Joy Kit

Depression Is The Most Mis-Diagnosed & Insidious Illness In The World.

End Yours Today Naturally & Effectively…So You Feel More Energized, Joyful & Ready To Live Your Life To The Fullest.
Depression | Low Self Worth | Apathy | Excess Exhaustion | Poor Appetite | Chronic Pain | Hopelessness
Do you suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), low grade or chronic depression? Do you spend a lot of time wanting to be alone, sleeping, and avoiding life because you’re overwhelmed? Would you love to learn some amazing, simple life tools to help free yourself from depression?

$77 CAD

Value $289 CAD when remedies are purchased separately.



When you purchase the Iaomai Joy kit, you’ll receive a bonus, at-a-glance Quick User Guide. To help you begin using these remedies in the most efficient and effective way.


You’ll also receive my 70-page comprehensive book, Joy, which you’ll be able to download immediately. In this book, you’ll discover:
  • How to properly resolve and free yourself from depression and chronic unhappiness.
  • How to bring back the joy into your life with loving guidance, lessons, nutritional advice, affirmations, and so much more.
  • How to resolve low-grade chronic depression and SADs forever.
  • Physical ways to rebuild and support your body, such as specific orgonotic exercises, breath work, and more.
  • Specific foods and supplements that can boost your life energy, allowing you to easily let go of your depression.
  • Discover amazing emotional release tools to help you completely resolve the underlying reason you suffer from depression.
  • Various techniques to help you change your old beliefs and patterns that put you where you are in the first place so that you can finally step forward on a new joyful, self fulfilling journey in lif

Discover the Iaomai remedy healing system!

Iaomai means to cure, to heal, to restore the whole – for your body and spiritual health. Iaomai achieves whole health after illness and is literally used for deliverance from physical diseases and afflictions to make whole. Each vial of Iaomai sugar pellets is infused with a unique set of homeopathic remedies chosen to specifically address not only your outer physical symptoms but also the deeper underlying cause of those symptoms. These include your mental and emotional state of mind, which causes you to resonate with this health issue. Unresolved emotions, thoughts, and beliefs trigger chemical reactions, which cause your outer actions and reactions.

Thoughts trigger your emotions, which are Energy in Motion!

Every health issue you struggle with is a way for you to grow personally. These unique Iaomai remedy combinations work according to a natural law of the human organism: “No two similar disease states can reside within the life force [your body] at one time.” Iaomai remedies address the dis-ease state you are struggling with by matching and removing all symptoms, starting at the inner energetic, bio-chemical level and work outward and upward to your thoughts and emotions. When taken orally, these remedies are immediately absorbed into your central nervous system, allowing them to bypass your whole digestive system and any interaction with food or medication, thus avoiding any kind of side-effect.

The Iaomai Joy kit combats the symptoms associated with depression, including:

  • Helplessness
  • Hopelessness
  • Worthlessness
  • Despair
  • Confusion
  • Lack of Focus
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Poor Appetite
  • Chronic Weakness
  • Wandering Body Pain
When you implement the recommended changes included with this kit, along with the Iaomai remedies, you will be amazed how simple it can be to help your body heal.

Each Joy kit is made up of 3 specially formulated Iaomai healing remedies designed to help release your symptoms of depression and bring back the joy in your life!

  • Joy Combo helps you release deep old inner depression and unhappiness. This remedy alone is worth its weight in gold. I have seen it shift someone’s deep depression within a matter of minutes.
  • SADS/Emotional Balance is a specific remedy used to eliminate SADS, strengthen, and re-balance your emotional state. I often hear that this remedy alone immediately lightens the spirit, allowing you to get back to living your life fully.
  • Feeling Stuck is an amazing little remedy to help you remove the feeling of being “stuck,” allowing you to make better decisions and feel motivated to make changes, along with simply enjoying the moment better. If you often feel like being alone or confused in life, this remedy will amaze you at how quickly it can pull you out of a “funk.”
One of my all time favourite remedies is the Feeling Stuck remedy. I used this often during my own struggles in my healing process and to improve my own self worth.
“I just read your “Joy Booklet.” Wow, that is a lot of information that you give! I loved your 2 wheel bike story.” Joan Pinder, Zurich ON

$77 CAD

Value $289 CAD when remedies are purchased separately.