The Evolution of Self Health Care – Avoid Side Effects & Gain Only Healing Effects!

Imagine how your life would be if you could easily resolve all your health concerns naturally and efficiently with healing results that last!

As life would have it, I was introduced to a system of healing founded well over 200 years ago, by a medical doctor. Dr. Samuel Hahnemannm was well known as the founder of homeopathy but his greatest work came later in life when he developed a new evolution to healing.

Dr. Hahnemannm’s system not only applies natural medicine based on the symptoms or pathology, but it goes deeper to resolve the underlying STATE or TONE of the individual – the often unconscious beliefs, thoughts, and hidden emotions, which direct the rest of the life force to take action.

Once I began working with this system, my life changed dramatically. It didn’t happen overnight, but in slow increments. As I was ready to release old unconscious traumas on every level, I began to feel lighter, freer, and happier with my whole self and life.

As the old beliefs fell away, I was able to redirect and create the life I always knew I was meant to live – one of higher consciousness, inner peace, self-love, respect, and compassion for all.

Since that time, I have continued my research and practice, unfolding my own system of specialty remedies while helping thousands of individuals find the whole health they desire.

In 2012, I saw a need to put my amazing combinations together in easy to use travel size kits called Iaomai Healing Kits. They can easily be shipped anywhere in the world and can be used within the comfort of your own home with the help of my extensive support books that supplement each unique kit.

I have placed over 30 years of knowledge and personal practice into this system and each of these special kits.

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Each Iaomai Healing Kit comes with:

  • Specially formulated healing remedies designed to heal and repair your specific condition or ailment.

  • An at-a-glance User Guide to help you use the remedies in the most efficient and effective way.

  • A comprehensive e-book jam packed with proper nutritional support, specific supplements, herbs, therapeutic education, healing exercises, healing mantras, flower essences, essential oils, homeopathic remedies, and so much more.


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Begin Your Whole Healing Journey in 3 Easy Steps:

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  3. Receive your Iaomai remedies in the mail within 1 to 3 weeks (depending on your mail service) so you can begin using their amazing healing powers and watch your symptoms disappear overnight!

If you’re living a hectic life like me, you value the importance of being well-prepared for any possible acute illness, such as aches, pains, coughs, pneumonia, flus, heatstroke, PMS, rashes, and so on. And you’re probably aware that while over-the-counter “chemical” drugs may suppress or mask symptoms, they can lead to long term damaging side-effects.

That is why I have spent years formulating Iaomai remedies that are specific to a particular issue. Each vial of Iaomai sugar pellets is infused with a unique set of homeopathic remedies chosen to specifically address not only your outer physical symptoms but also the deeper underlying cause of those symptoms. You won’t find them anywhere else!
Iaomai healing remedies free your life force from blockages at the mental, emotional, and physical level, thus, creating Whole Healing.

When taken orally, these remedies are immediately absorbed into your central nervous system, allowing them to bypass your whole digestive system and any interaction with food or medication, thus avoiding any kind of side-effects.

If you love homeopathy, you’ll absolutely the Iaomai healing remedies as they go deeper and create faster results that last forever.