How to Stay Healthy Throughout the Holidays!

The best way to stay healthy throughout the holidays:

 Learn how to best take care of yourself! 

Especially, before getting together with family and friends.

Holiday time can be very chaotic.

With all the party invites to send and receive; seasonal foods to prepare and ingest; gifts to be decided on, buy & wrap; along with family members to contend with….

We all know that families are a highly complex web of unique individual’s.

Each bringing their own life experiences, pain and trauma’s with them wherever they go.

Some individual’s feel compelled to hang on to those trauma’s and inflict their pain on anyone close to them, especially around the holidays!

Just remember that we all have free will and the ability to choose how we act and react to life and the choices of the people in it.

If you struggle with the holidays, no matter what the cause, there are a few things you can do, that will help you to;

Survive the holidays with your sanity and health intact!

In other words – 

How to have a Healthy Holiday:

(taken from my Holiday Survival Kit!)

~ Eat as cleanly and Ketogenically as you can. Reduce the amount of processed carbohydrates you eat. Try to eat moderate amounts of protein and increase your consumption of healthy fats, which feed the brain stable energy!

We all know how much sugar spikes our energy and mood up and down. This chaos in digestion will only glorify any chaos going on at a mental and emotional level.

I get that we are all going to imbibe in sugary things over the holidays. So my suggestion is to simply to do so in moderation and with self awareness. 

~ Reduce and eliminate toxins. Drink at least one glass of purified water with the juice of half a real lemon, every day. The best time, is first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. 

You can also get my Hangover kit; which has specific remedies to help you cleanse and detox any toxins. 

~ Take a quality supplement to help balance your energy and mood. Choose one that is in as much whole food form as possible, to ensure you absorb it all and create no extra toxins or imbalances.

Make sure that it contains lots of minerals and B vitamins, as these support your adrenals. When we are stressed, it is the adrenals that trigger our “fight or flight” symptoms, leading to fatigue and foggy thinking.

My two favourite, whole food supplements are SolarStrips and Prodigy 5.

~ Get qualitative sleep and rest. Late nights and early mornings are a huge part of the Holidays. However, getting enough sleep is vital to coping with the emotional and mental issues that arise when dealing with complex families!

If you struggle with your sleep, you can try these support tools:

Frequensea and Solarstrips have done wonders to help many of my clients resolve old sleep issues.

You can also try L-Glutamine and/or L-Tyrosine, 1000mg divided into 2 doses, can be taken daily near bedtime to help you sleep easier and more fully.

Another trick I use is ear plugs! They are a godsend when I am away from home and not used to the strange noises. I sleep like a log when I can’t hear any noise.

Body work – I highly suggest you take some time just prior to, or over the holidays to go and get some physical body work done. this is a great way to prepare and pamper yourself. Massage in any form is pure bliss! Acupuncture can help open up your life force which will allow you to flow and be more energized. Even a facial, mani or pedi is worth the time and money if it brings you a peaceful state of mind.

Purposefully taking time for yourself is a positive step in Self Love!

Mental and Emotional Support

Sometimes when you are away from home, or even at home for that matter during the holidays, you feel trapped by circumstances. Always remember that you have a choice at any time to walk away, literally! 

If you are somewhere and feeling unsettled or upset, simply go outside for a walk. Focus your mind on something that brings joy to your heart. It can be anything, provided it settles your thoughts and emotions on to a single event or time where you felt complete peace and joy. Sometime just breathing in the life energy of the universe goes a long way. Stay focused on this cherished moment as long as you can, until you feel relaxed physically, calm and at peace, mentally and emotionally.

Another difficult area that comes up, when extended families get together is personal beliefs. Everyone has beliefs, we are born into them, and we develop them as we go through life. Beliefs are neither right nor wrong, they are simply where you are as an individual right now. Problems arise, when individuals feel the need to impinge their belief on to you. As long as your belief’s about yourself and your life is creating positive growth then there is no need to change it.

A healthy belief is one you can let go of when the time is right to move on. When someone you know and love, or like, becomes intent on forcing their opinion on you, there are a few things you can do to minimize this stress.

~ Recognize your own beliefs. The moment you feel the tension building within yourself, know that you are being confronted with someone else’s belief, that is not necessarily resonating with you. Take a deep breath stay calm and politely listen or quietly excuse yourself and walk away. Unhealthy people doggedly hang on to their beliefs with passion and force. They ‘believe’ that they are always right and that they must “Save everyone else from their mistakes!” To get in to an argument with someone over individual beliefs, creates what we call Emotional Plague Reactions. We all know what this is, it’s when beliefs or rigid ideas get thrown around, emotions get high and very heated. However, nothing good ever comes of these debates! The best way to avoid this conflict is to have compassion for the individual. Look objectively at them as they are getting all “wound” up and realize how mired they are in their own conflict!

~ The second thing you can do, is, not get in to a battle of wills. It would be fruitless and generally leads to conflicts. It is your false ego or weak sense of self that wants to “prove them wrong” or “show them the right way”. Your True sense of self knows that it doesn’t really matter what someone else thinks or believes, provided you know and honour your own Self! So if you have chosen to listen instead of walk away, do so with quiet Self dignity. Do not try to correct them, simply acknowledge what they are saying without having to accept or out right deny. It is impossible to get in an argument with someone who doesn’t argue!

~ Honour your own emotions. If you find that during any discussion that you do get emotionally caught up in it, know that those emotions are yours! Honour them, by acknowledging them quietly within yourself. Admit that you have some deep belief surrounding this as well; that can be worked on by yourself at a later date. If you can at the time, make a mental note of the emotions and thoughts which are are triggered in you by the other person. Know that these are your old beliefs and emotional trauma’s that you are still hanging on to somewhere deep inside. They are best worked on however, when you can objectively process them by yourself or with a qualified practitioner. Not during what should be a joyful celebration of family and friends!

~ Choose a positive outlook. Sounds simple enough, but I know how hard it can be to stay positive during family get togethers. Other people’s struggles and views can become overwhelming. If you make a personal commitment to yourself today, to stay as positive as possible, and are able to remind yourself often; it will help to lessen the pull of other’s negativity.

~ Learn to say NO with grace! One of the main reason’s we often get overwhelmed during the holidays, is an inability to put up our own boundaries. It can be hard to say no to loved ones. However, the best way to save your own health and sanity during hectic times is to decide what you truly can and want to do and what you can’t and don’t want to do. Be a little narcissistic this holiday season, but in a healthy way!

~ Take time for yourself. With all the rush and travel of the holiday’s, be sure to take some time; either daily, or every few days to find some time to slow down and honour yourself. You can do this with some simple “me” time like a nice soak in the tub, purposeful relaxation techniques or even booking some pampering time, such as, a hot stone massage, deep tissue work, mani or pedi, or what ever helps you to slow down and unwind. 

~ Use Dynamic Medicine to release unwanted emotions and beliefs. My absolute favourite way to release anything, is with Dynamic Medicine.

Did you know that NO TWO SIMILAR DIS-EASE STATES CAN RESIDE WITHIN THE LIFE FORCE AT ONE TIME! An actual true fact of the human organism.  Thus, when you take Dynamic Medicine that is designed for a specific state or issue, such as the Wholistic Overload rx in my Holiday Survival kit, that any feelings and mental connections to what overloads you will be released. It works quickly, is safe and highly effective.

Why not give it a try, what have you got to lose besides unwanted emotional and mental baggage!!

I hope that these tips and suggestions; which are all taken from my Holiday Survival Kit, help you to indeed have a Very Merry, Healthy Christmas!!

Wishing you all a Very Merry and Healthy Holiday season.

As always, let me know your thoughts, your struggles and ways that I can help support you.

My Self Inspiring question of the week is;

What do you struggle with the most over the holidays?

In true resonant health, have a Self Inspiring week,


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The Most Important Healing Activity We Often Ignore!

Do you know what the most important healing activity is?

This vital healing activity is often misunderstood or under appreciated.

We often refuse to allow it to fully work for us, claiming a lack of time in our lives to give it free reign.

Yet, once we accept it and honour it, Healing speeds up, on every level, mental, emotional as well as the physical.

What is this Important Healing Activity?

Sleep, Rest and Relaxation!

3 Things that we just don't do. Or, if we do, it is not truly qualitative enough to help us to fully heal and let our body repair.

easelly_visual (1)

Sleep, and I mean good quality, deep REM state sleep, for a minimum of 7 straight hours is what we need in order for our cells to regenerate. Not only that, we actually need sleep to shut down our nerve sense system and allow our spiritual and soul bodies, aka thoughts and emotions time to recharge. The only way to fully rest, release and repair, is to sleep.

I’ve just gotten back from my annual two weeks family vacation at the cottage. Where I got to spend lots of time, hanging with my family, water skiing, taking evening cruises around the lake, eating great food, conscious libations and good old fashioned R&R. Nothing recharges the soul better than simple unplugged, rest and relaxation.

In a recent study done by the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) They have recognized that "sleep insufficiency is linked to motor vehicle crashes, industrial disasters, and medical and other occupational errors." As well as – "Persons experiencing sleep insufficiency are also more likely to suffer from chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, depression, and obesity, as well as from cancer, increased mortality, and reduced quality of life and productivity."

Most of us are well aware that when our sleep is disturbed and for long periods of time, we begin to wear down.

I use my Summer shutdown as a time to consciously unwind, from the intense go go go of being a mom, wife and entrepreneur. Its time for me to let go of all my drive and reset some intentions. Reassess my desires in life, business as well as personal. A time to unplug from all social media! Allowing me some qualitative time to really be “within” myself. To reevaluate the direction I want my life to go and to just plain get lots of SLEEP!

The first week I played hard, had a massage, slept late and relaxed by the water reading only fictional, entertaining stories.

The second week, I got down to the real core, inner repair work and using Danielle LaPorte’s new "Desire Map" I did my own inner digging, listening and empowering.

Summer time is the best time for downtime! 

Downtime is about healing and rejuvenating yourself. It should be about relaxing, resting and recovering. One of the hardest things for most people is to take time for themselves. Sometimes, downtime leads to even deeper exhaustion.

I often hear from clients during a healing phase (usually 2 weeks after a set of Tonic remedies!) in their clearing of deep old traumatic events; that they are exhausted, have no drive or desire to do anything, can't focus on life, sometimes even feel dizzy. These are not new things developing, they are just your bodies way of saying – "Hey, Slow down! I need time to fix these things, to help you to release blocked and stuck energy so that you can heal and have greater energy."

When you ALLOW yourself the time to heal, your body may require far more healing than you realized. If you tend to push yourself on all levels, 24/7, 365 days a year, you eventually are going to burn out.

Most people are chronically tired, because they never let themselves fully rest in order to heal!

Or, they are unable to fully rest and get proper sleep because they are stuck in a trauma crisis. There is some old unresolved issue that they have not been able to see clearly in order to work through it and let it go. 

If this is you, then I would love to help you find the true underlying trauma that is keeping you from living your life fully and restfully : ) 

If You feel stuck with your healing or have trouble

sleeping! – Click this link Today to book a FREE

half hour Health Assessment with me and find out

how you can fully "Let Go".

Bottom line, is that as a complex, multifaceted human being, so many things can cause an imbalance. Chronic imbalance leads to illness and disease. So whether, this imbalance starts on an emotional, mental or physical level, it will eventually affect the others, as they all interlink.

In order to heal yourself fully, you must solve the problems on every level. Thus the power of Dynamic Medicine!

There is no other healing modality I have come across in my 35 years of searching, that can touch all levels at once; safely, effectively and quickly.

If you want to try Dynamic Medicine in a simple easy to use format on your own, be sure to check out my Healing Kits. I have one specific for Energy and Sleep issues, just click this link to check it out!

In True Resonant Health,

Have a Health Inspiring week!


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