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Was your new years resolution this year to lose weight and feel great?

And now it’s March and everything has fallen by the way side?

I totally hear you!!

A year and a half ago, when the Ketopia program came out, I went gung ho, and did this weight loss program for 3 months and managed to go from a size 9/10 to a size 5/6. Mainly through changing my diet, using the products and maintaining an active lifestyle.

Since then, I’ve easily maintained the weight loss, since nutritional ketosis does that! Even though, I’ve added more carbs, calories and alcohol back into my lifestyle. 

Cuz heck, I’m only human and feel that life has to lived to the fullest.

But now, I want to lose a bit more weight, clean up my internal and external energy.

And, I don’t know about you, but I find it super easy to cheat or find excuses, when I’m doing it alone. So….

I’m setting up this FREE Program to help us hold each other accountable.

I will support our weight loss goals with all of my 35 years of knowledge and resources, to make this year – 2017, that we all succeed in our weight loss, and health goals.

All you have to do to get started with me, is include your best email address for me to connect with you and share the start up protocols and private Facebook group.

What do you say?

Hopefully yes!!

I would love to create a great group; to help hold myself accountable and that I can support and hold accountable too!

 We will be un apologetically, sharing our goals, our struggles, our thoughts, emotions and all of our achievements, on a private Facebook group I will create just for us!

So whose with me?? 

Just click on the opt in link above and let’s get started!

I am looking forward to getting started right away, 

hope you are too.

in whole health,


(The only extra costs would be your food, supplements and any products, like Ketopia, you may choose to help you reach your goals)