Recovering the Authentic Self

 One on One Program!

Life is a constant evolution of self discovery and re-creation. 

If you are stuck in life and in your health, there is usually a reason why. 

In order to move upward and onward in your health and personal growth, you must first look to your past. What has come before in your life is the creation of what is, today.

When beginning this program you will be required to create a traumatic timeline of Sequential timeline of life events. Your Sequential timeline, is a list of every accident, injury, illness and life experience you have ever had since birth, allowing us to see any “red threads” or common patterns in your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

It will help us to see what past patterns are holding you back today.

Once this is highlighted we can begin removing these blockages with Dynamic Medicine. Every obstacle you are hanging on to, must be resolved in the right way, for you to free your whole authentic self and be healthy on every level of your life.

By freeing your whole health, you open up your ability to be open and able to freely choose the life you desire!

Once we have begun the process of removing the states and trauma’s that are blocking your soul and spirit from soaring, it’s time to recover your authentic self!

We will start to create new healthier states, that fit with your own desires. Not states based on what other people believe of you or have forced upon you!

You do this through monthly exercises I have designed over my 15 years in practice, to specifically help you rediscover and recover your true authentic self.

What to Expect During this Program;

This is a minimum 6 month program. It is designed to help you understand why you are struggling with your health right now. What has led you to this point in your life? For example, what physical, mental and/or emotional trauma’s or events have caused your aches, pains and unhealthy symptoms. 

As well as, begin freeing your life force of all limiting illness, trauma and beliefs.

If you’ve been struggling with your health issues for years and have tried pretty much every option available, but are still not satisfied with the results?

Then this is the right program for you.

If you are tired of being less than you know you deserve to be,

If life is treating you more like a door mat than a stunning, creative piece of art,

Then this is the right program for you.

Are you READY to say – 

To let your inner child out to play and become all that you are meant to be?

If you are ready to commit to yourself, aka OWN YOUR SHIT and do the work.

If you are determined to take action and do whatever it takes to achieve long-term whole health.

Then this is definitely the right program for you!

If however, all of this scares the crap out of you! If you are afraid to step into your own power; then this is not the right program for you. Take some time to look at why you don’t feel you deserve to have everything you desire in life. Then come back to this and chat with me.

I know how hard it is to begin making changes and maintaining those changes. That’s why I have created this amazing program where I will walk along side you, to help you commit to yourself and your health.

There is nothing more important than freeing your soul and spirit to shine brighter than the sun!

To me, true health is being free of all blockages; physical, as well as, emotional and mental. In other words, it’s not just about having no outer symptoms, but freeing you from the emotional baggage and mental beliefs that have piled up in your life.

That are blocking you from being who you really know you are!

You will always have emotions and beliefs, but when these are controlling your life to the point that you can’t be happy, or that they are so overwhelming that you can’t see the sun for all the clouds, then it is time to change them.

Free yourself from the ones that are no longer serving your highest good in this life!

True Health is about fully resolving the physical symptoms such as; hormone imbalances, aches, pains, skin conditions, digestive disturbances, even deep degenerative issues like arthritis, heart disease and diabetes. By coming to understand how your thoughts, beliefs and emotions all affect these problems. 

By changing your underlying states that is manifesting your outer symptoms and bringing health on every level is true health.

We will do all of this by working with these 3 grand areas of healing

Physical support  – Individualized nutritional program, regimen, cleanses & supplementation. 

Emotional & Mental support – with individualized dynamic remedies and lifestyle tools, as they are needed to free yourself from unhealthy thoughts, emotions and beliefs.

Therapeutic education – I help you to see clearly the thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back. As well, you will receive appropriate tools, tips and techniques to help you move beyond the old states that are no longer serving you. 

Along with an understanding of the many laws and principles that affect you in health and disease.

Understanding how your life force works, and how to support it properly in order to  successfully restore your health; Wholistically. And so much more! 

Knowledge is Power and Self Knowledge creates true whole health and the freedom to live your life as you choose!

Are you ready to start fully resolving your health concerns?

If so;

We begin the first month with an hour and a half, Main Consultation. This is where we lay the foundation for proper healing. 

During the Main Consultation, we will look at all of your current physical, mental and emotional symptoms. We discuss what they represent for you and your journey to Self discovery and true Healing. It will help us to determine the best place to begin for you as an individual.

Dietary and Nutritional Assessment

We will assess what foods and nutrients may be supporting or harming you at this time. Supplements will be assessed, as well as proper sleep, hydration, exercise and coition. Any medications you may be taking and their affect on your overall health. This will ensure that we are able to support your physical body properly to help you heal and rebuild. Once you get these four cardinal points corrected, your physical body will joyfully give you the energy you deserve to live fully!

*homework included to be taken up in the first follow up.

 Organ Support and Drainage Protocols

We will begin supporting all of your main digestive and eliminatory organs, to be sure they are performing at their optimum. When trying to heal and repair your body, it is vital that all your organs are able to function at their optimum. 

*You will receive the appropriate dynamic combinations to help you achieve this. 

Immediate Symptom Support

With most health concerns there will be physical, mental or emotional symptoms that are outwardly aggravating. These will be addressed during this consultation. Remedies, tools and techniques will be suggested based on your individual needs to help palliate these as we dig deeper to clear out the true cause.

Emotional and Belief Protocols

We will be looking at how your thoughts, beliefs and emotions are affecting your main health concerns. I will be providing you with tools, such as individualized dynamic remedies as well as specific mental and emotional exercises; to help you begin freeing yourself from unwanted emotional and mental blockages. 

Freedom from these blockages takes time and due diligence, but the effort is very well rewarded with a release of old symptoms.

Follow up one; Will be pre booked at the end of your Main Consultation.

This will be scheduled within one month of the Main, to optimize supporting your healing life force. 

We will take up your individualized metabolic program(if this is required), so you can begin making healthier nutritional choices to speed up your healing. As well as assess the changes you have made with any of the remedies/dynamic medicine, extra tools and exercises from your main consultation. Healing is a progression of steps, following your life force and the laws of nature. 

Follow up two; Will be pre booked as another month follow up. As your life force functions on a 28 day cycle of healing and repairing! You will receive handouts about the functioning of the life force, the 4 beat cycle of healing and more, as you go through treatment.

 We will begin by reviewing the changes that you have noticed, what areas you are still stuck in and new ways to help you shift on all levels. Nutrition and supplementation will be reassessed, new and old emotional and mental responses, how these are affecting you and effective tools for you to begin releasing them. 

We will also begin looking deeper into the underlying causations; by taking up your homework given in follow up one and begin implementing strategies to fully release them.

This incredible one of a kind program,

is designed to:

  • Help you fully commit to your Self and your health, because you are the most important person in your life! 
  • Help you eliminate immediate, aggravating physical ailments. By understanding what is triggering them, and beginning to systematically removing these causes, safely, effectively and by natural law. 
  • Empower you with Self knowledge so you feel confident and able to make the necessary changes in your physical, emotional and mental well being.

You deserve to have complete health on every level, so that your life is free of illness and chronic disease. Which, will allow you to live your life according to your own design.

Take Full Control of your Life and Your Health!

Important notice! In order to achieve true health you must be willing to do the work and commit yourself to the process. 

True health does not happen over night. The length of time for you to achieve the level of health you desire is determined by the depth and layers of dis-ease. In other words, how out of balance are you at a physical level? How much do you need to change in this area to create a solid foundation for healing and restoring?

Are you ready to begin freeing the whole YOU once and for all? 

If so, then let’s get started with your Main Health Assessment. 

Are you ready to commit to your own wellbeing, do you believe you are worth it? 

I believe that you are! 

All of your unique remedies are reassessed each visit, and changed according to what has been released and what hasn’t. 

Follow up three and beyond, is dependent on how deep your health struggles are and your determination to achieve complete true health and freedom on all levels. 

You will also receive unlimited access to me via email, as well as an extra 15 minute touch in phone call each month if needed for extra support.

Understanding how you have fallen ill and how you heal is vitally important when it comes to the restoration of your health. 

During this program I will help you to understand your healing patterns and how they manifests for you as an individual. Being able to see this pattern of healing within yourself will give you an incredible feeling of Self ownership and power. Giving you the strength and courage to follow through and commit to your healing journey.

If you are uncertain whether this program is right for you, be sure to – Click Here to Schedule your FREE initial assessment. Space is Limited!

In true resonant health, I wish you lots of Health and Joy!
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