A Complete System of All Natural Healing. That is Safe, Highly Effective & Fast Acting!

The Iaomai Healing System –

Is created to help busy, health conscious individuals, like you, release all your unwanted emotional, mental & physical symptoms.

Through a clear, easy to use system of healing in the comfort of your own home.

Empower yourself with healing knowledge that is designed specifically for you today and get back to enjoying what matters most!

Imagine Your Life Free of Chronic Pain, Inflammation, Emotional Stress and Overwhelm!

Do You Ever Feel Like...

You’re Going in Circles With Your Health Care?

I know I did until I discovered this system of healing!

If you have tried every possible therapy and still feel like you’re not getting better, then you aren’t addressing the whole problem.

Just taking more supplements, doing another detox or changing your diet yet again will not solve the whole problem.

Using “quick fix” suppressive drugs, to alleviate your painful symptoms and illness will not only block healing but can create more problems.

Did you know? That a side-effect, is actually a new disease state being created in your body!

Wouldn’t you rather…

Free yourself from all mental, emotional and physical pain – safely and effectively?

Addressing ALL blocks, dis-ease and trauma in the right order and with the right remedies can make a world of difference.

If you’re ready, grab one of these easy to use, one of a kind, self empowering iaomai healing kits today!

And avoid that slippery slope of medication, that always leads to more health problems.

Because You Deserve Better Health Care!

 You heal you, with an all natural, self care system. Carefully crafted with over 35 years of personal and professional healing wisdom.

Helping you break free from the victim trap.

Remove not just your physical symptoms but your unwanted emotional and mental states as well – Quickly and Effectively.

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Discover how to take full control of your own healing journey and how truly powerful you are!

What Are You Waiting For?


“Andrea’s approach to health is what works for me. She takes “the road less travelled” & this is for me, what makes all the difference. Andrea treats the whole person not just the symptom. She comes from the understanding that disease is a manifestation of another spiritual or emotional issue. Her ability to pinpoint this issue & then to apply the correct iaomai remedies, is what keeps me coming back when needed. Andrea also gives excellent direction pertaining to nutrition & supplements. She has taken the guesswork out of supplements for me & thus saved me a lot of $ & disappointment.

I find that Andrea understands how certain life situations affect my health & she is able to give wise direction from a healer’s point of view.

Andrea is my principle health practitioner & I feel very fortunate to have her caring, professional guidance.”

Lynn Clements, London ON