Do you feel like you’re going in circles when it comes to your health and never really getting to the real cause of your problems?

 You’ve probably tried every therapy out there and still don’t feel the way you want to?

Not only on a physical level, but on a mental and emotional level as well?

Are you fed up and ready to make some serious changes in your whole life?

Ready to become fully Self Empowered?


If you answered a whole hearted yes to these questions – You’re in the right place.

I spent countless years going to naturopaths, body workers, and energy workers…and even though they helped shift some physical complaints and energy issues I was never able to get rid of my real underlying triggers and causations.

When I discovered Medical Heilkunst and learned that using healing remedies in proper time, sequence, and dose could truly free me from all illness, well, I never looked back! In fact I took that knowledge and over the next 15 years created my own system – The Iaomai Healing System.

Would you like to learn how to take control of your own health care like I have?

In this program, I will guide you through a series of monthly processes and steps to recover your true authentic self. Working with me one on one will look like this:

  • Month 1: Establishing a solid foundation –  an hour to hour & a half appointment to go over your initial health concerns. This month is all about YOU! how you got to where you are today. We will be looking at all the past events that have led up to your main concern that we are going to be addressing over the next several months.

    Along with laying the foundation of proper physical support such as, regimen based on individual bio-chemical needs, education in supplementation, detoxification and all areas of physical balance. We will go over the proper protocols and steps needed to resolve and remove your main health concern. You will be given all the support and tools needed to begin making those first major changes. Such as, metabolic testing, an individually designed nutritional program, suggested nutritional support, supplements etc. Along with therapeutic education and dynamic medicines to help support and balance your whole body.

    Homework will include doing your Sequential Timeline and emailing it to me before our first follow up.

    Mid month if necessary: touch in; All touch ins are to help keep you motivated and answer any questions or concerns you may be having. Understanding how you acquire imbalances and illness and how your life force works to restore health, is vital to true healing.

    Questions or concerns you may have surrounding using the remedies and changes you may be noticing. We may go over what new insights have been gained and where you may still feel stuck.

    These may be done with a quick call or email exchange.

    Month 2: Time for Transitions – One hour follow up, where we will assess the changes you have made. Go over your Sequential Timeline. I will help you to really understand your body’s healing ability and attempts. You will learn about the 4 beat cycle of life. As well as new assignments or tools may be added as needed to help clear and rebalance your health on every level. This month we start your Sequential timeline trauma removal with Dynamic Medicine and therapeutic tools.

    Mid month if necessary: touch in

    Month 3: Keeping the Momentum – One hour follow up where we will be addressing your main health issue more intensely with remedies and lifestyle tools. By now you will be seeing some of the results from laying a solid foundation. This will open the doorway for you to step closer to really resolving your initial problem. As well, you will receive any new dynamic medicine, support, therapeutic education and tools as needed.

    Mid month: touch in if necessary

    Month 4:  Breaking Free – By now the foundation has been well established. The main issue will have shifted and begun to heal. It’s time to really loosen the blockages by shaking up how you think and feel about the direction you are going. We will dig a bit deeper into the soul/spiritual – Mental/emotional issues that are holding you back from complete health freedom. As well as moving forward now to create your desired future.

    Mid month: touch in if necessary

    Month 5 and beyond: Continuing to Free your Authentic Self – This month and beyond will be one hour follow ups, to reassess and recognize how far you have come! Taking time to honour all your hard earned efforts. What has shifted, how and what still needs changing. I will help you move further beyond the old states that no longer serve you. Allowing you to fully step into your own Self knowledge and power. We look at where you may still be stuck or blocked on any level and address these according to the proper laws and principles.

    Honouring Your Self! Its important to take time and recognize your accomplishments at each step of your journey. How far you have come, how much you have transitioned and healed, and what may still be left that you would like to deal with. It is always about listening to the individual self and what you are ready to deal with at this time.

    The Now is what is most important, and the past can set you free for your future!

    Beyond: Depending on how deep and traumatic your timeline is; On a month by month basis, we will continue to remove any blockages that are still holding you back. Whether they are physical, mental or emotional.

    This journey is yours to take. Allow yourself to rediscover who you are, what life lesson’s were necessary to find this out and how to now break free and create your desired life. One of whole health and freedom.


When it’s time to draw to an end –

At some point our journey together will begin to slow down. As you gain more health freedom on every level, and you empower yourself with the knowledge to maintain this on your own. This is the ultimate journey, of self discovery and I am blessed to be a part of it with you.

When you feel ready to self manage, we can begin to spread your appointments further apart.

I am always filled with joy when you move on and no longer need me as your guide! Only you will know when this time feels right.

Your final consultations are about helping you to put all the pieces together, so that you can continue to maintain all that you have gained. As well as be able to keep progressing, healing and growing on your own journey of self discovery.

I will always be here if you need random follow ups and objective clarity in your journey.

This program is not for the faint of heart, nor for those who are not ready and willing to face their own fears to release unwanted past trauma and both inherent and karmic baggage.
You must be willing to take responsibility for your thoughts, emotions and actions through out our time together.
If you’ve read this far and are absolutely ready, contact me by clicking here -> to book your initial consultation.
Or, ask for a free quick 15 minute chat to determine if this is the best path at this time for you.