Healing Transformations!

Healing Transformations are often misunderstood.

Sometimes when you are “down and out” with a bug, or just plain feeling crappy; it isn’t anything new developing, it is often a healing crisis or transformation.

Healing transformations are your bodies attempt at discharging blocked, unwanted energy.

If you have been recently been dealing with a lot of emotional turmoil, and having flu like symptoms; then you maybe be having a healing transformation. 

I recently went through a huge healing transformation!

Water lotus flower blossom

Not that I haven’t been through lots in my lifetime. I’m continually on a healing journey.

To me, recognizing and releasing my blockages, means that I can become a greater, better me. It also helps me to become a clearer, better practitioner.

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Recently However, I began to notice my physical body was starting to show some unusual, yet minimal signs of wear and tear. And, often where there is smoke, there is fire. For me, physical ailments, means there is something amiss with my mental and emotional wellbeing.

Now, I’m pretty vigilant when it comes to my thoughts, emotions and beliefs, yet, sometimes physical ailments can be brewing below the radar, no matter how self aware you are. These physical ailments stem from blocked energy, first created by deeply held thoughts and emotions. It can be a vicious circle!

As I was doing more focusing on getting my physical body in a bit better shape this year, it seemed that the more I focused on my physical well being, the more I “felt” worn down physically!?

I of course, like any regular human being, kind of ignored this to a large degree. Until the fatigue and emotional tension had just become too great.

That’s when I called my practitioner of course…

It was time for some outside, objective assessment. I was far too wound up in my own state to see it clearly.

I was aware that some old “baggage” was trying to come to the surface for resolution, but I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

I had noticed, that right after I had created my grief and loss kit this year, every client who came in or had an appointment, was dealing with some kind of deep grief or loss issue.

The relevance of this was certainly not lost on me.

As a practitioner I am well aware that everything that comes at me in my own life is a direct reflection of my own inner emotional and mental state or beliefs.

I had kind of thought about this off and on, but you know; I was too busy to really take the time to process it and figure out why for myself!

As I was discussing all of this with my practitioner, it became quite clear that I was avoiding “going there”, meaning, I was avoiding facing those inner emotional demons, that were bogging me down.

Denial can seem like such a good idea at the time. Until your symptoms get too great, and you are forced to look at it in some way. For me, fatigue and headaches are my indicators that I am ignoring something or in denial!

I get a lot of women clients who tend to have physical aches, pains, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia etc. Which, all stem from blocked emotional states. Very similar to how I began my healing journey 30 years ago, funny how that works.

 Often, an emotional trauma is such a shock that it can take a year to let go of that shock. Also, we tend to over intellectualize it, and think we have let it go and moved on, but we have not.

Women are incredible over intellectualizers! Myself included.

So, almost a year after a very close friend had abruptly turned her back on me, blocking all communication; I suddenly realized that I was finally angry with this person. Instead of being upset and sad, I was finally angry. That’s when I realized, I was really ready to let it go!

Anger is the great motivator & Grief is the great soul inspirer. 

Anger is what mobilizes our soul, and grief is a wise teacher, who brings us illumination about who we really are at our core. What we care most about and how deep our love can be.

Together they form a functional pair of going within oneself; then pulling out of oneself and moving upward and onward in a new, greater direction!

Everyone fears anger, because it is such a huge, often strong emotion. It can encompass you and make you feel out of control. Yet, when you honour and accepted it, it will help you to be strong and true to your inner self.


Anger holds your integrity and will power for your true Authentic Self.

Every emotion has a time and a place, the key is to know how to honour and use them in the right way. Without harming another human.

For me it was time to finally honour how I had felt after that unexpected abandonment of a friend I had held so dear.

If you struggle with physical ailments, fatigue, exhaustion or maybe you are aware that you are ignoring and denying some deeply held emotions?

Maybe it’s time to do something about it? 

Hanging on to all that old, unhealthy “stuff” is what creates disease. 

If you’re ready to let it go and be free on all levels, Book a FREE half hour health assessment with me today, and discover how easy it is to release.

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Now it’s your turn to share!

Have you had any big healing transformation?

If so what was it and how did you resolve it?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

In true resonant health,

Have a health inspiring week,


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Most people believe that serious illness or disease is inevitable. Even if, you are not consciously thinking about it, you believe this on some level, due to this genetic connection. Yet, very few people ever take measurable steps to prevent this.

Having spent most of my life working on my own health issues and discovering the most amazing system of healing and curing called, Dynamic Medicine. I know, that we are not meant to suffer and die from disease.


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Your physical health is a direct reflection of what is really going on in your soul and spirit.

In other words what you think (spirit) and what you feel (soul) affects your health directly!

Now, I know you know this. The question is what are you doing about it?

This year let me help you take the worry out of your life.

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My job is to teach you about you! To help you uncover all those hidden blockages, trauma’s that are holding you down, causing you pain, inflammation. Every old scar, whether it is emotional, mental or physical CAN be removed. With the right amount of knowledge and effort.

Are you ready?

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In true resonant health, have a self inspiring week!


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Heartfelt Thanks!

I want to extend the warmest heartfelt thanks and hug to every one of you.Thank-you-for-being-YOU

This week is all about Love & Gratitude!

I’m feeling a bit reflective right now and want to reach out and say, THANKS!

As I’ve been looking ahead and making plans for my business and life for 2014 and beyond, I couldn’t help but think of you. I am making some big plans, that I hope include you in some way.

You see, this year I have really done a lot of work figuring out what my true gift is to the world. How am I to serve mankind, in other words You, in the best possible way. What gifts have I been given and obtained in my own journey to find true health, that I can share with you. So that you can give back from a place of true health and share your incredible gifts with the world. All, while honouring your own true Self!

Whether you have been a client, friend, family member or a brief acquaintance, I want to thank you for being a part of my life. For helping me, become who I am today.

Every single person that I have had the pleasure of meeting, even if it’s just over some Twitter ramblings, has positively affected me in some way. Each interaction no matter how small, matters!

I always look at every interaction as a way to improve my Self. To become the best me that I can be. Whatever emotion or thought that is stirred up or created by my interaction with YOU is a way for me to better know and improve my love for myself!

So; Thank-You-Thank-You

With a resonant, heart felt connection, I want to make sure that my business is serving YOU in the way that YOU most desire. My gift is helping you to obtain your true health.

To make this possible, I have a few questions I would love for you to answer and send back to me, at andrea@wholistichealthcare.ca  

1. Are you looking for help with your health and what kind of help do you truly desire?

2. What kind of Healthcare are you looking for? Personal one on one services, do it yourself healing kits, membership site, where you learn how to do it yourself in the right way, or other (any idea is worth looking at if it will help you attain your true health!)

3. What area of your life do you most struggle with your health; Physical, Emotional, Mental or a combination? What kind of support are you looking for?

I want to make sure that my business goes in the direction that is going to serve you and the greatest good in the next year. 

If you could find it in your heart to take a few moments out of your day, to sit and look at what YOU want for your healthcare over the year and let me know I would be forever grateful!

With warmth and love in my heart, wishing you the health you most desire.

Looking forward to hearing how I can support you in your health journey,


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