How to Resolve a Chronic Cough!

Whether you live in Alaska or Timbuktu; pathogens like influenza, pneumonia, pertussis, diphtheria and the typical head cold – rhinovirus abound. In other words, there is always a chance you can succumb to one of these illnesses. Depending on your level of health, stress, the need for its particular life lesson and your ability to…


How to Break Free from Victimization!

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by life? Like a victim to fate? That you have no real say over your life? Maybe you’ve had one of those moments (or many), where you felt like you had no control over external events. That someone and everyone had or has, more power over your thoughts, feelings and…


How Effective and Safe Are Your Supplements?

We’re all trying to take better care of ourselves. Most of us are well aware that a proper diet, that is based on your unique body type is the best way to take care of your physical, chemical body. (unless you’ve been living in a cave for the last 10 years!) However, for most people,…


The Reason Your Diet Just Isn’t Working!

You eat less, eat better, clean, wholistic, right for your body type, at least you think so! You exercise, sacrifice your desires and still your weight and energy doesn’t change! Why? The real reason your diet isn’t working is because it’s COMPLICATED! In fact YOU are complicated, but in a wonderful, amazing, unique way. And…


To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate…

To Vaccinate or not to Vaccinate, is the question on everyone’s mind lately. Why now more than ever? Your guess is as good as mine. We can assume all that we want, but for now let’s just look at the facts and decide what is best for you as an individual. This blog post, is…