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Do you feel like you’re running in circles when it comes to your health and never really getting to the root cause of your problems?


Are you frustrated with the side effects and lack of true healing offered by conventional medicine?


Maybe, you’re just plain tired of feeling like a victim to your health and health care providers?!

If you answered yes to even one of these questions – I have the perfect solution for you.

I spent years going to naturopaths, body workers, and energy workers…and even though they helped shift some physical complaints and energy issues I was never able to get rid of my real underlying triggers and causations. After countless hours and dollars spent to improve my health, I still felt tired, had horrible digestive issues, chronic pains and emotionally confused!

I started with classical homeopathy and naturopathy in my teens and initially found wonderful safe ways to balance my health, however, when I discovered Medical Heilkunst and learned that using healing remedies in proper time, sequence, and dose could truly free me from all illness, well, I never looked back!

Would you like to learn how to take control of your own health care like I have?

In the Iaomai Healing Course, you’ll learn what iaomai remedies are and how to properly use these remedies, for all your common illnesses and injuries. You’ll discover:

  • Which remedies are specific to certain ailments and the difference between tonic and pathic remedies – and why this difference is so important for your health.
  • The two sides of your life force and which healing laws are required for each. (Hint…there’s an amazing law of functional duality that blew me away when I learned about how it affects our lives in health and illness!)
  • The natural laws and principles that you must apply in proper time, sequence and potency in order to truly free your whole body of any illness or dis-ease.
  • How remedies are actually made and what the different potencies mean so you can make informed decisions when using them to help yourself and your family achieve incredible true health.
  • Why conventional medicine creates side effects and Iaomai Remedies do not.
  • How to take remedies, what potencies to use, and when best to take them.
  • Additional resources including which books are the most helpful and easy to use for any busy mom, dad, or teenager.
  • And so much more!

If you think you know homeopathy, you will be happily surprised by the information you discover in this Iaomai Healing Course. This is no ordinary self-healing course!

I reveal deeply held misconceptions and secrets about healing remedies. Most importantly, learn why Iaomai remedies free the life force from any illness forever!

Give yourself the gift of health and healing with this incredible home study course!

You’ll Discover How Homeopathy Was Created

What Natural Laws It Follows

And An Amazing Fact About Your Healing Life Force, NEVER Seen or  Explained Before Now!

Become Your Own Powerful Self Healer With This Knowledge & Never Be a Victim To Your Health Again

Full of incredible knowledge, “I think everyone should take your course.” Catherine Garrett, Woodstock ON


WORKBOOK – This 30-page comprehensive workbook gives you the insights and confidence to use the appropriate tonic and pathic remedies for the most common injuries and illnesses. Plus, I reveal an amazing concept that no other therapy, to date, has ever recognized!


AUDIO – This 90-minute audio is jam-packed with information about how remedies are made, what potencies mean, and which ones you should use during acute illnesses. This audio was recorded during one of my in-class sessions so you’ll get to hear some great answers to the questions you may have.

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All of this incredible knowledge is delivered right to your email inbox so you can begin using its amazing healing and restoring powers immediately!

I’ve spent over $60,000 and 4 years to learn this information. Now I want to share it with you!  You’ll save yourself thousands of dollars and excess wasted time with this course.


“As a mother, being able to have safe, effective medicine that works quickly when properly applied has been a source of comfort, peace and freedom for me.” Terri Jackson, London ON


As a mother, there is nothing more powerful than waking in the middle of the night to a screaming child because he or she has an earache or croupy cough and you have the tools at hand to eliminate most of the symptoms within minutes. It allows every one to calm down and go back to sleep so the morning brings more manageable symptoms and a turn for the better – not the worse.

Be confident that you can safely and effectively help your family with all their illnesses and injuries – and you’ll spend little or no time in hospital waiting rooms.

Why spend thousands of dollars and time away from home to learn this valuable information? 

Discover how to free your life force from unwanted illnesses and states of mind so you can spend more time enjoying life and discovering your true self! Don’t wait. Your health deserves it!

For the Incredible Low Price of $97.00! Or, get it for FREE when you purchase the Emergency kit with the link below

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Take Ownership of Your Health!

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