What You May Not Know About Allergies!

Well, it’s that time of year again! Allergy Season If you got them, then you know that seasonal allergies can be a real drag to living life fully. Especially if you love the outdoors! A lot of people suffer with allergies; yet these questions beg to be answered – Why one person and not another?…


How to Heal a Head Injury

Find out how you can heal a head injury, quickly, effectively and naturally! Head injuries certainly seem to be on the rise. Maybe it’s just that we are hearing more about them. Or maybe, it’s that we are more susceptible to the problems that can be created, by a head trauma? As kids, we never…


Life’s a Journey, Where are You Headed?

Life’s a Journey, do you know where you’re journey is headed? It’s your journey and no one else’s. Life truly is a journey of self discovery, personal experiences, desires, self motivation and empowerment.   I had no clue for many years, that my life was my very own to orchestrate and create. Let alone, be aware…