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Welcome to My Ultimate, Wholistic Healing Kits

Say “good-bye” to suffering from allergies, weight issues, stress, anxiety and overwhelm! No more; Lack of energy and low grade depression, or problems with your Menstrual cycle each month!

And; be the one, who is well prepare for potential travel illnesses, Winter ailments or Summer time problems like sunburns and bug bites and heat stroke.

Be the greatest mom or dad and learn all the ways to raise a healthy baby/child using safe, effect all natural therapies. Like, the ones in my emergency kit or Healthy baby kit!

These kits are designed with love and full of healing tips and wisdom, just for you!

They come chock full of the most up to date, ways to restore, re balance and rejuvenate your health using only natural therapies.

I hope you love these kits as much as I love making them for you. If you have a kit you’d like to see here, be sure to let me know and I’d be happy to make it for you!

“The booklet was full of much more info then I expected. I found the last part (mental and emotional part) to be particularly interesting.” Ayleasha F, Quebec

Healthy Summer Glow Kit

Ah, Summer time, the time when we expand our energy to the great outdoors. Particularly if you live in North America!

The problems that arise in summer, are all due to this desire to expand and to be outside in the hot Summer sun. Inside this kit you will discover all kinds of great ways to support and refresh your physical body. As well as ways to maintain energy and balance on a mental and emotional level. Remember – every physical issue also affects you mentally and emotionally!

Remedies mailed out for Free are;

Heat & Sunstroke, to help you body to release any damage as well as fully repair itself from this over impingement.

Sunburn, this unique remedy as the ability to completely heal and repair your skin after over exposure, thus reducing your susceptibility to further damage. As well my whole family takes this remedy and the Heat & Sunstroke remedy as prevention, prior to going outside in the summer time!

Dehydration/fluid loss, For the times when you forget to get enough proper fluids to maintain your bodies equilibrium. Dehydration can be incredibly sneaky and very damaging at a deep core level. This remedy will help with muscle cramps, and low grade exhaustion.

Physical over exertion/injury, it often happens that we go a little to much in the summer. Especially early in the season when we start new out door activities. This remedy is designed to help you heal and recover quickly and efficiently.

Bites & Stings, another very common problem in sometime is the bugs! This remedy helps to alleviate the immediate reaction and to eliminate it quickly. Again we often take this remedy before going out into bug territory, it actually helps to ward them off! I give this to my horse all summer as well.

This kit coming soon!


Weight Loss Kit

If you struggle with your weight, and you would like to learn the real reason’s behind your weight issues; this is the kit for you!

In this kit you will learn qualitative nutritional advice, natural tools to eliminate excess weight and so much more!

Take the weight off forever, by learning what is appropriate for you as an individual. This is not a “Diet” but an individual lifestyle change. Feel more energize, lighter and resolve many diet related health issues using this kit!

“Just reporting that things are going fairly well. I have lost 8 lbs. Yeah! I am sleeping better at night. I think the emotional support and weight loss remedies are a critical part of this program to be successful. I feel better physically and surprisingly happy and positive☺ I take the emotional support remedies everyday and I believe they have really helped me. I am not having cravings and rarely feel hungry. I have not been exercising, other than gardening and cleaning the house.” Joan in Ontario

Remedies mailed out for Free are; Emotional/Mental Release, to help you let go of some of your mental & emotional barriers holding on to your weight. Like deep grief, feeling unloved.
Physical Release, to help your physical body release and properly discharge toxins and excess weight and
Cravings, to help minimize your cravings and desire to over eat.

52 pages of incredible regimen and nutritional tools as well as emotional and mental support! All for $67

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Allergy Kit

Allergies are sadly becoming more and more common in today’s society. In this kit discover why you have allergies and how to properly eliminate them. If you are someone who suffers from either season allergies or chronic every day allergies and you want to end your suffering. Then this is the perfect kit for you!

In this kit I discuss allergies from both the physical aspect and the mental/emotional aspect. I show you ways to eliminate the physical symptoms as well as the emotional and mental issues behind your allergies. Be sure to “look inside” and see some of what you will be discovering in this kit.

Remedies mailed out for Free are; 

Fear of Anger Release (need to buy the kit to understand this one!), to help you let go of these emotional barriers that hold on to your allergies.
Physical Allergy Release, to help your physical body release and properly discharge your allergy symptoms.
Drainage & Immune combo, to help boost and balance your immune system and it’s allergic reactions.

47 pages of incredible support and knowledge you won’t find anywhere else in the world for the incredible low price of $67

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Healthy Woman Kit

There are very few women in today’s society who are not in need of some support before and during their Menstrual cycle! I have used these remedies at various times in my life and healing journey. I still sometimes need to lean on their support every now and then as I continue in my own journey.

If you struggle with PMS symptoms, like irritability, easily upset, low energy, cramps and yeast. Then this kit is perfect for you. The best supportive ideas in the world today, to help you sail with grace and ease through your monthly cycle. Why suffer needlessly!

It comes with an extensive booklet full of great ways to help support yourself before, during and after your monthly cycle. Great tips and tools to help you get your cycle back to a place of health.

Remedies included free of charge are; Cramps, Excess Bleeding, PMS Emotional Support, Hormonal Headaches & Yeast/Candida combo.

35 pages of healing advice and wisdom at your finger tips! All for an incredible low price of $67

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Stress & Anxiety Kit

This kit is designed to help you learn about your own stress and anxiety levels. Why your body actually needs a certain amount of stress and how to relieve the unnecessary excess that we all develop.

It gives clear, effective tools to address your stress and anxiety as it affects you on every level; Mental, Emotional and Physical. Thus, teaching you how to fully resolve and release your unwanted Stress & Anxiety forever! Because true healing is Wholistic. : )

Remedies included free of charge are;

Full Stress Release, Self Worth Anxiety, specific for when you feel uncertain in your life, times where you need your full relaxed focus of Self, like exams, job interviews, sporting or artistic performances etc.

overwhelmed remedy, my favorite for when I have bitten off more of life than I can chew and I feel like I can’t handle it! This remedy releases that state and brings clarity to you immediately.

You get the most dynamic, 37 page workbook, chock full of incredible wisdom to guide and heal you! 

All for an incredible low price of $67

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Joy Kit

This kit I designed to help resolve low grade chronic depression and even SAD (Seasonal affected Disorder). I believe that encouraging ourselves to look at finding our Joy in life along with resolving all the reasons we become depressed are the only way to truly free ourselves forever.

 You get the most comprehensive booklet on how to properly resolve and free yourself from Depression and chronic Unhappiness. Bring back the Joy into your life with; 40 pages of Loving guidance, lessons, nutritional advice, affirmations and so much more!

Remedies included free of charge are;

Joy combo,to help you release deep old inner depression and unhappiness.

SAD/Emotional balance, a specific remedy used to eliminate SAD, strengthen and re balance your emotional state.

Feeling Stuck, an amazing little remedy to help you remove the feeling of being “stuck”, allowing you to make better decisions, feel motivated to make changes and simply enjoy the moment better!

For the incredible low price of $67

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Healthy Baby Kit

There is nothing worse than when your baby gets sick! Especially when you are a new mom. As a parent I know how horrible it feels when you think you can’t help your baby. This kit is designed to give you lots of ways you can safely and effectively help your baby recover quickly from any illness. Feeling calm and confident in the face of illness will make life more enjoyable for you and your baby!

Comes with a booklet full of healthy ways to maintain your physical strength and emotional well being. As well as all kind of different therapies and tools to keep your baby happy, healthy and flourishing!

Remedies included free of charge are;

Emotional Soothing, Diaper rash, colic, earache, conjunctivitis(eye gunk) & teething. All pretty self explanatory!

So much loving support and information for the low price of $87. Your baby will thank you!

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Winter Survival Kit                                     Library - 3355

For Coughs, colds, bronchitis, influenza and more!

Winter can be difficult in many ways. This kit is designed to help get you through most of the common acute illnesses that tend to roll around each winter. These are the very remedies I use successfully year after year with my own family and clients. A must for every family to own. You could not go to a health food store and buy this knowledge, support and these combinations for such a low price!

The booklet is 36 pages, giving you a wealth of information about how to strengthen and rebuild your immune system. You will learn how to fully clear and resolve any illness, like coughs, sinusitis, congestion, sore throats, influenza, Pneumonia, gastric upsets and fevers. As well, I give my unique Wholistic look at why we attract these illnesses!

This kit comes with a larger selection of dynamic remedies in order to give you the very best support!

These are the very remedies I use with my own family with wonderful success!

Remedies included free of charge are – Immune & drainage, Cough, Fever, Sinus and sore throat combos as well as unique little boosters to help prevent, influenza, Bronchitis and Gastric upset.

So much goodness and support for such a low price of $87, unbeatable!!

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Travel Kit

This is one of my biggest sellers! Especially just after the new year, when everyone wants to travel to a warmer climate and beat the mid-winter blues. The booklet gives you great tips and suggestions for staying healthy and free from unwanted illness while traveling. No one wants to get sick while away from home, and this kit has proven its effectiveness time and time again!

Give it a try, what have you got to loose except a fabulous healthy time traveling!

” The wisest thing done before an extensive journey to Chile & Argentina recently was to consult with Andrea for support regarding malaria & hepatitis precautions and to travel with her Travel Kit.
I traveled very well, had no jet lag or stomach discomfort while everyone else in my group was violently ill for several days.  Would not leave home without this valuable trusted travel kit!”  Michele, London ON

Remedies included free of charge are;

Digestive support, to keep Montezuma’s revenge away!

Organ & Immune support, to strengthen your physical body.

Radiation detox, to help with flight and flying radiation exposure.

Nausea, for any motions sickness you may have.

Jet lag remedy. Plus the two most specific nosodes; Hepatitis and Malaria.

Only $87 for so much incredible real natural support, you will find no where else in the world today!

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Emergency Kit

Because sometimes accidents happen and it’s always good to be prepared ahead of time!

This kit is 48 pages of wholistically viewed information to help you know what to do in the case of general emergencies. Emergencies that you can heal yourself from, given the right support and dynamic medicine. I view life and all it’s little trauma’s as events where we can learn about ourselves more fully. As well, instead of putting your faith in your bodies ability to heal itself without any help, I suggest giving yourself all the necessary support. When we give the right natural medicine, we can ensure that we not only heal properly, but that we carry no residual damage from the event. You will also have less susceptibility to this trauma again in the future! Pretty neat if I do say so!

I have used these remedies for myself and my clients for over 10 years. They make healing quick, and simple, with no “side effects” or oppression.

“I am a mother of two young boys.  When my second boy was born I noticed that he had skin issues that no conventional medicated creams or lotions would heal or even improve.  That was when I turned to Andrea.  Her remedies released his issues within a day.  As my boys grow I find that almost each month they contract something new.  I found myself always relying on Andrea.  I was so excited when she offered her course.  I then had the knowledge but lacked the actual remedy, until she offered her Remedy Kits.  I purchased both the Winter Survival and Emergency Kit.  Within a week of having the kits, my youngest fell down the stairs and fractured his leg, my oldest had a very bad spider bite and my husband caught a cold.   It was a wonderful feeling that I had the knowledge and remedies to help heal my family.  I am so grateful for Andrea, for the knowledge and the Remedy Kits; she has given me the tools to support my family in their health.  Thank you Andrea!” Carmalina, Burlington Ontario

Kit comes with a 48 page, comprehensive booklet full of all the many ways to heal and recover from each of these emergencies, quickly and efficiently. As well you receive these 12 dynamic combination, you will not find anywhere else in the world!

Remedies included free of charge are;

Physical injury, Head & Spine trauma, Extreme Exhaustion, Hangover/Toxins, Heat & Sunstroke, Burns, Digestive Upset, Bites & Stings, Broken Bones, Blood/Fluid Loss, Shock and Rash.

For the incredible low price of $97. You would never be able to get this much dynamic information and all these combinations for this low of a price!

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Energy Kit

There are a lot of dynamic reasons why we lose energy. This kit is designed to help you understand the many ways that you may be creating energy deficiencies on all levels; mental, emotional and physical. It comes with a wholistic look at how to resolve, recover and maintain your energy, so that you will never have a loss of energy again!

Remedies included free of charge are – Wholistic Overload Release, Mental Clarity & Physical recharge.

This kit is coming soon!


Holiday Survival Kit

Holiday’s can be filled with joy, laughter and love. They can also be filled with all kinds of old unresolved trauma’s, that trigger grief, anger and anxiety.

A family structure is a highly complex web of different individuals, with different life path’s to unfold. The healthier each individual is in this web, the healthier the structure. However, sometimes it only takes one or two individuals to tear this fine web apart!

My Ultimate Wholistic Holiday Survival kit is designed to help you not only cope with the complexities, but to soar with grace and love through every event.

You will learn how to NOT take on other peoples emotional and mental issues, while still being loving and supportive. Learn how to maintain your own physical, mental and emotional energy no matter what arises. So that your holiday experience will be joyful and memorable, in a great way!

Remedies included free of charge are;

Emotional balance, to help keep you feeling sane and emotionally balanced in any chaotic situation!

Wholistic Overload Release, to help you to release the tension not just physically, but emotionally and mentally as well.

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