Beyond the Looking Glass Book

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Discover what took me 25 years and over $10,000 to learn about the laws and methods to finding true health. Don’t wait! Buy now and begin your journey!


This book was originally written as a handbook for all my clients. To help them understand this new and amazing system of healing and curing. A system that is based on very old cosmic natural laws.

If you have ever felt let down by conventional medicine, have tried alternative therapies but felt confused, then this is the book for you!

In this book I explain the difference between Homeopathy and Dynamic Medicine.

Learn about your 4 distinct, individual body members and how they all interplay to create your health and disease/illness.

Discover the two sides of your life force – Yes we have two sides not just one!

Learn the difference between these two sides and what it means for your health and healing.

As well as all the natural laws required to rebuild and maintain your whole health!

If you’ve been looking for a true system of healing and how it works, this is the perfect book for you.

I purchased your book from the QuarterMaster store on friday. I bought it for my daughter-in-law, I’ve read it from front to cover and I have to compliment you, I have to admit its one of the best health care books I’ve read in a long time. I’ve done a little bit of Naturopath work years ago and if anything this book helped me understand how Naturopathy works and a little bit more about my body. Anyways I’m sure my daughter-in-law will really appreciate this book. I just wanted to let you know you did what you set out to do, to make it as simplistic as possible and it has given me lots and lots of food for thought. Just wanted to let you know. Shelly B, London ON
I have read your book, and it was amazing. I really wish that I had this book when I was studying. Your explanations of sustentative vs generative disease was excellent. It will really help me explain these concepts to my patients more easily. A wonderful book! You also provided a great explanation of the miasms and different types of diseases. Congratulations Andrea. Natashia G, Stoney Creek ON

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