Take Ownership of Your Health!

Empower Your Self Healing – Get your free e-book Beyond The Looking Glass; And discover the [unknown] natural laws & principles that lead to true whole healing. As an ADDED BONUS, you will also receive the Whole Health Monthly Newsletter!

Take Ownership of Your Health!

Get your free e-book Beyond The Looking Glass

Discover the [unknown] laws & principles that can lead to true whole healing, naturally and as an ADDED BONUS, you will also receive the Whole Health Monthly Newsletter!


The Missing Link For Your Complete Wellness… So You Can Stop Running In Circles!

The Iaomai Healing Approach –

Enhancing Your Health Span & Not Just Your Life Span!

Do you feel as if you’ve tried EVERY possible natural therapy to resolve your health issues, but you’re still struggling?

I know I did, until I discovered the Iaomai healing system!

I spent 10+ years – and a lot of money – working with a multitude of health care practitioners and felt like I’d only solved a fraction of my health problems.

It wasn’t until I discovered that our life force has two distinct aspects, which function as a whole, that I was finally able to make incredible changes in my health and life. Each aspect must be treated with different laws and natural principles in order to fully heal and restore your whole being.

The biggest mistake when it comes to your wellness is,

not understanding the true source of your symptoms.

If you’re like me, you’ve run to doctors, naturopaths, and many other alternative healers to “get rid” of your symptoms but it never truly solves the problem.

Conventional medicine simply hides or suppresses your symptoms with harsh chemical medications that block or confuse your life force.  And “natural” healing simply changes the physical, chemical body through diet, special nutrition, cleanses, and detoxes – they do not adjust the thoughts and beliefs that manifest within your physical body. Or perhaps you’ve worked at releasing old emotional patterns and beliefs without making changes at the physical realm.

All of these things will simply leave you

running in circles!

I know, because I have done them all, too.

It wasn’t until I discovered Heilkunst, and the system of remedies I have created – Iaomai Remedies – that my own personal evolution has grown in leaps and bounds.

I guarantee if you choose to begin a healing journey using Iaomai remedies, you will see incredible changes begin to manifest in your life!

To get started, download my free e-book, “Beyond the Looking Glass,” to discover for yourself what true healing – naturally – really means.  Simply complete the form at the top of this page and you’ll have immediate access.

The revelation was the biggest piece

of the wellness puzzle for me!

It has freed me from being a victim in life and helped me find my true authentic self.

Once I began to implement the Iaomai healing system into my own health care practices, everything changed. My whole health improved in ways that allowed me to feel lighter, more energized, joyful, free of pain and congestion.


“Andrea’s approach to health is what works for me. She takes “the road less travelled” & this is for me, what makes all the difference. Andrea treats the whole person not just the symptom. She comes from the understanding that disease is a manifestation of another spiritual or emotional issue. Her ability to pinpoint this issue & then to apply the correct iaomai remedies, is what keeps me coming back when needed. Andrea also gives excellent direction pertaining to nutrition & supplements. She has taken the guesswork out of supplements for me & thus saved me a lot of $ & disappointment.

I find that Andrea understands how certain life situations affect my health & she is able to give wise direction from a healer’s point of view.

Andrea is my principle health practitioner & I feel very fortunate to have her caring, professional guidance.”

Lynn Clements, London ON