Why You May be Chronically Stressed!

Chronic stress is the biggest trigger of illness and disease in today’s society!

We all know it, yet we often don’t do anything about our stress until it is too late.


We can be our own, greatest nemesis!

Acute stress reactions; which are required to save and protect ourselves, is an understood necessity. It’s called fight or flight.

When immediate action is called for, our bodies are designed for quick mobilization. To either run or fight. This is when your sympathetic nervous system is triggered and rallied. Blood and specific hormones rush from the internal organs to your external limbs and brain to provide immediate energy and quick action.

When this is happening however, your regenerative, healing and assimilation aspect, in other words, your parasympathetic system is shut down. Only one of these systems can function fully at a time.

It’s like jumping up and down, you are either going up or you are going down.

They are a functional polarity of action; whereby, you can only do one specific action at a time. Even though, both make up your whole autonomic nervous system.

In health, these two sides of your autonomic nervous system function in balance. They fluctuate; ebb and flow in a natural rhythm.

In ill health however, your fight or flight/sympathetic system is stuck on, while the healing/parasympathetic system is stuck in the off position. This is called “chronic stress”. 

Most people, in today’s fast paced chaotic world, are stuck in the fight or flight aspect or chronic, unresolved stress.


How much of your day do you spend feeling; stressed, anxious frustrated or downright angry?

If it’s more than 50%; then you are stuck in fight or flight. Which means, your body is in a constant state of destruction.

The catabolic forces that are required to keep you in fight or flight, are not designed to sustain you in this mode for long periods of time. It is designed for short bursts of extra energy when needed. Followed by longer periods of rest and recovery.

The two main emotional motivators that trigger fight or flight are anger and fear.

When there is a need to protect oneself, anger is a necessary emotion. When there is a need to run, fear can save you.

However, both anger and fear can become so overwhelming and consuming, that you are unable to properly release them. When this happens, they create blockages in your health and life.
Which, may or may not be recognized as physical, mental and emotional symptoms.

Fear is one of those emotions, that we just don’t really talk about. We are often “afraid” to admit, we are afraid!

And anger is an emotion, we either deny or suppress.

Both of these emotions, when used correctly can be your greatest healing advocate, but when oppressed can be your biggest creator of illness and disease.

Where anger can be your greatest mobilizer,

Fear is often your greatest immobilizer!

Some of the biggest, outer mental and emotional reasons you may be chronically stressed are; money, work, relationships, family responsibility, health problems affecting family members, personal health problems (interesting how we worry more about others before ourselves!), job security, personal safety.

There is often very little physical need for fight or flight, at least in North America. 

The biggest core reasons you may be stuck in chronic stress however, is due to low self worth and a lack of true self love.

Please take some time to really dwell on this. You may believe that you love yourself quite well, and in some ways you may very well. However, allowing yourself to stay stuck in emotional or mental overwhelm, in any capacity, means you are not fully loving and honouring your whole self!

How to reduce your chronic stress load – now;

1. Take time daily to focus on your thoughts, release the negative ones and replace them with a positive, self affirming one. Such as “I am amazing!” or, “I am confident in my abilities!”

2. Learn some mind and emotional control exercises like; meditation, positive affirmations, EFT. 

Only you can empower yourself!

3. Eat a healthy, balanced diet, based on your unique individual needs. Book a FREE chat with me to find out how you can receive your Individualized Metabolic Assessment!

4. Exercise. Even a small amount of consciously achieved exercise will go a long way to stimulating your “feel good” receptors.

5. Take time to love and honour yourself; book a spa day or a personal massage, soak in a tub with epsom salts and essential oils, spend quality time with friends, enjoy a nourishing drink while reading a book or watching a movie with a loved one. Do whatever makes you feel loved, honoured and full of joy.

6. Work with my Ultimate Wholistic Stress, Anxiety and Overwhelm kit, designed to empower you with dynamic medicine, tips, tricks, and natural tools to free yourself from this chronic state!

Understand, that you are the only one who can control your choice of; thoughts, emotions and actions. This will go a long way in establishing your self worth and the self confidence to release that which does not serve you, in your highest and best way.

As always, I am interested in your thoughts, your struggles and ways to help you.

My Self Inspiring question of the week is;

How often do you recognize that your symptoms are due to stress?

In true resonant health, I look forward to your answers.

Wishing you a Self Inspiring week,

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The Safest Way to Prevent Illness!

The shift from fall to winter is one of the worst times of the year for; coughs, colds, flus, pneumonia and so on…..

Do you find that you struggle with; low energy, aches, pains and illness this time of year?

If so, there are a number of reasons for this.

1. You haven’t been eating properly and/or according to your unique biochemical needs.

This will create a stressed out immune system, as your body reacts to non resonant foods as foreign. Your body is unable to properly assimilate these foods, which overloads your whole digestive system. Leading to an accumulation of unprocessed products that bog down, organs and joints, leading to an overall shutdown.

2. Your body is overloaded with toxins and your system is desperately trying to get your attention to clean house!

Either through improper food and drink consumption, or simply through your environment. An accumulation of toxins also overloads your system. The great news is, that your body wants to be healthy, so it may begin the detox process, or attempt to discharge the accumulation without your conscious participation. Thus, excess congestion, gastric disturbances and so on, maybe this attempt.

To support this process, I always suggest a Fall, whole body detox!

3. You have accumulated many deep emotional, mental and physical trauma’s that are blocking your life force from functioning freely.

We all have trauma’s that we haven’t properly released. What this does to you, is slow down your life force from doing it’s job freely. If you OVER REACT to simple issues; emotionally, mentally and/or physically, then you are carrying stuck trauma. Time to book a Free one on one Health Assessment with me to begin freeing up your life force!

Or, 4. You have a heavy miasmatic, inherited load, that causes you to resonate with certain illnesses that manifest this time of year.

We are all born with inherent miasms. These are the “sins of the fathers”, the faults and diseases that have been accumulated in your DNA and RNA for centuries. These faults once created are passed on from generation to generation. This is why we see so many serious illness and disease in young children and babies!

Every one of these must be cleaned up in order for you to sail gracefully, not only through the fall and winter, but all of life!

 However, even with a heavy physical, mental and emotional load, you can still utilize some of the safest and most efficient healing tools. Thereby, giving you the best possible prevention as well as relief from all winter illnesses.

The safest way to prevent illness, is with a specific remedy called a – Nosode!


A nosode is a homeopathically prepared remedy, made from the directly infectious material/agent. Similar to vaccines, but without the toxic side-effects.

This can be tissue containing the actual disease agents or tissue affected by those agents. 

The delivery of these Remedies are non-invasive, (there is no needle), it is taken orally in water or granule form and follows a more natural path within your body.

Unlike the vaccine which by-passes your natural response mechanisms and goes directly into your blood. Which alone, can give all kinds of problems for any individual, but especially the young and the old, who have low and/or compromised immunity levels.

There are also no extra by-products like; chemicals, stabilizers, foreign proteins etc. Like those found in vaccines.

Thus, a nosode creates no side effect, or new disease to deal with after.

It’s effectiveness comes according to it’s law of application, which is a true, natural law of nature; The Law of Similars.

When applying this law of similars, we take in a substance that; in crude form can create those exact symptoms, in this case any virus or bacteria. It is then dynamized and potentized so that it becomes the energetic form of the physical substance and can now be applied by this law of similars.

When you take this similar medicinal substance into your mouth, it by-passes your metabolic system since it isn’t in crude chemical form and goes directly into your central nervous system, similar to an invading virus.

It then triggers a natural immune response at this energetic level. Now if we come into contact with a real virus or bacteria, your body will reject it due to your body having the memory of this substance already residing in your fluidic, etheric healing life force.

No two similar disease states can reside within the living organism at one time!

(Another well known law of nature).

Due to it’s dynamic nature, this ‘Remedy’ is safe enough for all individuals no matter their age or level of health.

Both the Winter Survival kit and the Travel kit contain specific nosodes, to help prevent common illnesses. 

You can even request specific tonic remedies and nosodes, for the winter kit, if you are struggling with an illness and just can’t seem to clear it. I have made up several unique kits like this this year already for pneumonia and pertussis.

Preventing and recovering from any illness can be done safely when you use both homeopathic and tonic remedies, like nosodes. 

They work WITH your bodies natural immune responses and healing processes, not against. 

I have been using only these remedies in my practice and home for well over 25 years. My two children, who are now 15 and 18, have never had antibiotics, or any kind of conventional medicine. And they are two of the healthiest, vibrant young people I know.

It is possible to maintain and regain your health naturally, you just need the right tools.

Every one of my Ultimate Wholistic Healing kits will give you the right tools and knowledge to take care of your own health quickly and safely!

Why not give one a try today.

Click on the image below – You won’t be disappointed!



Here are some extra research links on nosodes use, for your consideration;

Homeopathy Research

Indian Govt uses homeopathic immunisation for malaria, Jap. encephalitis, dengue & epidemic fever bit.ly/1uQSsv3 #vaccines

Cuban Govt uses homeopathic immunisation for leptospirosis & dengue fever epidemics bit.ly/1uQSsv3 #vaccines

Brazilian Govt reduced meningococcal disease with homeopathic immunisation bit.ly/1uQSsv3 #vaccines

Thailand, Colombo and Brazilian Govts use homeopathic immunisation for dengue fever bit.ly/1uQSsv3 #vaccines

There’s info on vaccine risk and science here:


and there’s also the recent CDC whistleblower who said he covered up the link between MMR and autism many years ago. http://www.naturalnews.com/046630_CDC_whistleblower_public_confession_Dr_William_Thompson.html 

In true resonant health, 

Have a Self Inspiring day!

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Do You Sabotage Your Health?

Do you sabotage your health?Self-Sabotage-300x256

Do you often find that you keep eating the "wrong" foods, getting distracted from your exercise routine or just not getting enough quality time for yourself?

It can seem like life is constantly throwing a wrench into our well laid plans.

For instance; I just had a super busy weekend, with, my sons prom going on, my daughter's year end dance recital as well as a friend's get together and dinner at our place. Sometimes it seems like we have so many things to do that we don't get to look after ourselves.

It is important, that no matter how much chaos seems to be going on, we must make an effort to take some time for ourself. 

There are so many ways that we sabotage ourselves, without even knowing it.

Did you know, that injuries like, cuts, burns, scrapes, bruises, bites and stings, are actually all forms of self sabotage?

Summer BWhich is why my Summer Survival Kit is so popular! It not only addresses the physical issue but the state behind it. Releasing it fully, safely and effectively.

You may be thinking, but these are all accidents, out of my control? Or are they?

You know, I used to think so. I used to blame everyone and everything else for all my problems. It's actually the way most of us were raised, to view the world as the enemy. That external forces are beyond our own control. We think we are a victim of life and circumstance. However, this is actually far from the truth.

Do you feel like it's time to change how you think, how you view the world and your own life?

 To empower yourselves with your own self knowledge!

 The better you truly know yourself; what works for you as an individual, such as foods, specific exercises based on your body type, what your inherent weaknesses are and what your natural strengths and abilities are; the more self power you have and the less you are a victim to "fate"! 
The less you will have accidents, injuries or be prone to bug bites, stings, even sunburns. – What!?

Yep, every "accident and injury" has a trigger or state that controls it.

That you can actually control! 

With the expansive energy of Summer time coming, it's easy to lose control of our own lives. To get caught up in the excessiveness of doing too much and taking on too many things. Which always leads to burnout, confusion, lack of self control and then to injuries and accidents.

How many times have you run into someone while out and about, during one of those super hot days, and they where angry, frustrated and taking it out on everyone aroudn them? I see this EVERY year in the early days of Summer.

What triggers this, is giving your power away to those external forces. Instead of taking control with your own thoughts, emotions and actions.

I know that it's hard to be objective with our own life, choices, actions, thoughts and emotions every moment of every day.

But what if you could?

What if you could easily, every day make the right informed choice for you and your ideal lifestyle. Creating not only perfect moments but perfect days, weeks, months and years?

You can! 

By learning to listen more intently to yourself. How you feel around the choices you make, what your body is telling you about those choices. What those external events are actually trying to tell you about yourself.

The more you CHOOSE to take better care of yourself, and the more you make an effort to follow through, the easier it becomes, to live those ideal moments all the time. To be less of a victim and more of an empowered, self conscious individual.

That is what each of my Healing Kits are designed to do. To teach you how to recognize what may be triggering your physical ailments and injuries. Every accident, injury and illness has a state of mind that controls and manifest it. Whether, it is an inherent state or one you have developed, they are all able to be changed with the right knowledge and effort.

Be sure to check out my Ultimate Wholistic Healing Kits today, and discover what your illness is telling you!

Do you want to dive even deeper into why you struggle with your health issues?

Would like me to create your own unique healing nutrition, exercise and lifestyle plan? If so then book a FREE half hour Health Assessment with me today, by using this link!

Setting personal intentions and learning to honour them every day no matter what obstacles you try to throw in your own way, creates a power within your soul that cannot be broken.

Let me help you find your power within.

Tell me how you tend to sabotage your health?

In true resonant health, 

have a self inspiring week,

Love and Gratitude,


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