Who am I

Every now and then I have a day of self questioning. A day where I wake up and wonder, okay, who am I really!? What is my purpose. What is the point in it all for that matter! Photo 6

At first I used to think that it was only me who had these odd thoughts. Then as the years rolled by and I found others on the same path of self realization, I discovered I was not so alone or odd. Thank goodness! ; )

In fact as we know, this is an age old question, looked at by poets, writers and philosophers for many, many years. Why? Because we are always in the process of becoming. Of growing in self awareness and consciousness. To look at it in a grander way, we can think of the evolution of the human, as a learning curve, no different than learning math or science. We are always discovering new things in our outer world as we evolve. So too, are we learning about ourselves inwardly, as individuals and as a group. The development and understanding of our physical world in conjunction with our emotional and thinking world is an amazing journey. Connecting the material, with the Soul and Spiritual, in a very grounded way is still very much in process!

For me, the discovery of myself as an amazing, unique individual, connected to a higher group consciousness has taught me several things.

1. We are not alone! It is odd how so many people feel utterly alone and misunderstood in this world, when we are all feeling the same things. It is the fear of being vulnerable that keeps us from sharing our “secret” with others. Which only keeps us feeling more separate and misunderstood.

2. Being different is good! For years I thought I was different than the “average Joe”. I tried to conform and fit in, only to find myself further from the truth. As I have learned to embrace my unique gifts and love my uniqueness, I actually feel more connected and resonant with all of life. Funny how that works. When we let go of what others may think or feel, we find ourselves.

3. Life has a purpose! If you’ve read my book Beyond the Looking Glass, you will know that I struggled with this for most of my life. Does life have meaning or is it all some random experiment? The more I have come to know, love and accept myself for who I am in all my uniqueness. The more I realize that there is order to this seemingly chaotic universe. Life indeed does have a higher purpose if we are willing to look for it.

As we know, life can be stressful and confusing. Things like illness get in the way. But that illness is a messenger designed to inspire us to change. To own our process and discover ourselves. My job is to help you understand what your illness is trying to tell you.

It can be very confusing during times of transition and illness to be objective with ourselves. I know this oh so well!

The universe has granted me this gift or job of service. To help people transition, from unknowing to true self knowing!

If you are ready to find your true Self this year and free it from all that unnecessary “baggage”, then go right now and check out my amazing new Whole Healing Programs!

Photo 9Don’t let the fear of the unknown, keep you from being the ultimate YOU!

You will thank yourself in so many ways.

In true Resonant Health,

much Love & Gratitude,


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