My Ketopia Experience – Week One

The good news and the bad news is; because I didn’t stress about being super careful with my nutrition all Summer, (knowing that Ketopia was on it’s way); meant that, I am at the maximum weight I’ve been in many years – 154.6 pounds.  I have been this weight a handful of times over my life.…


The Healing Power of Anger!

Anger is a powerful emotion! One that is often manipulated and expressed with catastrophic effects. However, instead of viewing anger as bad, if we viewed it as a catalyst to overcoming our oppression and victimization, the world would be a far healthier place. Not only is there is a lot of repressed anger in the…


How to lose Weight With Ketopia!

We all know that carrying extra weight is not healthy. Yet, there are so many reasons, that block us from being able to achieve our ideal body weight. Maybe you’re born into a family with weight issues, poor diet choices, inherent diseases and chronic illnesses, even accidents, injuries and illnesses that leave you unable to…


Eliminate Your Allergies For Good!

Well, it’s that time of year again! Allergy Season Seasonal allergies can be a real drag to living life fully. Especially if you love the outdoors!   A lot of people suffer with allergies; yet these questions beg to be answered – Why one person and not another? What causes allergies? and How can one…


How to Resolve a Chronic Cough!

Whether you live in Alaska or Timbuktu; pathogens like influenza, pneumonia, pertussis, diphtheria and the typical head cold – rhinovirus abound. In other words, there is always a chance you can succumb to one of these illnesses. Depending on your level of health, stress, the need for its particular life lesson and your ability to…