Most Commonly Asked Questions

Q – What are the granules made of?

A – The granules are organic sugar pellets imported from Germany. Thus they are lactose free, gluten free and vegan friendly.

Each specific iaomai combination is infused with liquid remedies that are in a 90% alcohol dilution so the sugar pellets retain their integrity. The alcohol dries leaving only the remedy frequency. Thus, they are Vegan friendly and gluten free!

Q – Does it matter how often I sip from each individual glass of remedy?

A – When you take the remedies, it is the contact with the tongue or nerves in the mouth that make the dose. So if you take the whole bottle at once, it would just be one dose. If you take one tiny drop from the dropper (or one pellet) it is still just one dose. If you wait 30 seconds and take another drop/sip/pellet, then you have taken two doses close together and will get a stronger reaction.

Q – So can I just take a granule of each remedy once/day-without putting them in water? 

A – Yes

Q – And if I do that, does it matter how closely together I take the individual remedies?

A – The answer is it depends. What remedy kit do you have? What specific ones are you using and for what reason? This will determine how to use them. 

If you ask me directly, then I can help be more clear, but for now – 

As an example if you are using the immunity kit remedies to boost immunity than one granule says once a week or once a month is good.

If you have an acute illness like a cough, cold, flu or congestion, headaches…. then the remedies need to be taken often – i.e. one granule or one sip of water with remedy in it, every 2 – 10 minutes until symptoms ease then take less often until no longer needed.

Each remedy has a different purpose. Please refer to the specific remedies section in your the Quick User Guide that comes with your kit.

If taking for a chronic issue, like eczema, or emotional like grief or anger, then one granule 2-3 times a day or one sip of mixed water 2-3 times a day is enough to start shifting the state.

Q – can i use them together?

A – All remedies can be used at the same time however, I would say use either singularly as pellets as needed or to save your pellets mix each combo in a different glass of water so you can sip on them separately.

For example lets say you are using the remedies in the detox kit and taking each of them several times a day for general support and then you decide you’re having some emotions bubble up that you would like to help release, you can then take the emotional combo at the same time.

Dr. Hahnemann was very clear – one remedy per disease – What we know is that we are a multi faceted and dimensional being with many different disease states within us at one time. Thus, we can give a multitude of specifically created remedies for different states at the same time. Emotional, mental and physical states all resonate at different levels and are released in different ways. 

Also remedies initial action is literally a nano second. The moment the remedy touches your tongue and the myriad of nerve endings it is instantaneously in your central nervous system and off doing what it was designed to do aka help you release that particular state. 

Q – How long do I use the whole body detox?

A – The Detox kit is designed to run you through a 3 to 5 week program. Follow the protocol in the ebook as it suits your needs. 

Q – How long should I use remedies for?

For example, I am not dealing with anything specific at the moment, I just want to cleanse unwanted emotion that may be lingering around conscious or unconscious.

A – It is always hard for me to know exactly how often or for how long someone needs a remedy, since healing is dependent on so many individual factors. The key to true healing is listening to your own bodies needs and how you are feeling. Less symptoms on any level, means take the remedies less and see how you hold!

Q – Is the Grief and Loss or Anger remedies to be used only when a trauma happens?

A – The Emotional kits, like all iaomai remedies can be used either acutely (immediately when the emotion arises), palliatively and chronically for old unwanted emotions (a little each day to keep these emotions releasing gently)

The great things about remedies is they can not create anything new, only help prevent and release a similar state, even when you don’t consciously process them. 

Each kit comes with a Quick User Guide, that explains exactly how to take the specific remedies that come with it!

Q – can I take the granules one right after the other-or does there need to be time in between?

A – the initial action of a remedy is a nano second, so by the time you pop one in your mouth, close the lid and open the next one, take another one out, the first remedy pellet has been long absorbed into your central nervous system. 

In other words, yes you can take two granules of different remedies close together and they won’t compete or interact with each other. 

Q – I dumped out too many and had to handle them to get them back into the bottle. Does handling them nullify their effects?

A – No, the pellets are well infused with remedies and as long as your hands are clean and dry they will be unharmed. I generally tap them into my palm to take them.

Q – I have a question about the Pain and Inflammation kit and the Customized Ascending Rx you sent me for my chronic lower back pain. I understand that I need to take the ascending ones once a day and in order but my question is how I fit that around the Pain and Inflammation kit.  

A – The ascending dose remedies are designed to help clear the blockage from the trauma in your life force and to encourage it to heal. The pellets in the kit support this process more so on a daily and regular use system until you feel you no longer need them. 
I would suggest taking the drainage and the physical injury combo together and put a couple granules in water and sip over the day. If you have more significant pain at times then use the injury combo by taking a granule and placing on your tongue and let dissolve. More direct and more frequent doses can make bigger shifts. 
The emotional combo you will have to play with how often you need it and when. Again if you are having a “rough” day emotionally then take it in water and sip all day on it’s own or take a granule every 5 minutes by mouth for 15 to 20 minutes and see how you feel.

Also go and check out this cool video I made to help you understand how to take them – How to use Healing Kits video!