Weight Loss Kit

Finding Your Ideal Weight Is Not About Dieting!

End Your Lifelong Struggle with Diets & Excess Weight Naturally & Effectively.

Weight Loss | Whole Food | Nutrition | Overeating | Stress | Insulin Resistance
Have you struggled with your weight for years? You may have tried every diet, supplement, and program going but are still not getting the results you desire. The point of true weight loss is learning what is right for YOU…then eating the right amounts and types of food your body needs to maintain its proper level of weight so you can improve your overall health.

It is not about dieting or using some quick fix supplement!

$77 CAD

Value $495 CAD when remedies are purchased separately.




When you purchase the Iaomai Weight Loss kit, you’ll receive a free Quick User Guide. This at-a-glance guide will help you use these remedies in the most efficient and effective way.


You’ll also receive my 82-page comprehensive book, Weight Loss, which you’ll be able to download immediately. In this book, you’ll discover:
  • The ideal regimen and nutritional tools that your body can use to reach your ideal weight.
  • Emotional and mental support.
  • The real reasons behind your weight issues.
  • Qualitative nutritional advice – this is not a diet but awhole body, lifestyle program.
  • Natural tools and supplements to eliminate excess weight.
  • Unique tips and tricks to address the emotional and often old belief patterns that are holding your weight.
  • How you may actually be self sabotaging your own weight loss, and tools to overcome this.
  • How to take the weight off once and for all and keep it off forever – without dieting – guaranteed!
Along with feeling more energized and lighter on every level, you’ll resolve many diet-related health issues, such as constipation, body aches, bloating, and more. When you start eating the right qualitative, nutritional food that is better suited to your body, you won’t have the desire to overeat or eat all the time. You will feel fuller and more satisfied and still lose weight eating great tasting food!

Discover the Iaomai remedy healing system!

Iaomai means to cure, to heal, to restore the whole – for your body and spiritual health. Iaomai achieves whole health after illness and is literally used for deliverance from physical diseases and afflictions to make whole. Each vial of Iaomai sugar pellets is infused with a unique set of homeopathic remedies chosen to specifically address not only your outer physical symptoms but also the deeper underlying cause of those symptoms. These include your mental and emotional state of mind, which causes you to resonate with this health issue. Unresolved emotions, thoughts, and beliefs trigger chemical reactions, which cause your outer actions and reactions.

Thoughts trigger your emotions, which are Energy in Motion!

Every health issue you struggle with is a way for you to grow personally. These unique Iaomai remedy combinations work according to a natural law of the human organism: “No two similar disease states can reside within the life force [your body] at one time.” Iaomai remedies address the dis-ease state you are struggling with by matching and removing all symptoms, starting at the inner energetic, bio-chemical level and work outward and upward to your thoughts and emotions. When taken orally, these remedies are immediately absorbed into your central nervous system, allowing them to bypass your whole digestive system and any interaction with food or medication, thus avoiding any kind of side-effect.

The Iaomai Weight Loss kit combats:

  • Diet Confusion
  • Difficult Weight Loss
  • Insulin Resistance
  • Why You Haven’t Been Successful
  • Nutritional Deficiencies
  • Emotional Eating
  • Cravings
  • Over Eating
When you implement the recommended changes included with this kit, along with the Iaomai remedies, you will be amazed how simple it can be to help your body heal.

Each Weight Loss kit is made up of 3 specially formulated Iaomai healing remedies designed to help strengthen and heal your relationship with food.

  • Emotional/Mental Release to help free you from your mental and emotional barriers holding on to your weight, such as deep grief, feeling unloved, or unworthy.
  • Physical Release to help your physical body properly discharge toxins and excess weight. Often we do everything right in our food regimen but we’re unable to actually release the weight at a cellular level. This remedy helps to rectify that, allowing your weight loss to improve.
  • Cravings to help minimize your cravings and desire to overeat. As you begin making changes according to the ideas in the kit, you may begin to have problems with cravings. This remedy will help reduce those as needed.
“Just reporting that things are going fairly well. I have lost 13 lbs. in 3 weeks, Yeah! I am sleeping better at night. I think the emotional support and weight loss remedies are a critical part of this program to be successful. I feel better physically and surprisingly happy and positive...
“I take the emotional support remedies everyday and I believe they have really helped me. I am not having cravings and rarely feel hungry. I have not been exercising, other than gardening and cleaning the house.” Joan Pinder in Ontario
“I loved how the booklet helped me look at weight loss from a whole body perspective rather than calorie in vs calorie out (which was not working for me). I was really bad at night time snacking (after the kids were in bed the junk food came out) but I’ve found the craving remedy very helpful. I take it and drink some water and the craving for junk passes!” Ayleasha Ferguson, Quebec
“I am a 67 year old woman who had put on a lot of extra weight over the last few years. In January 2013, I weighed 176 lbs. I now weigh 135 lbs. I joined Andrea’s Summer Boot Camp (which is an extension of the weight loss kit) to lose weight and hopefully feel better. It had become increasingly harder to lose the extra weight as I aged. Once I started the program, I found it easy to stick to the daily regiment with the help of the emotional and weight loss remedies that were supplied. I did not have cravings nor did I feel like I was starving myself. I slept better, and my annoying cough disappeared as did my nasal congestion and indigestion. Kudos to Andrea for helping me achieve this!” Joan Pinder, Ontario 
“I received the remedies yesterday.  Thank God! I don’t think that I would be able to do this without them.  They help immensely. I’m only day 4 and I already have noticed a difference.” Kathy L London ON

$77 CAD

Value $495 CAD when remedies are purchased separately.