Back to School Essentials!!

As a parent, back to school time has always been a mixed bag of emotions for me.

I love the time off with the kids through the Summer. Going to the cottage, day trips to see the local sights and so on. Then of course, there are the day’s I can’t wait to get my own routine back on track.

How about you?

As a parent, we all know that back to school means; more stress, chaos and running around.

Gone are the lazy, carefree days of Summer!

Back to the kids routines of not just school, but, extra curricular activities; Signing them up for sports, music lessons etc.

Trying to figure out how to juggle all the different directions you will all need to go, to help them succeed.

As a parent, we also know that with the extra stress and the change in weather that we are going to start seeing – sore throats, sniffles, coughs, emotional and mental outbursts!!

NOW, is the time to get ahead of the drained immune system and stressed out mental, emotional life for our kids.

AS A MOM, I could not have survived the school season without these amazing support tools. Healing kits that I created over the years, through self education, professional schooling and just living and learning through trial and error!!

Each of these kits are designed to help kids of any age, stay super healthy and mentally, emotionally prepared to succeed in school.

As well as all the extra’s they choose to do along the way –


The perfect ALL NATURAL kit to PREVENT – Coughs, Colds, Bronchitis, Sinusitis, Pneumonia, Influenza and more!


I created this kit to help my son learn how to manage his stress around exams!! Works like a charm to boost confidence and settle the nerves enough to keep focus strong.

This last kit is a new addition to my Healing kits!


Was inspired by Karen Ryan and The ADDvocates An amazing supportive community in BC. That helps parents and kids who struggle with these issues to learn how to overcome the stigma and manage their lives in a healthy balanced way! 

Be sure to click on the link above and check out all the support they offer!!

As well, click on the kit image and see how these amazing remedies can help you or your child over come this in a safe and healthy way.

If you and your family could use some support to make the transition that much smoother and more successful, be sure to click on one or all of the images and purchase your support tools TODAY!

The sooner you get started, the further ahead you will all be. 


I know how chaotic September can be, so lets make this year, the one that creates new healthier changes in your household; with all the amazing support each of these kits and their workbooks can create.


As always, let me know your thoughts, your struggles and ways that I can help support you.

In true resonant health, have a Self Inspiring week,



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Jump Start Your Health Today!

It’s that time of year.images-3

When all the fun and frivolities of Summertime are winding down.

A time to refocus and look inward at the direction you want to go with your life and health.

This is the time of year that I do some serious inventory and reassess my own health choices and decisions.

It is a time when I do my fall whole body detox program with myself and the clients who are ready, willing and able to join me.

It’s time to Jump Start Your Health Today!

I would love for you to join me in this 6 week program of cleansing and purifying the whole body.

Even if you’ve done a detox program before and/or you have never done one. This program is designed, to make sure your body fully detoxes and cleanses.

You know me, it’s not just about the physical body. Even when you do a physical detox program, you are in some way affecting your mental and emotional health. If it’s done properly!

Many people are afraid or uncertain about how to do a detox program. I get calls all the time asking if I can suggest a “Detox kit” for someone to go out and buy. In the hopes that this will quickly and easily fix all their health issues.

Well, I hate to tell you this, but if you are not properly supported; if you do not do a cleanse in the right way and if you are not really ready physically, mental or emotionally; then, a detox program could actually cause you more harm then good! Trust me, I’ve seen it happen.

A truly effective detox program is going to shift and change your very cellular make up. Clean house and flush the whole healing life force. When you are doing this, you are also AFFECTING and opening up any old toxic thoughts or emotions. That is why I like to run these programs with my clients hand in hand. So when “crap” bubbles to the surface they will know how to effectively handle and release it fully.

If you have ever done a full body detox you will know what I mean!

If you do store bought detox kits, year after year and nothing significant “comes up” for you, then you are not really cleansing the whole body!


This program is going to officially start September 21; However, even though I have done these year after year, for many years, I still need mental prep time. So I am ramping this up now, to give everyone, myself included, time to get our minds, food and supplements ready.

It usually takes me a couple weeks to actually get my thoughts and emotions really ready to take on this challenge. Giving up certain comfort foods can be really difficult and often stirs up old unresolved issues.

What things do you have trouble letting go of? What are you resistant to change?

Join me to find out what that means for you and how to finally resolve that issue for good!

A real detox and cleanse program that is fully effective takes effort and the willingness to look at all your *hit!!


Like everything in life; purifying the body, soul and spirit takes due diligence. However, this SELF due diligence will pay you handsomely in the end with incredible rewards. Like; renewed energy, reduced pain and inflammation, even better sleep and digestion.

Tweetable; The more effort you put in to your SELF and your health, the greater the results!

So are you ready or interested in Jump Starting your health with me this fall?

If so Click Here and sign up today so you can get

yourself organized and ready to go for September


I am really excited to be taking this journey with you this fall!

in true resonant health,

much love & gratitude,


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Heat Exhaustion and Sunstroke, Oh My!

Summertime is get outside and have fun time!

Nobody wants to worry about heat exhaustion and Sunstroke. ski3 copy

But, when Summer arrives, so does the long hot and sometimes humid days.

It’s interesting how people become divided in the Summer. There are those who LOVE the heat and sun, and those who HATE it.

I’m in the heat loving camp. I truly cannot get enough sunshine. It makes me feel alive and energized. Even those hot, sticky, humid days don’t get me down, in fact, I often get more charged up. Much to the confusion of my husband who hates the humidity.

The sun is a powerful force and one that is absolutely vital to our lives and health for so many reasons.

If you haven’t already, be sure to pick up your Healthy Summer Glow Kit by clicking right here; It covers every possible way to, not be affected by heat exhaustion or sunstroke. As well as what to do even if you do!

Maybe you don’t like the sun, because at some point in your life you had been overexposed and developed a degree of heat exhaustion or sunstroke. That would have AFFECTED your life force, creating a blockage or unresolved trauma.

Often times we aren’t even aware that we have developed a blockage in our life force due to an over impingement. One of the amazing abilities of the human being is to continue to move forward no matter how much “stuff” we are hanging on too!

If you begin to melt all over when it gets hot, feel nauseous, lose your appetite or develop a headache due to any kind of sun or heat exposure, it’s a good bet this is the cause.

PIA03149My brother has worked outside in construction his whole life and at some point had gotten quite sick from heat/sunstroke. Ever since that time, the moment the humidity and heat built, he would be sick in bed for a couple days.

Tweetable; Chronic migraine’s can often be contributed to an old outstanding heat or sunstroke trauma.

Once I gave my brother the appropriate Dynamic Medicine to release this old trauma, he has never been affected by the heat and sun in that way again. That was well over 8 years ago and he still works outside all summer. He still talks about how amazing the effect was.

This incredible remedy along with even more great advice on how to avoid and resolve this common Summertime problem, can be found in my Healthy Summer Glow kit.

Where you will discover great eating tips for hot weather, healthy mantra’s, remedies for energy and so much more.

Learn how to stay energized and glowing from the inside out on every level; mental, emotional and physical.

Click right here to go check it out right now and have the healthiest Summer of your life!

In true resonant health, 

love & gratitude,


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