Life’s a Journey, Where are You Headed?

Life’s a Journey, do you know where you’re journey is headed?

It’s your journey and no one else’s.

Life truly is a journey of self discovery, personal experiences, desires, self motivation and empowerment.


I had no clue for many years, that my life was my very own to orchestrate and create. Let alone, be aware of where I was in it!

We all know, that there is no straight line when travelling through life!

My personal journey has been all over the map! To say the least. 

Lately, I’ve even been struggling to just write a new blog post.

It just seemed like I couldn’t quite focus on what exactly was going on in my own life and the lives around me, to see clear enough to know what support people need right now.

But, after the last couple weeks of chaos around me, a light has gone off and cleared a path.

For me; my family and clients are a great reflection of my own struggles. They are a great way to determine if I have indeed overcome those struggles and no longer resonate with them in order to no longer attract them into my life.

My own journey seems like a blur of ups and downs; triumphs, soul learnings and then drops down into physical ailments and struggles. Yet, through it all I know that one connects to the other, and in order to resolve the WHOLE, I must resolve and heal both ends of the spectrum.

In other words, to be healthy in every way I need to resolve my mental, emotional struggles and the physical symptoms that go along with them.

For those of you who have been following my blog for a few years, you may, or may not, have noticed a pattern.

For years I focused on the STATE or underlying essence, of my health. What I mean by that is, I’ve worked on my own belief patterns; inherited thoughts, emotions and physical patterns that where defining my life. As well as, the karmic conflicts that I have chosen to bring forward to work through (different then familial conflicts).

However, prior to working on the STATE, I had worked only on the physical.

Funny how life goes in circles!

So, bear with me; here is a synopsis of my healing journey so far:

When I was 15 years old I got really sick. I had severe debilitating headaches, nausea, dizziness and constant stomach or bowel pains. Many doctors and tests later I was hopped up on morphine laced pain killers but no diagnosis in sight.

After laying in bed for a good 2 1/2 months I finally decided to stop the medications and look for an alternative. My mom, being the innovative thinker she was, found a Naturopath in Toronto (a good 2 hour drive from home).

In the early 80’s Naturopaths where not common knowledge like they are today!

So, I began my healing journey. I changed my diet, did detoxes, colonics, used herbs, and supplements to improve the quality of my physical body. And, low and behold over the next few months, I began to improve.

The results lasted me a few years.

Then my emotional life started to weigh on me. As a young adult, the pressures of life and where I was “supposed” to go, do and be, weighted heavily on me. I struggled to find my own path in life. To define WHO I WAS!

In fact, this struggle would last me a good 7-8 years until I discovered the system Heilkunst.

Now don’t get me wrong, in the mid 80’s, mom and I had discovered Louise L Hayes amazing book – You Can Heal Your Life.

And it opened my eyes to the STATE behind the SYMPTOMS!

I dabbled in understanding why I was constantly struggling with certain symptoms. Did the mantras and tried to be AWARE.

I had also found a new naturopath and had begun to learn about homeopathic remedies and spyragerics and nosodes. More amazing healing tools!

I loved the new direction my health was going, but there where still demons deep down inside that seemed to create turmoil in my day to day life.

It wasn’t until I began studying at the Hahnemann Centre for Heilkunst and going through my own Sequential Treatment; that I fully realized the depths of the diseases we carry.

Now, when I say a disease, I mean a true disease state, not some made up expression or outer symptomology, as seen in the many new so-called diseases, conventional medicine throws around today!

If it ends in ‘itis’; then it’s an expression or individual symptom picture, of a true deeper state. Not a true disease. Just saying. Again, don’t shoot the messenger!

Truth – A true disease is something that affects every single person the same every single time!

Examples; a bruise, chicken pox, lyme, grief, anger, a belief of being unworthy, etc.

So, back to my story.

As I began to clear away all the old trauma’s and true disease states, that I knew I had experienced in this life, I began to see things in a whole new way.

Things in my life began to shift and change in ways that I could not have ever expected or planned.

When you free yourself of unwanted,

unnecessary and old baggage,

your mind/thoughts,

emotions and physical body begin to transform,

to reflect the new STATE.

We are all, always in process. Do not think there is an end point to all of this, there isn’t…..

So here I was thinking WOW, life is an amazing journey and I feel so blessed!

I was working as a practitioner and enjoying helping other’s to free their own selves and help shift their journey to a higher path that was right for them.

Then, a year and half ago I was presented with an opportunity. One that I had actually been secretly asking the Universe for. A way to create a residual income, while still holding to my faith of helping other’s with their health. In the highest and best possible way.

The company Forever Green, came into my life and I chose to become a distributor. I had reviewed their supplements and was so impressed by how clean and well thought out they were, it was a no brainer.

As I began to explore the products for my own health, I realized I had truly come full circle.

  • Work on physical well being – check
  • Work on mental, emotional, old disease states and karmic stuff – check
  • Re-work on the physical body that is the carrier of this now healthier soul, spiritual being – new check

I realized I needed to do some more physical repairing and healing.

Thus, for the last year my blogs have been about my own journey with the Forever Green and the Fgxpress products, like; Powerstrips, Solarstrips, Ketopia(a life changer for my digestion and metabolic well being, to say the least!), along with the other support tools as needed, like Frequensea, Aim and Pulse.

I’m not saying I hit perfection…. cuz I haven’t, there is no such thing!

However, I know my life is going in the right direction because:

I feel clear in who I am, what I want from this life and how to obtain it on every level.

Mentally and emotionally I feel super happy, confident, light, and non affected by the chaos that goes on around me.

My energy is good, most days, and my digestion and weight struggles are non existent, provided I keep loving myself.

I know that I am not completely resistant to illness, or obstacles in life. Because these are the necessary wake up calls we need to remember that – Yep I’m still having a human experience, and I still have stuff to work on, so own it!

However, what I do feel most days is this:

I am Empowered!

Empowered is when you know exactly who you are.

Love and respect yourself fully.

Knowing that nothing anyone says or does can affect you in a negative way.


So, I ask again, where is your journey taking you?

Is it going in the direction you want it to take, or not? In other words, are you consciously in control of your own destiny or have you given your power away to someone or something else? 

I’m not saying don’t trust in a higher power, because I certainly do.

What I am saying, is to find the balance between; you being your own determining factor and whatever higher power you use for support.

Know who you are, what you uniquely desire in life, what you can give back to the world and what it’s going to take for you to create this in your life.

Then and only then, give this knowledge over to the Universe to help you achieve this. Amen, Namaste, Hallelujah, Gassho, Love & Light and so on. 

I hope you have enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it and sharing!

Please feel free to post your comments, thoughts or share your story, I would love to hear it.

In true resonant health, have a Self Inspiring week,

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