Healthy Toddler Kit

Welcome to the Ultimate Wholistic

Healthy Toddler Kit!

End your worry and uncertainty, around how to properly support and heal common Childhood illnesses and emotional turmoil; by being fully prepared with the right healing knowledge and tools.


As a parent I know how confusing it can be; trying to find safe, healthy alternatives to support every need your toddler may require. Such as how to help them let go of sleep issues and nightmares, sibling jealousy, temper tantrums etc.

Use this kit and discover the power you hold as an amazing conscious, well informed parent to help your toddler easily release these conflicts quickly, safely and effectively.

Raise your toddler, using all the healing tools that I used to raise two healthy, Self conscious Individuals!

Receive a 75 page e-book, full of all kinds of Natural therapies and tools to keep your toddler happy, healthy and flourishing. Along with the most unique healing remedies in the world!

The heart of these kits are the Dynamic Remedies, which are included and mailed directly to you.

Along with a Quick User Guide and a comprehensive e-book.

Emotional balance, designed to help keep emotions balanced and easily processed when needed. Can be used once a day as support. Ingredients

Jealousy, this combo is to help the child let go of the need to experience jealousy and anger. Ingredients

Nightmares/Sleep, helps, to release the trauma of a nightmare as well as resettle and release the state that is triggering it. Allowing the child to quickly relax and sleep. Can be used, preventatively prior to bed. Ingredients

Tummy aches, to quickly soothe and settle physical and a bit of the causes of tummy aches. Ingredients

Temper tantrums, for immediate release of the emotions and physical expression surrounding this state. Use in the moment. Or once a day preventatively until you can get a handle on what is triggering these. Ingredients

No more un-necessary sleepless nights, stress and confusion.

All for the incredible low price of $77

*Compared with the cost of 25 years of personal and professional experience; Plus, the cost to individually purchase all specific tonic and pathic remedies at an expense of $400 – $800 depending on kit!


In this comprehensive ebook discover:

Healthy ways to maintain your own physical strength and emotional well being. Especially for women who are new moms!

Proper foods to ensure your toddler is growing and maturing in the right way

 Extra emotional and mental support for any kind of struggles that come up.

Learn the exact natural tools to use and when, such as – flower essences, essential oils and homeopathics that will help both you and your toddler.

Feeling calm and confident in the face of emotional and the psychological stress that arises while raising a toddler! As a parent I know how important it is to want to do all that you can to make your toddler’s life the best it can be in all ways! Because of this I have created these amazing Dynamic Remedies to help you do just that.

So much loving support and information for the low price of $77.

Your toddler will thank you – someday!


To view a great video on how to use these kits go here – Video!




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