My Ketopia Experience – Week One

The good news and the bad news is; because I didn’t stress about being super careful with my nutrition all Summer, (knowing that Ketopia was on it’s way); meant that, I am at the maximum weight I’ve been in many years – 154.6 pounds. 

I have been this weight a handful of times over my life. The first time right after puberty, as my large eating habits that didn’t bother me when I was a super busy, skinning kid, bloomed right along with me, as my hormones changed. Within one year I had gone from a size 1 to a size 8/10.

This was also around the time my healing journey began, as I had many other health issues that came up at this time as well; physical, mental and emotional. At this time, I did learn how to eat in a healthy way for my body and lost all the excess weight within a couple years.

But then college came along and due to terrible eating and drinking habits I quickly went back up to 150. The Summer after college, I took control and got back on to healthier eating and exercise habits and dropped down to 120.

The third time I reached over 150, was with the birth of my first child. I definitely ate more than I should have, initially thinking I needed to and well, I just love food! However, it didn’t take my body long to remember the pattern and back up I went. 

From there, I managed to lose some of the weight between kids, but never all of it and have never gotten back to what I feel is my ideal weight for my body structure and size.

I am really looking forward to this new product. It completely makes sense to me, that utilizing fats as fuel to create a consistent slow, steady energy compared of the unstable sugar/insulin system is the way to go. 

Did you know; that fat gives you 300% more energy than sugar?

I think it’s also important to note; that I come from a family with a lot of type 2 diabetes. I suffered from severe hypoglycemia as a child and was tested often. Once I began my healing journey with Dynamic Medicine, I stopped struggling with these issues. However, I know that the inherent tendency is still there. I would still admit that I struggle with some form of a metabolic syndrome.

* Please note that this is my personal experience with Ketopia, it is not an evaluation, or even a professional assessment. The opinions expressed are from my own life experiences, both as an individual and a health care practitioner. I highly recommend that if you would like to try this program and you do have medical conditions, are on conventional medications or are pregnant that you seek professional advice first and during.

Every one will have their own unique experience with this program. The ability to shift into ketosis and to rebalance one’s metabolism is as unique as each of us. Take the time to listen to your body, follow the flow of positive energy, adjust it as it feels right for you!

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Week one of my Ketopia experience.

The quick short version is – lost initially, had an immediate increase in energy,but struggled with headaches. Then hit a wall between day 3 and 5, where my metabolism was saying “What the heck!” But I persevered and interestingly the day I finally felt not hungry and noticed the protocol going smoothly was the day I started to lose again. Also had to change when I took my coffee as it tended to halt the ketosis process.

All and all, I lost 6 pound in 8 days, had an increase in steady overall energy, and stamina during exercise has improved.

However, please keep reading for the full version!

Day 1 September 10 2015

I felt a weird energy while drinking the first ketonix. A good kind of weird. I felt energy but a different energy. 

The results of ketones on pee stick after 2 hours of sipping ketonix was between moderate and large! I Feel good. 

Weighed myself at 8 am – 154.6 is my starting weight.


Chest 37 1/4

Waist 36

Hips 41

Upper arms 12 1/2

Upper thigh 23 3/4

I have this constant desire to take deep breathes, like my lungs are able to take in more air than they have in the past.

Unfortunately my menstrual cycle decided to join the party today. Which may affect some of my symptoms and reactions.

Today, I had more bowel movements than normal. Plus a low grade, toxic type headache. Nothing to really slow me down, but just there in the top part of my head.

Managed to wait the three hours until my dough bite, then had my organic coffee with a large teaspoon of coconut oil in it with frothed coconut milk on top. 

Later in the day, I recognized that my energy was more solid and consistent. I didn’t get my usually afternoon slump. 

Felt hungry off and on over the whole day. I had expected the drink, dough bite and protein shake to satisfy me enough, however they only helped for a short period of time. Definitely struggling to not eat something extra. Took the time to carefully plan and organize dinner so there was no unhealthy carbohydrates or sugars. Had a homemade greek salad with plain salmon on the side.

Didn’t feel super tired at bedtime either, however it also made it harder to fall asleep right away. Once asleep, slept well, but dreamt a lot.

Day 2 

Weighed myself, at roughly the same time in the morning as yesterday, lost 1 pound exactly – 153.6. 

Upon drinking the Ketonix, noticed that same desire to draw in deep breathes. I didn’t test with the ketostix due to my cycle. So not sure where I was, but definitely feel I am there.

Finding that I am actually hungrier than normal in the mornings once I have had the Ketonix. I struggle to wait for the dough bite. Once I do eat the dough bite and bullet type coffee, it did satiate my appetite for several hours.

I am more than ready by 2pm to have my protein shake and decided to add a snack. Had some cucumber and local organic cheese. Definitley helped.

Dinner was local organic, gluten and sugar free turkey sausage and left over greek salad.

Energy felt good all day, no headache until later in the evening. Again could be due to menstrual cycle. I haven’t taken my iron as I forgot about my supplements.

Was still hungry later in the evening, had to have some nuts to help ease this before bed.  

Slept well.

Day 3

Woke with a slight headache, more in the front. Definitely think I need to take some iron today. Woke later than usual, it is Sunday, so decided to sleep in to 7:30!

Had my Ketonix, did the barn chores, and came in to weigh myself, trying to stick to a similar schedule. 9 am weigh in, as my weight fluctuates through the day.

Weight – 152.4 down a little over a pound. 

Had my dough bite with a coffee at 10:30 am, then went to the barn to ride my horse. 

Came home and had my protein shake and some organic cheese.

Made a nice dinner of homemade butter chicken, with tomatoes from my garden, and a stir fry with coconut oil and tamari sauce. 

Seem to be less hungry between, but still hungry once the time is up. Also noticed that my hunger is actual real hunger, not just a craving or desire to eat as was my usual pattern. I also find even though I am hungry, I don’t feel cranky or miserable about it. Just am hungry, but can put it off and not be emotionally reactive when doing so. Nice!

Went to bed early with a headache, still detoxing and cycle was heavy today. I beginning to wonder if my appetite and headache is also due to my menstrual cycle? Is the Ketonix drink stimulating the liver enough to actually cleanse and restore balance to the hormone cycles? Time will tell. 

Day 4

6 am Woke feeling well, no headache and not tired, feeling good.

Had my Ketonix drink and morning chores, some cleaning.

Weight – 152.6 no loss. 

Definitely ready for my dough bite at 9 am. Chose to have a herbal tea instead of coffee. 

After morning client made up my protein shake and went to the barn to ride my horse.

I am definitely noticing that my energy is much greater than it has been in years. I tend to push myself and can do so at will, however I often pay for this with severe slumps. What I am finding is that the more energy I need, I have ten fold. When I ride, it is without effort. When I am doing barn chores or lifting heavy things, it seems effortless, like it is not draining me at all. 

Another interesting thing I noticed today, was as I was undressing to have my shower after riding, my sweat had absolutely no smell! Seriously, I had to check my shirt several times. Generally after I work out, my clothes are noticeably sour and off to the wash they go. However, today for the first time in I honestly don’t know, there is no smell, just dampness. Curiouser and curiouser!

 Also today after 2 days of full menstrual cycle, it has ended, and along with it I noticed my head feels clearer and my appetite is not nearly as intense. Again, could be that I am just adjusting to the protocols, however, good to note.

Had a very busy day, with lots of steady energy, got a lot done and felt good going to bed.

Day 5 

Had a heavy sleep, lots of dreams, wasn’t ready to get up. 

Morning Ketonix at 6:30 

Measured Ketones with peestik at 8:15 in mild ketosis.

Weight – 151.8 small loss.

I’m finding that if I test my ketones after I’ve had my dough bite and coffee, that I am nil or trace. Not sure why, this is all a work in progress. I’m thinking it is the coffee blocking the nutrients. Will see what the scale says tomorrow.

However, the increase in energy has been phenomenal. 

I feel clear and steady all day!

Stuck to my usual routine. Didn’t snack as much, and had a great homemade hamburger patty and a homemade ceasar salad all carb and sugar free. Felt more satisfied today with all stages.

Day 6 

woke 6 am, had ketonix at 6:30 – 7:15. 

At 8:45 tested ketones, showed mid to moderate.

Have decided today to not do my coffee and just do the dough bite at 3 hours after Ketonix. 

Weigh in at 9 am – 152.6 so I have gone up? A tad confused, as I know my diet is super clean, carb and sugar free. I am thinking my metabolism is just trying to figure out how to actually work within this new frame work.

I think for many of us with metabolic insufficiencies, the first 10 day reset pack is all about getting the ball rolling. The follow up packs will bring the real results we desire!

I felt great energetically all day today, even though I still had a small headache, I had the weird feeling that this was a big shift day for me.

For the first time I wasn’t “starving” between protocols. I never had the desire to snack between, or even after my dinner. Went to bed feeling good.

 Day 7 

Woke at 6:00 the smell of coffee was so enticing I decided to switch up my routine, as I know the coffee blocks the ketosis process. I had my bullet coffee early, did  the full butter and coconut oil blended with my coconut milk frothed on top. I’m good with just one cup a day, more for the taste than anything else. This made me feel happy.

8:30 did my Ketonix drink.

 Weight – 150.8 Yeah! I knew my body was finally shifting into the right space to let go.

 Rest of the day similar to the last small snack with protein shake late after noon. Protein and veggie dinner and no desire to snack later.

Day 8 

So officially the end of my first week, but still have two more days of the first 10 day reset.

Today the same as yesterday; bullet coffee first, then Ketonix drink, waited 3 hours had dough bite and just lots of water. Was actually running around doing errands all day so didn’t weigh myself until 3:00 pm

Weight – 148.6 Woo Hoo!

What is interesting is that my ketones though today where nil after my ketonix and only trace later in the afternoon. So again this is not always a great indicator as to whats going on at a cellular and blood level.

Dinner was a steak and homemade greek salad.

My conclusion to the first week is – do not have unrealistic expectations.

I was kinda thinking a pound a day for sure, but apparently this only happens for men : (

Be as due diligent with your nutritional intake as much as possible, but don’t stress what the peestick says or the scale.

Be prepared to make adjustments as I did as  you go along. 

If you are a type 2 diabetic, be sure to monitor your insulin and snack as needed, with proteins and fats. My step father is a type 2 diabetic and he started the same day as me. He found it much easier to stick to the program. Has lost over 8 pounds and hasn’t had to take his insulin in the last 4 days. So as you can see it is a very individual program. He also eats a protein snack along with his dough bite too and has been doing his coffee later.

In conclusion for now I am impressed with the program. I did struggle at first but I think this is normal. We all have are limits and imbalances so try to go with it as much as possible and do your best. If you stick to the program as much as possible, you will see results, the science is there for you not to. 

To help here is a video that helped me understand Ketosis in a very simple way –

 To purchase your 10, 20 or 30 day reset pack simply follow this link!

I highly recommend you purchase as a preferred customer to get a discount on your first order, and your next auto shipped order will be even more reduced. Totally worth it, if you plan on losing more than 5-10 pounds.

It is fine to do as many days in a row as you like, the ketosis is gentle and even if you don’t feel you need to lose a lot of weight but want to tone and increase energy, eliminate chronic inflammation and chronic fatigue then it will help with that too!

My goal is to at least lose 25 pounds, so I plan on doing 30 – 40 days. Please be sure to follow along each week as I review my process for you.

Thank you for taking the time to read through my ketopia week one experience. If you have any questions for me please don’t hesitate to email me at

In true resonant health, I look forward to hearing from you.

Wishing you a Self Inspiring & health filled week,

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  1. How do the products taste? Are nuts allowed as a protein snack? Also, do you only have one full meal a day?

    1. Hi Miranda, I like the taste of the products. in the 7 day reset you can have orange or orange and raspberry flavour in the Ketonix. Not every likes the orange, it is similar to “tang”. The raspberry everyone likes and you can always mix the two. The Keto Cream shake is vanilla, white chocolate taste and the fixx in the 10 day reset tastes like Quick chocolate mix.
      Nuts are definitely allowed. And yes you only need the one full meal a day either noon or dinner depending on your lifestyle. When your body gets Keto adapted with the products, you will be less hungry, more satiated and have no hunger or energy dips. Fats are essential in this program.
      I hope this helps, if you have any other questions please feel free to email me at

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