Travel Kit

Safeguard Your Digestive and Immune System While Travelling…Naturally & Effectively!

Parasites | Jet Lag | Indigestion | Diarrhea | Radiation | Hepatitis | Malaria | Prevention
If you plan to travel to a warmer climate and beat the mid-winter blues be sure to include this kit. This is one of my biggest sellers not only during the winter months, but when travelling to any foreign destination, where your body may not be accustomed to the food and climate!  

$97 CAD

Value $499 CAD when remedies are purchased separately.



When you purchase the Iaomai Travel kit, you’ll receive a free Quick User Guide. This at-a-glance guide will help you use these remedies in the most efficient and effective way.


You’ll also receive my 51-page comprehensive book, Travel, which you’ll be able to download immediately. In this book, you’ll discover:
  • Great suggestions on;
  • how often and in what way is best to use these remedies in order to stay healthy and free from unwanted illness while traveling.
  • How safe these are and why, for even the youngest of travellers.
  • How simple they are to use.
  • Why there are no toxic side–effects.
  • Which supplements to take in order to ensure you have a strong healthy digestive system to ward off unwanted parasites and pathogens to help make your vacation joyful and healthy.
These have been proven effective year after year and are easy to pack and carry everywhere! Avoid those nasty vaccines, while still getting unbeatable protection from most common travel infections. Be sure to check with each Countries consulate to find out what vaccines are indeed mandatory. Many are not.

Discover the Iaomai remedy healing system!

Iaomai means to cure, to heal, to restore the whole – for your body and spiritual health. Iaomai achieves whole health after illness and is literally used for deliverance from physical diseases and afflictions to make whole. Each vial of Iaomai sugar pellets is infused with a unique set of homeopathic remedies chosen to specifically address not only your outer physical symptoms but also the deeper underlying cause of those symptoms. These include your mental and emotional state of mind, which causes you to resonate with this health issue. Unresolved emotions, thoughts, and beliefs trigger chemical reactions, which cause your outer actions and reactions.

Thoughts trigger your emotions, which are Energy in Motion!

Every health issue you struggle with is a way for you to grow personally. These unique Iaomai remedy combinations work according to a natural law of the human organism: “No two similar disease states can reside within the life force [your body] at one time.” Iaomai remedies address the dis-ease state you are struggling with by matching and removing all symptoms, starting at the inner energetic, bio-chemical level and work outward and upward to your thoughts and emotions. When taken orally, these remedies are immediately absorbed into your central nervous system, allowing them to bypass your whole digestive system and any interaction with food or medication, thus avoiding any kind of side-effect.

The Iaomai Travel kit combats:

  • Bloating
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Indigestion
  • Imbalances Due To Radiation Exposure
  • Motion Sickness
  • Exhaustion
  • Jet Lag
  • Travel Parasites
  • How to Keep Montezuma’s Revenge Away!
When you implement the recommended changes included with this kit, along with the Iaomai remedies, you will be amazed how simple it can be to help your body heal.

Each Travel kit is made up of 6 specially formulated Iaomai healing remedies designed to help strengthen your digestive and immune system.

  • Digestive support strengthens and improves both upper digestion and lower assimilation and elimination to help you avoid nausea and diarrhea.
  • Organ & Immune support to strengthen and stimulate your organs of elimination and immunity so you can avoid unwanted viruses, bacteria, and parasites.
  • Radiation Detox helps your body ward off in-flight and scanning radiation exposure. Radiation has a strong affinity to damaging the liver. This remedy will help protect any unnecessary damage.
  • Nausea to help support you from and eliminate quickly any motion sickness you may be susceptible to while travelling.
  • Jet Lag Remedy helps you to quickly stabilize your sleep and energy cycles that are disrupted while travelling.
  • Plus two most specific nosodes: Hepatitis and Malaria. These are often recommended as vaccines for any kind of travel.
”The wisest thing I did before an extensive journey to Chile and Argentina recently, was to consult with Andrea for support regarding malaria and hepatitis precautions and to travel with her Travel Kit. I traveled very well, had no jet lag or stomach discomfort while everyone else in my group was violently ill for several days.  I would not leave home without this valuable trusted travel kit!”  Michele Davies London ON
Carried all my kits with me to Iceland. Used the jet lag so no problems there. First few days there people coughing and hacking around me and I had a sore throat so used the immune and sore throat remedies from winter survival kit. Felt great whole trip. Thanks Andrea!” Bev Coulter Aylmer ON

$97 CAD

Value $499 CAD when remedies are purchased separately.