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  1. Hi. I publish “healthy living” books under the pen name Jake Hargis and run the Jake Hargis blog. Please let me have more details about your affiliate program. Thanks Jack

    1. Hi Jack sorry for the delay, yes my affiliate program is for my healing kits, when you sign up as one, every time someone uses your link to buy a healing kit off my website you get 20% of the sale.

  2. Hi Andrea,

    I just applied to your affiliate program and waiting for approval. Meanwhile, I am running a campaign on YouTube trying to help women who suffer from menopause symptoms. So I was wondering if you have more material/media in your affiliate members area to use in my web properties to bring more traffic to your offers.



    1. Hi Raffi, I am so sorry for the delay, I was having internet issues for the last few weeks.
      I just approved your status and saw this message. This will give you images to use and the required links to add or share so that they can come to my healing kit pages and order through you as an affiliate. If you have any questions just email me at andrea@wholistichealthcare.ca
      Thank you for signing up and I will check out your utube asap! 🙂
      in whole health, have a fabulous day,

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