How to Cope with the Fear and Panic in Today’s World

In light of what is going on in Japan I thought it would be a good time to talk about how we can learn to properly understand and deal with our fears in a natural way.

Fear is a very difficult emotion to get a handle on. We all have deep fears and insecurities that we have developed since birth. Emotional or mental traumas that we have had impinged upon us such as someone scaring us on purpose or unintentionally, an accident that happened suddenly like falling from a bed or chair, and so on. Most of the time these events are not done on purpose but they are events none the less that affect us in greater or lesser ways. We retain the internal memory of the event even though our outer consciousness has moved beyond it to deal with life moving forward. The problem is that no one knows how to properly face our fears and deal with them appropriately in order to let them go when they occur or shortly after. Like most people we simply try to ignore our fears and pretend that they are not there and hope they simply go away. In most cases they do seem to go away if we ignore them long enough, however really what has happened is that we have simply suppressed it deeper in to our unconscious soul life to lay sleeping until something similar triggers it to come to the surface for us to face once again.

That something can be a huge worldly event like what is happening in Japan right now. Even if you are not someone who regularly watches the news it is pretty hard not to know something about the incredible fear and panic that must still be going on in Japan on the wake of the terrible earthquake, tsunami and explosions at the nuclear reactors. Those of us who are well aware that we are all connected in some way via the sea of etheric energy that encompasses the entire earth and enlivens every thing therein realize that as the wave of fear and panic moves like the ripples on the ocean we all feel it in some capacity. We may think we are far enough away here in South Western Ontario, Canada, but no one is left unaffected in some way.

With that all said how do we as an individual A. recognize if we are in some way being affected by this energy, and B. If we are affected how do we work through and release it from our body so it does not create long term problems?

A. The easiest way to discover if you are being affected by something is to be attentive to your emotional reaction around the event. For example if every time you read or hear about the events in Japan do you feel tension build in your chest or stomach area? Do you feel agitated and anxious and a tightness in your throat. Does it trigger old memories of fearful events?
Fear affects our bronchial system first. In chinese medicine fear is related to the lungs. Also in German new medicine the lungs relate to fear. It is not surprising then that when people who are deeply affected by a fearful event, develop bronchial and/or lung issues, such as bronchitis, croup, and pneumonia. When we feel fearful our emotional body triggers a reaction in our physical body to prepare us for flight or fight. So energy and blood flows to the limbs, heart and lungs, and energy is drained from our digestive system. If our fear is long standing and becomes a chronic state then our muscles become exhausted weak and sore, our heart becomes excessively stressed and creates all kinds of heart related issues like tachycardia and cholesterol builds up in the arteries to repair the chronic stress and tears in this over worked system. As well our lungs become prone to all kinds of excesses, and possibly scar tissue as it too wears down from being chronically over worked.

B. So how do we let go of this fear? First we need to become aware that we are fearful or anxious and that we are hanging on to it. Then we can do several things to help ourselves release it.
1. Breathe work is vitally important. When we are chronically tense we tend to shallow breathe and hold our breath in, but never fully release it outward. By doing some deep breathing exercises that focus on a long push outwards of our breathe we will create a relaxation of this lung system. Try to at least do 3-5 deep exhalations several times over the day to help your whole body to relax and release tension.
2. Positive self talk; Every time you feel yourself getting tense and anxious begin to think positive warm loving thoughts. Find a positive affirmation that helps you to not get caught up in the fearful emotions, such as “I am protected by divine right, the universe only gives me what I am able to deal with. I am capable of being in control of my own thoughts, emotions and actions.”
3. There are also many amazing homeopathic and tonic remedies that can help us to let go of what ever fearful state we are hanging on to. Some of the most used and general fear remedies are Aconite,  Papaver(opium) and Phosphorus. The trick with homeopathic remedies is to find the one that best matches your state. Aconite is great for immediate or sudden shocks that are violent or frightening. It will put the individual in to a state of restlessness and distress that they can not seem to let go of. Opium as a homeopathic remedy also comes about from extreme shocks and frights, this state is more intense in sensation than Aconite and creates a extreme restlessness and agitation with renewed aggravation with each recollection of the fright or event. This state will then lead in to a shut down exhausted stuporous state, which causes the individual to feel out of touch with reality, an inability to fully function with mental clarity. Quite often people in this state feel mentally foggy and very forgetful. It is a type of coping mechanism at work trying to save the individual from the extreme shock and fearful state. Phosphorus is useful for individuals who are extremely open and sensitive to all external energies and have a really hard time maintaining their own boundaries and energy in check.
When using a remedy for the first time start with a 200ch and take one granule or drop as often as you feel you need its affects, provided that your fear is not overly huge.
Quite often with an emotional state it is important to match the potency of the remedy with the level of intensity you are feeling it. For instance in the case of an extremely shocking and fearful event that affects you directly it is wise to go in with a 10M or 50M or even CM potency at first to address the state with a strong enough potency to get an immediate shift of your life force/etheric body where the emotion is felt and created. Then as the state diminishes you can reduce the potency. Provided you still feel relief from the remedy when taken it is the right potency.
As a side note to remember, homeopathic remedies are dynamic and energetic in origin if being used over a 12 ch potency, so they are not able to create any kind of ‘side effects’ or new states. If you get a noticeable aggravation of your symptoms then it is usually do to the fact that you are either using a dose too high for your own state or you are taking it too often. Simply reduce the potency and/or frequency until you get the desired results. Remember you can not create anything new with a homeopathic remedy. If the remedy is not the right one for your state know that it will not harm you, in fact if it does not resonate with any energetic frequency or state in you then it will simply dissipate on its own, leaving nothing in its wake!
One final thought on fear, be sure to remind yourself that you create your own emotional states and you have the power to decide what emotional state you want to give energy and power to within yourself. If you feel fear and anxiety on a regular basis, seek out a professional to help you recognize where it is stemming from and how you can fully face that fear and let it go for good.

In peace and gratitude, enjoy your day.

Finding True Health Naturally

Welcome to my blog site! 

Over the next year I am going to start you on a journey similar to my own, which was and still is a quest to understand what it means to be truly and fully healthy. True health is not just about being physically “ok”, it is about truly knowing yourself fully on all levels; physical, mental and emotional. Being self aware at all times and taking responsibility of yourself and all your actions and reactions. 

True health does not mean that you will never have problems or issues, since we are human and alive that means that we have something to still work on, process and learn from. Life as we know it on earth as a physical being is a slow process of evolution and is always in process of some sort. Being flexible and able to change as change is needed is healthy. My hope with this evolution of information through my blogs will help those of you who are ready to really find true health, take ownership of yourself and your life and realize the incredible strength and freedom that comes with this process will joyfully follow my ramblings along.

Please post comments so that this blog can inspire everyone on this particular path at this point in time to realize we are not alone.

So lets get started.

I don’t know about you, but I honestly can not recall how many times over my life I have asked the question, why? Why are we here?

What really is the point of life. Who are we really. There has to be some deeper reason behind our being here on earth.

Even if you have never admitted it to yourself, I know we all have wondered these things at some point in our lives. For me it was when I was just entering my teen years. For most of us that will be the time when we really question our existence, since we are moving into a time in life when we are more aware of ourselves as individual entities and not so much a part of our parents and family. Rudolf Steiner calls this the opening of our Astral body, which is our individual emotional body. I will discuss who we are more fully in later blogs.

For me these questions also mainly centered around health, since I had become quite sick in my early teen years, which I now realize was more due to the emotional and mental stress I had been under for years catching up with me, than any real physical pathology. Even though I truly did feel horrible physically for a good year or more. My symptoms also worsened once I was prescribed a number of different heavy duty medications all of which had no specific purpose since the doctors and specialists where unable to find any conclusive reason behind my illness even after countless tests at various hospitals.

The first direction my journey took me on was to realize that the so called modern medicine I was relying on really was not safe or curative. In most cases when I needed to take something that was considered medicine by conventional standards, I inevitably felt worse due to my body not being able to handle to toxic onslaught it provided. Some people like myself are so sensitive that we are aware of every little difference in our energy patterns and what is happening at the physical, chemical level. After this major illness and the loss in my faith for what I knew as modern medicine, I was left feeling confused and uncertain as to what to do when I felt ill again. At this point in time I knew nothing about homeopathic remedies and so the only thing I could do was to allow my life force to do what ever it needed to do to keep me healthy. I had also started going to see a natural health care practitioner at this time to see what else I could do to help myself. I learned that I did need to do something to help boost my system and so I changed my diet, worked on detoxifying some of the toxins my body had accumulated and supporting organs with specific nutrition and herbs.

Since that time I have never looked back, I have never used any conventional medicine to this day and know I am much healthier due to this decision. Instead I have turned to what I feel and now know are safer, more natural methods. To me a natural method means that it works in a way that does not defy who we are and how we function but supports every aspect of who we are in a dynamic, functional and wholistic way. I use the term “wholistic” because that is how I see myself; as a whole being. I can not be segregated in to compartments like, just my eyes or just my physical body or just my emotional body etc. Every part of me recognizes instantaneously what is going on within the whole at all times. So even if say I have a problem with my eyes or eye, I can not simply just look at treating the eye, I have to understand why my whole has allowed something to befall my eye (unless I accidently jab something in my eye then obviously I know why there is a problem!) but in order to repair and heal any individual health issue I must look at every reason behind how this problem has developed and fix the whole not just the part. By fixing the whole I affect the part and it will rebalance once all the obstacles or causations have been removed. True health entails digging out the root cause of all problems. If you want to clean your yard up of dandelions you don’t go out and just cut the heads off each day, it only seems like the problem is gone, until the plant grows again. You need to go and dig out the root to fully eliminate the problem!

It was at this point in my life I also came across an amazing woman who was in her early years of helping others, her name was and is Louise L. Hay and she had written a small truly life altering book at the time called – ‘You Can Heal Your Life’. Which explains very simply how your emotional life affects your physical body. She has since gone on to create an amazing empire of self help, you can check her out at This book was my early bible and I checked it often as I was struggling with my own health issues and wanted to understand why? It was my first real understanding that our mental and emotional body affects our physical body. I was still deeply searching for the meaning to life, and why we have to struggle with life, why do we fall ill, what is the point of illness? This initial information to me was a great source of comfort and just the starting point.

What I have learned along the way is that life does have meaning. It has a cosmic order, laws and rules that govern us as living organisms and provided we know, understand and follow these natural laws we will live and grow and evolve as we are meant to with relative health and freedom. Just taking chemical drugs to palliate our symptoms at best or worst to suppress our symptoms and mask them so we aren’t aware they are there is not curative or healing in any way and many people are slowing waking up to this fact. We are also becoming very aware of the damage that these toxic drugs are creating as side effects to the possibly and very questionable aid they may give us. But once we know this then what are our other options in order to find health.

What I would like to do over the next year is create blogs that will unfold for you all that I have learned regarding health, healing as well as true disease removal. The deeper understanding about why we are here on this planet, as well as how natural medicine is more superior to conventional medicine when it comes to true healing and curing and how you can easily learn how to apply the true natural laws and principles that affect us in this realm.
So open your minds and souls and get ready to learn some amazing truths about yourself and how to achieve your ultimate goals in true life long health, naturally.

Next blog Step #1 looking at regimen and nutrition and the laws surrounding this realm.

My First Book

This book is about understanding true health.
A true system of health care must understand the complexity of the individual along with the proper laws and principles we must abide by. 
In a very simplistic easy to follow way I describe the many ways we fall out of health and what is required to regain our health on all levels; mental, emotional and physical, using only proven natural methods.
I have been a health care practitioner using only natural medicines and healing techniques for over 8 years. Prior to this I had personally only used natural medicines to heal and maintain my own health for almost 30 years.
This book is an accumulation of my life’s work to date. What I have learned about how we fall out of health, the different levels of diseases and imbalances and how to properly restore our health at all levels; Mental, emotional and physical, since they all ultimately work together to create whom we are. We are dynamic, multi-faceted beings whose health and disease reflect this complexity.
A true system of natural medicine must understand this complexity and should always be in process and development; yet, at the same time always following natural laws and principles. Laws that we as humans are subject to. This is the only way to truly heal and cure without creating other more complex problems.
In this book I have tried to explain these known laws and principles in a way that everyone can understand and apply. We are in an age of vast amounts of information at our fingertips. The problem is being able to understand what is the right information for our selves and our individual issues. There are so many different types of therapies available today that it can be daunting to decide what direction to go when we are truly in need of some help. That is why I have written this book.
I hope that those who truly care about their health will find this information useful in determining their own path to true health.