How to Feel Amazing in 2017!

Happy New Year to you!

Would you like to discover how to feel amazing in 2017?


I’m starting 2017 with a whole new perspective on my health and how to help you with your’s. 

I always start the new year with new goals, desires and reason’s for those desires.

And, having been blessed with having Mercury go Retrograde over the last couple weeks; has really helped me take the time to reflect on the past year and beyond. Giving me time to recognize what I’m ready to let go of and what I’m ready to attract into my life.

How about you? What reflections have come up for you over the last few week?

I have dedicated most of my life to health and healing. Be it my own healing or the health of those who have come into my life.

Sometimes with a bit more enthusiasm then the other’s may have wanted!! 

But, always because I care. I care so deeply about taking responsibility for my own health and the desire to share this with others. 

We only get one body in this lifetime and health is vital to having a long full, enjoyable life experience.

It has taken me a long time to find the balance between wanting desperately to heal everyone I knew and loved in the way I thought was best. To not helping unless asked.

Definitely my Karmic journey and life lesson!

Which is why, I am starting this year with a whole new perspective. 

I am still here to guide and support whom ever is in need of my healing and health care knowledge. Because that is the gift I have been blessed with.

However, it will come in a new way. One that supports each of us as individuals, and all of us as a caring community of Health Seekers!

So to start of the New Year, I would like to reflect and share with you, all of the healing tools that I have used over the years to find and heal, my true inner self.

To help you  heal that self on every level – Mental, Emotional and Physical, and feel amazing every single moment of every single day!

How to Feel Amazing in 2017!

Step 1. Commit to taking care of you first, every single day!

I don’t mean in a narcissistic, egotistical, I’m better than you way. But, in a way that tells the world, that you love you, in every single way, every moment of every day.

You are and should be the most important person in your life, PERIOD.

You can still be an amazing, loving, community and family supporting individual, while making each decision based on what would be best for you and your soul and spiritual growth first. 

When your cup is full of love and light, then you can give that same energy back to other’s!

Step 2. Make healthier lifestyle choices, based on your individual needs.

In other words, take the time each day to make cleaner, healthier choices in these important areas of your life;

  • Nutrition/food: I highly suggest looking into eating in a more Ketogenic way. After eating a Paleo diet for many years, I switched to Ketogenic and have felt better than I have in years. There is a lot of new evidence, that supports how a Ketogenic lifestyle can reverse; type 2 diabetes, halt cancer, improve and heal brain damage/concussion, MS, Parkinsons, alzheimers and more. It is also the easiest way to lose excess weight!
  • Exercise: I’m not a huge advocate of becoming a “gym rat”, but if getting a personal trainer to help get you started is necessary, then by all means do so. The benefits of making sure you do at least 20 – 30 minutes of exercise every single day is well documented. I suggest finding something physical you love to do, like; hiking, walking in nature, yoga, cycling, riding a horse and so on. Find at least one thing that you can be active doing, every day and just do it!
  • Quality Supplementation: We all know that our food sources are deficient in vital nutrients. Many of our health problems arise from nutritional deficiencies and malnutrition. And, unless you are being completely neurotic with your daily nutrients, you are more than likely deficient of several vital nutrients. To remedy this I highly suggest you take a bio-available, whole food nutrient, such as, Solarstrips with Frequensea or Prodigy 5.
  • Relaxation: Levels of relaxation vary with each individual. My form of mediation is to wake 15 minutes before I need to get up. Stay relaxed, and do some focused visualizing of my goals for the day. I also find that when I ride my horse, I am in a “zone” of just being one with me and my horse! Sweeping the front walk can be a very quiet relaxing few minutes for me, that allows me to simply stay in the absolute moment. What ever you need to do, to bring your focus to the immediate moment and be quiet and calm within, both on a mental and emotional level, is what you should try to do each day. Even if it is just for 5-15 minutes.
  • Aesthetics for the Body and Home: Whatever you touch, put on, clean with etc, all affects your level of health. 

    It is extremely important to buy natural, environmentally friendly cleaning products. Household product are extremely toxic and poisonous. Which, affect and block up your cleansing organs. I have also noticed in my practice that many so-called allergies are actually simply reactions to toxins like pesticides and cleaners!

    The more toxins you take in, the harder it is for your body to function properly and efficiently. Often so called Seasonal allergies and allergic asthma can actually be caused by too many toxins and chemicals. An overloaded internal system needs to discharge in some way!

    The simplest and most cost effective way to clean a household is with baking soda, apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil and salt.

  • It is even more crucial that your body care be free of parabens, sodium sulfates, propylene glycol and other harmful, toxic chemicals. Brands that are a safe guarantee are Aubrey organics, Avalon organics, Weleda, Neil’s Yard, Green Beaver, Natural Blends, Vidoma, Floral Actives, Pure and Natural Spa cosmetics and body care, Suncoat and Zuzu cosmetics, Lavera, Jurlique and Haushka, Jaydancin, body care and cosmetics. Go on line and find one that is made close to where you live!

    With regards to feminine hygiene products, it is imperative to use unbleached organic cotton tampons. Pads are less of an issue, but it would be of great benefit for your body and the earth to use the organic brands as well. There is also the option of using the Diva cup, which is reusable and crafted out of silicon. More information on this product or similar ones can be found online or at your local health food retailer. Again a lot of toxic feelings around your monthly cycle can be from the toxins in bleached pads and tampons.

  • Sleep: Last, but certainly not least.

    Get your sleep! At least 6-9 hours per night. Try to retire and rise earlier. In a perfect world we want to achieve what is known as “baby sleep” which takes place between 8 pm and 12 am. Any steps towards getting a portion of this time frame is great. Did you know, that lack of sleep on a continual basis does affect your health on every level. It puts a strain on your inner organs that control digestion, assimilation and elimination, by not allowing them to regenerate fully. Which means that you cannot process and discharge fully! (I am planning on introducing a Sleep Kit to my line up this year.)

Step 3. Discover the Healing Power of Dynamic Medicine and Sequential Treatment.

These two single things, have changed my life in the most incredible ways!!

We are all here on a journey of self discovery. 

The events that unfold in your life are seen from your perspective and yours only. Each based on all of your past experiences, beliefs, inherent, genetic predispositions and karmic knowledge. All of which you can free yourself from with the right tools.

If you find that you continually struggle with the same issues, over and over, and want to free yourself from these. Be sure to check out my Sequential Treatment Program. 

Life is not about being stuck in the same rut and doing the same things over and over. It is about personal evolution in the highest and best way for you!

This program is like taking the red pill in the movie the Matrix


Facing the truth may not be easy, but it’s the only way to true freedom and whole health.

Just think of me as your personal guide. Because, I’ve been there, done that and made it out the other side!!

“Andrea, Thank you for everything… I really feel like your guidance has helped me get on a path I have been resisting for some time. Your courage, strength and support is really empowering for me. I can’t thank you enough.” Beth S

If, you’re not quite ready to take the whole red pill, then a simpler option is to begin with my: Jumpstart Your Whole Health Program!

This is a fully customizable, automated, whole healing program. You can do in the comfort of your own home.

This program is about helping empower you, to heal yourself. 

There is no greater feeling then when one Empowers themselves!

You will receive all the self knowledge, tools and remedies necessary to restore, not only your physical health, but your mental and emotional wellbeing too.

Choose the depth and degree of healing you are interested in. Start whenever you like, and go at your own pace.

Or, the easiest way to introduce yourself to Dynamic Medicine is with the:

Ultimate Wholistic Healing Kits. 


They still open you to the whole truth but in a simpler, gentler way.

Your journey in this life truly is your own, but please don’t struggle alone.

If you need support with your health, no matter what support or healing tools you require, in order to live and feel amazing every day this year; Always remember, I am here to help.

My Self Inspiring question of the week is;

What would help you feel amazing in 2017?

In true resonant health, have a Self Inspiring week,

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Life’s a Journey, Where are You Headed?

Life’s a Journey, do you know where you’re journey is headed?

It’s your journey and no one else’s.

Life truly is a journey of self discovery, personal experiences, desires, self motivation and empowerment.


I had no clue for many years, that my life was my very own to orchestrate and create. Let alone, be aware of where I was in it!

We all know, that there is no straight line when travelling through life!

My personal journey has been all over the map! To say the least. 

Lately, I’ve even been struggling to just write a new blog post.

It just seemed like I couldn’t quite focus on what exactly was going on in my own life and the lives around me, to see clear enough to know what support people need right now.

But, after the last couple weeks of chaos around me, a light has gone off and cleared a path.

For me; my family and clients are a great reflection of my own struggles. They are a great way to determine if I have indeed overcome those struggles and no longer resonate with them in order to no longer attract them into my life.

My own journey seems like a blur of ups and downs; triumphs, soul learnings and then drops down into physical ailments and struggles. Yet, through it all I know that one connects to the other, and in order to resolve the WHOLE, I must resolve and heal both ends of the spectrum.

In other words, to be healthy in every way I need to resolve my mental, emotional struggles and the physical symptoms that go along with them.

For those of you who have been following my blog for a few years, you may, or may not, have noticed a pattern.

For years I focused on the STATE or underlying essence, of my health. What I mean by that is, I’ve worked on my own belief patterns; inherited thoughts, emotions and physical patterns that where defining my life. As well as, the karmic conflicts that I have chosen to bring forward to work through (different then familial conflicts).

However, prior to working on the STATE, I had worked only on the physical.

Funny how life goes in circles!

So, bear with me; here is a synopsis of my healing journey so far:

When I was 15 years old I got really sick. I had severe debilitating headaches, nausea, dizziness and constant stomach or bowel pains. Many doctors and tests later I was hopped up on morphine laced pain killers but no diagnosis in sight.

After laying in bed for a good 2 1/2 months I finally decided to stop the medications and look for an alternative. My mom, being the innovative thinker she was, found a Naturopath in Toronto (a good 2 hour drive from home).

In the early 80’s Naturopaths where not common knowledge like they are today!

So, I began my healing journey. I changed my diet, did detoxes, colonics, used herbs, and supplements to improve the quality of my physical body. And, low and behold over the next few months, I began to improve.

The results lasted me a few years.

Then my emotional life started to weigh on me. As a young adult, the pressures of life and where I was “supposed” to go, do and be, weighted heavily on me. I struggled to find my own path in life. To define WHO I WAS!

In fact, this struggle would last me a good 7-8 years until I discovered the system Heilkunst.

Now don’t get me wrong, in the mid 80’s, mom and I had discovered Louise L Hayes amazing book – You Can Heal Your Life.

And it opened my eyes to the STATE behind the SYMPTOMS!

I dabbled in understanding why I was constantly struggling with certain symptoms. Did the mantras and tried to be AWARE.

I had also found a new naturopath and had begun to learn about homeopathic remedies and spyragerics and nosodes. More amazing healing tools!

I loved the new direction my health was going, but there where still demons deep down inside that seemed to create turmoil in my day to day life.

It wasn’t until I began studying at the Hahnemann Centre for Heilkunst and going through my own Sequential Treatment; that I fully realized the depths of the diseases we carry.

Now, when I say a disease, I mean a true disease state, not some made up expression or outer symptomology, as seen in the many new so-called diseases, conventional medicine throws around today!

If it ends in ‘itis’; then it’s an expression or individual symptom picture, of a true deeper state. Not a true disease. Just saying. Again, don’t shoot the messenger!

Truth – A true disease is something that affects every single person the same every single time!

Examples; a bruise, chicken pox, lyme, grief, anger, a belief of being unworthy, etc.

So, back to my story.

As I began to clear away all the old trauma’s and true disease states, that I knew I had experienced in this life, I began to see things in a whole new way.

Things in my life began to shift and change in ways that I could not have ever expected or planned.

When you free yourself of unwanted,

unnecessary and old baggage,

your mind/thoughts,

emotions and physical body begin to transform,

to reflect the new STATE.

We are all, always in process. Do not think there is an end point to all of this, there isn’t…..

So here I was thinking WOW, life is an amazing journey and I feel so blessed!

I was working as a practitioner and enjoying helping other’s to free their own selves and help shift their journey to a higher path that was right for them.

Then, a year and half ago I was presented with an opportunity. One that I had actually been secretly asking the Universe for. A way to create a residual income, while still holding to my faith of helping other’s with their health. In the highest and best possible way.

The company Forever Green, came into my life and I chose to become a distributor. I had reviewed their supplements and was so impressed by how clean and well thought out they were, it was a no brainer.

As I began to explore the products for my own health, I realized I had truly come full circle.

  • Work on physical well being – check
  • Work on mental, emotional, old disease states and karmic stuff – check
  • Re-work on the physical body that is the carrier of this now healthier soul, spiritual being – new check

I realized I needed to do some more physical repairing and healing.

Thus, for the last year my blogs have been about my own journey with the Forever Green and the Fgxpress products, like; Powerstrips, Solarstrips, Ketopia(a life changer for my digestion and metabolic well being, to say the least!), along with the other support tools as needed, like Frequensea, Aim and Pulse.

I’m not saying I hit perfection…. cuz I haven’t, there is no such thing!

However, I know my life is going in the right direction because:

I feel clear in who I am, what I want from this life and how to obtain it on every level.

Mentally and emotionally I feel super happy, confident, light, and non affected by the chaos that goes on around me.

My energy is good, most days, and my digestion and weight struggles are non existent, provided I keep loving myself.

I know that I am not completely resistant to illness, or obstacles in life. Because these are the necessary wake up calls we need to remember that – Yep I’m still having a human experience, and I still have stuff to work on, so own it!

However, what I do feel most days is this:

I am Empowered!

Empowered is when you know exactly who you are.

Love and respect yourself fully.

Knowing that nothing anyone says or does can affect you in a negative way.


So, I ask again, where is your journey taking you?

Is it going in the direction you want it to take, or not? In other words, are you consciously in control of your own destiny or have you given your power away to someone or something else? 

I’m not saying don’t trust in a higher power, because I certainly do.

What I am saying, is to find the balance between; you being your own determining factor and whatever higher power you use for support.

Know who you are, what you uniquely desire in life, what you can give back to the world and what it’s going to take for you to create this in your life.

Then and only then, give this knowledge over to the Universe to help you achieve this. Amen, Namaste, Hallelujah, Gassho, Love & Light and so on. 

I hope you have enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it and sharing!

Please feel free to post your comments, thoughts or share your story, I would love to hear it.

In true resonant health, have a Self Inspiring week,

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The Best All Natural Tools to Regain and Maintain Whole Health!

Are you struggling to maintain your health on a daily basis?

Do you often feel tired, achey, unhappy and rundown, no matter what you seem to do?

Are you ready to make some real qualitative changes to end your health struggles?

No matter what kind of health struggles you have RIGHT NOW; as long as you are alive and ticking and willing to do something about it, you CAN regain greater whole health.

The key is being willing to do the work! No matter what it takes.

After over 30 years in the natural health movement, I still wake up excited every day knowing that I will probably learn something new in the health world. 

I keep my mind, eyes and heart open to the possibilities that abound. With the constant evolution of science, that is digging deeper into the physical as well as the soul and spiritual realms. I am greeted each day with some new discovery that I can use for my health, as well as, the health of my wonderful clients.

With Mercury, the planet of communication and information retrograde right now, I’ve been doing some reflecting on what changes I have made in my practice over the last year.


What new tools have I discovered and implemented? What transformations have I been ready and willing to work through and how has it all affected my life?

I have to say, that I am loving how strong the natural health movement is right now.

We all know that taking care of our health, BEFORE something happens is vital.

We also know that the more natural approach is safer and healthier in the long run. Natural medicine does not have “side effects” like conventional medicine. They creating healing reactions instead, which ultimately frees the life force of the impingement, instead of suppressing it.

There is an incredible wealth of options for us today, to take full control of our health and our destiny, in a natural and truly scientific way.

Without further ado, here are my reflections;

The Best, All Natural Tools to Regain and Maintain Whole Health,

as I see it right now.

Who knows, next year might be a whole new ball game! But for now, here is what has helped me, my loved ones and my clients make some qualitative changes in their whole health over the last year.

Number 1 is – Bio-available, raw, whole food nutrients.

Yep, that’s a mouthful, but a vital first step in recovering your health. We all know that we need to take care of our body, but we often do a piss poor job of it. If left to our instincts we would do a fabulous job of eating only when truly hungry, eating only high quality nutrients, getting the right amount of rest and fluids etc. Yet, because we have this highly evolved brain, that can think independently of our inner knowing, and is often overrun by false beliefs and mislead information; we often override our natural instincts and go with what in the moment, looks and tastes good. Whether, it is good for us or not! 

So, how do we help support ourselves with one hand, while we sabotage ourselves with the other?

By using the best damn nutritional support tools on the planet. Created by an amazing company called Forever Green!

I have searched high and low over the last 10 years for a company that was creating nutrients that are as pure and natural as God intended. I was blessed a year and a half ago to come across this company and I am loving it more each day!

My absolute go to every day is – Solarstrips every day whole food nutrients in a dissolvable breath strip! and sometimes I take 2 if feeling over done.

Pure, Freuquensea and Azul pure raw, are whole food supplements full of anti-oxidants to boost immunity and heal cells. I generally add these into the mix with the change of seasons, to boost immunity and cellular energy. Right now, I’m taking an ounce of Frequensea daily with my Solarstrip.

or, Pulse 8 for the heart, Aim to boost metabolism, or Retrome to regenerate from the inside out.

Do you know someone who is trying to improve there health with daily supplements? If they are taking one of those hard, packed crappy multi’s; which are toxically made, mostly pee out, while the rest is causing further imbalances!!? Then I highly suggest you forward them this blog post or these links.

Their health is totally worth it!

Number 2 is – Creating Healthier Habits and Lifestyle.

By this I mean evaluate what is working in your life right now and what isn’t. Begin to make small daily changes in the areas that most need it, to improve your whole health.


  • If you know; that eating fast, fried foods every day is bad for your health, which it is! Then do something about it. Maybe it’s not fast food, but simply too much over processed, or poor quality foods. If so, I suggest you take the time to love yourself! Schedule time each week to go to a farmers or local market and buy healthier foods. 

By healthier foods I mean; as close to nature as possible, aka lots of veggies, fruits in the berry family, proteins, like clean meats, nuts, seeds, (lentils and beans, if you’re not struggling with health or weight issues) and lots of healthy fats, like butter, coconut oil, olive oil, olives and avocado. I suggest each meal consist of 75% healthy fats for optimum energy and to feed your endocrine (hormone system), 10 – 15% raw, lightly cooked carbs like; veggies & fruit and 5 – 10% protein.

  • If you know; that one “friend” or family member in your life, that is sucking the life out of you, every time you see them! Maybe it’s time to let them go. And YES you can fire family members from your life. If they are not in a resonant, unconditionally loving relationship with you, remove them, as gracefully as you can.
  • If you know; that adding some exercise to your daily routine is going to boost your feel good hormone. Improve your metabolic rate and balance your insulin so you have consistent energy; then find a way to do it! Even if it’s a simple quick walk around your block when you get home at night from work, before you do anything else. It’s a start.

Find some time to really re-assess your habits and lifestyle. Change is always good!

Remember it takes 21 days to fully change a habit.

Try committing to a few simple life affirming habits for the next 21 days and see how your life transforms.

Number 3 is – Let go of any old unwanted thoughts, emotions and beliefs that are no longer serving you!

You can’t have whole health by just fixing your physical symptoms.

Whole health means taking ownership of any thoughts, emotions or beliefs that rule your life in a negative way.

Try not to live in Denial, take responsibility of your own thoughts, feelings and actions. In other words, be Due Diligent (aka own your own schit!!) Always be willing to release all old unwanted baggage and allow yourself to receive new circumstances, feelings and states.

Self Evolution is a never ending process of

self reflection, conscious choices,

releasing, allowing and receiving.

My absolute favourite tool to release unwanted thoughts, emotions or beliefs is Dynamic Medicine!

Dynamic Medicine is a system of healing that follows all natural laws and principles to release the “State” of an issue. All mental, emotional and physical illness, first starts as a state or resonance with something.

When you succumb to an acute illness like pneumonia, you first have to be susceptible. Which can be due to inherent miasms, poor diet, stress and overwhelm. The sate of mind that connects one to this illness is feeling completely and utterly over done by life. Complete exhaustion, mentally, emotionally and physically.

One way to know if you are “carrying” too much mental and emotional stress or inherent states that are not supporting you in a healthy way; is to objectively view your day to day life.

  • Are there specific emotions that keep getting triggered daily?
  • Are there consistent, negative thoughts and actions you keep doing, that are leading to your unhappiness?

If so, there are underlying states or old trauma’s that you haven’t released fully and they are “AFFECTING” your day to day life. 

In order to change these, you need to fully connect with them, bring them into your awareness, and then find the right support tool that can help you fully release and move beyond them. aka Dynamic Medicine. 

If you’d like to experience the depth of clearing you can get with Dynamic Medicine, at the lowest possible cost, I highly suggest you try one of my Ultimate Wholistic Healing Kits!

Click on this image buy_kit1

and look for the one kit that you connect with the most and order today. It will be mailed directly to your home, along with an immediate download of a work book, full of all kinds of support tools, to help you resolve that issue on every level.

The key to regaining and maintaining your whole health, is to take one day at a time, change one thing at a time and be kind and patient with yourself. 

Remember, it is YOUR life journey, make the most of it!!


As always, let me know your thoughts, your struggles and ways that I can help support you.

My Self Inspiring question of the week is;

In true resonant health, have a Self Inspiring week,

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