What Really is a Homeopathic Remedy?

This past Summer I started taking my Healing kits to a local farmers market to get some more awareness for them.

I was pleasantly surprised by the interest and excitement over them.

I was also surprised by two questions that kept coming up every week,

“What really is a homeopathic remedy?” and “What are they made of?”

Most people think, that a homeopathic remedy is either an herbal tincture or an essential oil. However, these are all vastly different.

The same plant can be made into an herbal tincture, an essential oil and a homeopathic remedy. Each of these products are the result of a very specific and unique process, and each of these products are used in very distinct and qualitatively different ways.


Here is what makes something “Homeopathic”

Anything in the world can be made into a homeopathic remedy; plants, minerals, chemical drugs, viruses, bacteria and even immaterial things like the sunlight.

All you have to be able to do, is somehow break it down into a liquid, or, a powder that can be dissolved into a liquid.

So in essence, most homeopathic and tonic remedies start out similar to an herbal tincture or essential oil.

In fact, both of those can be made into a homeopathic remedy if you really wanted to!

A Homeopathic Remedy is created by energetically diluting a substance.

What I mean, is that many homeopathic remedies may begin as an herbal tincture, but it is the unique way the physical substance is processed that creates a Homeopathic Remedy.

Homeopathic Remedies are made in Pharmacopeias worldwide and follow very specific guidelines. They have been produced through a very strict manufacturing procedure called succussion and dilution.

To make a Homeopathic Remedy, you take a substance and break it down through maceration; this is the process of softening or wearing away of a material by wetting it or steeping it in a liquid.

Or, by infusion, if it is immaterial or liquid already.                     

Once the substance is dissolved into a liquid, the process of dynamizing or energizing it can begin.

If the substance is naturally insoluble, as in the case of metals, then it will be ground down into a powder of lactose or milk sugar. Once it is in powder form, it is then dissolved into a liquid base.

*Notice that the “whole” substance is processed as a whole. True healing must come in a synergistic way, as this is the only way your body can fully utilize it. Not in broken down, chemically derived, individual components!

To make a “ch” or centesimal potency, you take one drop of the original substance, that has been macerated and dissolved into a liquid. You then place this drop, into a clean glass container, that has a 99 drop mixture of pure water and alcohol in a 70/30% dilution.

This first dilution is succussed or agitated aggressively (in the old days they were succussed by hand against large books, but today they are done by machines).

This violent agitation creates a highly diluted substance, whereby the original material is diffused into all parts of the liquid.

This agitation also “fires up” the energetic will forces or energetic frequency, of that substance. This original dilution is termed a Mother Tincture or stock. This is where the original idea of the herbal tinctures often gets confused!

To make a 1 ch potency, one drop is taken from the Mother Tincture and is succussed in 99 drops of water/alcohol for a set number of times.

This repetition of diluting and succussing is what creates the potencies.

To make further dilutions you simply repeat this step by taking one drop of the last potency and add it to a clean container, then dilute and succuss.

Each new dilution and succussion step goes up by 1 ch; as in – 2 ch, 3 ch, 4 ch, 5 ch and so on.

There are specific potencies that are used more frequently and for specific reasons, which I explain in another blog!

A Homeopathic Remedy means – Homeo is latin and stands for similar and pathic or pathos is the latin word for suffering. Remedy is to remediate or correct.

Thus, homeopathic means similar suffering and a Homeopathic Remedy is used to remediate our suffering that is similar to its own action.

What we have is a bio-energetic or dynamic substance, which can now be used according to a specific cosmic law of nature called – “The Law of Similar Resonance.”

Hippocrates (460 – 350B.C.), regarded as the “father of medicine,” who authored the Hippocratic oath; wrote, “By similar things a disease is produced and through the application of the like is cured.” Aristotle (384 – 322B.C.) knew the principle as well, and wrote, “Often the simile acts upon the simile.”

Or, as Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (the founder of homeopathy) said, “Like cures like,” (or traditionally in Latin, “Similia similibus curentur”).

The most common example often used to explain how homeopathy works, is the symptoms that are produced when you come into contact with the vapours of an onion.


Most people develop watery eyes, a runny nose, and burning sensations, when cutting onions. 

So, if we create a remedy that is made from the red onion, and we take this remedy for those very symptoms, the the symptoms will be eliminated by the Law of Similar Resonance or Like cures Like!

Another example of this can be seen in the case of the childhood illnesses, Chickenpox and Smallpox. Both are similar diseases, but one is much stronger in action than the other.

If an individual has chickenpox and they contract smallpox, the chickenpox leaves every single time – “no two similar disease states can reside within the life force at one time”, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. This is a well known law of the universe, that we as human beings must abide by.

A Homeopathic Remedy is used to treat the symptoms you are experiencing, where, you will match your symptoms to a remedy that has similar symptoms when taken or applied in crude form.

For another fun example, let’s say, you have ingested a poison, such as arsenic. Your body is in the process of trying to deal with it and you are now expressing arsenic poisoning symptoms.

If you then take the homeopathic energetic dose of arsenic, a dose which is similar but not exactly the same, it can, by its strength in energetic frequency remove the true disease state freeing the physical body of the damage that it was developing.

Remember, no two similar disease states can reside within the life force at one time! 

 One of the hardest things to understand in this whole concept, is the fact that a substance can be dissolved and diluted to such a degree that there is no material substance left; Yet, it has an energetic frequency that can remove and resolve symptoms at a physical level.

To understand this information, will take far more than I can write about in a simple blog post. Suffice it to say for today, that there are far greater things in this world than what we can see with our eyes, or even the strongest microscope!

Energy supersedes all physical life. We are all infused with a life energy that can be affected and dis-eased with the right force or impingement; material or nonmaterial.

The more we can accept the phenomenal in life, the greater our knowledge will grow.

Dr. Hahnemann was an investigator of life. He approached medicine in a very objective, natural, awe inspiring way. He was willing to “see” and accept, those things, that in his day were not “believed”. He had a strong inner knowing that there was far more to life than what he had been led to believe at that time, and he was willing to see where it led him.

Without his will and desire to know, we would never have the gift of homeopathy. Which, is really a gift of the universe. As in all universal laws and truths, it would still be there, within nature, awaiting someone to believe that it was possible.

Dr. James Burnett in the late 1800’s had this to say about believing in Homeopathy;

” Many doctors accept Hahnemann’s Law only, but regard potentization as irrational and unscientific, but our beliefs have nothing to do with truth. …disbelieving a thing does not disprove it…..in the same way that the presence of nothing but atheists in the world would not do away with a Supreme Being.”

“Drugs, as has been affirmed by many able practitioners, by Hahnemann himself and as daily and hourly re-affirmed by men of sound science, Do act differently and better when dynamized. In fact, many affirmed, as did Hahnemann, that the doctrine of potentization, is of transcendental importance; since many serious diseases can only be cured with dynamized drugs, being entirely incurable with the same drug in substantial doses, and therefore altogether incurable, unless with a highly potentized remedy.”

Are you someone who has wondered about homeopathy but been unsure about trying it? 

Or, maybe you are someone who has tried it and are passionate about it and the results you have obtained?

Maybe, you are someone who has tried it, but didn’t see any significant results or who had a bad “reaction”?

If you have never tried homeopathy, I highly suggest you start.

It is a completely safe and effective way to truly free the life force of any illness or disease.

If you have not seen success, then I suggest you revisit the issue and find a different remedy and/or potency. Fine tuning and reassessing are a huge part of true healing with natural remedies. If you were suffering from symptoms that looked like Allium cepa, but you really needed Arsenicum, then your relief would be minimal to none. Working with a professional in this field will help you to find the best remedy and potency for greater results.

If, on the other hand, if you have had a bad reaction! This is often the result of using the wrong potency for your life force to handle. Homeopathy cannot create anything new. If you ever react to a remedy, it is a sure bet that you need that remedy because it is “resonating” with a state that is already residing within you! However, the potency you chose was probably too strong and created a aggressive “healing crisis”. 

What I recommend, any time you are unsure, or struggle with a homeopathic remedy. Don’t despair or refuse to try again, because they are unable to truly cause harm.

Instead, what I highly suggest is contact me for a FREE consult and to see how you can achieve the health results you desire. Click the link below and let’s chat!

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For those of you who have already worked with me, or who have purchased one or more of my healing kits; you will be aware that there are two distinct types of remedies for healing – Pathic and Tonic.

If you are not aware of the difference, be sure to sign up for my newsletter or tune in to this blog later this week to find out!

In true resonant health, 

Have a Self Inspiring day!

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