Why There is No Joy in Mudville!

Is your life, a never ending cycle of overwhelming emotions; making you feel like there is just No Joy in Mudville?

Do you often feel frustrated and annoyed by the actions and words of people around you?

Do you know, that these feelings are actually your own and not BECAUSE of the other person?

In other words, your emotions are yours alone. So if you are feeling overwhelmed and stuck in the chaos of Mudville, are you ready to see that –

No one can make you FEEL anything,

that you don’t want to.

Unless of course, you are carrying around so much suppressed and hidden emotional baggage that the universe is trying to help you become aware of!! 

This is what happens in our lives. 

External events, are simply a mirror reflection of what is really going on inside of us! 

However, if you are confronted by someone else’s anger, frustration, anxiety or chaos and it DOESN’T AFFECT you, then it’s NOT YOUR STUFF!

Recently I was confronted several times by very pure outward Rage! Funny how life likes to throw things at you, when you put your own Self out “there”. I always look at life’s occurrence, as a great way to know that I have accomplished so much in my own healing journey.

I was at a speaking engagement on the weekend and there was a fellow who was hanging on to so much anger and rage, that he could not contain it at all. Every word was spoken with harsh critical remarks and if his belief did not match any one else’s he was sure to comment. The tension around him was quite noticeable. All I kept imagining when he spoke was of an angry bull contained in a very tight enclosure with no way to properly discharge his pent up rage. My heart went out to him.

He definitely was in need of my Anger and Frustration kit!

Helping you safely remove the; physical, mental and emotional burden of anger.
Helping you safely remove the; physical, mental and emotional burden of anger.

I can not imagine living life with so much seething rage that I cannot ever feel or experience Love and Joy!

Every emotion that overwhelms us, such as grief, anger and fear, blocks us from living freely in pure Joy and Love. 

So what do we do about these emotions? We all know that you can not be human without having any emotions.

We all know that every single emotion has a purpose. We experience every emotion in response to life and our participation within life. They are used to bring our Awareness, to something that is not right within or outside us. We then use them to help us resolve, release and free ourselves from the event. 

We are all conscious individuals who are on a journey to self discovery and in search of our own “perfect” Soul and  Spiritual life.

We need to begin to honour and own our emotional and mental states.

Once we begin to recognize that every emotion we feel is our own and is there for a reason; we can begin to work on resolving the ones that are buried deeply.

Those thoughts, beliefs and emotions that are not allowing us to live in Joy, Freedom and Love most of the time. When we hang on to past emotional and psychological trauma’s it creates a memory pattern about that event. Once the pattern has been locked in to place within our very cellular and energetic makeup, then we actually create a life that reflects these trauma’s.

Our beliefs and emotions control our physical body. Our musculature is the outward expresser of our e-motions (energy in motion).

If you take the time to reflect on your own life story you will see the way life continues to play out in a very specific way for you. Look at the emotional  events that keep recurring in your life.

What state keeps “Affecting” you?

The only way you will ever be free of old emotional and psychological patterns is to first recognize them.

Bring them in to the light of day. Then reflect on them and try to come up with the message behind their energy. Once you can understand and honour what that message is for you, then you can begin to let it go.

Letting go of unresolved trauma’s can be very difficult to do on your own. Trust me I know, because I have been working on this for many years and sometimes objective outside help is needed for you to see clearly.

From my own personal and professional repertory, here are some suggestions that worked for me.

Dynamic Medicine and Homotonic remedies that address the specific emotions or beliefs you are stuck in, such as;

Natrum Muriaticum – Past events that create a sense of loss and being let down, where by the individual feels the need to close themselves off in order to protect themselves are cleared well with this remedy.

Staphysagria – Patterns of frustration and situations in life where the individual feels like they are stuck and can not change clear well with this remedy. As well as individuals who feel they are suppressed or dominated, because they have no power of self.

Lachesis – The resentful and jealousy remedy. The need to ‘keep up with the Jones’s’ state of mind in order to prove your self worth.

Baryta Carbonicum – The fear that life does not support you, when in fact it is your own lack of trust in yourself.

Aurum metallicum – The big classic depression remedy, which stems from no sense of self worth.

There of course are tons of other individual remedies used to properly release specific emotions and beliefs.

Another useful tool to release past trauma is; Theta Healing. This is a wonderful technique you can learn or find a qualified practitioner to help you work through old destructive belief patterns and release them.

Daily Affirmations, are another wonderful way to change your negative, unhealthy thoughts to clearer more productive ones. The key to affirmations however, is that you must instill the feeling work along with the words. If you can not truly imagine how the new state would feel and affect your life then the affirmation will not stick!

Orgonomic body work, is a process whereby the practitioner will help the individual discover what area of the body is blocked/armored. Then there are specific exercises used to help the individual release the blocked and stagnant emotional and/or psychological energy at the biological level. When this is done, all realms are freed; emotional, psychological and physical. One of my favorite exercises to release the cervical and thoracic area is doing deep out breathes with a strong and loud HUH. Another one is actually simply screaming to the cosmos and letting what ever words, and emotions need to come up and out to be released with what ever intensity is needed to reach a state of pure relaxation!

If you find that trying to be objective with your own, beliefs and emotions is difficult then you may find that working with someone like myself would help. I would be able to help you free yourself in a more timely and efficient way.

My Ultimate Wholistic Healing kits are full of my wisdom, guidance and healing tools!

Or, if you would like more individualized support; I would be more than happy to help you along your way to finding True Health, Freedom, Pure Joy and Love of Self!

Simply click here to set up a Free initial Assessment.

Be sure, to also check out this video – There is No Joy in Mudville!

In True Resonant Health,

Enjoy every moment because life is too short to live in Mudville!

As always, let me know your thoughts, your struggles and ways that I can help support you.

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How to Live an Authentic Life!

Do you know how to live an authentic life?

Do you live each day in complete peace and harmony?

Or, do you struggle in chaos, confusion and exhaustion? 

As we head into the heat of Summer here in the northern hemisphere, we tend to think of holidays, having fun and unwinding.

But often before we get to all of that, we have to go through chaos. 

The chaos of family events, year end events and trips and wrap ups. 

The chaos of trying to get ahead with work and business so you CAN take time off!

It sometimes feels, like the harder we try to make time to relax, the harder we actually have to work.

So while we are all running around like chickens with our heads cut off; let’s try to take time each day, even for just a moment and remember some golden rules to help you live your life authentically. 

Because when we live our life according to our own dreams, desires, goals as well as honouring each of them for just ourselves; Life will seem less hectic.


1. Never deny your true souls passion, If you desire something to feed your soul, do it!

2. Live each moment like there is no other. 

3. Be fully present within yourself in every moment. Consciously be aware of your every thought, emotion and action and be the one to choose these actions!

4. Live YOUR truth. Not everyone else’s! 

5. Being truly grateful for what you do have; what the universe has already provided for you and what you have done for yourself.

If you do nothing else each day, I highly suggest you take a second at bed and think of one thing you are grateful in your life. 

Let all wonderful, loving emotions of that gratitude well up within yourself and let it bring a smile to your face. 

There is no better way to end or start your day then being grateful for all that you have and are. For what you give energy to increases.

Do not let fear and uncertainty in. For what you give energy to increases!

One of our biggest fears is not being loved, so LOVE yourself fully, every moment of every day and this fear, the queen of all fears will disappear.

Only YOU can truly love YOU. And the best way to do just this is to take time to truly know yourself.

Take time this Summer to get away and find yourself. Even if it is just for a couple minutes every day, or an hour or two once a week. Whatever you can do – do it for you!!

If you don’t know how to do this and you need some wonderful guidance, I am happy to help you find YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF! Sometimes there is an old belief structure or deep fears that are blocking you from fully living your own authentic life. If you feel this is the case then;

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 8.23.38 AM

As always, let me know your thoughts, your struggles and ways that I can help support you.

My Self Inspiring question of the week is;

In true resonant health, have a Self Inspiring week,

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How to Survive the Heat of Summer!

Discover how to survive the heat of Summer with my easy tips and support tools!

Whether you are a heat lover or a heat hater, surviving the heat of Summer can take a lot of extra effort.

Unless, you simply hide away in an air conditioned house all the time; which in my mind isn’t a lot of fun!

I love the Summer time!

With all the great outdoor activities like; swimming, water skiing, tubing, boating, sitting on the beach, as well as spending time in my gardens, riding my horse, hiking and so on.

In ce conditii veti putea pleca in concediu pe banii companiei
Summer time fun!

But, with extra out door activities in the sun and heat; comes the potential to get TOO MUCH sun and heat. When this happens, if not properly resolved as soon as possible, you can develop symptoms that flair each year when any kind of heat arrives.

Symptoms such as; chronic headaches, dizziness, sleep issues, digestive issues, such as, diarrhea, nausea, or lack of appetite and so on. 

If you tend to get any of these symptoms when the heat of Summer arrives; then you probably have had heat or sunstroke at some point in your life and are now carrying the residual side effects.

The good news is, this can be fully resolved with an all natural remedy found in this kit – Summer Survival Kit!

If you don’t have these issues, and want to make sure you never do, keep reading and discover my tips and suggestions to help you; 

Survive the Heat of Summer!

Get Hydrated; This truly is a vital key in staying healthy and energized. Your body is 90% water and dehydration is a chronic issue in society. I know this seems so obvious but often many “imbalances” and health issues are related to a lack of proper fluids.

Now having said that I also don’t purport you drink 8 – 10 large glasses of water a day, this is not really balancing or healthy. However, what you need to be aware of is quality fluids and areas that you may be sabotaging this.

Hydrating foods and liquids for Summer;

  • clean pH balanced water either clear or add liquid chlorophyl
  • lemon added to all your water
  • non sugar added, natural/organic berry juices, added in small amounts to water or smoothies
  • coconut water, the best way to rebalance electrolytes, and is full of vitamins and minerals. By far one of my favs!
  • Rooibos tea, caffeine free and full of anti-oxidants, minerals and vitamin C
  • cucumbers, refreshing and full of caffeic acid which nourishes the skin.
  • Bell peppers, contain vitamin C, thiamine, vitamin B6, beta-carotene and folic acid. Red bell peppers are even better because they contain lycopene.
  • celery full of minerals, salts, vitamins and amino acids
  • carrots, full of beta carotene and 90% water.
  • watermelon/melons, has essential hydrating salts, calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium.
  • pineapples, great for digestion
  • berries, which are full of anti-oxidants and low in sugar
  • citrus fruit, always refreshing and hydrating and full of nutrients.
  • apples, full of fluids, green apples are lower in sugar than red.
  • really any juicy green veggie is top so be sure to eat at least one salad a day!
  • Make a Healthy Juice every morning with celery, cucumber, carrot, kale, lemon and an apple.

To reduce, eliminate and prevent Heat or Sunstroke.

Heat stroke and exhaustion occurs when people are exposed to high temperatures for extended periods of time without hydration. This can happen in a number of environments, but is most commonly seen when children are left in vehicles by their parents or caregivers. The inside temperatures of a vehicle can easily reach 120F on a hot day in just minutes.

For specific foods check out Hydrating ideas below.

However; when you have gotten too much heat or sun, often your digestive system will have shut down to preserve energy. You may even feel nauseous or have no appetite. It is wise to listen to your body until you have gotten yourself cooled off and rebalanced.

Initially begin with hot to warm liquids like supportive herbal teas like peppermint and chamomile and warm applications to gently bring your body temperature down. 

To prevent – Use Cold compresses; Here is where you can use the refreshing cold, on the outside of your body! If you know you are going to be spending the day outside in the heat and sun then be sure to take along some frozen cloths.

My mom started this when I was showing and competing with my horses. She would take several old wash cloths, get them wet, wring them out, place them neatly folded in zip lock bags, then place them in the freezer. On the day of the horse show she would bring these along in our cooler and as the day progressed we would use them on our heads and neck to cool us down. She even used to put one on the top of my horses head while we where standing between classes! When my kids started summer sports like soccer I would do the same thing and let them use them when they where resting. Every person I introduce this too since my horse showing days has gone on to make it their favourite heat relief tool.

I would even take a bandana and do the same thing, then when I was working outside in the hot sun, I would wrap my head in the bandana as I started to feel too hot. This always cooled me down and would last quite a while.

  • Cold compresses are also vital if you are out doing some physical activity and injure yourself. Remember, cold/ice initially on a new injury to keep the swelling from getting too aggressive. However, the point of the swelling is to let your body know it has an injury, to protect the area and increase healing fluids to the area. Honor the injury appropriately and do not over exert it until you are fully healed. 

Healing Juice – Prickly Pear juice is loaded with anti-inflammatory agents which makes it great for any kind of over impingement that occurs, causing your body to react in self defence. Such as over exertion to external heat.

If you develop a heat stroke headache this is a great juice to sip on!

Beet Root and Lemon juiced whole are two of the most powerful energy lifting food available. Packed full of nutrients these two when sipped together will give you an energy boost.

*Only use natural, organic and non sweetened fruit juices.

Refreshing body sprays; I make a spray bottle full of rose water, lavender, rosemary, grapefruit and peppermint essential oils and use it to mist myself while at the beach, cottage or sporting events. This even works after sun exposure to help cool down the body, especially if you have gotten a tad too much sun!

Don’t use lemon, as much as it is refreshing and great on the inside it can cause a photophobic/skin pigment loss reaction when applied in the sun!

Replace lost fluids and properly cool your internal body.

Dehydration, whether chronic or acute can lead to all kinds of problems. Our body is 90% fluid and needs to maintain this balance in order to remain healthy. Most people today are chronically dehydrated and don’t even know it. If you suffer from mid afternoon headaches, random muscle cramps, constant low grade energy and constipation, it may be due to dehydration. The easiest way to know for sure is simply follow my hydrating advice for several weeks and see which symptoms disappear! Law of opposites at work.

Drink warm refreshing liquids! I know this seems odd, but actually if you have been out too long in the hot sun the idea of a big cold drink is enticing. Yet, it is the wrong thing to do, at least at first. When you body core has gotten over heated it is always wise to begin with warm liquids first to bring the body temperature down more gradually. This will help from creating an even greater disturbance of extremes within your body.

Some suggestions are as simple as warm water and lemon, warm water, lemon and any kind of berry juice like raspberry, pomegranate etc.

Once the body cools down and you feel more normal then you can have a cold glass of water or refreshing juice mix.

  • Remember that alcohol dehydrates so if you are out in the heat avoiding alcohol is a good idea. If you are enjoying lounging in the heat and want an alcoholic beverage, just remember to alternate with a clean glass of cool water!

Last, but certainly not least; Pick up my amazing Summer Survival Healing kit right here – Simply click the image to view more and purchase on line, and have it shipped directly to your door!!

Summer Survival kit

Wishing you a very healthy and joyful Summer!

As always, let me know your thoughts, your struggles and ways that I can help support you.

In true resonant health, have a Self Inspiring week,

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