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Ultimate Wholistic Healing Kits

Safe, Effective, All Natural, Whole Body Healing in the comfort of your own home.

Click on the image of the Health Concern you are struggling with the most right now, and begin to resolve it Today! 

“I appreciate being able to go to my cupboard and choose the perfect remedy, thereby taking charge of the symptoms/cause as I dislike feeling ill any longer than necessary.  Thank you for these amazing kits, Andrea.” Carol, London ON

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Unsure which kit would be best for you? Don’t worry, I’m happy to help you decide.

Each Kit comes with a FREE mini consultation;

Simply click on the oval below to view the product 

Avoid Side Effects & Gain only Healing Effects!

The Evolution of Self Health Care

Each healing kit is designed to help you, heal and resolve a particular health concern on every level; mental, emotional and physical. Treating the cause as well as the symptoms.

Every kit, comes with an e-book full of natural healing tools and wisdom from my 30 years of experience.

They cover nutrition, supplementation, herbs, essential oils, flower essences, homeopathy, energy therapies like EFT, Reiki etc. As well as, therapeutic educational tools like meditation, orgone therapy and so on.

As well, they each come with their own, unique, Dynamic Remedy combinations, you will not find anywhere else in the world!

What makes a Remedy – Dynamic

All Dynamic Remedies are combinations of homeopathic and homotonic remedies. Each are made in the same manner, that a homeopathic remedy is made.

What makes them different;

Homeopathic remedies are used to safely remove the “pathology” or external symptoms you are probably experiencing with this health concern.

Homotonic remedies are used to safely remove the underlying cause or state that is triggering your symptoms. This can be due to a specific injury, illness, mental, emotional trauma or miasmatic, inherited load.

I choose each Dynamic combination based on my 30 years of experience and education. They each have the specific homeopathic and homotonic remedies to help with the specific issue they are named after.

Discover the Power of Dynamic Medicine

Heal yourself quickly, effectively and with no side effects.

If you struggle with your health; feel confused and overwhelmed by all the natural options and want clarity, then these kits are designed for you.

Each kit is designed with my 35 years of experience; to help you solve the WHOLE Problem. By helping you resolve the true, underlying state, that is causing all of your physical symptoms.

They help take ALL the guess work out of how you can easily heal your physical, emotional and mental symptoms connected to each of these issues. In the comfort of your own home! 

Get your kit today and begin your Whole Healing Journey in 3 Easy Steps:

Step # 1 – Choose and purchase a kit that matches your immediate health concern. 

Step #2 – upload the unique e-book, and begin learning how to resolve it today.

Step #3 – Receive your remedies in the mail; begin to ultilize their amazing healing powers and watch your symptoms disappear overnight!

Join the thousands of people who have already made these a part of their every day healthy lifestyle!

“Looking forward to adding to my kits. They are the first thing I turn to when I am feeling unwell. Thank you, Andrea.” Carol, Ingersoll ON 

“I’m really enjoying the remedies. I am grateful for your booklet.  You have obviously put in a lot of effort into this. There is a wealth of knowledge that’s in it that I will have forever to refer to and read again and again.” Kathy L, London ON

EACH KIT comes with;

  • A unique and amazing combinations of remedies, specific to each particular issue. These come from my own creative genius and will never be found anywhere else in the world. Guaranteed!
  • An extensive e-book, full of proper nutritional support, specific supplements, herbs, the state of mind behind each of these issues, along with – therapeutic education, healing exercises, healing mantra’s, flower essences, essential oils, homeopathic remedies and so much more!
  • An understanding of the true, natural science behind whole healing.
  • Plus they also come in an eco friendly, clear, resealable bag that fits neatly into any pocket or purse!

If you often feel confused by all the different health options available; what supplements to take and when, what foods are most beneficial, when to take herbs and which ones, how to use essential oils, homeopathy, and so on, then these will clear everything up for you.

“Using my kit right now  Zach came home from school with a fever today, I gave him remedies and he’s resting now. These kits are perfect!” Ayleasha F, Quebec

If you would like to resolve all of your health concerns, easily, naturally, efficiently and have the results last? Then Yep, these kits are perfect for you. 

We are all well aware, that when you take a chemical drug to suppress your symptoms that it creates damaging “side-effects”? That it is not really fixing the problem, only masking it?

Wouldn’t you rather fix the problem for good, with NO side-effects?

If you’re a parent and a busy entrepreneur like me, who prefers to be well prepare for any possible acute illness like; aches, pains, coughs, pneumonia, flus, heatstroke, PMS, rashes and so much more. Then you will absolutely love these healing kits

Like you, I want my natural medicine to be simple, easy to use, yet fully effective.

I want to make sure you feel confident that you are making the right choices for yourself and your family!

Are you ready to discover a true system of healing and curing?

If so, then I know you will love to use the best natural medicine on the planet – Dynamic Medicine!

There is no better feeling than knowing YOU are in control of your own health and life!

Be the first of your friends to discover the power and freedom of Dynamic Medicine!

Dynamic Medicine is the only truly curative medicine in the world. It is Objective, works by natural laws and can never harm or suppress your life force.

Instead, it frees the life force from blockages at the mental, emotional and physical level at once; thus, creating Whole Healing.

You will also be invited to join my private Facebook page where you can share your questions and journey with your kit.

Instead of feeling overwhelmed, feel completely confident and empowered in your ability to heal yourself and your loved ones!

It is the unique combination of remedies and the particular individual advice that makes these kits one of a kind!

If you Love Homeopathy, you will absolutely Love Dynamic Medicine, it goes deeper and creates faster results that last forever.

Using the e-book and the unique dynamic remedies; which have proven their effectiveness time and time again, is an easy way for you to regain and stay healthy.

Discover some amazing secrets about your healing life force that you won’t find any where else!

What could be better and more simple than all this knowledge and dynamic support mailed right to your inbox & door!

New Kits arriving all the time, so be sure to check back here each week! 

These kits are designed to be your helping hand and an objective guide for any problem life can throw at you.

I hope you give them a try!

much love & gratitude,

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