What Gets Your Goat?

Anger is an interesting emotion. We all experience it, we need it for so many reasons, yet we deny it even when we are experiencing it!


What gets my goat, is when people refuse to admit they are angry. There is no worse feeling then when you are dealing with someone who is quite clearly feeling angry, even enraged, but they deny themselves the experience. These are the people who are so sweet on the surface but are seething about their life underneath. We all know someone like this. They are the kindly neighbor, the individual whom everyone loves because they will go out of their way to help and make things run smoothly. They go over and beyond as a way to compensate for their inner lack of true self awareness and love!

My dad was a classic example of this person. On the surface the shining example of the perfect person to society. He would take his shirt off in a down pour to give it to the guy next to him. Everyone in town loved my dad! At home it was a whole different story. Raised under a hard worn father who beat him, he learned to suppress his anger, pretend everything was okay and drank himself in to numbness. He was completely unhappy deep inside, but on the surface and in society he was a great man. He died of Cancer before he hit 50! So you can see why I have learned to hate ( and rightly so) people who suppress and deny their anger.

Anger has a purpose, just like everything in life. Like all things though, it has two sides. The one side spurs us in to action, it rallies our life force and makes us aware of our inner held beliefs.  The other side is the outward expression of this state. To date we have not been taught how to properly deal with this emotion and so it tends to get out of hand. People who suppress their anger tend to trigger other’s who are also hanging on to unexpressed or not properly released anger issues. Have you ever noticed how you can get riled up by someone else who is outwardly expressing their anger? Say your spouse comes home in a crabby mood and begins to nit pick at you or the kids and you begin to get angry and frustrated as well, when previous to their arrival you where in a seemingly good mood? The reason for this is that they have simply triggered your own unresolved anger to surface.

We all have unresolved anger issues, its a part of our dis-eased society! What we need to learn to do is first recognize that your anger is your own, no matter who or what may have triggered it. Remember never kill the messenger! Once you can begin to understand that anger is ok to feel then begin to honor it by admitting you are angry and allowing yourself to experience it within your own body. As you begin to understand what it feels like then you can begin to find constructive ways to release it without harming yourself or another human.  Dumping your anger on another human is not responsible or fair. 

For those of you who deny the fact that you are angry in any way; and trust me there are lots of us out there. I was one of them. It is vitally important to get some objective help recognizing that it exists first. It actually took me 5 years of dynamic healing before I was even able to feel the anger I had bottled up inside. Like my father, I had learned to deny and pretend I had no anger, just grief. It is a fairly common thing, especially for women, because society deems it alright for men to express anger, but not women! We don’t want to be a “Bitch” so we pretend it’s all okay and that we are Happy, Happy, Happy! When really we are not okay.  By denying ourselves of an emotion that can be utilized to protect our sense of self. To defend our true inner spirit when something tries to oppress it makes the sensation of anger a good feeling.

When we suppress our anger all kinds of biological health issues arise! Most of the illnesses that conventional medicine can not find a causation for, stem from repressed anger. Unresolved anger hardens our life force, shuts down our energy systems, creating a blockage in our whole being. Some of the common issues I see due to repressed anger are; chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, chronic muscle and joint stiffness, irritable bowel, bladder infections, gallstones, adrenal fatigue, diabetes as well as cancer. Cancer is the ultimate shut down of the individual on all levels.

It is time we take ownership of our own emotions and how they affect us. Lets find ways to finally understand and resolve our anger in constructive ways not destructive. 

Once you can admit you have hidden anger then there are some amazing tools to help you release it successfully. One of the best tools I have ever come across is Dynamic Medicine. Here are some of the biggest remedies and the specific state that it can help you let go of;

Staphysagria – One of the biggest remedies for the “sweet”, suppressed angry person. They tend to cry when angry, prone to depression, headaches like a dull block in head, develop styes or tumors on eyelids, muscles twitches, cystitis, psoriasis and chronic long term dry coughs.

Chamomile – This is good for people who are intolerant of pain or discomfort, becoming irritable when offered help, and tends to stomp or throw things when riled.

Sepia – This is the classic worker worn mother, who yells when she can’t take it any more! This also helps deal with all kinds of hormonal imbalances that stem from being unhappy and over worked.

Bryonia – These individuals are touchy and easily irritated, repeatedly say they want to be left alone, develop dryness of skin and hair, gastric issues and or arthritis due to unresolved anger.

Causticum – Another good remedy for deeply suppressed anger, tend to defend other’s injustices over their own, develops obsessive compulsive issues, stammering, slow progressive paralysis of musculature, TMJ/grinds teeth and chronic hoarseness.

As with all Dynamic Medicine, start with either a 30 or 200 ch then work up to 1M, 10M, 50M etc. as you feel you are ready to release more.

Another great way to release pent up anger, once you are aware of it is doing strong loud Huh, sounds which cause the physical body to push through the stuck armor. Also if you are really ready to let go, then find a safe place and do some serious yelling and screaming, maybe get a good punching bag and go a round with it!

 Don’t let your goat control you, understand what gets your goat and learn how to properly and safely release it.

Enjoy processing and coming to know yourself fully!

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In True Resonant Health,


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