Wholistic Refill Kits

If you are a self conscious, whole health seeker, who has already purchased one or more of my healing kits; this is the place to keep your kits up to date!

Due to the nature of health and healing, you may need more Unique Iaomai Remedies; in order to keep moving onward and upward in your whole healing journey.

Whether, it is continued Emotional and Mental support to deal with whatever life can throw at you.

Or, those physical symptoms that are deep and chronic taking their sweet time to ensure complete recovery.

Remedy refills are a must.

There are also several kits like, the Winter Survival Kit & the Healthy Immunity Kit, which, requires refills due to their acute and annual nature.

Acute illness, injuries and accidents are a fact of human existence!

Utilizing the best, highly effective and all natural, healing tools to resolve these injuries and illnesses is what I provide for you, with these healing kits.

Below choose the size of kit you would like to refill.

When ordering, please state which exact Iaomai remedies you want in the refill kit.
(*They must be remedies you have ordered before.)