Ketopia Weight Loss System


The Ketopia Weight Loss System;

it’s not a Diet, it’s a Healthier Lifestyle!

It’s time to choose a new way of living,

A way that will support a Healthier, more Vibrant You!

By First putting your body into Nutritional Ketosis. What is that you say? Watch this video and find out;

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While having ketones present in the body will help many people lose weight, it is also known to have some incredible health benefits that range far beyond weight management.

Appetite Control

Because the presence of ketones in the body helps to reduce appetite, and fat and protein helps us feel more satisfied, many people experience reduced hunger while in ketosis. When we are not hungry, we are much less likely to have uncontrollable cravings or fixations on food. [This has definitely helped me!]

Reduction of Triglycerides

People that eat diets high in refined carbohydrates and sugar, tend to have high triglycerides. High levels of triglycerides have been linked to more serious health problems, like; heart disease, high blood pressure, hypothyroidism and an inability to control type 2 diabetes.

Enhanced Energy

Diets high in fat, remove many of the insulin-responding foods that can cause spikes and drops in blood sugar. Getting off the “glucose rollercoaster” will help the body maintain more balanced and sustained energy.

Increased Cognitive Function

Ketone levels have been positively correlated with memory performance. Indicating that low carbohydrate consumption may help improve memory function. 

Article explaining how ketosis works on brain function.

Better Sleep

Ketogenic diets typically help to balance blood sugar levels, or help to maintain blood sugar levels already within normal range. Allowing for better, more restful sleep.

Scientific article explaining the health benefits of the Ketogenic diet.

*Every body is different. As metabolic rates, physical exercise and food intake vary from person to person, so too will results.

How to Put Your Body into Ketosis and Cross the Bridge!


Start your day with Ketonix Drink –


Plus 1 to 2 Digestive Enzymes – 


For Lunch have a KetoCream Shake, 1 to 2 oz of protein and 1/2 to 1 cup of Veggies 

Follow all this with a Ketogenic style Dinner and another enzyme and you’ll sleep like a baby and wake like a rock star!!!

Follow this food guide when you go shopping and every thing you eat will be Keto Friendly. 

What Can I eat (pic)

If You’re Ready, Let’s Get You Started Today –

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I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Check out these Testimonial’s 

 Jim’s story.

“Jim is a type 2 diabetic. Jim had a minor heart attack last winter and has struggled to lose weight ever since.

He started using the Ketopia diet in September, 2015. He has done 3 Ten Day Resets. He has lost 11 lbs and 15.5″ of body fat!

His blood sugar levels have been better than they ever were before. While using Ketopia he has found that he has lots of energy and he admits that he has not felt this good in many years. We took the Ketopia diet information to his Diabetic Clinic in September to get their opinion on what he was doing. They did not approve of the diet for two reasons: it did not have enough carbohydrates per meal as recommended by them and they also felt it had far to many saturated fats, in their opinion.

They felt that his cholesterol would rise significantly and that his LDL (bad cholesterol) would get out of control and jeopardize his health. He chose to continue on with his ketogenic type diet and wait until he saw his Endrocrinologist in December.

Jim’s Endrocrinologist said his blood work was so great he had to check the results more than once! He told Jim that his cholesterol was as good as a 25 yr. old mans. The doctor also said Jim’s LDL’s were so low that he checked them several times. He asked Jim what he was doing and what he was eating. He told Jim his results were so good that he recommended that he continue doing exactly what he had been doing.

Needless to say we were thrilled with the results! Jim’s has been able to substantially reduce his insulin and hopes to be able to eventually get off all insulin!”

Joan P, Zurich ON Joan’s link to her fgxpress Distributors page!

My own personal results to date (with a few cheat days & weeks mixed in) – 

Measurement September 10 2015

Chest 37 1/4

Waist 36

Hips 41

Upper arms 12 1/2

Upper thigh 23 3/4

Measurement February 10 2016

Chest 35 1/2

Waist 30

Hips 36 1/2

Upper arms 12 

Upper thigh 22

A total of 14.47 inches of body fat!

Energy is great, my digestion is the best it’s been in years, I play hard and sleep well!

Andrea_clear copy 3

9:08am Oct 17

“just thought I’d check in. Day 4 on the ketopia and I’m feeling good. Tired from a long and stressful work week but not exhausted like usual and much more energy. I’m not having night cravings which is great. I’m already down 4.5lbs and 1 inch!! I’m looking forward to what this next week brings.” Ayleasha Ferguson

“Hey Andrea

Day 3, Ive lost 10 pounds Only have done the plan plus my dinner


Day 1 and day 2. OMG. I was so hungry for dinner. Ate chicken both days for the protein. I was shocked to see 10 pounds off this morning.

I will be looking great for christmas season and in my bathing suit

Love it, Heather”

“I took the 10 day Ketopia Reset program. The program consisted of a  10 ounce Ketonx drink for breakfast , a Dough bite bar for lunch; an 8 ounce Fixx shake for an afternoon snack and a regular meal at supper time. The breakfast drink and the lunch bar provided sufficient nutrition to avoid any feelings of hunger. After the 10 day program I had lost 8 pounds , and 6 inches over all. I am also a type 2 diabetic and take insulin at every meal and bedtime. Astoundingly, during the 10 day program my glucose readings were consistently within acceptable ranges to such an extent that I did not require any insulin.

For type 2 diabetics it is an excellent program for losing weight safely and maintaining healthy glucose readings. Unlike some dietary programs which can leave you constantly feeling hungry, sluggish and lacking energy, I experienced none of these symptoms with the Ketopia program. I felt alert, energetic and slept soundly at night throughout the entire program.”

JH Moore

 More to come every week!

Discover The Big Fat Lie, we’ve all been living.

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