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Dental Support Kit


Do You Have Excessive Stress And Anxiety Every Time You Visit The Dentist?

Do you worry about radiation exposure or toxic build up from dental work?
Did you know that even simple trauma, like dental work, can create residual and long-term issues, such as super sensitive teeth, nerve sensitivity/damage, headaches, connective tissue disorders, overloaded drainage organs leading to endocrine imbalances, and so on?
Dental visits & procedures are an inevitable fact of life!
Support yourself with this kit safely, effectively & naturally each time…so you feel more relaxed & centred.
Stress | Anxiety | Pain | Inflammation | Dental Trauma | Infection | Lymph Drainage

$77 CAD

Value $647 CAD when remedies are purchased separately.

Athlete Support Kit


Do You Struggle With Performance Anxiety That Makes You Feel Overwhelmed, Debilitated & Creates Undue Stress On Your Whole Body?

In other words, can’t seem to manage your nerves prior to an event?
Maybe you can’t stop running to the washroom or balance your jitters long enough to focus clearly?
Would you like to alleviate yours today safely, effectively & naturally… so you compete at the top of your game?
Now you can!
Sports | Pain | Inflammation | Muscle Fatigue | Overwhelm | Confidence | Performance Anxiety

$87 CAD

Value $409 CAD when remedies are purchased separately.