How to Recover Quickly from any Illness!

It seems like every time I turn around right now, someone is hack, coughing, sneezing or calling for help because they are down and out in bed with a “bug”!

Sometimes no matter what we do we still get sick.

Whether it’s in acute cough, sinus infection, the flu or something more serious like pneumonia.

No matter what you may be struggling with right now; do whatever you can first and foremost to take care of your self!

Here is a list of support tools I use when I find myself struggling to recover from an illness.


The Best, All Natural Tools to Recover Quickly from any Illness!

The Key is to rebuilding your Natural, healing life force.

It is our natural ability to heal ourselves that is truly amazing. Yet, if this life force is so bogged down and overwhelmed, it simply can’t do it’s job quickly or fully.

In order to help it do so there are a number of things that we must do to help it!

 Step 1. Help your body eliminate.  

First get rid of the things that suppress your immune system like – Sugar, dairy, processed carbohydrates and alcohol.

Add some organ support like the drainage immune support in my Healthy Immunity kit and Winter Survival kit. Along with a good cleanse kit like this one – Liver Master Cleanse!

Then eliminate, at least temporarily, any unnecessary things in your life that are causing you stress – jobs, projects, people, exercise etc. 

In other words, slow down, relax, unwind and just love yourself!

Step 2.  Increase your Bio-available, raw, whole food nutrients.

Yep, that’s a mouthful, but a vital first step in recovering your health. We all know that we need to take care of our body, but we often do a poor job of it.

It’s important to learn to eat only when truly hungry, try to eat only high quality nutrients, get the right amount of rest and fluids. Along with adding the right support tools like supplements, herbs, essential oils etc. To help our life force eliminate and recover quickly.

Not overloading your body while it’s struggling to fight an infection is important. This is often why, when we do get sick, we have less of an appetite.

The longer we let our bodies stay run down and stressed with an illness the greater chance that illness will turn into something more aggressive and damaging and we don’t want that!! 

Definitely add a high quality supplement that is bio-available, easy to absorb and full of whole food nutrients, like this Basic Health Starter Pak!

Along with lots and lots of clean healthy fluids, like lemon water.

Step 3. Finally start adding in things that are well known to fight infections. Such as:

Herbs,  like Olive Leaf Extract, Elderberry, Goldenseal (for O blood types) and Echinacea (for A & B blood types), Ginseng, Astragulus, Lobelia (specific for lungs and bronchioles)

Garlic, I actually take a whole clove chop it a bit and swallow with some water,  several times a day when sick.

Oregano oil, is super strong and one of the quickest ways to kill bacteria and virus both topically in the mouth and throat as well as systemically. I take 3 drops under my tongue, let it sit a few seconds then I take a bit of water to help wash it down.

Cayenne Pepper, one of the best decongestants on the market! mix in some water with a bit of lemon juice and drink quickly!

Extra Vitamin D, I will increase my D3 and K vitamin by 3 times when fighting an illness.

Probiotics, start taking at least 1 or 2, 50 billion multi strain probiotics while you are fighting an illness.

Extra Vitamin C, from 1000 mg – 10,000 mg a day.

Extra Vitamin A, take up to 15,000 IU a day. Food forms of Vitamin A are; Barley grass, carrots, egg yolk, fish, gotu kola and spirulina.

and Zinc,  a good dose is 200 – 500 mg/day. Natural food forms are; beans, beef, bilberry fruit, black strap molasses, egg yolk, legumes, seeds, nutritional yeast and fish.

Oligotherapy, Also known as Colloidal’s, are highly diluted minerals that are considered to be catalysts that speed up metabolism at the cellular level. In other words, breaking up old toxins, cleaning out and helping stimulate repair! The Cu/copper, Ag/silver and Au/gold are specific to infections, viral and bacterial. Use only for 2 weeks at a time though and only a 1/4 tsp in an 8 oz glass of water sipped over the day. These sometimes are hard to find in combination. If all you can get is Colloidal Silver that will do the trick just as well.

Essential oils, I use a blend of clove, lemon peel, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus leaf and rosemary oils and add it to a carrier oil like almond and rub it on the soles of my feet or neck below ears and along throat. 

Last but certainly not least is my absolute favourite tool to release not only the physical aspect of an illness but the unwanted thoughts, emotions or beliefs attached to why you resonated with it in the first place –  Dynamic Medicine!

Dynamic Medicine is a system of healing that follows all natural laws and principles to release the “State” of an issue. All mental, emotional and physical illness, first starts as a state or resonance with something.

I always start with the Drainage Immune as soon as I feel any sensation of an illness coming on!

Then I add the ones specific to my symptoms like; Sore throat, Sinus Congestion etc.

When you succumb to an acute illness like influenza, bronchitis or pneumonia, you first have to be susceptible. Which can be due to a number of things, like; inherent miasms, poor diet, stress and overwhelm.

Every illness has a state of mind that connects one to it.

 Dynamic Medicine is designed to remove not only your physical symptoms of the illness, but also your mental and emotional connections to it as well. 

For example, Bronchitis is triggered from underlying fear, tension, anxiety and a feeling that things are very unsettled. When you are under stress or vulnerable, you feel that the world is not a safe place. You feel that you will be betrayed and attacked, even by friends and family. If this is the case, you will be MORE susceptible to bronchitis.

In order to change this, you need to fully connect with the underlying state, bring it into your awareness, and then find the right support tool that can help you fully release and move beyond it. aka Dynamic Medicine. 

If you’d like to experience the depth of clearing you can get with Dynamic Medicine, and learn how to eliminate not just your physical symptoms but the underlying state or triggers, then; I highly suggest you try one of my Ultimate Wholistic Healing Kits!

Click on this image 

and look for the one kit that you connect with the most and order today. It will be mailed directly to your home, along with an immediate download of a work book, full of all kinds of support tools, to help you resolve that issue on every level.

The key to a QUICK RECOVERY, is of course do what ever it takes to take care of YOU first!

As always, let me know your thoughts, your struggles and ways that I can help support you.

In true resonant health, have a Self Inspiring week,

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The Difference Between Healing and Curing!

Is there a difference between Healing and Curing? 

We all know that our body can HEAL itself, but how does it do this and what is required to help ourselves fully heal?

If healing isn’t enough, what does it mean to cure?

Everyone is looking for a “CURE” for disease, but what does this really mean?

For most people healing and curing are one and the same.

However, they are not, and they each require completely different modes of application in order to achieve them.

Let me explain.

As a Dynamic Physician aka Doctor of Medical Heilkunst, my ultimate focus is to support my clients journey toward health freedom. 

Health freedom, is different for everyone.

To the majority of people, the removal of annoying symptoms or improved energy is often all that they feel is required. Yet is this really healing and curing?

Is the simple removal of symptoms really restoring full health?

If you look at 10 people, who all have similar symptoms, such as; low energy, random body aches, poor digestion, mood swings; the underlying CAUSE for each of their symptoms will be as varied as the individuals. 

For instance, one could be suffering from extreme low Vitamin D, another from deep unresolved emotional trauma and another may have a combination of chronic poor nutrition along with numerous physical trauma’s that have overloaded their life force, making it impossible to be free from symptoms.

Yet all will be manifesting similar symptoms! Why? Because each person’s body will trigger the necessary symptoms to express what it needs to solve that particular problem.

So the key to true whole healing, is not just about getting rid of the symptoms. It’s about finding the unique underlying cause that is triggering those particular set of symptoms.

We are all unique and require different healing and curing techniques in order to restore full health!

the difference between healing and curing

To heal, is to rebalance the physical, energetic body so that the outer symptoms resolve.

Healing is about restoring, replacing and rebalancing through the act of removing what is blocking the life force, OR, by adding what may be deficient or missing. For example, if all of your symptoms are due to being deficient in Vitamin D, by replacing this nutrient in the right amount and over time, your symptoms will all resolve.

Seems simple and obvious enough, however; If all of your symptoms DO NOT go away, then there is a deeper underlying cause that has not been addressed.

To cure, is to remove the true underlying STATE that is causing the outer symptoms.

Curing, is the act of uncovering the true cause of one’s symptoms and removing it with natural medicine that can act according to the law of similar resonance. (Because, no two similar disease states can reside within the life force at one time. Aphorism 36-37 Organon of Medicine, Dr. S Hahnemann)

To further help explain the difference; lets say that you are outside working for several hours on a hot Summer’s day; and all of a sudden you feel weak, nauseous and develop a headache. In other words, you have developed heat/sun stroke. So you go inside, get some fresh water, lay down in the dark with a cool cloth on your head, rest and recover. The next day all of your symptoms are gone and you feel back to normal. 

You had an imbalance due to being over heated and dehydrated and you corrected this by applying what you lacked and your life force restored balance. There was nothing blocking your life force from healing you fully!

Now let’s say you go hiking in the desert and you get lost for several days. You are exposed to extreme hot and cold conditions, you are fearful and stressed, and have been without food or water for longer than your body can handle. You are near death and miraculously are found. You go to a hospital, they help replace lost fluids and nutrients, you rest and begin to recover. Your life force is hard at work trying to make everything the same as it was before. 

However, this isn’t possible, because the damage is much deeper than your life force can handle. It doesn’t have the skills or ability to remove the cellular damage done to your organs from serious lack of water, nutrients and extreme temperatures; as well as the deeper emotional and psychological trauma caused by this incident. There has been an impingement too big for your life force to overcome on it’s own. Only a medicine acting by the law of similar states can help with this.

This is where the true removal of the underlying diseased states is needed to trigger the Cure.

Once the underlying cause has been removed, then and only then will the life force be able to fully restore the physical body back to full health.

Once the true underlying cause/state that is triggering the outer symptoms is removed, then full healing can occur.

True health freedom, by way of healing and curing is not always clear. Yet, if one is willing to do some objective reviewing and some deeper digging for the underlying causes and triggers; then whole healing can begin.

In conclusion, if you are struggling with symptoms and you feel like you have tried everything; changed your diet, added super nutrients, had body work done repeatedly, rested, worked on changing your mental and emotional wellbeing, YET, you are still struggling with symptoms – then you haven’t released the true cause!

If you’re tired of struggling and need some objective clarity in order to free yourself from disease and finally begin to heal – Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 8.23.38 AM


In true resonant health, have a Self Inspiring week,


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How Effective and Safe Are Your Supplements?

We’re all trying to take better care of ourselves.

Most of us are well aware that a proper diet, that is based on your unique body type is the best way to take care of your physical, chemical body. (unless you’ve been living in a cave for the last 10 years!)

However, for most people, eating ideally 100% of the time is difficult. Life and work demands, tends to keep us from taking care of ourselves.

So, one of the ways that many of us support our poor diet, to ensure we try to stay healthy, is with supplements.

But, is this really the most effective and safest way to improve your health?

“The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention say, that more than half of U.S. adults use dietary supplements — including multivitamins, minerals and herbs.

That rise, from 42% in 1988 to 53% in 2006, has fueled the growth of the supplement industry to a $27 billion behemoth, according to Consumer Reports.

Dietary supplements are not regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in the same way as drugs. The makers do not, have to prove safety or effectiveness.

“There’s a false perception that supplements fall under the same regulatory umbrella as prescription drugs,” said Dr. Orly Avitzur, medical adviser for Consumer Reports. “That’s not the case.”” According to CNN Health

Do you really know how effective and safe your supplements are?

Here are the three main factors that control how effective and safe, your supplements are;

1. How they are produced/manufactured,

2. How healthy your digestive system is and

3. How bioavailable or absorbable they are.

First, let’s look at how they are manufactured.

Many of the supplements on the market today, are actually more harmful than good.

Most supplements that are mass produced, are full of toxic preservatives and fillers.

Along with, a predetermined mix of chemically derived, synthetic vitamins and minerals. Which, are more apt to cause an imbalance, than support you.

When buying supplements I highly suggest you read the labels very carefully and avoid ones that are produced with these toxins and fillers

1. Flow agents such as; magnesium Stearate, and stearic acid are added to supplements to keep them from getting stuck in the machinery, making processing faster. These are created from hydrogenated cottonseed oil, which is sprayed heavily with pesticides, as well as being genetically modified (GMO).

They have also been linked to many health issues. Research has shown that stearic acid suppresses T cells—your natural killer cells, which weakens your immune system.

2. Genetically Modified Ingredients. Many ingredients in common supplements are genetically modified; Amino Acids, Aspartame, Ascorbic Acid (also called vitamin C, but it’s not real vitamin C and is driven from GM corn), Sodium Ascorbate, Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate, Ethanol, Flavourings (“natural” and “artificial”), Lactic Acid, Maltodextrins, Molasses, Monosodium Glutamate, Sucrose, High-Fructose Corn Syrup, Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein, Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP), Xanthan Gum. To name a few.

3. Fillers and binding agents such as; silicon dioxide, methylcellulose, titanium dioxide, carrageenan, 

4. “Natural flavours,” a term often used for MSG, a toxic additive, used to make the toxic, poorly made supplement taste more palatable! 

5. Preservatives such as; Sodium benzoate and BHT, which are preservatives added to supplements, to keep them fresh and prevent harmful bacteria from growing. Both Sodium benzoate and BHT can damage human DNA and cause gastric and bladder cancer as well as many liver problems.

This list is certainly not exhausted, however, it gives you a great look at the ugly side of the supplemental “industry”. 

Whether you are looking to improve your health or simply maintain the level of health you have. It is important to become a more conscious and well informed consumer.

Here are my recommendations to help you make better choices when purchasing your supplements;

1. Buy only supplements that are created from whole food sources. Do not buy prefabricated multi-vitamins that are synthetic. If they are hard packed tablets, they have toxins!

2. Look for products that clearly state they are “Non GMO”. 

3. Look for products that support GMP or Good Manufacturing Processes. Also companies that are conscientious of the environment, are organic or wildcrafted.

4. The most utilizable form, are either liquid, powder or sublingual (see chart below), which is loose or contained in vegetable capsules.

5. Finally my own rule of thumb is, if I can’t read the label or pronounce the ingredient, I don’t ingest it!

There are more and more reputable companies coming into the market, who actually care about your health, and the way in which they create their supplements. 

Choose wisely.maxresdefault

Here is my absolute favourite supplement right now, because it meets all the necessary requirements of being; super clean, whole food and bio-available with a 100% immediate absorption rate!



Now let’s discuss absorption; which, encompasses the health of your digestive system and some possible reasons you may not be absorbing your nutrients.

Here is a chart, showing the simple absorption rate of different supplemental forms.

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 7.17.49 AM

Not only, is the bio-availability of the supplement an issue, so too is the ability of your body to assimilate the nutrients in that supplement. 

If you are over the age of 30 and have never done a detox or cleanse; if you are following the “Standard North American” diet; then the odds are, you are not digesting and assimilating fully, any of the nutrients you are putting in your body.

All of which is a leading factor in your declining health as you age!

When you take a pre-fabricated, chemically created supplement, like “One a Day“, Not only, are you not absorbing most of the “so-called” vitamins. You are also taking in the toxic incipients stated above. As well as, possibly creating an imbalance by taking a predetermined amount of certain vitamins and minerals that may not be ideal for your body. It is a lose lose situation. 

Yet, 90% of supplement users are taking hard packed, prefabricated toxic supplements. Or, as my daughter stated this week, many of her friends eat the chewy ‘Flintstones’ that are full of toxins and glucose – the number one ingredient and the nutrient responsible for diabetes!

ingredients list of Flintstone gummies!

Fabulous article on how toxic children vitamins are.

In order to make sure you are getting the most benefit out of your supplement, be sure to look for these key factors – cleanliness, whole food form and bioavailability.

In this day and age, it is vital that we get quality nutrients. Not only to survive, but to maintain and/or regain our optimum health. To do so means, that we all must take some sort of supplement, since our food sources are not as qualitative as they used to be.

We are also more toxic and stressed, which depletes our own reserves daily. 

If you begin to use a more effective and healthy supplement, you will begin to notice significant changes in your wellbeing!

One final note on supplements; no amount of supplemental support is going to cure you of a true disease. That is instead, in the realm of natural medicine. 

Knowing when you are out of balance and in need of a supplement to rebalance you is vital. As well as, not trying to solve a deeper problem with countless supplements.

My number one suggested supplement that will give you all the vital nutrients you need to survive and repair, right now are these Solarstrips!

If you have been taking a truly qualitative supplement to heal your symptoms or ill health and are not seeing significant results. It may not be the lack of a particular supplement; but the fact that you are suffering from a true disease state that requires natural, law abiding medicine; aka Dynamic Medicine!

True health care requires a complete understanding of what constitutes an imbalance, as opposed to what is a true disease state and not a mere condition. 

In other words, we need to stop trying to patch up a serious problem with “duct tape”. We all love duct tape; it may work for a time, but eventually it gives way and the problem returns, often in a worse way!

Knowing when, how and what to use to restore whole health is what Dynamic Medicine can do for you.

If you are unsure and would like some help determining, whether you need supplementation or the use of dynamic medicine, click on the link below and let’s chat.

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 8.52.20 AM


In true resonant health, 

Have a Self Inspiring week!

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