether you are a liver or pancreas type processor.

Learn every possible natural support available and how to properly use them.


To help your body recover faster, add this incredible, whole food form supplement to quickly replace lost vitamin, minerals, amino and fatty acids. Click the image to order yours today!


To view a great video on how to use these kits go here – Video!


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